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    1. Such as the orb

    2. They’d splash water at her as the girl retrieved their floating orb

    3. When it was a steady rhythm, I sought my orb of power and encouraged it to spin

    4. As the team made their way down the hill the orb positioned herself in the middle of a stream some few inches deep

    5. The orb hung above the pool pulsing faster – this was the way to go

    6. They fell asleep in the dark hollow under the watchful glow of the orb

    7. The orb hovered above a large pine tree waiting for them to come into view

    8. The orb slowed her pulsing and contracted into a small ball, barely visible amongst the pine needles

    9. The orb gathered her energy for the attack

    10. Terrified, the orb shot out of the hole in the ice and found herself back in the forest

    11. The orb was too tired and frightened to follow

    12. Danny’s mind became a small yellow orb and entered the forest-net

    13. He could also sense the orb who had first taken them on their way

    14. There was a deer with the orb

    15. ‘Are you are a Fargone?’ cried Golden Frog telepathically to Orb

    16. Once Orb and Golden Frog had entered the Labradors' body a glowing, pulsing blue field reached out from Danny's mangled blood-struck torso

    17. Orb and Golf together healed Danny’s crushed vertebrae and Ben’s broken ribs whilst they were in this intense state of energy-fire

    18. Orb bristled in her newly found freedom

    19. ‘So what happened?’ said the Orb

    20. Is there no other great dog here with you?’ said the Orb, ‘are you all alone?’

    21. Orb hovered beautifully, lightly above the ground

    22. She ran and tumbled about with Orb and Danny, neither of whom had anything like her agility

    23. Orb kept some of her previous transparent, spherical form but in addition she was now vaguely cat-shaped and had sprouted a tail

    24. The Orb, who was relieved to have her old non-feline form back, tried to float through the metal walls

    25. With some fear Jodie reached toward the small, slightly pulsating yellow orb

    26. Orb first noticed that what little light there was in the library was provided by the occasional electric glows that passed like water through the thread-like veins on the ceiling leaves

    27. Ben, Jodie, Golf and Orb

    28. In fact he was now being harassed by the mind-entity, Orb

    29. Before Orb could continue berating Danny Sarah sauntered into the room

    30. Then, harnessing the power of the ruro material in his chest he beamed Orb across to Jodie

    31. ‘HIT the gas NOW!’ screamed Orb, who appeared as a vision above the passenger seat

    32. Orb had created a protective field around Jodie but it was far from perfect

    33. The white-cloaked man held aloft the blood-covered, blue-glowing orb of ruro

    34. Ben sent out a telepathic beacon of energy encoded with patterns of himself, Danny, Jodie, Orb and Golf

    35. Within Jodie's mind was both Golf and Orb

    36. ‘Shouldn’t we check no-one’s monitoring us first?’ chimed the Orb

    37. ‘Perhaps Hevel, but I think Orb is right

    38. Judging by the position in the sky of the large, orangey-red orb that was the star Proxima, Chris reckoned on only a couple more hours before the light started to fail

    39. A Ruby red Orb sat on the handle, pulsating slowly

    40. The orb was smooth, flawless, and small enough to conceal in a pocket

    41. ” Akstyr handed the orb to her

    42. The spinning orb had risen from the water and was now hanging near the roof of the cavern, casting a strong light into every crevice

    43. The countenance of a particularly attractive badger was looking out from the orb at him

    44. Along with these tenuous feelings went a shroud of coldness emanating from the cave deep below Fire Rock, the cave where even now, a beautiful orb span madly, gathering speed as its destiny neared completion

    45. and he asked if it was the golden orb which was something the

    46. responded that indeed it was the golden orb, but that she was not

    47. Orb taught Earth Studies and he made the assignment clear

    48. He was not so intimidated by Orb that he blindly followed the recommended reading list by itself

    49. Orb contended the world’s famine was caused by population increase combined with limits of food production

    50. And it was embraced by Orb today

    1. "You know that asteroid at Cynd that fell out of its orbit?"

