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    1. They did not have to wait till he was in full sunlight, the systems would work with skylight or under clouds, but would not work for forty hours of darkness, half of the globe was without data service at any one time

    2. ” Israel is not simply at such and such a place on the globe, and all nations around her

    3. Even in this it implies that God has His focus upon that place on the globe

    4. She parked the probe in the upper branches of a tree far above where humans could climb, and where it could catch the fringes of a beam from one small globe far down the hill

    5. If he understood, he understood more about that globe on the tower in Hazorpean than he did before

    6. across our green hilled globe, be astonished by the fantastical

    7. Inside was a really large telescope in a case, many large, securely-locked map cases, a large finely-detailed globe of the world on a gimbaled stand, an unintelligible plastic machine, other purposeless tools, another table, more chairs, a comfortable reading chair with a plumbed lantern, a whole library of bookcases and a big clipstand holding what must be the ships manifest

    8. They will awake their brothers, and they will spread destruction and death across the globe

    9. It is, in fact, a methodology based on the old Dickensian philosophy of serialization, but rather than stories appearing once a week in a magazine, new stories appear pretty much once a week across the globe in electronic format, using aggregators and direct publishing at sites like Smashwords

    10. The diagram in the center showed the globe of a suntower in place of the globe of the world in a standard seasons diagram

    11. He took a wand and drew a curve representing the bottom of the globe, then drew the bundle off of it

    12. With the eraser he re-architected his tower, putting the globe on four posts, then three

    13. Alan had picked the most majestic scenery on the globe for his home

    14. It’s population and history were what made it so much larger than it looked on the globe

    15. culminating in a globe

    16. “Yeah, it’s been decades, you could have traveled around the globe

    17. glass globe, a little larger than even the biggest of the glass marbles

    18. ‘I thought The Globe would be appropriate

    19. She was busy placing small items in the large globe from the living room

    20. Carefully she placed a small gray bag, several papers, and a picture of herself, along with some other trinkets in the small opening in the base of the globe, and she then wrapped the entire object with a white cloth and placed it in a red and white hatbox

    21. "I saw her place several things in a large globe, with a picture of the falls painted on it and then put it into a hat box

    22. The pillar grows wider as it nears the lofty ceiling, close inspection can show that it blends into the globe above

    23. "The other guys, over on that side of the world…" he actually had a beautifully detailed globe of the planet on a stand across his desk which he pointed to in the flesh

    24. It was a globe high in the upper branches, at least forty stories above the flats that surrounded them only a few blocks away

    25. "You're magnificent, I'm so proud to be on this tour with you," he said, "This moment is a taste of a dream, lying here in a globe on a tower with the hottest up-and-coming female yandrille star on the Zhlindu stage

    26. But, much like the black globe, their use remains a mystery

    27. We are in a planetary action of mental shift of the globe and the chains of imprisonment are on the mind

    28. Her beautiful translucent globe sported a blue glowing heart in the centre

    29. At the centre of the cavern was a blue-green globe, which pulsated and shone

    30. The dolphins brought him steadily closer to the globe

    31. This was what ran the blue-green globe

    32. The globe itself was an engine

    33. The ruro-powered globe ran the whole organic ship, the Arkstone

    34. The key was gold and had five large teeth and ended with a globe inscribed with a simple curving line

    35. There in the centre, just forward of his organs, lay the ruro globe

    36. At the centre of the creature’s cloud-body could be seen a black rotating globe with a wispy red aura

    37. Still clearly apparent and circling like a satellite within the invisible sphere was the remains of the black creature, a dark globe

    38. She could see myriad eyes just beneath the surface of the globe

    39. Then the black globe was gone

    40. Sadly, I have not been able to destroy him, not entirely, not without the ruro globe

    41. After a brief pause Alistair quietly said, ‘Retrieve the ruro globe then destroy Operative 4

    42. In modern times, the proof of reincarnation could be obtained from testimonials of people around the globe, who had undergone past life hypnotic regression

    43. He looked at his chest, and glowing a faint blue, the small globe was still there pulsing quietly to itself

    44. The blue globe was dropped into a short metal tube at the side of the lorry wall

    45. A loud whirling rumble could be heard as the energiser, for transmitting Golf and the ruro globe, powered up

    46. Oddly old-fashioned, printed text and an outlined symbol of a globe within a star, on plastic

    47. From the cabins we took a nice windowed bookcase, a beautifully crafted wood dresser, a large sturdy trunk, a world globe, game boards, books, clothes, shoes, pistols and sabers, towels, blankets, pillows, soaps, lanterns, lantern oil, matches, a clock, pocket watches, writing paper, pens, ink, and wine skins

    48. Auster’s powers span the globe

    49. There is evidence found in the fossil record (including the fossilisation process itself) that does not match a gradual deposition of material to allow for the preservation of biological forms in vast quantities all over the globe

    50. the white globe lights in the industrial estate car parks, and the lights inside the buildings and on their walls, went out

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