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    1. Ava had spoken with Kulai about Herndon and quite a few others, it would not be a total surprise, he would expect no less

    2. Four tons probably wasn't more than a few percent of the total refined aluminum on this world, but it was the largest single fortune in one place

    3. Due to pooling up of funds from large number of investors, the total corpus of the MF is very large

    4. The Net Asset Value (NAV) of the fund gives the current value of your investment by indicating how much each unit of Rs 10 is worth on a day-to-day basis calculated from the daily market value of the funds total asset

    5. Spirituality too is a vision; a vision to understand the oneness of total life

    6. ’ I said, feeling a total idiot … put baldly like that it sounds ridiculous

    7. suffers today from total blindness (since 1974) and advanced Parkinson’s Disease, the main office for the company is still in a room in his home

    8. pounding, the breeze stops and there is total silence

    9. Total pandemonium reigns in the corridors

    10. He has my total attention … what has happened?

    11. total moron and he’s typical

    12. I would have felt like a total idiot if everything hadn't been so surreal already with his self-help mumbo-jumbo

    13. Even with a set of knuckles in my wind pipe and the rank smell of Cockney scumbag breath up my nose I knew this came to €4500 total

    14. "Add to this a punitive weekly interest of 100% over a time period of exactly four weeks and your debt with us comes to a total of 36 grand

    15. of it total bullshit, of course

    16. But he was a loser boyfriend and a total loser relationship

    17. So in total I had exactly €16500 Euro plus the €475 I held back yesterday and we made up the odd €25 with bits and pieces of change around the house

    18. It was five people that week in total

    19. That made up more than half the total compliment of male souls aboard the vessel

    20. I counted the breeze-blocks along the foot of the wall by the mattress and extrapolated a total for the circumference of the room

    21. Then, by counting up the blocks that rose along the door frame next to my mattress I calculated the total number of blocks

    22. It proved to be a fiasco: as usual, the guru monopolized all conversations, emphasizing that he is in total control of our lives now and that he knows exactly what we are doing every moment

    23. This was the sum total of my life for four days: mute acceptance punctuated by brief moments of dumb, brute defiance

    24. Refusing to eat, refusing to cry out when Smiler dug his elbow into my side as we walked down the corridor, was the sum total of my defiance

    25. A number more than half of the total number of a given group

    26. The number of votes cast in any election above the total number of all votes cast

    27. If no, then there can easily be a total collapse of the congregation

    28. He said, "Me and my partner have 184 total ports to rig," he said

    29. So, that was my reward for the hard, specialized and unpaid work of one and a half month: The guru talked to me for ten whole minutes (something unprecedented within the five years in total I have attended Janus), he advised me to wear more modern clothes and nicer glasses, and he made clear that men avoid me because of my high intelligence and strong personality

    30. ‘No, all this is a total surprise to me

    31. Instead he was in total unknown, a weakling by any standards, crippled by an injury a hero would hardly notice and blinded by a nearly uncontrollable fear

    32. Your world was so negative Daniel; it was on the brink of total annihilation

    33. We, in aggregate and total, in this town,

    34. They all knew, believed with total conviction, that they were destined for something great

    35. This is the silence of absolute, total quarantine

    36. She's still holding back her total love because he's so young, but no one can win her away from him for more than a few hours since they met

    37. Their confidence and total belief in what was occurring finally calmed her

    38. Total strangers came and hugged us or squeezed our shoulders and offered us tissues

    39. First thing to note, this is total confirmation that Tellow is a crewman

    40. I strip off my shirt and put my boots on – feeling a total fool in the process

    41. bombs badly, this is a total self confidence killer

    42. But it brought me to my senses, seething with frustration and anger, 'He's a total bloody menace

    43. From what he could see in the logs, it looked like Thom and Darryl were at a total loss

    44. Even at that, the Bible says to be moderate with alcohol, but does not insist on total abstinence

    45. relationships begin, or the relationships that only last a total of months, if not weeks

    46. We spend a third of our total time together

    47. Our total profit

    48. We offered a total solution

    49. This vengeful, this fascinating series of events held them in total thrall

    50. I decided maybe sell the place to Daphne after all and simply walk away, but that would mean total betrayal of everything my father had stood for

    1. We go inspect his cargos together now, I tell him totals and margins, he tells me what he thinks he’ll get per pound in the areas where he sends it

    2. This collection totals 52,000 words with something hot for every taste

    3. 5-MW tower, the turbine housing, or nacelle, weighs over 56 tons, the blade assembly weighs over 36 tons, and the whole tower assembly totals over 163 tons

