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    1. The return on the investment in our Project only happens with elimination of the cost of the administration of the euro, without considering the cost of the lost opportunity when it stops spending, because many resources will remain for other enterprises that will impel European Union in world level as potent economic block and example of social success

    2. himself thoroughly for that work will impel him to brush all obstacles out of

    3. She felt reborn in her heart the rancor that she had felt in other days for Rebeca, and begging God not to impel her into the extreme state of wishing her dead, she banished her from the sewing room

    4. it is our emotional selves that impel the very intellectual work that we

    5. But instead of drifting like usual that Ashura used his blade to impel himself downward rather quickly

    6. Does sex instruction tend to start misconduct--suggest to children that they undress each other, play "father and mother," and does it impel to too free speech and behavior? No, on the contrary, sex teaching, wisely carried on, has proved itself to be the best of preventives

    7. "Whence it arises," he continued, "that when we see any person well dressed and making a figure with rich garments and retinue of servants, it seems to lead and impel us perforce to respect him, though memory may at the same moment recall to us some lowly condition in which we have seen him, but which, whether it may have been poverty or low birth, being now a thing of the past, has no existence; while the only thing that has any existence is what we see before us; and if this person whom fortune has raised from his original lowly state (these were the very words the padre used) to his present height of prosperity, be well bred, generous, courteous to all, without seeking to vie with those whose nobility is of ancient date, depend upon it, Teresa, no one will remember what he was, and everyone will respect what he is, except indeed the envious, from whom no fair fortune is safe

    8. Why he did so he could not say, but something seemed to impel him to the act

    9. A security may make a satisfactory statistical showing, but doubt as to the future or distrust of the management may properly impel its rejection

    10. Preferred shares occupy an immeasurably weaker position in this regard, but even here the provisions transferring voting control to the senior shares in the event of suspension of dividends will be found in some cases to impel their continuance

    11. , in preferred stock); (2) payment of “optional” dividends, so contrived as to impel the stockholders to take stock rather than cash; (3) offering of additional stock on attractive terms at the time of payment of cash dividends

    12. If such a qualitative study leads to a favorable verdict—as frequently it should—the analyst’s philosophy must still impel him to base his investment valuation on an assumed earning power no larger than the company has already achieved in a period of normal business

    13. Such a price should impel the stockholders to raise the question whether or not it is in their interest to continue the business

    14. ” But such precise signals seem to occur only at wide intervals, and in the meantime human impatience plus the exigencies of the chart reader’s profession impel him to draw more frequent conclusions from less convincing data

    15. * Even a mere lack of interest or enthusiasm may impel a price decline to absurdly low levels

    16. His love is not of the kind that could mean her dishonor, and he asks for Marianka’s hand in marriage, feeling helplessly and hopelessly all the while that real union is impossible between them—that though he can understand her and go down into her semi-barbarism, she can never know him or appreciate the motives that impel him to leave a state that she considers higher than her own

    17. It needs but the aspiration toward this divine perfection to impel the course of human life from the animal to the divine, so far as may be humanly possible

    18. And this same sincerity will impel the artist to find a clear expression of the feeling which he wishes to transmit

    19. In this density there is always moisture—always a smell of confined, perpetual shade, of cobwebs, fallen apples (turning black where they roll on the mouldy sod), raspberries, and earwigs of the kind which impel one to reach hastily for more fruit when one has inadvertently swallowed a member of that insect tribe with the last berry

    20. They know that what they are doing is wrong, and would not do it for anything in the world if they had the power of resisting the forces which shut their eyes to the criminality of their actions and impel them to commit them

    21. One would have thought that not religious or moral feeling alone, but the simplest common sense and foresight should impel every man of the present day to answer and to act in that way

    22. I conceive, sir, that the expression of this opinion, and the pledge of a solemn declaration, by Congress, are due to the people, because the people have the greatest interest in the character of their Government; and in no part of its attributes have a deeper interest than in its efficacy to resist and impel injuries and insults from foreign Governments

    23. The profound respect I have been taught to entertain for this body, my conscious inadequacy to discuss, as it deserves, the question before you, the magnitude of that question, and the recent seat I have taken in this House, are too well calculated to appall, and would impel me to silence if any other member would assume the task I propose attempting

    24. And who will doubt which of these alternatives the gallantry of an American army would impel them to choose! Sir, a conflict would be inevitable

    25. When I look beyond the mountains, and remember that Kentucky has nurtured me almost from my cradle, that she has bestowed on me her choicest honors, my bosom is filled with emotions of gratitude, which impel me to say on this, as on all other occasions, Kentucky I am only thine!

    26. The ardent patriotism of our young men, and the reasonable bounty in land which is proposed to be given, will impel them to join their country's standard and to fight her battles; they will not forget the citizen in the soldier, and, in obeying their officer, learn to contemn their constitution

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