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    1. The body, mind and intellect are integral part of your current human existence

    2. Healing is an integral part of salvation

    3. on earth, and are an integral part of the Emotion Code

    4. He has to show me how to use the flat, square ‘mouse’ which is integral to the keyboard … don’t like it much

    5. integral part of the whole

    6. Whether the external training is integral to the raising of our children in this oddest of new circumstances or not, we will not debate

    7. More velvet window dressings, more well apportioned seating and carefully placed book shelves integral with the walls of the long cabin met his gaze

    8. The recognition of a history and the expectation of a future is integral to being human, thus our vocalizations had to account for these

    9. As an integral knowledge of the universe is impossible,

    10. As usual, Delvin sympathized with him and offered to help the Nord search, but the latter declined – he saw no need to disrupt the Guild’s current operations with the absence of yet another integral agent, and thanked him all the same

    11. To get the most from meditation, it is important for it to be integral - that is, with an approach to living that seeks to integrate body, mind, and spirit

    12. “In the first place, our little Elf shall have her finishing training, and we are integral in that endeavor

    13. [167] Tao is the Universal Way, the Way of the Universe, the Integral Truth of the Universe, the natural order of the universe, subtle universal truth, or the deep nature of the universe

    14. "Kind prince, can the integral truth be put into words?" "No, Venerable Teacher, it, too, speaks for itself

    15. From the highest vantage point, our planet is an integral part of the sum of all the planets and galaxies out there

    16. spaces between the notes are an integral part of the

    17. You exist within and are an integral part of the universe

    18. It was only then he was certain – that thing was not an integral part of the ship; escaping as if it were a real trapped spider, indifferent to him

    19. He was wearing a breathing mask, a full face mask with a small, integral oxygen supply, which obscured the lower half of his face

    20. D: -- finding that the life of a person who will exist at some point in the future, after the text was penned, would form an integral part of the design that is encountered in the Bible, is completely outside of the realms of occurring by chance alone

    21. B: -- Uniformitarianism, an integral part of the Evolutionary thought pattern, is also anticipated long before it happened, as stated in the passage above, since many people today assume that God does not intervene in history by using the passage that mentions: since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation

    22. It’s integral to your training

    23. He stood, and waited, hoping the storm would pass, hoping the discipline so integral a part of her

    24. individual‘s self-awareness; a sense of his or her (inherent) dignity and self-worth, thereby (existentially) alienating that individual from him or her self by becoming less a free-thinking individual than an integral component of the common herd

    25. But tactful administration today, sustained by Cuban officials elected by the people, will assuredly foster the desire of the people to become an integral portion of the United States

    26. Beatings had been an integral part of Skelda's upbringing over the years, and he had learned to live with them, but the constant punishments had built up a smouldering hatred for his father in the young cub's mind which one cycle exploded into an attack that surprised them both

    27. only certainty is that the integral components of society, its institutions and its people, oftentimes remain an uncertain proposition and change, an uncertain process

    28. I was the symbol of his ideology, and bearing his children was an integral part of that role

    29. She was destined to play an integral part in the Witches downfall

    30. Pipe-smoking in public was unquestioned then and indeed the powerful aroma of pipe, ‘ciggy’ and even cigar tobacco was an integral part of the match atmosphere

    31. The alien being was clad in a silver-lame body stocking with integral booties

    32. He felt indeed inexorably drawn to see the form of the Sleeping Man, someone who seemed so important, so integral to the workings of such an awe-inspiring place, a place where almost anything felt possible

    33. Know that you can also present this wonderful solution in its integral form for its friends, relatives, well-known people, journalists, political representatives, governments anywhere in the world and for any via of communication, mainly authorities of your country

    34. They are a part of life here, just as integral to my initiation as learning to fight

    35. where “jobs” comprised an integral part of that design

    36. Every participant was integral to the success of this series! Thank you to:

    37. VERONICA: This quote was actually integral to my discovery of Tris’s voice

    38. You will be an integral part of our revolution

    39. The Buddha formulated and explained the teaching about karma which became an integral part of Buddhism

    40. Patriotism is an integral part of any gathering or celebration in the Texas Panhandle; it is often displayed with a western twist

    41. The oil and gas industry has been an integral

    42. They were often at odds with the Mongols but united with them under Chingis and remained an integral part of them

    43. program is an integral part of the Harrington

    44. Obama’s Czars structure would appear to be an integral part of what might be called the President’s Plan 2

    45. The light was an integral part not only of earthly life but also of the infinite life

    46. wouldn’t have felt an integral part of the process

    47. clarity as the most integral part of achieving best results

    48. assumption resonates with some people, and as a belief, may become an integral part of the

    49. physics, effort-time type relationships manifest in the Heisenberg uncertainty principal as the product of energy and time, and in the definition of impulse which is the integral of force over time

    50. The populares were not thrusting outsiders; they were an integral part or faction of the nobility

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    integral entire intact built-in constitutional inbuilt inherent total complete comprehensive undiminished radical undivided