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    1. Once Ava could capture the packet header as it went by and convert it to something, she could start trying to figure out how the packets were addressed

    2. About the only thing she really knew is that large data bursts were usually introduced with header activity in those first headers Thom had discovered on channel thirty seven

    3. Since channel thirty seven was also the only one to have header information, she figured there could be other things special about channel thirty seven

    4. The header assumed one already had a context set up that was bigger than the message

    5. Most online dating websites will encourage you to have a short profile header line that is used

    6. This profile header line is usually used in searches that other members do

    7. make the mistake of putting just anything into your profile header since this will leave you with responses to your online dating ad that you don’t want

    8. You want to have a profile header line

    9. There are some aspects of the profile header line that you should focus on so that you get the

    10. Your profile header is one way that you can filter out your potential online dates from those that aren’t even in the running

    11. Change your profile header every once in a while so that you get more responses to your online

    12. Come up with a cute new header every week so that you’re attracting different kinds of

    13. requests will have distinct request header:

    14. With request header to set IsAjax flag

    15. However, same can be achieved by checking requests header directly:

    16. A small header at the top

    17. That’s graphics for the header, footer,

    18. this theme through the use of background, header and personal

    19. can be felt by looking at the background and the header graphics

    20. All header files have interface to libraries and their cod for

    21. h> is called header file (command)

    22. It directs the header file to include all

    23. The first line function_type function_name(parameters list) is known as function header and the

    24. This is very similar to function header except the terminating semicolon

    25. A custom background and a creative Twitter header image are also good indicators that the user is at least invested in Twitter

    26. a header tank this will have to be disconnected

    27. Please note: When removing the header tank

    28. shower was coming out of this header tank you

    29. position where you can remove the header tank

    30. turning off the supply of water to this header

    31. He's placed "Marlon Sanders" within

    header tags and has placed it in the top left hand section of his page

    32. Most of the main text on the page is actual just a large header graphic image

    33. which ran with the header;

    34. If you notice on the sidebars and possibly the header or footer of your home page

    35. An example of the effective use of color is to use onecolor for the header topic on the slide and a different color for the text that follows below it

    36. The change of color will highlight the header and draw the listener's eyeto the header, which is the first thing you want the listener to read

    37. Put a header at the top of each slide that succinctly summarizesthe topic of that slide

    38. The audience will remember the header and will subsequently recollect the text it contained

    39. OK, on this page I have listed a few opening lines ( overline) to a header, now

    40. Now once you have come up with a list of opening lines for your header, go

    41. we need to consider the sub header

    42. Now you may think that for your product you don’t need a sub header, well

    43. Now the sub header should lead the reader onto the first sentence of the first

    44. place of ‘guaranteed’ in the body header

    45. Rachel insisted on racing everywhere she went, and one day while trying to pull ahead of Sean by going around him through the rough area beside one of their riding trials, hit a boulder and took a header

    46. There is an authentication code buried in the header

    47. “Look at the message header

    48. The news desk lady, Myleena Claws, middle-aged and with far too much history of cosmetic surgery, introduced an item before handing the audience over to their live, on the spot reporter, Doralene Header, a not entirely unattractive female news reporter who was standing outside a terminal at their local airport

    49. contact details are in too small a font in the header and footer, and they have

    50. in the header and footer if you choose to; just have them in a large font

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