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    1. and rotund thighs curse as they tried to propel his middle-aged spread towards the

    2. Adros landed a kick on his chest, hoping to use the motion to propel him away from the storming giant

    3. the vacuum of space, and propel themselves

    4. He dropped his right hand as his left leg shot out to propel him over the ledge

    5. Indeed only after a little more than a hundred steps Hilderich felt cramps and stiffness overtaking his aching body, especially the legs where he put much of his strength to propel himself upwards on the steps that seemed fit only for giants

    6. He simply carried on, using his walking stick to help him propel himself forward, as if it was a row for the sand

    7. The sound of crickets and buzzing mosquitoes were drowned by the monotonous `put-put’ of the two-stroke motor that somehow managed to barely propel the barge

    8. Under the waterlogs the beavers propel themselves,

    9. Selena heard Ash’s wings propel him into the air

    10. Shortly they say, they will be able to propel or shoot this tiny container so it lands on the surface of the moon

    11. Be mindful of its selection, it will determine your marks and may propel you to the front of the pack

    12. what we uncover here will propel us all into the limelight, life will never be the same again

    13. The three cubfighters quickly propel backwards into the air and explode into brown fire

    14. His efforts helped propel the university into the top ten universities in the nation in terms of corporate support

    15. You use the power of the river to propel yourself forward, instead of the power of your arms

    16. you saw with your own eyes, the only thing left to propel the

    17. In England in the 1840s, several steamship companies experimented with iron hulls and screw propel lers, but Cunard thwarted them whenever he could and continued to use wooden hulls and sidewheelers

    18. With power they can further propel their socialist aims onto society

    19. Also, all of the 120 events that God gave him about his life came to pass, and were witnessed to by others! (He died right after the last one took place) This is what can happen when the attributes of infiniteness propel us into divine eternal learning

    20. drives that propel boys towards incest with the mother and girls towards

    21. exposure and credibility is just what you need to propel your business to the next

    22. squid-like creatures which used jets of gas to propel

    23. of gas to propel themselves and could grow to be many kilometers across

    24. I could pretty much move however I wanted to underwater, just by willing the ocean currents to change around me and propel me along, I could breathe underwater, no problem, and my clothes never got wet unless I wanted them to

    25. You are the one who can propel yourself on to live the

    26. from outside influences as fuel to propel themselves to great heights

    27. Sunday was clear and cool, no rain in sight, so after a quick mop along the corridors and a wipe of the bathrooms, I pushed Sean through Sloane Square, Belgravia, Knightsbridge, across Rotten Row where we spent a few minutes admiring the horse riders, and then let him propel himself among the skeletal trees of Hyde Park

    28. You propel yourself backwards out of path

    29. On your back you float on the head layer, soft kicks propel you along

    30. Releasing his grip on Fee‘s breast he pressed his erection down, shoved it unceremoniously back into place and resumed thrusting with such force it seemed he was trying to propel them both into the water

    31. The question reaches directly into, and connects with his unseen electromagnetic dynamics that sub-unconsciously influence and propel him

    32. Though once identified, Tony’s core drivers of love can be used to self-motivate, and propel his working life

    33. Only to outline that the energy of resistance like motivation does not discriminate where it operates from, and it can equally be used to fuel and propel self-motivation

    34. In maintaining incremental baby steps forward will further fuel, propel, and maintain self-motivation

    35. "NO!" Travis screamed and raced through the snow as fast as his legs would propel him

    36. The motors and paddles were enough to propel the shuttle through the water and upstream at about a kilometer a day

    37. Your past, for any being, does not propel you forward in the method that you believe

    38. skills and motivations that propel someone with a high IQ to high levels of

    39. few anarchic adherents of the hacker ethic helped propel that

    40. Fishmael's jolly boat, tiny in comparison to the house-sized fish, skittered across the waves as she tried to propel herself away, the rope from the harpoon pinging as it took the strain

    41. Strategically choose a standard of living that will propel your vanguard career and prepare you financially for vanguard missions leadership

    42. He barked softly and leaped into the air, and before he landed, his little legs were already turning to propel him down the hall

    43. A belief in nothing will propel a negative energy and will cause your ultimate deletion into blackness and nothingness, as you believe you will receive that upon

    44. I will propel you and your baby gently towards the airlock, so that those shipmates could catch you and guide you in

    45. She was about to propel herself and the shipmate towards the cargo’s airlock when a popping noise and a sudden hurricane inside her suit told her that the sulfur compounds covering her suit had finally eaten through a part of it

