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Header in a sentence | header example sentences

  1. A small header at the top.
  2. A dive header to equalise.
  3. Look at the message header.
  4. It may contain header information.
  5. With request header to set IsAjax flag.

  6. You want to have a profile header line.
  7. Figure 15-7 The DNS Header section format.
  8. It directs the header file to include all.
  9. Please note: When removing the header tank.
  10. This is the way your header tags should look:.
  11. The functions of the header fields are as follows:.
  12. Figure 15-7 shows the format of the Header section.
  13. The functions of the Header fields are as follows:.
  14. The entity header FieldName values are as follows:.
  15. The general header FieldName values are as follows:.

  16. There is an authentication code buried in the header.
  17. The request header FieldName values are as follows:.
  18. The response header FieldName values are as follows:.
  19. The fields of the AH header are illustrated in Figure 23-6.
  20. We have a green header image and some text typed on the page.
  21. All header files have interface to libraries and their cod for.
  22. A website header is similar to the Aweber or Armand Morin header.
  23. However, same can be achieved by checking requests header directly:.
  24. At 20 bytes (without options), it’s the same size as the IP header.
  25. This is very similar to function header except the terminating semicolon.

  26. Next, the block header holds a hash of the previous block’s header ➋.
  27. Sort the Body of Output While Leaving the Header on the First Line Intact.
  28. Now once you have come up with a list of opening lines for your header, go.
  29. This profile header line is usually used in searches that other members do.
  30. Now you may think that for your product you don’t need a sub header, well.
  31. Most of the main text on the page is actual just a large header graphic image.
  32. Next, the header contains a hash of all transactions in the current block ➌.
  33. The header: This is where you will find your information such as name, date of.
  34. Now the sub header should lead the reader onto the first sentence of the first.
  35. OK, on this page I have listed a few opening lines ( overline) to a header, now.
  36. The servers sends a response to the client, usually a header as well as the data.
  37. If you notice on the sidebars and possibly the header or footer of your home page.
  38. The SNAP header provides the same functionality as the Ethertype field to the 802.
  39. This is followed by the block header ➋, which we’ll discuss in detail shortly.
  40. The router then transmits each fragment in a separate packet with its own IP header.
  41. The generate_banner() function wraps the styled text with a simple header and footer.
  42. The header assumed one already had a context set up that was bigger than the message.
  43. Put a header at the top of each slide that succinctly summarizesthe topic of that slide.
  44. The sections in the primary header labeled What is Fibromyalgia?, Fibromyalgia.
  45. Come up with a cute new header every week so that you’re attracting different kinds of.
  46. The audience will remember the header and will subsequently recollect the text it contained.
  47. The header is designed to supply PS at 45 psi with a pressure drop less than 10% of the supply.
  48. Change your profile header every once in a while so that you get more responses to your online.
  49. There are some aspects of the profile header line that you should focus on so that you get the.
  50. Header temperature is controlled by the heating jacket, with the controller set-point adjusted.
  51. After the sort is performed the header ends up sorted right along with the rest of the content.
  52. The first line function_type function_name(parameters list) is known as function header and the.
  53. Most online dating websites will encourage you to have a short profile header line that is used.
  54. This function will keep the header line intact and allow sorting of the remaining lines of output.
  55. H1, H2, and H3 refer to header tags, with H1 being the most important in terms of police size and.
  56. The SNAP header is 5 bytes long and found directly after the LLC header in the data field of an 802.
  57. To provide these services, the header applied to TCP segments is necessarily larger than that for UDP.
  58. The LLC header consists of three fields, the functions of which are described in the following sections.
  59. Every DNS message has a Header section, and the other four sections are included only if they contain data.
  60. This feature detects errors in the ATM header only; there is no error control of the payload at this layer.
  61. This value indicates that the contents of the LLC PDU begin with a Subnetwork Access Protocol (SNAP) header.
  62. The other fields of the header are the same as well, with three important exceptions, which are as follows:.
  63. Importantly, in the block header is a field for an arbitrary number called a nonce,7 which the miner chooses.
  64. The variant part contains functionality to show the header and footer of a specific page that is paginated [j.
  65. The original IP header from the datagram is not included in the signature (although it is in the AH signature).
  66. He's placed "Marlon Sanders" within

    header tags and has placed it in the top left hand section of his page.

