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    1. don't have it first and then do what's necessary to keep it, in order to be what it is you want to be

    2. You don’t have the luxury house and lifestyle, do what you need to do to keep it, and then be who you need to be in order to keep it

    3. Schulz: I have some, but I keep them in an ice chest

    4. It helps to keep things

    5. Achieving, Committed, and Keep going, are the first letters that spell

    6. John: 14:23: Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love

    7. If you set unrealistic goals for yourself in the short term then you're not going to achieve them and that’s not going to keep you motivated

    8. My sister is still there and we sometimes keep in touch

    9. keep the covenant He made with Him

    10. "She has been following me since Herndon," Ava said, "She has been paid by people to keep watch on me

    11. Whatever it takes to keep these two fed and safe

    12. He would keep it, he thought, along with what was left of that aluminum, for his trouble in whatever Tdeshi's ghosts were up to

    13. “Guess you can keep this until she needs it then

    14. Also, make sure that you keep updating all of your doctors about any medicines to which you have had a reaction

    15. should be exciting law to keep

    16. instructions He commanding us to keep

    17. Try to keep a count

    18. is our responsibility to observe and keep them

    19. Deut: 6:2: That thou mightest fear the LORD thy God, to keep all his statutes and his commandments, which I

    20. need to keep, embrace, teach and remind ourselves of, all

    21. Therefore, as we keep the law of truth in our mouths,

    22. The kitchen could keep a staff of four busy and the table sat twenty

    23. That means the more word we keep and

    24. and keep it in our heart always

    25. Isa: 26:3: Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusts in thee

    26. Eph: 4:3: Endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace

    27. To keep the house as safe as possible, eliminate clutter and loose electrical wires that may cause a fall

    28. · Keep medications out of reach or locked away

    29. She had wanted him still, when they parted, but he was going to the wilds of Gengee and try to keep something of Earth and Brazil alive

    30. Keep family members and other visitors up to date on the patient's condition so they know what to expect in terms of interaction

    31. Lawns love compost; top-dressing lawns once per year with a good rich compost will keep the soil alive and allow for deeper root systems and a pest-free lawn

    32. Are you becoming confused about all those bottles in the medicine cabinet? If you're taking multiple medications, it's very important to keep track because you may be seeing more than one doctor for different reasons

    33. That's why you should keep a record of all the medicines you use, even over-the-counter medications like:

    34. So the relationships we’ve had in our past lives keep repeating over and over again

    35. “This is where I keep all my monsters and mutants and stuff

    36. There are seven things to keep doing in order to stay young your whole life

    37. thine heart, whether thou wouldest keep his

    38. that if He promises to be with you, He will keep that

    39. God will always keep and honour His word

    40. Dusting is best for crawling pests such as snails and slugs, spiders, snakes, rats, gophers (place into tunnels), ants, fleas (outdoors only), and will keep, rabbits, deer and coyotes away (sprinkle around property edge)

    41. That is also why it is important to keep a regular bedtime and wake-time, even on the weekends when there is the temptation to sleep in

    42. Therefore keep your bible with

    43. Psalms: 37:34: Wait on the LORD, and keep his way, and he shall exalt thee to inherit the land: when the wicked are

    44. No doubt Herndon would want to push on today, if she could keep him from cruising wide open she would be content

    45. Deut: 4:6: Keep therefore and do them; for this is your wisdom and your understanding in the sight of the nations,

    46. with them that love him and keep his commandments to a

    47. Deut: 8:6: Therefore thou shalt keep the commandments

    48. Keep believing in the

    49. It was developed to help reduce inflammation, promote healthy circulation and healing, and alleviate pain and because of its strong odors will repel most insects as well as keep them from eating your plants

    50. Keep believing and expecting the supernatural acts of

    1. herself whilst at the same time keeping

    2. He would try keeping quiet until she had at least taken him to a political event, he thought

    3. After the obligatory studio photographs they had to individually sit for on the way in, presumably for record keeping purposes, they were frisked and taken to seats at long heavily loaded tables

    4. “We were keeping the city safe

    5. walk with God without keeping that command

    6. And keeping His commandments is the way of

    7. “I wasn’t lying about keeping mutants in here

    8. She was having trouble keeping her mind on the financial conversation, especially if Venna was involved in the sexual conversation

