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    in addition to

    1. Section 80D benefits are in addition to Section 80C benefits

    2. There was an entry that said in addition to the dozens of irons and nickels melting out of a piece of Brazilian dinnerware, there would be one or two chromiums or a vanadium, sometimes even a titanium or even tungsten

    3. After calculating the price I remembered that in addition to their value as collectors' items that the Hammerli Lenzburg could also put a hole in my head the size of an egg or shatter a knee-cap into irreparable splinters

    4. That was in addition to any locals that might somehow be converted

    5. ‘In addition to that, this is the most exciting thing that’s ever come my way and I’m blowed if I’m going to miss out on it

    6. Alan was shocked by the graphic nature of her expression in addition to being torn by the concept

    7. But in addition to that, you would have been taught to forget certain things … the centre where you stayed for one … the people you met there for another

    8. The effort needed for the perfection of this advanced posture will greatly improve your powers of concentration and in addition to the benefits to the muscles of the arms and torso the deep breathing will help congested lungs and bronchial tubes and the posture tones up the entire nervous system

    9. In addition to toning and strengthening the abdominal muscles and reducing excess fat this exercise also helps to relieve constipation so it is doubly beneficial to the would-be-slimmer

    10. Everyone I have to deal with appears to be behaving like a total idiot and then, in addition to that, my nerves are such that if I hear a conversation stop as soon as I walk into the room, I assume they are talking about Alastair and me

    11. In addition to the BWE technology you will be guided through a proven process that installs a

    12. On Dad’s instructions, we’d sold the house and invested the money in the Trust Fund, then Mum had moved into one of the flats and we had let the other out on a long term tenancy, the idea being that the interest from the Trust Fund together with the rent on the second flat would give Mum some money to play with in addition to whatever she could earn

    13. in addition to all that was already being done by the

    14. The phones keep me fairly busy and in addition to that, I have to deal with deliveries and the odd caller … and some of them are decidedly odd! The guy who keeps ringing Dave up about crop circles came in and tried to persuade me that I ought to let him speak with Dave

    15. use in addition to keeping WordPress up-to-date

    16. He had seen so much already and he didn't want the correspondence to have to make the Atlantic crossing in addition to the overland trek to reach them

    17. The 'training' he received growing up did all that, in addition to this knowledge you refer to?” The host looked at his guest, sincerely hopeful of something which might indicate a path forward

    18. I show him the door into the little back lobby where, in addition to having space for the usual clutter of boots and stuff, I have put in a second loo and shower, then upstairs, where I have three bedrooms and a bathroom

    19. Kit had re-run the satellite cable connecting a transceiver, in addition to the receiver they owned

    20. "And of course we have in addition to the health inspectors, a reservations system which has additional requirements

    21. This was a problem for Hankins because in addition to having to serve the time, she was given

    22. ‘In addition to your pilgrimage to the great shrine of

    23. In addition to the Cathedral, they also came across

    24. In addition to Vasy’s progress, they spoke of many things

    25. In addition to the software, the best thing you can invest in will be a huge

    26. In addition to his doru, he was the only one armed with a xiphon

    27. In addition to the ship and a full supply of stores, they’d found six casks of wine

    28. In addition to unbreakable, armor-piercing

    29. Maybe he had some deformity, in addition to his blindness

    30. In addition to his ruined eyes, Homer’s ears were

    31. “Indeed? Which one would that be?” After her haunting conversation with Maro in Dragon Bridge, she had decided to be a bit more reserved with her words, in addition to her identity

    32. Didn’t you once tell me your father raised a small plot of melons in addition to the grain?”

    33. indeed Mercer had been comparatively close to death but a day earlier and Penelope herself had hardly slept in addition to her still aching wounds

    34. In addition to the soldiers that he’d carved, he also made Eury a leather chariot, a wooden

    35. In addition to the lemon

    36. I should think as an experienced and successful negotiator, you'd make a sterling com officer---in addition to your primary duties as Guild Liaison, I mean

    37. In addition to the physical

    38. Ruth helped take care of Jesus in addition to her myriad duties as overseer of the kitchen and bedrooms

    39. In addition to this, if we know that the Bible is a document that was constructed by someone who is not bound by the same limitations that we as humans are bound by, what should we make of the information that it conveys? Can we trust it? Should we stop and listen to what it is saying? How should we treat the information when we have provable evidence that it was put together by someone, who is not only outside of our time and dimensional space, but who claims to be responsible for creating the environment in which we live? We will firstly set out to identify aspects in the Bible, relating to the presence of design and also consider aspects of design at different levels

    40. In addition to this, the removal of the lubricating layer between the crust and the mantle may also have had a profound impact on the water suspended above the atmosphere

    41. flock from lions and bears in addition to leading them

    42. concerned about with both of these cruisers out on the Atlantic in addition to many others, among them the Georgia, the Sumter, and the Tallahassee, out there as well

    43. The responsibilities of a job, caring for her and my father, who suffered from a plethora of his own health issues, in addition to my own household chores wore on me heavily

    44. Intense excitement was created in this port yesterday morning by the arrival of the whaleship Milo , from the whaling ground in the North Pacific, having on board, in addition to her crew, about one hundred and ninety officers and men of the Pacific whaling fleet, from vessels which had been captured and burned by the rebel pirate Shenandoah

    45. The cover story of the current issue features their woefully incorrect interpretation of Our Constitution, with an image of the shredding of that document covered by the question „Does it still matter?" This in addition to the word

    46. In addition to his poems, he has left us with two enduring truths

    47. In addition to these heinous abductions, our wells are drying up and the harvest may fail

    48. In addition to very pleasing flavours they have relaxing, healing and healthy properties

    49. In addition to this, it is important to note that many high protein diet supplements and foods can do more harm that they are worth

    50. In addition to having automatic updates enabled, it’s always good to check Microsoft’s website once in a while for anything you might have missed

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