    2. While they were on the way back to the boat she picked up a news magazine because of the headline 'Killer Asteroid on the Way?' and found that "One of Cynd's larger asteroids was knocked out of orbit by an unobserved collision forty years ago and dropped into the gravitational well of the brown dwarf

    3. "Herndon; I've had a geosynchronous out there since 2267, its still operational," Ava in heaven said, "I have all the probes that can pick up its signature in close orbit, no point on the surface will be out of sight for much more than an hour at a time

    4. Glenelle wondered at the folly of a nation consisting of one pill-shaped space colony three miles in diameter and forty miles long that passes in close orbit less than five hundred miles above, declaring war on a glowing industrial belt holding half a billion mortals that was longer than the distance to that orbit

    5. It was built in low orbit and could be seen from the ground for it was nearly the size of a hundred story office building

    6. She could see how the ship was eroded from the sand that happened by in this orbit as she went into the airlock

    7. "It's been under observation two thirds of a decade already," Ava said, "since it was knocked out of its original orbit

    8. He could have come thru the probes anywhere this orbit crossed the far side

    9. "It sounds like you are now much more concerned about that fact that my sister has come to her senses about you than you are about the fact that the shuttlecraft is in orbit

    10. What orbit is it in?"

    11. Sure enough, when the shuttlecraft's orbit re-aligned with its original parking site, they both watched it as it prepared to re-enter

    12. On their first orbit within landing distance of their old site, they did not descend

    13. "The shuttlecraft is in orbit again

    14. By this time she had figured the shuttlecraft would have to intercept that wagon on its next orbit or do some serious maneuvering, or wait another native week

    15. But as the shuttlecraft made that one more orbit, Narrulla swung too far east to observe the Gengee chaparral, and its scope could no longer see what was happening out in the wilds of that basin

    16. She saw the shuttlecraft re-enter, it did come in on this orbit, it was already committed when it came over the horizon, heat-shields glowing in the northwestern sky

    17. As they watched these events unfolding on the planet's terminator, a remote probe in low orbit got thru on a laser-beam and brought them closer, close enough that its scope could detect the dots that were people on the ground, even without enhancements

    18. The asteroid is a giant snowball that had been growing in space for billions of years in orbit around the brown dwarf

    19. Herndon could still remember the construction of the Presidente Lula in low orbit above the Sao Luis Megalopolis, then a sprawling collection of seventeen million in balconied skyscrapers overlooking yacht basins all around the bay, the whole peninsula nothing but skyscrapers along the reconstituted beaches, or industrial plant in the interior

    20. The governor failed to see the significance of that data, even when native astronomers noticed a large member of Cynd's asteroid belt had been knocked from its orbit on a course to plunge deep into the gravity well of the brown dwarf

    21. Native astronomers assumed it had collided with a smaller asteroid in a solar orbit and that had changed its orbit

    22. Ernesto had claimed Isabel's affection before they even entered orbit of the planet, she was pregnant before the shuttlecraft first landed

    23. Alfred had no choice but to give up this attempt with the shuttlecraft and sent it back to low orbit

    24. He can also see that the shuttle is now in low orbit

    25. and the endless orbit of the draining board,

    26. By then the string of asteroids with the plasma plume had swung close by Narrulla, then become much more spread out and had moved off almost to the orbit of Onchegeela

    27. In this one Narrulla and the asteroid remaining at the null point had swung around in it's orbit so it was opposite the string of asteroids that were moving away in the direction of Kunae

    28. "Morg was asked to calculate what it would take to put us in a parking orbit in the Kuiper belt instead of the asteroid belt

    29. He knew how little a ship like this could change course, a parking orbit in the Kuiper Belt was at least three billion miles from Sol and that was a significant change of course when they were only forty three billion miles away

    30. They were coming straight up the Orion Arm on the way home, everything, snowflakes and stars included, was orbiting the galaxy in this direction, Sol was eleven light years ahead of 61 Cygni in the galactic orbit

