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    1. It's critical that we be absolutely intentional about nurturing hope in our lives and the lives of our children

    2. and Intentional Co-‐Creation that I’ve been given

    3. intentional or not against the wellbeing of the duck and her eggs

    4. Compulsions are purposeful and intentional behaviors, and when the person tries to

    5. Consciousness involves the intentional ordering of information, so that when we are conscious, the way in which we experience reality is the result of our own process of selection, ordering, and classification of information

    6. Implicit in consciousness is the intentional selection, filtering, and ordering of information

    7. “Oh, that’s quite intentional, Legate

    8. The creative power of intentional thought is the most

    9. creation are simply the conscious and intentional

    10. Even focused, intentional thought does not add new

    11. That is intentional

    12. species and as individuals; but also to take intentional

    13. employments, than to have given any direct or intentional encouragement to the former

    14. This was not intentional

    15. This further authenticates the Bible as a product of intentional design from a supernatural source

    16. It’s generally not intentional; they just kind of show up, and you adopt or you don’t

    17. Thus „Though in the incidents of my administration, I am unconscious of any intentional error, I am nevertheless too sensible of my defects, not to think it probable that I have committed many errors

    18. We all make mistakes; intentional or otherwise

    19. Such events are oftentimes consequential rather than intentional

    20. meditated (intentional) murder NOT accidents or the action of

    21. in the human race for all of the intentional and unintentional harm they may have

    22. It was far too intentional for that

    23. “Yes, that was intentional,” Johanna replies

    24. After developing his profile of Lenin, Jason realized such a statement was based on either a lack of knowledge of history or an intentional attempt at revision and propaganda

    25. Life is a seamless continuum, uninterruptedly weaved together with the threads of our karma; our volitional (intentional) actions

    26. When you meditate on karma in this way, your understanding of intentional actions and their results deepens, and a deeper understanding of how karma operates begins to arise

    27. The author could actually be quite funny on occasion, whether or not it was intentional

    28. only the big, intentional things are the ones that will be remembered

    29. It wasn’t intentional, but still it dropped on you, so … I’m sorry,” Sean says

    30. language of the intentional field, openness means that the self-object is receptive to the source

    31. Intentional directedness cannot exist without this receptivity, but we also assume that the self-object may manifest particular receptivity without a source present to fulfill that receptivity

    32. Metaphorically, intentional receptivity is a measure of the natural efficiency or ease in which an entity becomes a source for the self-object

    33. Once an entity becomes a source for the self-object, we say that intentional directedness is established between the source

    34. same question arises for the intentional field—once intentional directedness of a source is established, can we talk about the magnitude of that directedness? Are all intentional sources related to the self-object with the same intentional strength? We have already assumed that the receptivity associated with different sources can vary in magnitude, but receptivity is distinct from intentional directedness

    35. influence is not intentional directedness, just as focus is not attentional directedness, these more common concepts are related to directedness

    36. The dual of attentional rest mass within the intentional field is re-

    37. Whereas attentional rest mass is grasped through the gravitational metaphor, intentional receptivity may be associated with other

    38. Receptivity is in some sense an absence that draws in intentional directedness, whereas attentional mass is a presence that draws in attentional

    39. The magnitude of the intentional field upon the self-object is not

    40. For example, my wife as a source is associated with a large receptivity but my intentional field value associated with her may be small during angry argu-

    41. In anger I may not be open to intention—the intentional field value at her as a source is small or

    42. Like attentional rest mass, the strength of a source’s intentional receptivity can change with learning or experience

    43. Both intentional and attentional fields possess stability and instability, although stability characterizes intention and instability attention

    44. Intentional directedness is intrinsically stable or self-perpetuating, largely mediated by the receptivity of the self-object

    45. Attentional directedness can be interpreted as the directed distance from oneself to attentional objects, while intentional directedness as the

    46. An intentional source, once made close to the self-object, tends to maintain that distance, but an attentional object, once brought close to the I, will typical move away unless the object’s attentional rest mass is large or sustained effort keeps it in place

    47. The degree of receptivity tends to follow the degree of intentional

    48. Initial receptivity influences our initial intentional directedness to a source, but once we forcefully change directedness, the receptivity tends to follow that change so that the degree of intentional directedness is maintained through time

    49. between receptivity and intentional directedness is not completely clear, especially since we have argued that they covary together

    50. It is likely that individuals vary with regard to total intentional ca-

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    deliberate intentional knowing designed unintentional wanton considered conscious advised premeditated voluntary