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    1. ‘But it has really underlined to me how very premeditated the whole crime was … this isn’t a spur of the moment, loss of control thing at all

    2. ) The same argument equally applies to an individual who is considering having an Abortion that should be otherwise perceived as the premeditated taking of a (human) life

    3. A premeditated (action) is a self-motivated (action) whose (calculated) designs and (intended) outcome are planned and understood beforehand

    4. Therefore, when some intended action has promoted harm to some individual other than the intended individual or subject of that intended action, and although the intended subject of that intended action has been spared injury, the unintended result of the intended action is considered a premeditated action against the injured party although that individual was not the intended subject of that intended action to begin with

    5. Addendum to the above: The ―intent‖ is premeditated!

    6. - random or premeditated? It"s just too co-incidental not to believe the attack on her was planned

    7. The assault had been too premeditated

    8. (premeditated) as the result of an ungodly government

    9. ing more than premeditated disappointments!” if we have expecta-

    10. The DA’s office was pressing hard for the death penalty since the murder was clearly premeditated

    11. Some have called her fate an act of premeditated murder

    12. the officers decided in a premeditated way, en route to the scene

    13. the officers decided in a premeditated way, en route to the scene, to use

    14. He premeditated to

    15. Therefore, it appears that Lieutenant James’ actions in giving the order was not only negligent but premeditated in that he endeavored to shift the blame to Colonel Geist in the event of an accident

    16. limitation is but a mirror of the success of the premeditated racist actions of the Jewish Left in manipulating the black community

    17. any premeditated causing of serious and lasting injury to animals;

    18. I mean that is a crime; an actual, premeditated crime

    19. homicide is not the same thing as premeditated homicide

    20. Edith was either oblivious to Alana’s behavior or it was premeditated

    21. My actions that afternoon were in no way premeditated or planned

    22. What I will now never understand is how people can do things which are premeditated

    23. The highest level of criminal homicide typically reserved for willful and premeditated killings

    24. First degree murder involves a premeditated killing

    25. Let me utter a solemn warning to you who would presume, with your eyes open and with premeditated malice, knowingly to ascribe the works of God to the doings of devils! Verily, verily, I say to you, all your sins shall be forgiven, even all of your blasphemies, but whosoever shall blaspheme against God with deliberation and wicked intention shall never obtain forgiveness

    26. " There was so little of the professional, the well-planned, or the premeditated in the Master's earthly ministry

    27. This is a heinous act, premeditated and the command was often

    28. This crime was premeditated

    29. This was a premeditated and sadistic act


    31. After writing some bold headed words on a blank sheet of paper, he sucked in a deep breath to shift into another premeditated phase

    32. The serene environment still seemed unfazed by their premeditated plan; although, in his seemingly cool mind, Jose held a tinge of reluctance that Mitchell could easily read

    33. Each orchestrated movement was carefully premeditated before proceeding to another level, to minimize any possibility of homicide suspicion

    34. Detective Sergeant Shepherd’s mind was a frenzy of ecstasy as the evidence passed the stage were even a deaf and dumb lawyer was assured of a conviction, in one fell swoop he’d cleared up three major crimes, in his mind he’d single handedly solved a premeditated murder, cleaned up a drug operation, and if the money and gun were what he thought they were, he’d not only solved the armed robbery of the Post Office but had recovered most of the money, if that wasn’t worth a promotion nothing was, no, this time his promotion was in the bag, he tittered at this pun and D

    35. the Rye to a premeditated murder

    36. an oversight – or, premeditated? Maybe an ‘expense thing’ the US State Department had

    37. If Spalding had had enemies who had wanted him dead (and obviously he had since this appeared to be a premeditated act rather than one of rage), there would be something that would suggest as much somewhere—it was merely a matter of finding it

    38. Grey, there seemed no likely candidates as more recent cases involved white-collar criminals, crimes of passion, or premeditated murders as opposed to random violence

    39. “I handled it well, actually, but it was premeditated and I told you there was a reason

    40. So I ask myself, were these deaths premeditated? You might ask why would I think along these lines

    41. Grace Hampshire stepped from the shower as alert and premeditated as ever and looked with satisfaction at the sleeping form of Wolf in the super king bed of the Harbour Rocks Hotel

    42. It needed a seriously premeditated team west of the Tasman to undertake that amount of leg work, all of which would take time to organise and be brought into play

    43. ‘’Know that, along with premeditated murder, two types of crimes rate the death penalty in the society of the Human Expansion: enslavement and torture

    44. They consider crimes by Others that harm Humans premeditated and thereby punishable to the maximum extent of the law, which basically means you’re executed

    45. And now, not only are they going to try to charge you with premeditated first-degree murder

    46. Concerning the death of the young woman, my inner sense tells me that it was not a premeditated murder or done out of anger

    47. Each purposeful and premeditated

    48. Although not every killing by us is premeditated or planned, rarely is an act of murder totally

    49. “Now do you regret having attended the premeditated disabling of the IC?” from behind her a new voice lashed her with sarcasm

    50. This country's response to the premeditated and forgotten murder, extra-juridical assassination and casual executive order execution of another country's peoples and accidental death of tourists guilty by vacation is quite disturbing and grotesque

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