    9. The two of them walked up the slanted ceiling of the stairwell, keeping their eyes on the dangerously, jagged steps above them

    10. This helps them in keeping away 20 Mule Team Borax: This is not a soap but an from any synthetic chemical used against them

    11. These returns should be correctly assessed keeping in mind the taxation, tax concessions and tax rebates

    12. ’ He said, ‘Paul Jarvis and I suggested it would be better all round if she kept away from the police station, though he has been keeping her up to date on what is going on

    13. Keeping moving, I’d started on the bathroom, dealing with the bath, hand basin and loo in turn and ending up scrubbing the bathroom floor with an energy driven by desperation not to fall apart

    14. A couple of hospital workers sit on a bench nearby, chatting, keeping an eye on things

    15. He welcomed Tahlmute to Gengee City where Brazilian money was still keeping things looking up

    16. The entire medical profession is trained to keep people alive, rather than keeping people comfortable so that they can die with dignity

    17. On top of that, I spent most of yesterday keeping within reach of the phone and, on the two occasions I had to go out of earshot into the garden to deal with the washing, I had checked to see if anyone had called while I was out there as soon as I got back inside … but Stephen didn’t call

    18. Laughing, he chases her round the kitchen, as I, keeping well out of the way, watch

    19. “So, Aunty, how’ve you been keeping all these years? He asked nonchalantly

    20. Keeping you company is great, but I hope I can be more useful than that

    21. She could ask, but she guessed Ava was mostly thanking her for keeping an eye on her sister's problem and staying out of the way on hers

    22. ‘We’ve been keeping your mother company, Stephen

    23. ‘No … but they’re keeping her heavily sedated for the next day or so to give her head a chance to recover

    24. Keeping a congregation informed of decisions is a wise choice by an eldership or a

    25. My strength came from keeping a secret

    26. The guards sat with me, pumping liquids into my desiccated flesh, keeping me alive with antibiotic pills massaged down my dry gullet

    27. Instead he had to go completely on his own, keeping no council and avoiding attention whenever possible

    28. That's the only thing keeping them from killing me

    29. you discover that one of the friends that you made and the one who you were keeping

    30. He noticed that his warning circuits were unarmed and cursed himself internally for not keeping up his guard

    31. " He came out and locked the office, keeping it and the children safe from each other

    32. It's hard keeping any of the old ways alive, we're just so few, even here in a near wilderness there are cities close by where we are lost in the crowds

    33. The water level might vary a foot here with the seasons and the storms, keeping those trunks fairly big

    34. keeping you out of a state of DELIGHT and ease

    35. They skirted round a collection of rocks half sunk in the sand, keeping the sun on their left

    36. Keeping myself separated

    37. Hazelnuts are a good source of folate, which plays a key role in keeping homocysteine within normal levels

    38. She stayed astride him a few minutes afterward, keeping his with hers and caressing his face as she caught her breath

    39. ‘I think keeping it unofficial would be our best idea

    40. Keeping The Fire In

    41. Fred picked up the shotgun, still keeping it in a safe mode

    42. out what was keeping you busy

    43. I debate, more as a means of keeping myself awake, whether this journey is better or worse than that one was … coming the conclusion that although this one is cleaner and marginally less stressful, in many ways there is not a lot to choose between them

    44. ’ I hear Gilla say, keeping her voice down

    45. Desa was also pretty quiet both days, keeping herself busy foraging and with little things around the camp

    46. He rose forward, and pulled her to him, keeping pace with her

    47. the hill, again keeping in the shadows

    48. In keeping with our part, he asks the customs man if he can recommend the best road to see the talaiots … enormous stone constructions set in the landscape thousands of years ago by primitive people

    49. I said all this whilst stroking my chin and keeping my face straight

    50. The antidote was based on limbering up the spine and keeping it supple, bending it this way and that to relieve tired muscles, and putting the feet up above the head to combat the pull and downward drag of gravity