    31. Wasn't Gordon's Lamp the same? Did they have anything to come back to? Sometimes he wished Ava had never discovered Alan's hack and they had stayed in orbit studying the planet at 61 Cygni

    32. This room had been in zero gee during the years they were being duped at the study planet, it was now at one percent gravity with Sol directly below them as they decelerated into its orbit

    33. If it does no more than it is doing now, it is preventing us from achieving a parking orbit in the Kuiper Belt

    34. Gymnastics was both a required activity and also the center of an orbit of students who were highly proficient in the more strenuous disciplines of artistic and acrobatic gymnastics

    35. She feared she might go into orbit, before pulling her down to rest against his chest

    36. At least the remote was parked in a geosynchronous orbit over the planet, much farther out than this moon, so he could remain in their sight

    37. But then there was quite an involved proof that not even one body could have come to rest in that point without colliding with another in a nearby orbit

    38. A probe in a polar orbit at that longitude soon found it

    39. I followed that from orbit until he got to the city of the pyramid

    40. However, what they couldn't fathom was the presence of six small evenly spaced 'moons' joining Elenessa's two larger moons in orbit around her

    41. Isin announced, “Coming out of wrinkle just within the orbit of Corona Zed gamma

    42. as he brings his Crystal City into an orbit

    43. city into orbit between your moon and the

    44. “When will the city orbit our Earth

    45. completion as it was told; it would orbit

    46. Earths orbit and the cold plasma

    47. Flights into orbit continue and we still service Mars colony and the Galilean mining operations, but now only probes ever go further, manned exploration or colonisation missions are deemed too expensive and a waste of resources

    48. We’ll be in an orbit near this station for the next ten days and then I’ll be off back to Earth

    49. You will receive new orders as soon as Vanguard has achieved Earth orbit

    50. You will still be permitted to trade with operations on Mars, and to communicate with them, but Jupiter vessels travelling within Martian orbit will be deemed hostile and be treated accordingly

    1. From what he read, it seemed that it had orbited the planet twice and then disappeared

    2. They had increasingly become the followers of men, not the Word as the Apostle Paul had warned against many times, and their strivings divided the very strength of the movement into warring factions that weakened the core around which they orbited

    3. So looking up I could see the blue-green ball that was the planet we orbited

    4. orbited close to Mars and the single hard object was heading on its way on a direct collision course with Earth

    5. The orbital forces of it were obviously carefully planned, since it was done in a manner that caused almost no disturbance in the other worlds and moons that orbited that star

    6. They orbited lower than normal, at 5,000 feet, to see the final flicker of flames and the eerie tongues of fire from the flame gun as Rover consolidated their position for the night

    7. A radio was tuned to the Spooky gunship channel as he orbited War Zone C shooting as required for Troop A while listening for a possible call from the missing China Boy

    8. He orbited the plane at 1000 feet to better see from where the VC were mounting their attack

    9. The planet Saturn once orbited Danas, the sister to your own Sol, which captured it in the distant past

    10. astronauts having ‘hallucinations’ as they orbited the earth at that altitude

    11. A black silhouette of once human origin orbited the Earth

    12. The pirates orbited the planet several times

    13. Grailem had situated himself on the bridge of the flagship of the fleet; a starship twice the size of the other Starship‘s that orbited the planet and the most fortified

    14. The Buidshee had evolved on the inner planet in this system; the planet that was orbited by the three moons and had been Grailem's main destination

    15. undefended, it orbited the planet waiting to send reinforcements wherever they might be needed

    16. He had orbited other planets and had taken a peek from his spaceship, but this was the first time Orakne had experienced his hidden ability of dreaming the past

    17. He then maneuvered the ship and orbited the planet once

    18. As we orbited in space above Earth, I looked down upon the dome as often as I could from a large clear screen that was the floor of my chambers

