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Fiddling en una oración (en ingles)

I stopped fiddling with the stones.
Danny sat there fiddling with a beer coaster.
I was fiddling on the threshold uncertainly.
Annie shrugged, fiddling with the crystals again.
Your fiddling friend was also asking after you.
He was fiddling with the idea of calling in the.
No, I was just fiddling around on the internet.

There he was, fiddling with the lock of the front.
Alastair is in the kitchen, fiddling with the oven.
Excuse me? said Peter fiddling with his hands.
I could see him fiddling about with it in his pocket.
She waited until he finished fiddling with the buttons.
He jumped up into the cab and after fiddling with the.
He’s fiddling with one of the shirts lying on the table.
Ah the best kind he said fiddling with my bra strap.
She was fiddling nervously, a slight tremor in her fingers.
There was a noisy table fan that the kid was fiddling with.
It’s beautiful, Manda said, fiddling with the knobs.
On the second verse, Stu Corrigan joined in, fiddling softly.
He ambles back, watches John fiddling with his wedding ring.
Nana stood fiddling around at the stove with her back to me.
He put his hands over mine that were fiddling with the napkin.
I obeyed and he began fiddling around with things in the engine.
She ordered a soft drink and began fiddling with her cell phone.
She patted me on the shoulder and began fiddling with a printer.
Is that all you feel? He quizzes, fiddling with my fingers.
Jake is dozing, and Ricardo and I are fiddling with our computers.
The mole was down there fiddling nervously with his seeing glasses.
How's it work? asked Terry, fiddling with a switch on the wall.
Connie’s fiddling with her TV remote as he thanks her upon leaving.
She turned to me and grinned while fiddling with the timer in her hands.
But the fiddling continued, and Teddy, who loved it, felt his hatred melt.
Dan could see a few people around the building fiddling with some cables.
I’m surprised they are fiddling with gold because that would receive more.
He’s fiddling with his wristwatch, twisting a tiny knob between his fingers.
I heard them fiddling with the door of the dovecote and for one horrid moment.
But despite fiddling with a few buttons, the radio's reception fails to improve.
I see him fiddling with something silver and shiny and immediately recognize it.
He tuned the banjo carefully, fiddling with knobs and plucking at steel strings.
Celeste had seen him fiddling with his phone as they’d walked back to the car.
He fiddled his privates and.
He fiddled with another knob.
She fiddled with the tie on.
She fiddled with the envelope.
He fiddled with the wires as I.
He fiddled with the stone that he.
Adam fiddled with his hands nervously.
I fiddled with the phone in my pocket.
Robert fiddled with a pen he was holding.
Norm fiddled with the brim of his bowler.
Sullivan fiddled with the knot of his tie.
Andy fiddled to open it and smiled as he.
I fiddled with the radio, but it was dead.
She wouldn't have fiddled with computer keys.
He fiddled with the cord until the buzzing quit.
Mikey fiddled with the gold chain around his neck.
He fiddled with the dials, eventually found a trace.
Hayley started to nod off as Greg fiddled with a bag.
Corey and I fiddled and dawdled with the counterfeit.
His right hand fiddled through the pages of the book.
He fiddled with some dials and switches, picked up a.
He took a step back and fiddled with his necktie again.
He then sat forward in the seat, and fiddled with the pen.
He found the nearest orderran and fiddled with his helmet.
BLAU FIDDLED WITH the gates and the keys and the double locks.
What do you see? He fiddled with the computer a bit more.
Nauseated, Chrissie lowered her eyes and fiddled with her food.
Drake fiddled with his glasses as he listened to the testimony.
While Abram fiddled with the motorboat, Reuben took Levi aside.
They stopped by their door, and Cleopas fiddled in his pockets.
The fiddlers fiddled and fiddled, and the children danced and.
Neil was staring at his fingers as he fiddled with the corner of.
I went to my room, fiddled with the radio, but it still wasn’t.
I looked out of the car window while Taylor fiddled with my hair.
She fiddled in her bag on the seat with one hand, and produced a.
Malcolm fiddled with his trousers unable to look Sheila in the eye.
Maria fiddled with the seatbelt, wondering how best to explain it.
He watched the water swirling next to the road as he fiddled with.
Ever noticed, I said, as I fiddled with the label on my bottle.
He stared intently at the engine, fiddled here and there, and swore.
Ceased, The Fiddles Ceased.
He was tired of second fiddles.
She stops and fiddles with her panini again.
When he has the strength, he fiddles with it.
She reaches out and fiddles with one as she talks.
D -213-put a rope on her, as she nervously fiddles with.
He sits there and "fiddles" with us to try to warm us up to His.
The Estate Agent fiddles with his bunch of keys, and opens the door.
He fiddles with his hands, looks away, and bounces his leg, as though.
At four o'clock the fiddlers put up their fiddles and the children went.
He fiddles with the batteries, reconsiders the antennas, triple-checks fuses.
Brian comes over to me, and I put my arm around him as Mom fiddles with the camera.
Lunch concluded, Desi fiddles with me for a while: my hair, my skin, my clothes, my mind.
Nothing's going on, Lonna says as she rudely fiddles with her nails, not looking at Mary.
If she fiddles with her clothes or hair, she is subconsciously showing you that she wants to look.
Notice how the Pope fiddles as the world burns! Too little too late while sitting atop a pyramid of.
Two fiddles and two swords, a cross engrailed, he said to Egg as they watched the dust of their departure.
As they ate, pipes and fiddles filled the air with spritely tunes, and the talk turned to the morrow’s jousting.
There was music in his voice, the music of fiddles and banjos to which they had danced in the white house that was no more.
Then the fiddles, Lorena—too slow for dancing, the dancing would come later when the booths were emptied of their wares.
She snorts and looks at the ground, then slowly pulls out her ID and fiddles with it, struggling to force herself to open the gate.
They had heard fiddles, guitars and trumpets but none of those could make the resonant, haunting sounds that now filled their ears.
Dunk could only stand and watch as the Fiddler’s big black trotted onto the field in a swirl of blue silk and golden swords and fiddles.
Some of our pianists gave sweet music, but so far above a part of the assembly that I’ve no doubt they longed for their fiddles and banjoes.
Bright lights and wine, fiddles and dancing, brocade and broadcloth in the showy big houses and, just around the corners, slow starvation and cold.
So they sang, or very like that, only there was a great deal more of it, and there was much shouting as well as the music of harps and of fiddles mixed up with it.
Nine times he and the Fiddler charged with leveled lances, the green patchwork knight and the young lordling of the golden swords and fiddles, and nine times their lances shattered.
Instead of being troubled by a crisis in the economy and a seemingly hopeless future, it fiddles with a remote, not being able to choose between American Idol and Hell’s Kitchen.
All the girls who had come had been there then; the Jewish band with fiddles and zithers had come, too, and at last the long expected cart had arrived with the wines and provisions.
And as you wouldn't hear of my gieing a rattling good randy wi' fiddles and bass-viols complete, as we should ha' done in old times, this was all I could think o' as a noiseless thing.
Then we were at the reception after their mother’s funeral, the whiskey was being handed around, and the fiddles were starting to come out under the harsh neon glare of the function room.
There were spectators in the boxes, the orchestra moved their bows across their fiddles by machinery, the conductor waved his baton, and in the stalls officers and dandies clapped their hands.
From the rooms came a constant, steady hum, as from a hive, and the rustle of movement; and while on the landing between trees they gave last touches to their hair and dresses before the mirror, they heard from the ballroom the careful, distinct notes of the fiddles of the orchestra beginning the first waltz.
Octavius and several others provided the music with fiddles, spoons, and washboards,.