    1. Belief keeps you in your head

    2. It’s a form of control, but it keeps order

    3. Vera keeps wiping the same ten inches of the bar, not budging an inch otherwise

    4. consistently, keeps you motivated

    5. The Internal Investigations department at the Kassikan keeps watch on her

    6. He always keeps His word

    7. She must have a boyfriend that keeps her from practice

    8. One usually 'misses the bus' to sell at a profit or keeps hoping against hope in a falling market

    9. This sect, all male, keeps its beards and sideburns uniformly trimmed at a #2 setting on their electric razors

    10. Andy keeps munching on his sandwich, lost in thought

    11. But how did he get hold of the gun? Henry keeps all the props locked up … Dan would have had to ask for it, borrowed the key or something

    12. ‘Oh … Bill has never said anything … he still keeps in touch, you know

    13. Bush keeps grinning at him

    14. Aging can be healthier with an exercise regimen like Yoga, which prevents accumulation of stress metabolites and always keeps the physiology supple

    15. People’s idea of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ keeps on changing from time to time, from nation to nation, from family to family and from person to person

    16. “So long as the bastard keeps his word

    17. Rosita keeps eying Dave, who is pleased at the attention

    18. Bush keeps looking at the sea

    19. Russ keeps on reading the newspaper

    20. Russ ignores it all, keeps sipping from his drink

    21. John keeps staring at the ceiling

    22. I know where he keeps it

    23. Ava keeps this room in zero-gee, and keeps the main display's of all the station's instruments in here

    24. Zechariah 11:17) - He takes heed, he is steadfast, keeps qualified, and corrects his own faults, as David did his (Psalms 51)

    25. This has been going on for a couple of years now and she keeps going on about settling down

    26. Persa keeps mentioning names of old schoolmates whom, as she says, she meets on the road by chance and they become best friends at once

    27. What's going on? The sonic war against me is getting more and more unbearable day by day and I just can't stand it any more! For some strange reason, I am surrounded by all kinds of noise pollution: Every morning, at 7:30 am, my father gets out to the yard and keeps himself busy with meaningless tinkering and hammering at pieces of wood or metal for hours! When I return from work at 4:00 in the afternoon and lie in bed so as to have a brief nap, dad goes upstairs, to Alice's half-built penthouse, and starts hammering at stuff again till 5:30 that I leave for the gym! He doesn't really repair anything, he just enjoys the noise! The yard and the penthouse are full of rusty tools, old dilapidated furniture and all kinds of junk dad finds on the road and carries home! I often complain about the noise and the piggery but he never listens; on the contrary, he swears like a trooper!

    28. does happen, and it’s this chronic fear of risk that keeps us

    29. How much more out of his mind must it have been to think that they might receive the same baptism of the Holy Spirit as he received! This is a proper view of the faith that keeps us from being conceited

    30. The tide keeps on moving and it will be

    31. that keeps me going,

    32. People naturally settle at about a thousand to the square mile because that gives them plenty of cropland but keeps them surrounded by other gardens to help keep the pests down and give them enough social and cultural opportunities

    33. He’s wearing his usual Gottesman outfit of sensible hosen and a tunic, his belt, complete with pouch where he keeps his stones, firmly in place

    34. ’ He keeps silence for a moment before turning to me

    35. This is the mineral that keeps teeth and bones strong and hard

    36. This mineral has an antiseptic effect on the alimentary canal, is a constituent of the haemoglobin and keeps the blood purified, and prevents toxic impurities from accumulating in the body

    37. The SPINAL TWIST effects in the dorso-lumbar and lumbar region a lateral twist which not only keeps the spine healthy but which imparts a health-giving massage to the abdominal organs and to the kidneys

    38. "Her Daddy keeps her working on mergers and acquisitions all day and every day

    39. Leiwin here is the chief spinner, she keeps the team going and troubleshoots when necessary

    40. Ball keeps getting lost with his shots

    41. The government keeps hiding those reports

    42. brain has a special box where it keeps crappy memories

    43. ‘It keeps me warm and cosy

    44. “It keeps him going,” Heymon said, “but how long do you think he can hold on to that?”

