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    1. He won't conclude his business there until Nightday

    2. Feeling about ten years old, I glance conspiratorially at Stephen and conclude from his expression that he feels much the same

    3. I could conclude this chapter

    4. It was last spotted at the exit they took, and it was a no-brainer to conclude the car had traveled to the Watson's home not two miles away from there

    5. Contemplating the subject one evening as I sweep the hall, I conclude that the one consolation about sex in one’s later years is the fact one cannot get pregnant

    6. How? It is because when you examine the life of Paul and the words that he wrote to the Churches abroad, you find that his character is so Christ-like that we must conclude he and Christ were indeed one

    7. To conclude I will list the five basic Yoga rules for the maintenance of health and the prevention of disease

    8. Some people start with a half-hearted round or two of tapping and conclude that it doesn‘t work, but some issues can be

    9. doubt it for a moment, and was eager to conclude the deal

    10. agitated and impatient to conclude their transaction at

    11. As always, I conclude that, whatever the rights and wrongs of it, I love that man and as long as he wants me I shall be there for him

    12. All that success led her new, more understanding, probation officer to conclude that Hankins'

    13. I shall conclude this long chapter with observing, that though anciently it was usual to rate

    14. Several writers, therefore, being misled by this faulty transcription, very naturally conclude that the middle price, or six shillings the quarter, equal to about eighteen shillings of our present money, was the ordinary or average price of wheat at that time

    15. } to conclude from this, that three shillings was the highest price to which wheat ever rose in those times, and that tenpence, a shilling, or at most two shillings, were the ordinary prices

    16. I shall conclude this very long chapter with observing, that every improvement in the circumstances of the society tends, either directly or indirectly, to raise the real rent of land to increase the real wealth of the landlord, his power of purchasing the labour, or the produce of the labour of other people

    17. conclude the accountants will record in registers

    18. they would conclude the democrats are better

    19. If we follow this line of reasoning, we have to conclude that, at a certain point in the past, there was no time, no space, no energy, and no substance, which leads us to an irresolvable moot point

    20. Hence we are allowed to conclude that ‘Parents are the persons most trusted and in the most favorable situation to help their children improve their condition and abilities’

    21. To conclude on a more optimistic note, here is a

    22. feared that some survivor from her clan would track her all the way to Ithaca, and then conclude she’d perished

    23. We can soundly conclude that

    24. Given the way in which you perceive the world, how much can you really know about it? I hope you can conclude that there is a lot more you could know, right now, if only you open yourself to looking, listening, and experiencing the world as it is

    25. I cannot conclude this chapter concerning bounties, without observing, that the praises which have been bestowed upon the law which establishes the bounty upon the exportation of corn, and upon that system of regulations which is connected with it, are altogether unmerited

    26. From that last thought, you can instantly conclude that the number of opt-ins is gonna be determined by two things ONLY -

    27. Chris was beginning to conclude that it could not be a natural phenomenon, for two reasons

    28. Then the beautiful melancholy of a cliff-faced beach just after an October sunset; as if this is how life should conclude

    29. Whatever human reason could either conclude or conjecture concerning them, made, as it were, two chapters, though no doubt two very important ones, of the science which pretended to give an account of the origin and revolutions of the great system of the universe

    30. So, if the speed of light can be varied, can we conclude with absolute certainty that the beam of light we observe has not been affected by any gravitational influence? How has the second law of Thermodynamics affected the speed of light over time?7 Since we cannot accurately measure the change today, due to a lack of time, is it safe to assume that the speed of light has always been constant?

    31. If the answers to all these questions are “yes”: then we can conclude, without any doubt, that the information contained in the Bible is not just some mythical convolution of ideas conjured up by weird and fanatical people from the past and put together in a collection over many centuries

    32. This is something that throughout history, would have been humanly impossible to obtain; even with the best technology available to us today, can we with absolute certainty conclude that, as mere mortals, we would in no way be able to get even close to reproducing an artefact of similar qualities

    33. Returning to the differences between Evolution and Creationism - given the information as described above - I think it is reasonable to conclude that the differences between the two views are demonstrably irreconcilable

    34. Rom 3:28 Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law

    35. Great Britain seems to support with ease, a burden which, half a century ago, nobody believed her capable of supporting, Let us not, however, upon this account, rashly conclude that she is capable of supporting any burden; nor even be too confident that she could support

    36. Thus, the results of a recent poll conclude that only 16% of voters believe that congressional incumbents should be re-elected