    46. “They are literally the living events that will propel your world into a new way of living, as were those who came before them

    47. He had often wondered if the abuse over those years could eventually propel himself to duplicate his father's unhealthy behavior

    48. that can propel us forward and keeps us happy and motivated in day-to-day

    49. Quickly, he located Yang's body churning underwater, and then used the large fins to propel himself forward

    50. ‘So this is how they propel themselves through space, eh

    1. "What about electrostatically propelled hydrogen ions?" the unnamed one asked

    2. behind, collided with the fallen machine and was propelled over the

    3. There were crystalline things that flew, most had two large fixed wings and at least four small ones that propelled them

    4. Suddenly as her toe hit the third step, the slipper stuck and she was propelled into Jim’s arms; catching her about the waist, he lowered her to the floor

    5. with a roar, he propelled it downward, backing the swing with the full might of his massive arms and shoulders

    6. She knew it must have been propelled there by the force of Tragus's swing, but it might as well have bolted on its own

    7. Danny propelled himself along shortly behind

    8. Propelled by hardship as a result of poverty, they went on to succeed in life and attain an abundance of wealth

    9. With a violent jet of flame the flare propelled itself into Lucy’s chest, embedding itself through her HEPO and knocking her a full two steps backwards

    10. The collision propelled the car ahead clear across the intersection and caved in the back of that car

    11. He propelled her, not toward a jail cell, but toward the gate

    12. As Alex propelled himself out of the chair, Gonzalez caught him with an uppercut that rattled his brain and blurred his vision

    13. As the mower propelled me along the shed floor at an ever-increasing speed, I was vaguely aware of strange, violet coloured lights flashing passed overhead, and when it mounted a line of grow-bags, the blades clattered into life, cropping neat strips from my hair, until I ended up looking like some seventies punk star

    14. Propelled across the pavement, Frank felt himself lifted and thrown into the back of a van

    15. Shoved violently from behind, Beth was propelled towards the car’s interior

    16. Climbing back up, he notched his left foot, propelled himself up another foot and a half

    17. Belle, propelled by the roiling current, had suddenly swerved,

    18. A few minutes later both Hussein and Ahmed were able to lift up a Russian shoulder launched anti-tank rocket propelled grenade launcher

    19. The skinny devil was propelled sideways and tumbled aft, while Truman minimized his skid by lying on his back with palms to the deck and the soles of his shoes pressed flat

    20. The brutish man that held my arm propelled me forwards, and I walked obediently

    21. John’s hand still rested on Russell’s shoulder, the hand patted a couple of times then gently propelled Russell in the direction Sam had taken

    22. The sound of those gunshots propelled me up that gate even faster

    23. There has never been an individual (with one possible exception) or institution of Man that has had a totally clear and complete understanding of the intelligence that has propelled Man’s progress

    24. Propelled by Rondon’s suggestion, they requested a meeting with President

    25. He jumped up with more vigor than I would have expected and, taking my arm, propelled me down a side street past a line of rather rude houses to a ramshackle hut that was in serious disrepair

    26. Not only may we be unaware of our intentions, we often are not even paying attention to the action itself, hence we may be propelled by habitual patterns into actions that bring painful results

    27. She ran faster, propelled by the fear that threatened to stop her breath for good

    28. Three of the men got on each one and were quickly propelled downriver and out of sight

    29. It seems that galeras were ships propelled by banks of large oars pulled by men chained to their benches

    30. Now urgency propelled him forward

    31. Derek winced; he was aching from the blast that had propelled

    32. Derek had half expected to be propelled to another silly so

    33. huge explosion and Derek was propelled head first into the water

    34. faith that propelled me forward, my question to Him

    35. The ship does not do anything as it is quickly propelled into the mountain and what looks to be a mouth

    36. propelled an expansion of her business into

    37. They predict that the process will only continue to grow and become more powerful, will be well attuned to the Internet, and will be propelled by “the winds of economic and social discontent

    38. solid metal spears that are propelled with incredible force by ridicu-

    39. Monica propelled herself to the elevators and back-pedaled into number one, which had settled on the floor

    40. grabbed the other shoulder and they propelled the half-asleep

    41. abundance that has propelled my thinking and actions to heights I

    42. Propelled by Jewish money

    43. But the heavy fire kept Charlie's head down and made rising up to fire a rocket propelled grenade (RPG) a chancy thing