    45. The phones keep me fairly busy and in addition to that, I have to deal with deliveries and the odd caller … and some of them are decidedly odd! The guy who keeps ringing Dave up about crop circles came in and tried to persuade me that I ought to let him speak with Dave

    46. 8He keeps the paths of judgment, and preserves the way of his saints

    47. And he that keeps his commandments dwelled in him, and he in him

    48. He that says, I know him, and keeps not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is

    49. the rugged keeps of Haggerston and Scremerston to the north

    50. They have no particular hobbies and Jock keeps them busy

    1. "Have you kept all my old paperwork together?" she asked

    2. Q1 - When was the last time you kept a secret?

    3. Vera and Theo took off the British flag and painted over the sign, but they kept everything else

    4. They cost more than a natural quilt, but can be kept clean outdoors

    5. He kept pining away for a blond girl he spent only one sleep with who was only passing thru Sinbara didn't he? The one he met just before Ava

    6. The one who was organized, kept promises and understood everything they talked about

    7. Travis liked this stage of construction, when you could see the parts that kept everything from falling apart, before it got all dressed up

    8. Still, good manners kept her locked in place even if it ended up costing her life

    9. He just kept smiling and watching TV and dripping milk on his chin

    10. He kept the appointments, he did most of the legwork, everything but negotiate the financial terms of the deal

    11. He did not have the strength to force her, it was not just the Instinct that kept her safe from him

    12. He kept his eyes down and tried to move as slowly as possible so as not to attract any attention

    13. Henry kept studying the floor

    14. They had always kept their papers separate, it was very unlike him to do that

    15. What was that slut up to? And wasn't he saying he kept up with what Venna was doing since she left him? He seemed to be a lot more interested in Venna than he was in Ava, and that was a painful thought

    16. She kept staring at the pimples on Ackers’ face

    17. "I had forgotten, we want that kept out of the news

    18. Continuers prefer to continue with the occupations that kept them engaged in earlier life

    19. May I ask who invented it?” The Operator asked as he kept his attention focused on the screen

    20. “I can’t believe how sharp you keep this thing,” Nancy commented as she kept her eyes locked on Scar

    21. Herndon kept his hair short

    22. It didn’t help that he kept cutting off any potential escape route; he was always just at arms length away

    23. ‘Okay, so I didn’t fight over Dan, but I at least kept my self-respect

    24. Johnny and Nancy kept running, trying to put more distance between themselves and the United Order, doing everything they could to keep the Chip safe

    25. They kept walking down the street

    26. He kept a little Brazilian decor

    27. Because she completely trusted her relationship with Kulai already, she kept to the course

    28. Gengee City was the second of the four main dams that kept the water in the current lake and not down in the cerrado where it once was

    29. That was the main thought that kept racing through Johnny’s mind while he sat in class

    30. He kept trying to push the thought out, but it kept coming back again

    31. ’ He said, ‘Paul Jarvis and I suggested it would be better all round if she kept away from the police station, though he has been keeping her up to date on what is going on

    32. He kept squeezing until there was no more blue liquid in his device

    33. He didn't say a thing, just kept tossing sticks he snapped off into the fire

    34. One thing was for sure, they were definitely going to find it if he kept it

    35. Ackers tried to steady his nerves and his breathing while he kept his head up high

    36. He wore a fancy top hat, but it was a size too big and kept slipping over his eyes while he rocked

    37. He didn't blink much and kept staring at Peter and twitching his nose

    38. "You haven't kept up on current events," Tahlmute said

    39. with a glass of wine from the chilled bottle that they kept in the little fridge in their

    40. There are some aspects of her past that she would also prefer were kept private

    41. He could also understand why Tahlmute wanted this kept quiet

    42. “I give you my word, which I have kept throughout this bargain

    43. It was a lot longer walking to the back shed where secure cargo was kept than it was riding on the second floor of a monster wagon

    44. You would think that security was an issue, that I would be kept behind

    45. Theo always kept an open mind

    46. anything been kept secret but that it should come to light

    47. i kept doing the same thing as i had done the previous time…as

    48. His mother and Aunt Billie had kept in reasonably close contact for the twenty

    49. He kept smiling, and assumed the relaxed, legs crossed,

    50. brown side, was obviously of quality and still kept in good condition

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    hold keep donjon dungeon bread and butter livelihood living support sustenance preserve hold back keep back restrain maintain observe sustain hold on hold open keep open save continue keep on retain prevent celebrate go along go on proceed stay fresh prison cell cage stronghold tower subsistence alimony food detain reserve have obey comply conform mind follow respect consecrate sanctify honour commemorate solemnise solemnize stock carry