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    1. That four shillings, however, was not considered as the highest price to which barley might frequently rise in those times, and that these prices were only given as an example of the proportion which ought to be observed in all other prices, whether higher or lower, we may infer from the last words of the statute: " Et sic deinceps crescetur vel diminuetur per sex denarios

    2. If those who have collected the prices of things in ancient times, therefore, had, during this period, no reason to infer the diminution of the value of silver from any observations which they had made upon the prices either of corn, or of other commodities, they had still less reason to infer it from any supposed increase of wealth and improvement

    3. It would be absurd, however, to infer from thence, that there are commonly in the market three score lambs for one ox ; and it would be just as absurd to infer, because an ounce of gold will commonly purchase from fourteen or fifteen ounces of silver, that there are commonly in the market only fourteen or fifteen ounces of silver for one ounce of gold

    4. From the high or low money price, either of goods in general, or of corn in particular, we can infer only, that the mines, which at that time happened to supply the commercial world with gold and silver, were fertile or barren, not that the country was rich or poor

    5. But from the high or low money price of some sorts of goods in proportion to that of others, we can infer, with a degree of probability that approaches almost to certainty, that it was rich or poor, that the greater part of its lands were improved or unimproved, and that it was either in a more or less barbarous state, or in a more or less civilized one

    6. point out and infer an aim, a purpose toward which the

    7. Often, by deducing the intention behind a person’s action, we can easily infer a person’s character

    8. “Directly?” she repeated, “What am I supposed to infer from that?”

    9. (One might correctly infer a ―mutual‖ regard, keeping in mind that the Greeks were Pantheists

    10. Human ―motives‖ are therefore held as determinant or conclusive responses to antecedent events independent of Free Will; that is to say, infer a mindset pre-conditioned by prior events governing present decisions rather than governed by independent designs capable of responding rationally to unexpected events

    11. He had already paced around the edges of the floor and had even walked over the shadows of the horns, seemingly measuring their length for reasons Amonas could not even hope to infer

    12. He believed that it was best he gathered what the Pilgrim would share without knowing, and infer whatever knowledge he could from scraps of information alone

    13. She also wore a silver coronet, with a single white jewel embedded in the band where it rested on her forehead; Orphenn came to infer

    14. The Scriptures infer the same principle: "When the sentence for a crime is not quickly carried out, the hearts of the people are filled with schemes to do wrong" (Ecclesiastes 8:11)

    15. In Statistics we have descriptive statistics (which gives details on characteristic of data) and Inferential Statistics (which is used to infer a set of data to make decisions)

    16. Hypothesis test is mainly used in software to infer if the sample values we have drawn are representing the population, like productivity of 15 projects can be taken for hypothesis test to check do they represent the Organizational average 1

    17. suffer and rejoice with me, or you only infer what I feel from ob-

    18. Of course, as you can infer, if you build muscle and then leave it

    19. So how can one judge infer that placing a symbol on

    20. infer that the two are necessarily connected together, but this conclusion, if we are to believe

    21. infer that directedness is limited to so-called subjective experiences

    22. To infer that our success with the outdoor divisions is a failure indicates a lack of confidence in all of us

    23. We even have everyday expressions that infer

    24. There are therefore many reasons to infer that there are low-

    25. netary space infer that there is a hierarchy of magnetic fields in the uni-

    26. converge on them Based on observations in plasma cosmology, we can infer

    27. problems the concept addresses? Are solution presented or inferred? What can you infer? Does

    28. Bentley was quiet a moment, and Rochelle could readily infer

    29. Intrigued by the new presence of the demon, I could only infer that it possessed the strange skill of changing his "front" at will and with this new appearance he was only trying to convince me of accompanying him voluntarily

    30. Going by the said progression of the Lord’s incarnations, one might infer what was hinted in the Dasavataras was indeed the process of evolution on the earth

    31. 4 It has not been revealed for the purposes of this record, but we have been led to infer that the Master, during many of these solitary seasons in the hills, was in direct and executive association with many of his chief directors of universe affairs

    32. Accordingly, on this night, after the usual period of questions and answers, Nathaniel took Jesus away from the others and asked: "Master, could you trust me to know the truth about the Scriptures? I observe that you teach us only a portion of the sacred writings -- the best as I view it -- and I infer that you reject the teachings of the rabbis to the effect that the words of the law are the very words of God, having been with God in heaven even before the times of Abraham and Moses

    33. What might a woman infer about herself

    34. description, it would be easy to infer that he is either severely depressed and/or

    35. 1 On several occasions Jesus had made statements which led his hearers to infer that, while he intended presently to leave this world, he would most certainly return to consummate the work of the heavenly kingdom