  67. These changes to the IP header are needed for the fragments to be properly reassembled by the destination system.
  68. The header and targeted text of (Christian) modifications are highlighted with b o l d a n d i t a l i c i z e d.
  69. When this happens, the miner must try a different nonce, which is contained in the header and hence affects the hash.
  70. No matter which transmission rate the system is using, the preamble and header fields are always transmitted at 1 Mbps.
  71. A network layer protocol accepts data from the transport layer and packages it into a datagram by adding its own header.
  72. Encapsulation SSLRP adds a header to each fragment before passing it down to the TCP protocol for further encapsulation.
  73. Block difficulty ➎ is periodically calculated using the timestamp of previous blocks and is also a field in the block header.
  74. The control field of the LLC header specifies the type of service needed for the data in the PDU and the function of the packet.
  75. Your profile header is one way that you can filter out your potential online dates from those that aren’t even in the running.
  76. A custom background and a creative Twitter header image are also good indicators that the user is at least invested in Twitter.
  77. The data link layer protocol header contains the address of the computer sending the packet and the computer that is to receive it.
  78. To identify specific processes running on the computer, TCP and UDP use port numbers that are included in every TCP and UDP header.
  79. The same process occurs again when the network layer passes its PDU to the data link layer protocol, which adds a header and footer.
  80. The information that ESP uses to compute the integrity signature runs from the beginning of the ESP header to the end of the ESP trailer.
  81. The network layer protocol then reads the destination address in the header and determines what the packet’s next destination should be.
  82. Here, the FieldName variable identifies the type of information carried in the header, and the FieldValue variable contains the information.
  83. After selecting one of the routes, the system generates its data packets and includes the routing information in the Token Ring frame header.
  84. In the 1990s, IPv6 was established and created 128-bit address fields in the IP packet header rather than the 32-bit addresses present in IPv4.
  85. The change of color will highlight the header and draw the listener's eyeto the header, which is the first thing you want the listener to read.
  86. Request Header Fields Request headers apply only to request messages and supply information about the request and the system making the request.
  87. In station management frames, the INFO field of the FDDI data frame contains an SMT PDU, which is composed of an SMT header and an SMT info field.
  88. To prevent this, the IP header contains a Time to Live (TTL) field that the source system gives a certain numerical value when a packet is created.
  89. Systems use the IP header options to carry additional information, either supplied by the sender or gathered as the packet travels to the destination.
  90. During an IPCP exchange, for example, the systems inform each other of their IP addresses and agree on whether to use Van Jacobson header compression.
  91. Once Ava could capture the packet header as it went by and convert it to something, she could start trying to figure out how the packets were addressed.
  92. An example of the effective use of color is to use onecolor for the header topic on the slide and a different color for the text that follows below it.
  93. The ATM layer specifies the format of the cell, constructs the header, implements the error-control mechanism, and creates and destroys virtual circuits.
  94. Unlike AH, the ESP protocol completely encapsulates the payload contained in each datagram, using both header and footer fields, as shown in Figure 23-7.
  95. Since channel thirty seven was also the only one to have header information, she figured there could be other things special about channel thirty seven.
  96. The frame consists of a header and footer that surround and encapsulate the data generated by the protocols operating at higher layers of the OSI model.
  97. The difficulty stored in the blockchain header is expressed as a ratio between the initial target used by Bitcoin (when it started) and the current target.
  98. This is because the data link protocol header must contain the hardware address of the next intermediate stop as its destination, which may well be a router.
  99. This means that when IPsec uses ESP alone, it’s possible for someone to modify the IP header contents without the changes being detected by the recipient.
  100. Because the UDP protocol provides a minimum of additional services, its header is only 8 bytes long, providing little additional control overhead to the packet.

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