    44. Only the shock of this stopped his backward motion and propelled him forward once again

    45. The scribe gasped as the pressure of his enemy’s weight propelled them both closer to the abyss

    46. The icebreaker is propelled by two protected rear screws, called apizods, designed in Finland

    47. The creature then turned to the cross and propelled the flames

    48. propelled into a straw mattress from that wood

    49. With that Titus propelled himself forward beneath the nearest assailant’s guard, sending his first blade through the man’s unprotected armpit while his second blade simultaneously deflected another warrior’s lunge

    50. They propelled her toward a door

    1. was the horror propelling the imaginations at the Wannsee Conference, the obliterator

    2. He understood what was propelling him

    3. They understood what was propelling Collin, but they were still saddened

    4. ’ The policeman said, his arm gently propelling Andy ahead of him

    5. at half the speed of light, propelling

    6. After collecting into a thick slithering mass, the fish rose as one, propelling Darkburst upwards, buffeting him with their countless bodies, the water boiling with their urgent movements

    7. intensify the faith of the seeker propelling him on to the Path of

    8. She moved her hand forward propelling the wave forward

    9. careered towards Sephiroth, propelling itself forward with a great

    10. reflexively, propelling the sperms into the urethra, which runs

    11. The force of the parachutes opening up and zero gravity is propelling the pilots straight into the sky,’ Jaden says

    12. Adrinius moved to Zacchaeus with his vampire grace, sprawling his hands on his brother’s oversized back, he heaved the monster back, propelling Zacchaeus onto the floor, in a seated position

    13. Most of her energy is going towards protecting Jaden and keeping the shield energy around his quickly propelling body

    14. As I was momentarily caught up in my brain’s activities, TJ came up to me, propelling me inflexibly against her recently whitewashed wall as she had the other night

    15. Adrinius looked at Zacchaeus in the shared gestures only mortal siblings could share, and as Adrinius smiled, I saw Zacchaeus lift the stick with his foot, propelling it towards Adrinius in the air

    16. area propelling the ship

    17. water, probably holding me back more than they were propelling

    18. He reappeared with a fish in each hand, propelling them my way one after the other

    19. propelling towards the door

    20. I trembled as my whole body convulsed and with one loud scream, my fury was unleashed, my lavender hair whipping wildly around my face, as the sand was thrown up in the air with a great propelling speed

    21. The men got inside and the long automobile pulled away, the silent electric motor propelling them over the smooth blacktop

    22. They crouched and stepped off into the air with the thrusters propelling them

    23. Mitchell was in sheer disbelief that his contribution could have been the difference in propelling them, to their next game, the state championships

    24. � The thirty bag-like air skirts, individually mounted under the craft�s belly on swiveling joints and surrounded themselves by a low pressure external skirt, pivoted rearward, the vectored airflow creating a forward thrust and propelling the hovercraft gently towards the open doors

    25. earnings was propelling it above the long-term moving average

    26. Propelling himself back to the surface of the water, he then stayed on his back, floating face up while pedaling slowly with his feet

    27. The bubble of molecular force propelling his craft also protected it from the friction with the rarified air of the troposphere, which would have normally heated the hull past its fusion point

    28. The reaction between the two types of vapors then liberate massive amounts of energy that is funneled out through our main rocket nozzle, propelling our ship

    29. True to his word, Hubert was scooping water with his hands, propelling the boat towards shore by tiny degrees

    30. whole door from its hinges, propelling himself backward at speed into the hard stone wall of the

    31. A massive explosion erupted behind them, its force propelling them headlong into the shelter of the grass plants and they lay sprawled on the ground, barely conscious

    32. It wasn't really swimming, more moving with conscious thought than propelling himself physically

    33. air, causing to swell the belly, then propelling it out and holding it there like the bellows of

    34. Since Hope found in the Infinite has no limits, its outcome isn’t determined by one’s mental fortitude; instead, Hope that is derived from the Infinite has a lasting impact on one’s mental fortitude, strengthening it and propelling it into a dimension that transcends time and space

    35. With one swift stroke he invaded me and the knot in my stomach exploded propelling me into oblivion

    36. propelling himself through the waves

    37. Since we live in a social mindfield and are not entirely of ourselves, we are formed by the evolution of superintelligence pulling, attracting, propelling from and beyond the above

    38. I grabbed him by the collar, and pulled him to his feet, propelling him towards my study with a strength I didn’t know I possessed

    39. Now, her right brain is propelling her to once again gravitate to what is truly good and beautiful

    40. in propelling the conflict, before it takes hold

    41. He shrieked as he felt the balance begin to shift against him, tilting further out and uselessly wind-milling his arms, but his rising scream was abruptly silenced by a hard whack on the back, reversing his tip-out and propelling him face-first into the stony precipice

