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Header in a sentence

A small header at the top.
A dive header to equalise.
Look at the message header.
It may contain header information.
With request header to set IsAjax flag.
You want to have a profile header line.
It directs the header file to include all.

Figure 15-7 The DNS Header section format.
Please note: When removing the header tank.
This is the way your header tags should look:.
The functions of the header fields are as follows:.
The functions of the Header fields are as follows:.
Figure 15-7 shows the format of the Header section.
The entity header FieldName values are as follows:.
The request header FieldName values are as follows:.
The general header FieldName values are as follows:.
There is an authentication code buried in the header.
The response header FieldName values are as follows:.
The fields of the AH header are illustrated in Figure 23-6.
We have a green header image and some text typed on the page.
All header files have interface to libraries and their cod for.
A website header is similar to the Aweber or Armand Morin header.
However, same can be achieved by checking requests header directly:.
At 20 bytes (without options), it’s the same size as the IP header.
This is very similar to function header except the terminating semicolon.
Next, the block header holds a hash of the previous block’s header ➋.
Sort the Body of Output While Leaving the Header on the First Line Intact.
Now once you have come up with a list of opening lines for your header, go.
This profile header line is usually used in searches that other members do.
Now you may think that for your product you don’t need a sub header, well.
Next, the header contains a hash of all transactions in the current block ➌.
Most of the main text on the page is actual just a large header graphic image.
Now the sub header should lead the reader onto the first sentence of the first.
The header: This is where you will find your information such as name, date of.
OK, on this page I have listed a few opening lines ( overline) to a header, now.
The servers sends a response to the client, usually a header as well as the data.
The SNAP header provides the same functionality as the Ethertype field to the 802.
If you notice on the sidebars and possibly the header or footer of your home page.
This is followed by the block header ➋, which we’ll discuss in detail shortly.
The router then transmits each fragment in a separate packet with its own IP header.

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