    19. The ships that had been patrolling linked together to the big ship as it orbited in space

    20. The second part orbited the moon and was where the freighters too big to land on the moon could be serviced and their loads transferred

    21. They orbited the planet for two days until, as dawn broke over one of the airports, they saw letters that had been painted on one of the runways

    22. And strangely, almost as if having orbited full circle around the invisible, magical world of the child, we return to the two fundamental questions, the ones we asked in the first seconds of our life

    23. that’s orbited by electrons

    24. Hydrogen, the lightest element, usually consists of one proton orbited by one electron

    25. surface, at least for a moon, and orbited the planet in a bit over seven and a half hours, a very fast orbit indeed

    26. The asteroid belt, which is not common to most solar systems, orbited between the fourth and fifth planet and contained hundreds of millions of asteroids

    27. It had one small, irregularly-shaped moon named Dysnomia, which measured from 100 to 250 kilometers and orbited around Eris in 15

    28. Dows’ first objective was successfully fulfilled on October 30th of last year, when the satellite EXPLORER 1 was orbited using a modified medium range ballistic missile

    29. It was like standing in a cavern, looking up at a ship tethered by girders to keep it in place as the asteroid orbited the center of mass of the nebula

    30. orbited the ship at high velocity

    31. These objects orbited outside the range of the shields, making their orbits more elliptical than they would be had they just been going around the Path Finder

    32. Or, was he still, and the images orbited him? He could easily bring her back with her hair down and wearing a cosmic cheerleader outfit if he so

    33. The rest followed suit and dozens of crows orbited around over me, and all of them shrieked at me

    34. The Vallians claimed the last of the six smaller planets and the two moons that orbited it

    35. when I suddenly felt that I had tapped into an „outside' intelligence that orbited his own

    36. Three Zeros orbited it, spewing streams of bullets and cannon shells

    37. Then in 1961 the Russians got the first man into space, a fighter pilot called Yuri Gagarin who orbited the earth and reported back that God couldn’t exist or he’d have bumped into him

    1. He knew what Cynd was and knew it had thousands of asteroids orbiting it

    2. "Darryl is plotting the motions of every snowball we pass, they are all in two families, those orbiting in the galactic plane and those of the halo

    3. We aren't encountering any that appear to be orbiting Sol

    4. They were coming straight up the Orion Arm on the way home, everything, snowflakes and stars included, was orbiting the galaxy in this direction, Sol was eleven light years ahead of 61 Cygni in the galactic orbit

    5. The large space laboratory orbiting Aura, (in a cloaked state), was in a constant state of activity

    6. The communications center, Com Central, orbiting above Aura received a cryptic message from deep space and word was immediately sent word to the Queen’s Hold

    7. But the worst thing of all was the black satellite orbiting the Earth

    8. Filling her attentions however was what lay beyond the orbiting stations

    9. capable of building orbiting space stations, defining the

    10. Although there are numerous theories, none of them properly fits or explains the fact that we have a rather large celestial body orbiting us and are unable to explain through scientific observations how it came to be there and has remained there over millennia

    11. Until Earth had been purified from its radiation and chemical pollution all but the highest echelons of the committee would remain in stasis, orbiting invisibly in their fleet of ark-ships

    12. From an orbiting starship, Monique and the elders of Central Council watched the holo-projection display the hyper-thermo missile as it approached its target

    13. They were still flying level, but orbiting at about two hundred kilometres up

    14. we are orbiting the binary star widely known as Behenii-1 in most tourist star maps, also known to some of you colloquially as Persebs or Binary 888

    15. From these they could detect small perturbations in the orbiting stars, suggesting the presence of planets

    16. “Thomas had been around since high school, orbiting me

    17. "If you see the horseshoe bend in the river with the rice paddies to the north, I'm orbiting south at fifteen hundred

    18. Myers was on the radio in the Huey orbiting at 2000 feet over the jungle of War Zone C, with China Boy 3, SFC George Spears