    42. But I wouldn’t doubt it if the propelling

    43. The emphasis was on propelling your auction business forward quickly

    44. During acceleration, the rod bend increases, when it stops, the rod straightens propelling the line to where you want it to go

    45. His head snapped around—and he rushed her, long legs propelling him over the counter and into her

    46. He had hardly completed his sentence when Fallon came flying out of the tunnel, propelling himself forward easily five meters beyond the entrance

    47. He then launched himself at the Keeper who stood only five meters from him, his arms outstretched and his upper body propelling forward

    48. University of Washington -- A new means of propelling spacecraft being

    49. My left foot still firmly anchored on the ground, the ball of my right foot connected with the sailor’s center mass, propelling him into the corner of the cabin

    50. and 17th cycles, thereby propelling the wisdom of the Seven Spirits of God

    1.  There is an underlying driving force that propels the

    2. This is the kind of hideous crime that propels

    3. ‘But what propels you? What makes you float and move?’

    4. As if their every breath, in and out propels

    5. The powerful blast propels their bodies across the ground and the area is engulfed with fire and strong winds

    6. A congregation of glowing huge rocks propels from overhead and move in sync with Marco’s arm movement

    7. Marco continues to swing and propels hundreds into the dark sky and some the size of a car

    8. The force makes the projectile explode and propels the skelborg’s body into the shield covering the plateau area

    9. The object caught in the pathway of the weapon instantly loses its gravity and propels forward at high speed

    10. M: The Guru knows the Ultimate and relentlessly propels the

    11. Another milestone in Roger’s checkered life marks the beginning of a rejuvenating and promising future that breaks the vegetating mold of his most recent past and propels him into new heights of personal and professional fulfillment

    12. At the same time he grabs the man nearest to him and propels them both towards the night-woman’s house where the mist is thickest

    13. However something terrible happens that propels the Hero

    14. Therefore, as the Mentor, please make a note that only inspirational encouragement attracts and propels the energy of motivation

    15. Life is struggle, sacrifice, and love; it is that love for each other that propels the world and keeps it turning

    16. It is that thought which propels the future of the universe (wanting

    17. It is that thought which propels the future of the universe (wanting to be and return to that energy

    18. �They are launched by simply firing a normal rifle bullet, which then traps itself in the base of the grenade and propels it by imparting it with its kinetic energy

    19. at too rapid a rate, which eventually propels the stock downward, and so capital

    20. that lowers risk and propels the stock upward, or maintenance of the position, which may

    21. variation that occurs when a large force propels an object in a specific direction

    22. updraft from the mountain propels them toward the charging geese

    23. An ample charge of adrenaline coursing through her heart propels her toward the bakery, but she takes a last minute turn into the alley

    24. Hope is the fuel that propels desire forward

    25. After reading it several times, Alice said, “You’re right, it is the glue that holds the story together, that propels it forward

    26. It is Shakti, the energy of the Divine that propels the entire universe and is the source of our wholeness—if we let it be

    27. Forgiveness is a miraculous act that serves as a release valve that propels us forward into a new life after divorce

    28. the current which propels one towards God merge into the Self

    29. Maybe it is her disbelief that propels her, because she certainly wouldn’t have driven forward if she actually believed her car had dematerialized in front of her

    30. Garuda’s Feather contains pure Rajas – the active tendency that propels atoms, bodies, planets, stars and galaxies

    31. force that propels the platforms

    32. Somewhere in the third stage, mantra recitation now becomes so much furious that it propels its “doer” into a state of Disappearance where ego unclenches its grip on human consciousness

    33. Using equation ax2 + bx + c = 0, the ruthless AI propels a payload of predetermined mass (m) along a downward-opening parabolic trajectory

    34. Your Lord is He who propels for you the ships at sea, that you may seek of His bounty

    35. “Fohat, then, is the personified electric vital power, the transcendental binding Unity of all Cosmic Energies, on the unseen as on the manifested planes, the action of which resembles — on an immense scale — that of a living Force created by WILL, in those phenomena where the seemingly subjective acts on the seemingly objective and propels it to action

    36. Christian propels us off the dance floor in double-quick time

    37. It is just “annoyed” that there’s no acid that propels it into metabolism, when the only way of creating energy, or ATP, is to transform sugar to lactic acid

    38. The driver sits on top of this plane upon a seat constructed over the small, noiseless radium engine which propels it

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