    36. more roguish, we can infer that: “If humans don’t love Budweiser

    37. It is important to know that you are here to evolve, simply because these beings that meddle are in a different form it does not infer that they are here in a higher vibration or capacity

    38. There are many on other planes that can travel from period to period, plane to plane, it does not necessarily infer a higher vibration or different spiritual progress

    39. spoke of the spirit and not of the carnal, we may infer that this

    40. latter ratio and infer that fixed costs are increasing when operating income increases at a

    41. infer that earnings are rising faster than the cost of capital (specifically the cost of equity) when this situation occurs

    42. Of course, as you can infer, if you build muscle and then leave it alone, over time, the

    43. 12:15am and all Alvin could infer was Vinny was probably at

    44. Cult figure? I guess the robes and my appearance could lead someone to infer that, but how large of a following does a cult leader have to have before it’s no longer a cult? Again, you described it as this phenomenon, let’s just call it that, a phenomenon that exceeds being a cult, and does not offer any salvation, other than personal salvation brought about by consciously taking personal responsibility for everything

    45. While Roopa was too young and inexperienced in life to infer Tara’s innuendo, the latter for her part was puzzled to understand what was at the back of Roopa’s mind

    46. But what would she infer finding him here tomorrow? I’ll tell her not to turn up for the next three days

    47. The objective of this project was to infer about the genetic diversity of

    48. The standard reached beneath the windows should at least be kept up, if it cannot be surpassed, right away through, and the German popular plan in this matter quite discarded of concentrating all the available splendour of the establishment into the supreme effort of carpet-bedding and glass balls on pedestals in front of the house, in the hope that the stranger, carefully kept in that part, and on no account allowed to wander, will infer an equal magnificence throughout the entire domain; whereas he knows very well all the time that the landscape round the corner consists of fowls and dust-bins

    49. So how did we all come to meet you might wonder? Well, Bob and Max already knew each other; that part is fairly simple to infer

    50. From this, we can infer that even thoughts and abstractions are made of energy because the laws of physics have stated that the basic constituent of everything is energy

    1. “And she has also lost control of her subjects,” I inferred satisfied

    2. It is not, however, so much from the low price of corn, as from that of some other parts of the rude produce of land, that the most judicious writers have inferred the great value of silver in those very ancient times

    3. If the rise in the price of some sorts of provisions be owing altogether to a fall in the value of silver, it is owing to a circumstance, from which nothing can be inferred but the fertility of the American mines

    4. But if a person has, at any time, been at too great an expense in building, in furniture, in books, or pictures, no imprudence can be inferred from his changing his conduct

    5. The only option now was to undergo a total monitoring of his brain activity, whereby his dreams could be inferred

    6. inferred his reason for being here from what he had told me earlier, at brunch

    7. The first would mean that others would continue her work - with all the terrors that inferred, the second would probably result in their deaths

    8. It should not be inferred from the aforementioned that I am principally opposed to taxes

    9. Things ―exist‖ or are ―apparent‖ to the senses in the manner revealed by ―nature;‖ that is to say, in the manner they are received, that, unless conditioned by higher aspirations for their ―essential‖ meanings or truths, cannot (otherwise) be perceived any more or any less than in the manner they are either inferred or imagined from an ordinary point of view

    10. Charles looked over at me and nodded approvingly, “Yes, since the machines will be seeded with mankind's knowledge, Kurzweil inferred that they must be of necessity ‘spiritual’ machines

    11. Gary had missed all the economic and political discussions but he had inferred, correctly, that I thought that those discussions had enhanced Charles’ overall credibility

    12. The one can be seen, the other can only be understood or inferred by the results observed

    13. In fact, it was basically inferred that they shouldn‘t have conversations with the children unless one of the parents was present

    14. have been inferred from Adam’s experience with Eve, who’s name meant substitute

    15. ter is declared, or is implied, or can be inferred by the created Universe, they will not

    16. One view holds that the Court should hew as closely as possible to the written text, and to the intent of the framers as directly inferred from the text, or from contemporaneous written documents

    17. ” Huxley defines a good metaphysics, as against a bad metaphysics, as one “that corresponds reasonably closely with observed and inferred reality and one that doesn’t

    18. Q: It may be inferred and yet it is more real than the sensory

    19. I inferred as much during my second large panel interview when Joanne Esparza visibly winced when I made reference to the “corrupt Greek EB GM” who nearly caused me to be brought before a grand jury (investigating him)

    20. I inferred finally that DOC would not send Mike to the halfway house when they broached the subject with me as to whether I, or another responsible adult, could serve as Mike’s “sponsor”, not in the AA sense, for the period between his “early release”, for both “good time” and because the State was emptying out and closing prisons