    37. Remember the Tony Bennett song of the 1950"s? Well, let"s turn it around, considering the Obama administration, and conclude that, if he has his way, it will be the turning of riches to rags

    38. “It’s a leap of logic to conclude that the ship that’s been following us is a forerunner for an

    39. We pray Your Most Gracious Majesty to know that we have appointed our trusty and well beloved, grandson, Prince John Ossoo Ansah, son of the late Prince Ansah, of Ashanti, on our behalf to lay before your Majesty divers matters affecting the good estate of our kingdom and the well-being of our subjects, with full power for the said Prince Ansah as our ambassador extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary to negotiate and conclude all such treaties relating to the furtherance of trade and all matters therewith connected as your Majesty shall be pleased to entertain

    40. Then he injected him behind the ear with a compound that would lead the pathologist to conclude that Holland had died of paracetamol poisoning

    41. The transitioning from one form of social and cultural expression to another may properly conclude a chapter in that society‘s historical progression however not the end of that society, per se, although it may very well mark the end of that society as it was formerly understood

    42. Hillenbrand would conclude that an old signal tower, once build upon the place of atavistic pagan

    43. Thus we can conclude there is no duty (by law) on you to escape

    44. I would like to conclude by saying that I wish Mr

    45. Peace talks had been in a stalemate for months, though they would finally conclude in July

    46. Based on the above definition of hatred, we can conclude

    47. He was hiding something about it and walking around with that self-contented smirk that she could only conclude was defiance

    48. “That might have sounded funny to some people in here,” he said, still gazing around the room to indicate he knew who he was talking about and disapproved, “because you conclude every briefing with these words

    49. So, I have to conclude that the only viable course of action at this point is indeed to climb up the summit

    50. All we need is a little time to study Edgar’s files and conclude his investigation

    1. us the ability the produce wealth, they concluded that

    2. The rest of the team was crazy, Nancy concluded instantly

    3. “Good, because there’s no point in worrying about what’s inevitable,” Vinnie concluded

    4. It was their faces that unnerved him the most, Scar concluded

    5. ’ Jeremy said warmly, managing to convey that he not only knows about the trials of the last few days but also that he is pleased they have concluded positively

    6. “I felt very liberated when I had sex with two men at the same time, and I had no problem that one of them was my lover's best friend! Now it is all crystal clear to me: Love is one thing, sex is another! There can be sex without love!” she concluded with an air of expertise

    7. However, "Majority and/or Minority Rule" is not concluded in many churches of our Lord today

    8. “Nondas told me the guy was making fun of us because we were talking nonsense,” she concluded

    9. “Tomorrow morning I will let you know about our next outing!” she concluded smiling

    10. He also acknowledged my discovery about the awareness of time and space; “Yet, if your Ego is satisfied by it, you are in danger of losing the way,” he concluded

    11. “I don't understand what's the meaning of this all! Frankly, I can't understand why this woman lives! She goes to one place; she goes to another place; so, what? All this is nothing but nonsense for people who have no reason to live!” she concluded, full of contempt for old-maid Ivy

    12. He concluded that within the universe he was encapsulated in, there was no store of five thousand frozen zygotes, just as there was no heaven of five thousand mothers

    13. “She will eventually regain everything; she will probably need a considerable span of time for that, but she will return,” he concluded with certainty

    14. "The adventure I look for is orgies," Nlara concluded

    15. Yet again, Kara felt the impact of the massive divide between her culture and that of Earth – something the exploration of the seaside resort had highlighted; the sheer volume of … words failed her … stuff that was on sale in the shops … most of it completely superfluous … badly made, cheap (in every meaning of the word) ornaments of no practical use whatsoever and precious little artistic merit, deliberately manufactured to clutter up somebody’s home … and then there was the food and drink on offer! Everywhere she’d looked there had been foodstuffs on sale and people eating … battered fish, hot savoury smelling sausages, the tart scent of vinegar on chips fresh from the fryers … and ices of every conceivable flavour … and those unbelievable sweets in all shapes and sizes … and, according to Iain, this particular seaside resort was a relatively small one … by the time Iain turned off the motorway at the Taunton interchange, she had concluded that although it had been fun visiting, really, when it came down to it, she preferred her own world

    16. review – they concluded that my son was depressed

    17. “So, there you have it, I’m afraid”, he concluded

    18. Once the business with Shaun was concluded and Ted Line's cards were marked, he slipped out the back door, choosing discretion rather than confrontation