    4. sacrifices at least 40,000 bulls a year, the EU‘s annual subsidy to the industry totals

    5. I was busy marking up a map showing home totals delivered by a TV station in each county of its coverage

    6. We extended the month-by-month financial plan for the station to three years, by adjusting annual totals by a modest 5 percent increase in expenses, a 10 to 15 percent increase in revenues

    7. USCG Station Bayfield, located ten miles north of Washburn (Wisconsin), responded to 174 SAR calls in 1995, doubling the previous year’s tally, and surpassing the annual call totals of the larger Lake Superior Coast Guard stations of Marquette (18) and Duluth (89)

    8. She sat behind a table, counting the day’s totals

    9. She was subtracting purchases and putting totals in her

    10. The crew totals seventeen minus the shut ins, four or so rotating out in cycles of wellness

    11. Interrupting her he asks for two bottles of Jack Daniels; she totals these and asks for Simon's money, not giving him the bottles of whiskey which are behind her

    12. The old man takes the money from Suzy's hand and totals the till as he puts the money in

    13. I didn’t think much about that in my early business career as I was tabulating balance sheet totals or profit-and-loss totals

    14. I merely put the numbers into the cells and the totals are calculated, once I set up that feature

    15. To get the totals for January, select all the elements in the column, including the cell where you want the total to appear

    16. totals and used them for balancing

    17. figure might not be part of an active trend, we use the cumulative yearly totals and treat

    18. over and the final totals were tallied

    19. There were totals but few details”

    20. “Just some notes about totals and quantities to remind me, because I don’t have the books with me,

    21. “Are those the updated totals?” He nodded to the board behind her

    22. Our team is busy recounting to verify the exact totals, but there is absolutely no question of the results

    23. Soft Hand – A soft hand is a card combination that has two possible totals

    24. speed, with which he could reach grand totals

    25. average number of visits, visitors, and pages viewed per day, as well as the totals on a per-month basis

    26. 128 SIIIGS for the last five years in the Reality in which we all perceive ourselves “now”, which equals approximately 25 years and totals 145 years of a possible existence in focused-by-Us Stereo-Types of a given Stereo-Form

    27. We’re never touching spreads, totals, over/under, parlays etc

    28. Extra or missing cheques, higher or lower dollar totals would be picked up as a discrepancy in a flash, and processing halted until you resolved the mismatch

    29. Like any good Systems Programmer, he could make up a set of batch totals for the bundle that suddenly included his own "Request for Cheque Issue" form

    30. The Adelaide development account had looked good - except how could he get in and plant an extra payment authorisation? He had to be there to change the batch totals, too, so the computer would go ahead and process the payment

    31. He couldn't get into Operations, whether or not he wanted to alter batch totals

    32. Pakistan and France report similar totals, with a pattern across the board for our other Western allies

    33. This liquid mass totals 2,250,000,000 cubic miles and could form a sphere with a diameter of sixty leagues, whose weight would be three quintillion metric tons

    34. His totals shot up at one point, pulling ahead

    35. As part of that, he had the sniper totals

    36. My totals shot up, and there was no catchin’ me

    37. His totals shot up at one point, pulling ahead

    38. The difference between the two totals showed whether the institution was gaining or losing money

    39. But in the late 1930s the Brookings Institution published a study of odd lot behavior as shown by monthly transaction totals over the 1920-1938 period

    40. Keep in mind these results are irrespective of the equity building in your home, a sizable portion of which can be added to the totals shown above, assuming you are willing to downsize after retiring

    41. Thus it offers a quick way to check your totals and track your progress on a regular basis

    42. Totals include stocks, bonds, and cash but not home equity

    43. Compare the year-end totals in 2006 (when we retired) to the year-end totals in 2012:

    44. You can see the totals for both years are almost identical, but the allocation of investments has shifted towards more money in our 401(k) and Roth IRAs and less in our taxable account

    45. Finally cumulative delta volume collects all the delta data and adds each subsequent bar to that of the previous bar - summing the totals in other words, and then presents this as a series of bars, to provide a perspective on the daily or intra day price action

    46. By the time shareholders see the totals, the figures are largely irrelevant because in the intervening months everything could have changed

    47. If you are measuring totals (which we are, since this is mass transit ridership data), the values are radically different

    48. It often proves much more difficult to continue to grow at a high rate after volume and profits have already expanded to big totals

    49. The point totals we came up with read like this

    50. In each study, Burt reported sum totals for the twins he had studied so far

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