    21. Or perhaps I have logically inferred the necessarily existence of intentional directedness as a condition of the possibility of contact and attentional directedness, but then intentional directedness is logical speculation, and while I have maintained that intentional directedness does take its sources to be unknown theories, it is another thing to take intentional directedness itself to be only a metaphysical idea without outside support

    22. And Father inferred that none had died at Winghoof

    23. As you may have already inferred, I was to take on the identity of my beloved niece Bridget

    24. Values are embedded in actions, and can be inferred from those actions

    25. A morale is a principle that is incorporated into, or inferred from a work of art

    26. problems the concept addresses? Are solution presented or inferred? What can you infer? Does

    27. Entry level skills and performance expectations were able to be inferred from the work product, allowing posting of jobs and selection to begin within days of the activity

    28. page can be inferred from the data

    29. Had there been plant life existing in the plunamic world, would there have been the need for the plunams to prey upon each other in their struggle for survival? Wouldn’t have all those plants come in handy for the plunams to feed upon? Thus, it could be inferred that as there were no plants in place at the plunamic state of evolution, the plunams, in their bid to survive, would have been forced to feed upon each other

    30. Case studies in which improvement for women only is inferred from changes in grooming and the application of

    31. meanings might be inferred? Were a female client to call attention to her own and the

    32. noticed a momentary flicker on one of the inferred screens,

    33. When Christ was in the Temple tossing out he moneychangers, that is, the businessmen and businesswomen, He probably had the Sabbath in mind, but He also may have inferred a need for separation of church and state

    34. He inferred that the Holy Scriptures held a

    35. "Travis Ryman," he said with inferred sarcasm

    36. The intercept is also negative because it is inferred that it has a coefficient of “1”

    37. “There’s nothing inferred about it

    38. Neither was he at all sure what the man had meant when he had inferred that he, Jarvis, would want to co-operate with them

    39. As the North America and the Europe have proved in the modern times that economic well-being and social development are but the obverse and the reverse of the coin of healthy work ethics, it can be inferred that without a sound work culture, the Cambays and Harappas wouldn’t have happened in India in the antique era

    40. and that she had correctly inferred the cause of his black eye,

    41. southeast Asian populations and inferred that Northeast India might

    42. defenses were automatically triggered anytime she mentioned or inferred that she was in

    43. This is readily to be inferred from the que in the verse before, which is,however, used as a subject

    44. none of the dictionaries, but it can readilybe inferred from the word comentador, which had as

    45. Hence, I inferred, this bitter internecine strife within the organization itself

    46. Everything that isn’t has merely been inferred from what actually is

    47. was changing, Stoke inferred that the population had grown

    48. —se, to be inferred

    49. In other major religious traditions, the essential importance of oneness can be inferred

    50. inferred, is to be found in the writings of Josephus

    1. Jarvis walked over to the table and sat down, tacitly inferring that it was time to end the telephone conversation

    2. Roy verbally accused his son for whatever deficiency had been reported in the letter he intercepted, regardless of whether it was valid or not, inferring that it might have gone unremedied had his vigilance not brought it to light

    3. "So she's officer material," Carl concluded, inferring, You've claimed her

    4. “The Keeper of the Ancient Wisdom never sleeps, if that is what you are inferring

    5. inferring an explanation or action to the best of one's ability - in other words, being mindful

    6. ‘’And you didn’t see it prior to that?’’ Replied the officer, his tone inferring that his operator had been somewhat negligent

    7. of guillotines in every town square? What exactly is the Bible inferring

    8. My logical brain was inferring that this was probably staged and rehearsed

    9. And if, added the cousin, he were to take to giving her presents, she should keep her eyes well open; and if these presents were to become obviously valuable, such as, say, pearl necklaces, she shouldn't lose a minute in inferring the worst

    10. He bit off a piece of apple, “And what warning would you be inferring?”

    11. a character symbol inferring pure inspirations and greatly valued ideals

    12. also inferring the false and evil pillars of a false heaven

    13. This is an obscure reference specifically inferring the making of booths for shelter after being

    14. Snow– Water atop Mount Zion that is both white ( pure) and associated with clouds, inferring both the pinnacle of wisdom and wise deeds

    15. message or concept by inferring and/or alluding to other symbols, messages and/or topics

    16. earth, inferring the absence of light and air, hence the presence greed, lies and ignorance

    17. Snow– Water atop Mount Zion that is both white ( pure) and associated with clouds, inferring both

    18. symbols improperly by inferring a literal meaning for king and lord and are out of context with the