    19. “I’ll clean it up later on, then,” Alistair concluded, returning the

    20. She wants more but she has concluded that the muscles in her father's face have wasted away

    21. After a few minutes indecision, he concluded

    22. say,” Bram concluded, glancing meaningfully at his father

    23. This, Tom concluded, was a euphemism for

    24. She concluded that this route was less frequented than the other path she had investigated

    25. To the right, it seemed to end at a slight jutting headland; after a moment’s reflection, she concluded that the cove must be on the other side of that

    26. “However, with real knowledge, the knowledge that is the inalienable property of a man such that he is his knowledge, the consternation with which you have concluded is no more likely than if you were suddenly unable to remember how to make coffee in the morning

    27. “I’m guessing, of course,” Fred concluded, “It was more than just

    28. “After all,” Alistair concluded, “You wouldn’t want half of you

    29. When they had both recovered themselves, the old man patted him on the back, “Having all the bits measured, cut, stacked and hidden, ready to go was a brilliant stroke my boy, simply brilliant,” concluded White Feathers

    30. After a few moments study, he concluded that, although the

    31. James hesitated, clearly not wanting to lie outright … clearly Chas had told him about it in a public place, the Inspector concluded

    32. concluded that it was probably better not to know

    33. “So the upshot of all this,” Bram concluded, “Was that the Boards

    34. Spelman with a hint of a sigh, and that concluded the discussion

    35. He concluded his morning meeting with heads of departments and rushed home to fetch Harry along to the railway depot for an impromptu trip back to the college

    36. Harry concluded his story and its aftermath with the explanations as they reached a little farmhouse next to a bend in the river; he allowed himself no expectations for the exercise he'd just delivered

    37. " Jesse concluded, taking a seat on the high backed sofa

    38. Jameson concluded, “If you think Mr

    39. majority of the vegetable markets having concluded their

    40. issue and was quickly concluded

    41. " she concluded, "Of course he's been here a bit longer than the rest of us too

    42. When at last all provisions for the property and estate were concluded, they boarded the train for Tahoe and did not look back

    43. How very appropriate, do you not think? Considering also our own community's native industry and reliance upon that season?” She concluded with the question, and left it to the group before her

    44. ” He concluded, to the younger man's appreciation and enthusiasm for the proposal

    45. Harold concluded his business in the city as quickly as possible and joined his wife before their daughter's birth

    46. Harry concluded and sat back down

    47. texts simultaneously! He concluded that it must be the

    48. Once that business was concluded, Saint O’Connor went over who wished to be seated where at tonight’s dinner, and asked everyone to begin requesting their seating at the ‘dinner in God’s heaven’ he was planning for the coming Sunday

    49. “And that young man is how to begin a story,” concluded the guest

    50. He also concluded that she’d broken her leg; of which she had no doubt, and separated her shoulder

    1. When I tell her I earn no more than 160,000 drachmas per month, she looks at me scornfully and says: “You work in the production department, I work in the sales department -that's the difference! There is only one kind of work that's worth the while today, and this is sales!” she concludes triumphantly

    2. “Anyway, what is a would-be doctor good for? You should wait for him to finish his studies, and that could take ages! Like an old friend of mine, who had an affair with a medicine student, she waited for him to take his diploma, she even helped him financially to open his surgery, and in the end he dumped her! So, what did you expect? It's a fortunate thing that he hasn't called!” she concludes with a shrieking voice and her usual air of importance

    3. It is at this that the age concludes and the Great White Throne judgment commences

    4. He concludes with a notice about missing kids

    5. He concludes, “God alone constitutes man's happiness

    6. below, concludes in the next chapter

    7. After all, any book that begins: „The creation of the United States of America is the greatest of all human adventures," and concludes with: „America is still the first best hope of the human race" shows a true lover of America and the humanity it stands for

    8. It (MR) advances the proposition that no single value (or moral) is exceptional in itself; that is to say, (conventional) moral or ethical assumptions do not properly reflect objective or universal truths, and concludes with (N) rejecting moral authority altogether

    9. Thus it seems that the SAP, in later years, during the 1980s, equipped their Riot Units with ineffective weapons to kill humans with and that concludes my point

    10. Cowl concludes his argument by stating that the ―real world‖ of inner city 145

    11. The court concludes that the parents isolated the children to their emotional detriment

    12. ―While Keith is connected to his biological family, the court concludes that, on the whole, his parents have not played and do not play a constructive role in his life