    19. Monaghan overheard Slingshot Chief himself orbiting the site, wisely letting the ground commanders make the battle decisions, and reporting the good news to Slingshot Base

    20. An orbiting axis of life cycles

    21. Thirty minutes later they were orbiting over triple canopy jungle

    22. commercial satellites that were left orbiting the earth

    23. One is orbiting the dwarf planet and three others are holding position one point five million mc's out

    24. lites orbiting the Earth and more detailed calculations

    25. The Sun is orbiting the galaxy at about 220 kilometers per second when it should

    26. accelerations, observed during fly-bys of spacecraft orbiting the Earth, suggest that the

    27. 2003 alone, astronomers discovered 23 new moons orbiting the giant

    28. orbiting the Sun near the edge of the Sun's gravitational influence

    29. Besides orbiting the Sun in less than 20 years (as opposed to 200

    30. orbiting them or selecting other objects (such as moons and asteroids)

    31. They have a special purpose keeping the orbiting nightlights from arcing off at will

    32. The object orbiting our Moon has just disappeared

    33. This world should be as airless as the other two satellites orbiting the gas giant

    34. This is the same craft that was orbiting the Moon last year, wasn’t it? No, you don’t have to answer

    35. “I’ve been orbiting the Moon for hours

    36. (She was the same little girl that had seen the ‘sparkly thing’ about a year ago orbiting the Moon

    37. Every time he came to a Federation base, he communicated his suggested changes and software ideas with the project members, most of whom had since moved on to the construction of Saturn’s huge new orbiting shipyard project

    38. Orbiting closer to the sun the display shows a planet with a large moon that has an atmosphere of nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide

    39. I would later come to see these conditions as satellites orbiting the huge central black hole of Depression, but not yet

    40. The idea that someone would seriously consider commandeering and moving an entire orbiting shipyard was so outrageous and so preposterous that the news raced through the community

    41. One by one, the crew members made their way from the ships that had been their homes for the last several weeks to the orbiting fortress that was Nuclear Power School

    42. They moved their orbiting manufacturing plant from its previous location and linked it to what had once been Saturn’s office complex, commercial center and living quarters

    43. They and their ships were “recruited” and taken to Commodore Townsend’s orbiting base of operations

    44. Since the ship was still orbiting at the shipyard, it was weightless

    45. They thought I was a lost slave, having disembarked from the arrival ship, still orbiting Earth

    46. They have a system defensive network that uses orbiting observation platforms

    47. The plan for the battle in space was for the destroyers to attack the heavily defended orbiting observation platforms

    48. Stellar Interstellar Corporation’s headquarters and shipyard was built on a moon orbiting a planet the size of Earth

    49. Larger ships like the biggest freighters were built in sections on the surface of the moon, and those sections were assembled at the orbiting station

    50. The problem they discovered was that while that solved the operating room problem, the rest of the ship was designed with “down” being toward the stern when the ship was not orbiting in weightlessness

    1. A one percent error in our mass estimates could also account for the perturbations we see in the dark bodies' orbits

    2. then was it strong enough to distort the orbits of

    3. The flame was being kept alive by this ring which pulsed with an electron like ball which did perfect orbits around it

    4. The not insubstantial figure of Mr Rudolph Snickerty was as familiar a landmark as the spire of St Jasper's to those various persons within the orbits of the little house at the corner of Bimini Square

    5. “Rex, what Crystal City orbits our Earth?”