    19. ' Plato himself seems to have imagined that the truths of psychology, like those of astronomy and harmonics, would be arrived at by a process of deduction, and that the method which he has pursued in the Fourth Book, of inferring them from experience and the use of language, was imperfect and only provisional

    20. Besides, you're inferring that's the, Devil out there

    21. In the first place we should be extremely cautious in inferring, because an area is now continuous, that it has been continuous during a long period

    1. He infers from this, that their dress must, upon the whole, have been cheaper than ours; but the conclusion does not seem to follow

    2. That infers failure

    3. some argument proves some conclusion which infers some other point and implies some action

    4. A scientist observes the laws of Nature, experiments in his laboratory, investigates, infers and draws exact conclusions from his observations

    5. Never admit the possibility of failure, or speak in a way that infers failure as a

    6. Son of man is the translation of a Hebrew term or title that infers Adam

    7. This directly infers organizations and institutions that are not free to do as they please

    8. It’s important to note that a free man purposely infers a freemason as a symbol for the secret cabals that control this civilization as cohorts of the Vatican

    9. It also infers the hopelessness and folly of living your life through the combination of

    10. It infers an

    11. Cast dust on their heads–As a phrase, this alludes to mourning and lamenting and infers that these

    12. Notice that a cornerstone also infers other corners, which means it doesn’t stand alone,

    13. In this context, it specifically means to fabricate, which infers deception and

    14. The swastika, which is a specially stylized cross that infers cyclic rotation, long predates Nazi Germany’s use of it as a

    15. Yahad/Essene, who are symbolized as the woman clothed in the sun with a crown of twelve stars, her daughter then infers a derivative offshoot of the Yahad/Essene

    16. Infers a secret place or method of obfuscation to

    17. It also infers the Seven Hills of Rome and

    18. Also purposely infers knowledge

    19. This infers both the deeds of a man and the symbol water, which means that it should have been classified as a water sign and not as an air sign

    20. As such, fine linen infers a man-made

    21. This infers a disgusting and maddening scourge that causes great distress and annoyance,

    22. It also infers shamelessness, greed, excess, untrustworthiness, and vanity

    23. Einstein’s ‘theory of relativity’ infers that Matter and Energy are essentially the same entities rather than intrinsically different as some may perceive his equation may suggest

    24. This also infers being high in the air or heavens, which means that it should have been classified as an air sign, not a water sign

    25. The phrase a son of man comes from the Old Testament and directly infers human

    26. As such, fine linen infers a man-

    27. It's also a powerful beast and infers

    28. are symbolized as the woman clothed in the sun with a crown of twelve stars in The Apocalypse, then her daughter infers an immediate offshoot of the Yahad/Essene

    29. apex, pinnacle and mountaintop all refer to the point of perfection and infers the heights of truth and

    30. which infers that one has mastered a difficult path to reach the peak

    31. It also infers that there are many

    32. The pit also implies the grave, and clearly infers that the path of the Seven Spirits of Evil is the path of death, sorrows and the forgetfulness called the

    33. It also infers that both the true original Hebrew saints and the Christian saints all have one mindset in

    34. Prince–This infers a local representative of a distant ruler within a satellite kingdom or distant

    35. Peter and directly infers the deceptions of Christianity, which serves as the symbol for all of the other purported founders of the Three Faiths

    36. Shame directly infers vanity, which is the central quality of the Seven Spirits of Evil

    37. Also infers the symbolic statement that shed blood falls to the earth, thereby describing that the texts, wisdom, and self-sacrifice of the saints were taken and used to gain wealth

    38. Also infers “smooth and shiny things” which symbolizes the relationship

    39. Since this is a symbolic man, rules, and house, it directly infers non-religious rules, ideals, and way of life

    40. man, it also infers non-religion, so we have another clue here that the Messiah rejects religion and instead delivers a secular understanding of the Creator, hence wisdom

    41. Also, in both uses, the stars of heaven are associated with the earth, which infers materialism, greed, falsehood, ignorance and injustice, instead of serving the Creator through wisdom and

    42. This infers that failing to

    43. It further infers a source of great enlightenment, knowledge and wisdom purified in the ultimate crucibles ( furnace, millstone) of intense light and heat (Truth and Justice)

    44. Therefore, sweet directly infers the presence of pleasant and invigorating knowledge

    45. Also, infers other threes associated with the Vatican such as the Christian

    46. It also infers that the encoded knowledge and wisdom are of the same nature and character as that of the seven seals, which girt it

    47. One of the animals is a Sheep, and the use of a Lamb symbol infers a newborn Sheep

    48. easily contradicted opinions and magical significance to numbers themselves, and further infers other

    49. This text directly infers that James the Just was the true author of The

    50. Furthermore, the Apocryphon of James directly infers that James the Just is the true author of

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