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She looked fit as a fiddle.
The fiddle clattered over the wood.
A charred fiddle lay in the mud next to.
His concern grew as he watched her fiddle.
She was happily at ease playing second fiddle.
She was tired of being played like a fiddle by him.
Novel idea, isn’t it? Fiddle around with stuff.
Yes, beautiful! he shouted over the fiddle tune.
Let Me Swing" and Asleep At the Wheel's "Texas Fiddle.
Comes the Bride on his fiddle as Clara and her father.
Shrill as a wind, the fiddle, quick and nervous and shrill.
I have no idea how to play the fiddle, Laurie stated.
And now he has no chin to lean his fiddle on, I said.
Bob ought to learn his cat the fiddle, and then we'd have a dance.
Piss on that, fiddle boy, a grizzled squire shouted back at him.
O I might fiddle with the Months a bit; all’s fair in Love and War.
Ended up there because he couldnt find room to fiddle in the basement.
Finally he got wise and, lifting his fiddle, launched into the old reel.
No, she wasn't going to go down there and play second fiddle to anybody.
I'm glad that first man up ahead strums a guitar, the next one a fiddle.
I hope, Stu, your fiddle isn’t too heavy, said the Doctor smiling.
Lads learn nothing nowadays, but how to recite poetry and play the fiddle.
Once inside, he showed Adam his seat and began to fiddle with the controls.
So I pulled out my keys and pretended to fiddle with finding the right one.
She let me know in no uncertain terms that she would not be a second fiddle.
Karla watched him fiddle with the weapon, heard a snick as something slid out.
Consider Fiddle and Faddle in the White House swimming pool while Jackie was away.
So the cat on his fiddle played hey-diddle-diddle, a jig that would wake the dead:.
She moved her slender fingers up to fiddle with the barrel of the rifle on her back.
She always played second fiddle to something in his life, now it was her kid sister.
I was captured with my fiddle which I’ve managed to keep intact all these years.
He shook his head with a half-smile as he watched the off-watch crew dance to the fiddle.
I told him that I could no longer live with him, that I was alright playing second fiddle.
He had to fiddle with the edges and shift the settings around slightly to detect body heat.
She began to fiddle with the lapel of his blazer, turning it over, then patting it flat again.
To her astonishment, she thought she heard a fiddle playing somewhere in the direction of the lake.
Fit as a fiddle, he said to me, then turned to the bartender and said, Double Bushie me lad.
She also looked her best with fiddle in her arms, a rapt, far-off expression in her half-closed eyes.
Then, she noticed movement in the woods, and when she looked closer, she saw a man playing the fiddle.
Nero was alleged to have started the fire in Rome that destroyed half of Rome while playing the fiddle.