    6. Jim was the current elected head of the Jupiter Trade Bureau, a loose union of the various private trade organisations working in a wide range of orbits around the gas giant Jupiter

    7. With its discovery, Marsh and Butler, at Berkeley, California went back over their decade-long collection of search data, and when they expanded their ideas about orbits, size, and composition, they found several planets they overlooked hidden in their trove

    8. Observe you everything that takes place in the heavens, how they do not change their orbits and the luminaries which are in the Heaven, how they all rise and set in order each in its season, and transgress not against their appointed order

    9. And many chiefs of the stars shall transgress the order prescribed; And these shall alter their orbits and tasks,

    10. electron orbits behave as if they were solid objects

    11. Observe you everything that takes place in the heavens how they do not change their orbits and the luminaries which are in the Heaven how they all rise and set in order each in its season and transgress not against their appointed order

    12. And many chiefs of the stars shall transgress the order prescribed; And these shall alter their orbits and tasks

    13. You see now the path of their flight and their present positions, and now their projected paths, taking them within the orbits of the inner worlds, where they will certainly execute final maneuvers, for their present courses and decelerations would have them both eventually impact with the sun

    14. Phil the FAC had Toby Parker fly the O-1E in lazy orbits several miles off to the west with the sun at his back so as to not give away the location of the Mike Force

    15. It carries with it a planet that will pass through your solar system and cause major shifts in the orbits of the planets, just as it has done in the past

    16. wobbling orbits of the planets, the spinning galaxies, in the

    17. Moving among all orbits would enable electrons to emit all energies of light

    18. Using the idea of interference, de Broglie showed that the discrete values of radii of Bohr’s orbits are a natural consequence of standing electron waves

    19. Sun will alter the orbits of planets in the Solar System, including the Earth’s

    20. blobs have been detected in the form of anomalous accelerations of spacecraft during fly-bys and orbits

    21. the form of anomalous accelerations of spacecraft during fly-bys and orbits of Earth

    22. …the earth orbits the Sun, which itself is moving through the

    23. as earth orbits around the centre of the galaxy, the planet flies through

    24. that Mercury completes three rotations for every two orbits around the

    25. orbits the Sun every 225 days - its day is longer than its year! Besides

    26. 5 billion kilometers from the Sun, Neptune orbits the Sun

    27. asteroid change the asteroids' orbits, knocking them out of the Main

    28. Belt and hurling them into space across the orbits of the planets

    29. their orbits lie near the plane of the Earth's orbit around the Sun

    30. guard last on duty stared at me with its empty orbits

    31. orbits for millions of years before everything settled and

    32. reached the orbits they occupy at this moment

    33. violence when their elliptical orbits crossed, causing massive

    34. The Genie listened carefully and with each sentence of my story, further opened the orbits of his eyes indicating with this gesture his astonishment, terror and fright

    35. From the mass of its star and the rate that it orbits around its star, it has the mass as an average small planet

    36. Given the religious assertion that God is the personification of perfection, one needs to reckon whether He would have created an imperfect world such as ours! Besides, how come His intellect that placed planets in the orbits failed to visualize a quake-free earth that is volcano-prone as well! The scriptures that picture Him as the All Merciful, however, prevaricate when it comes to the unjust ‘species feeding upon species’ way of His creation

    37. The view is from a satellite high above the plane of Starship‘s showing every ship as it orbits the planet

    38. Detecting no life or power output Grailem orders his navigator to another huge vessel of a similar size that orbits a large asteroid

    39. The Space Force armed craft settled into orbits around the planet and established a defensive perimeter alert for the potential threat of more of those diabolical containers

    40. The defenders sat quietly, patiently floating in their respective orbits radiating as little emissions as possible to minimize their ability to be located

    41. The system is populated with an unusually high number of astral bodies traveling in elliptical orbits that carry them across the orbits of the larger planets

    42. Since nothing appeared threatening, the rest of the battle group came closer to the planet and settled into parking orbits

    43. calculations occurring eg the subroutines involved in the orbits of planets around stars

    44. applies to orbits of stars and planets, electromagnetic currents within subatomic particles,

    45. Using this model, we can regard orbits, currents and instant communication as

    46. special orbits or stationary states which Danish

    47. and to ―quantise‖ electron orbits – the ―quantum

    48. condition of allowed and forbidden electron orbits

    49. forbidden orbits since the electron can be

    50. with its allowed and forbidden electron orbits,

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