    13. Geisler concludes with these words:[171]

    14. “…and that concludes my report, sir

    15. “That concludes our meeting

    16. Sadly, Chase concludes, while public concern for improving the environment increases, public understanding of how to go about it is diminished

    17. In his book Coercing Virtue: the Worldwide View of Judges Judge Bork concludes that what he calls the

    18. Lomborg concludes that the world’s environment is not deteriorating, as the fund-raisers for environmental groups argue, but is in fact improving, just as Simon had said

    19. ” What Lomborg has revealed, Ridley concludes, is “a narrow but lucrative industry of environmental fund-raising that has a vested interest in claims of alarmism

    20. He concludes that no one is willing to pay the enormous cost of reducing the CO2 emissions said to cause global warming to the degree that the frantic global warming crusade would require

    21. So, Hayward concludes, as Lomborg might, “Deal with it

    22. ” Gaffney, President of the Center for Security Policy, concludes that Obama may have managed “the most consequential bait-and-switch” since Adolph Hitler played the trick on British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain at Munich in 1938

    23. This concludes my free five-chapter sample of The Hidden Truth

    24. of school-reform efforts undertaken by the 50 states, concludes that public schools are “rife with mediocrity

    25. Maimonides concludes that if Aristotle could prove the preexistence of the universe, that he (Maimonides) would interpret scripture accordingly:

    26. All that shit you told me Friday didn’t mean a thing”, she concludes

    27. ” Teresa leaves the room as Torin concludes his meeting and is surprised to see Sue seated in the waiting room

    28. concludes that the shit is still ending up being real

    29. “That concludes the presentation of gifts, with the exception of the home we others of the immediate wedding party will build in First Valley

    30. Interestingly, this is even how Zechariah concludes his book

    31. and that concludes the old business, gentlemen,” said the chairman

    32. After declaring that these experiences are ‘not outside of the range of normal brain function,’ Newberg concludes that, ‘In other words, mystical experience is biologically, observably, and scientifically real

    33. He concludes from his experiment that visual consciousness must be non-local

    34. He concludes, ‘There must be a deeper meaning in these physical facts, a deeper truth about the simultaneous interconnection of all things

    35. 6 Gabriel Lafrenière concludes that even magnetic and electric fields may be considered standing waves

    36. These rat studies and other studies like them, he concludes, makes it clear that there is a fundamental division in an animal’s contact with the world

    37. Snyder’s findings support Aldous Huxley’s eliminative theory of the brain and also the extended theory presented in this book which concludes that it is due to the impairment or shutting-off of specific parts of the brain that results in mystical and psychic states; and access to information which would not normally be associated with our everyday state of consciousness

    38. report concludes that most of these sightings were due

    39. This concludes our discussion on morality - for the time being

    40. He concludes that there is evidence that direct

    41. And that concludes the ten essential rules for creating a successful newsletter

    42. spectrum with their ‘auric eyesight ’ He concludes that from this study,

    43. concludes that ‘anything that can interpenetrate a wall must have very lit-

    44. Burr concludes that the fate of any group of cells in an embryo is not

    45. filed by Ford as well as a note saying: ―This concludes my representation

    46. ” Connie concludes Jonathan doesn’t have a clue what is really going on

    47. Denson concludes, “Everyone else blew him off too

    48. The author (Richard Johnson) concludes that Gāndhi was correct in saying that responding to terror with terror leads to escalating violence, more terror and insecurity, and we need to explore alternative non-violent approaches

    49. When from this the Master concludes that the

    50. “Well”, Columbus concludes, “all this was created by idealists like myself”

    1. Almost as though observing from a distance, I watch my other self flounder as doubts about my chances of concluding the quest with any degree of success become definite, bottomless failure; my perennial loneliness becomes an old age of isolation in a world slowly spiralling down into barrenness and desolation as I eek out my days, hated by those who remain here … the few who could not escape across … Berndt’s face stares at me, full of the loathing he feels for my failure

    2. Daniel explained his thoughts to the riders concluding with the fact that he knew, ‘we can’t penetrate their hide, but if we could get a lucky shot and take out one of their eyes, then we would stand a better chance fighting them

    3. I sit silent as Karen and Alastair talk it through, concluding that it’s sensible for Alastair to continue using the house for work … it would also enable him to continue his role of parent much as he does at the moment

    4. He lay on his back under the drowsy influence of the heat haze and pondered his future, concluding that he really must think about settling down

    5. Concluding that there is no ‘tidy’ way of broaching the subject, I plough straight in

    6. future, concluding that he really must think about settling down

    7. I can pad that out to make it a reasonable length, then there’s the Italian years, a section on her life when she came back to look after her parents, the conversion of the house and setting up of the Foundation and the last section would be the last thirty years … I could even do a concluding section about the impact Danvers House has had on various women since it was set up

    8. The path she was used to taking turned off to the right outside the barracks and led down to the cove, a junction part way along leading off to the dig … but what if she went left outside the barracks? With one finger, she traced the route of the path as it wound through the marsh, concluding that it appeared to end up further along the coast at a stretch of beach shown on the map by a splash of yellow … at least she assumed that’s what it meant

    9. Something that old should look different, shouldn’t it? She tried to visualise what it must have been like living here without the benefit of modern housing and facilities, concluding that she would miss the hot water most

    10. Dumping his bag on a chair, he rooted around in it for his wallet, counting the limited cash at his disposal … bugger it! Glancing up at the list on the wall he calculated carefully, concluding with a sigh that even if he could afford nothing else, he would blow some of the cash on a coffee

    11. concluding: 'No, I haven't seen the effects of a woman

    12. A sheep fair was concluding as Jean entered the

    13. Prime service was just concluding, and the trio

    14. Dena was just concluding with, '

    15. Bob Olson, a former private investigator and skeptic of afterlife and mediums have tested many psychic mediums before concluding that there are indeed genuine mediums who can communicate with the ‘dead’

    16. Finally, I'll summarize my presentation (before concluding with some recommendations)

    17. A concluding page was devoted to an historical depiction of the political battle

    18. After concluding the conversation, Dorian looked at Abdul Aziz, “I have to stop fucking with these Italians, I don’t think my business is appreciated

    19. ing us to leave, yet giving us no concluding explanation for such a

    20. patrimony with finality of concluding the

    21. Before concluding, the doctor paused and said that the skin discoloration under the hair on the back of the head was curious

    22. Apt concluding words are here taken from The Creation of Health by Caroline Myss:[67]

    23. Cloud turned away, concluding the

    24. Verse 9 shows Paul starting to wind up his presentation, which concluding

    25. medical evidence fails to explain these reports, eventually concluding there was only one

    26. 192 Buhlman took this assertion a step farther by concluding the

    27. For some unknown reason, an instinct compels me to complete this concluding task

    28. Before concluding with Maimonides, we must note another side to him

    29. between the two without actually concluding anything

    30. “Well, Yania also agrees, so this measure is approved,” Noiu said, concluding the meeting

    31. already been concluding at different times that my dad was a serial

    32. In concluding his address, he said he could think of no greater honor for an old grad than “being asked back to make a commencement speech

    33. He succeeded and finished the report by concluding that the fast FAC program would prove its worth, and should be implemented as soon as possible

    34. As Youssaf was concluding his observations, Moshe looked toward his men

    35. Moses, concluding his prayer with face lifted up into the night sky, illuminated only by the

    36. However, in 1999, the French government published a study concluding that the United States government has withheld evidence that point to the existence of UFOs

    37. Significantly, this is the only holiday stressed by Zechariah in its concluding chapter…

    38. ” He vehemently opposed religion, concluding that all faiths were

    39. What leadbeater said in 1910 is exactly what physicists are concluding

    40. Perhaps this can be explained by concluding that the dark matter coun-

    41. In concluding, let me tell you how very little I appreciate your continued assaults on my character

    42. ―This week we will be concluding our social

    43. It was his concluding piece, and an apt one at that

    44. 3 When Jesus first met with the evangelists at the Bethsaida camp, in concluding his address, he said: "You should remember that in body and mind -- emotionally -- men react individually

    45. They carried her out in the garden to revive her while Jesus spoke the concluding words of his parting message

    46. And now were they thoroughly angry with him because of his last discourse of bitter denunciation which he had this day delivered in the temple as the concluding portion of his farewell address

    47. The allegations were made towards a wide range of sedatives, concluding that Suprame was as addictive as the other twenty medications

    48. Concluding Thoughts on the Recipients of Baptism

    49. ‘I assume that we are all in agreement on the concluding recommendations?’ She scanned the faces of the assembled committee members, looking for any signs of dissent

    50. That’s why they are so interested in concluding the secession negotiations while I am still in office

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