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Frasi con keep (in inglese)

  1. Keep an eye on it.
  2. Try to keep a count.
  3. And to keep it fixed.
  4. He had to keep him.
  5. We can only keep it.

  6. You can keep the tape.
  7. I wish to keep it so.
  8. He must keep in mind.
  9. It would be her keep.
  10. You must keep it in.
  11. To keep a level head.
  12. He had to keep moving.
  13. Rock and keep her safe.
  14. And to keep in close.
  15. And keep in mind the.

  16. Keep in mind that it.
  17. He meant keep shut up.
  18. It will keep you warm.
  19. The keep could be saved.
  20. Why not keep this up?
  21. I could hardly keep up.
  22. Don't keep on about it.
  23. Keep a score card today.
  24. Are going to keep that.
  25. My goal is to keep the.

  26. And keep an eye open.
  27. Lest they hear and keep.
  28. Fear God, and keep his.
  29. Mikael: Keep this for me.
  30. Her keep had been saved.
  31. Just keep an eye on him.
  32. No need to keep pushing.
  33. And keep you in His care.
  34. Keep your eyes open okay.
  35. He struggled to keep up.
  36. It helps to keep things.
  37. Keep the other money too.
  38. The keep is not worth it.
  39. You keep looking at me.
  40. Tom, keep hold of the 45.
  41. I can't keep up with you.
  42. Be pure, be alert, keep.
  43. I can barely keep up!.
  44. Be sure to keep notes in.
  45. She wants to keep him in.
  46. So keep your hat on, lady.
  47. Well, keep on that manner.
  48. Keep You Out of a Country.
  49. I'll keep you in the loop.
  50. And keep above the ground?
  51. But I have promises to keep.
  52. I keep coming up with her.
  53. They keep us from getting.
  54. He had to keep it a secret.
  55. I’ll keep that in mind.
  56. To keep quiet and help her.
  57. Love Will Keep Us Together.
  58. I keep hearing this manic.
  59. But we keep on their trail.
  60. You keep 100% of the profits.
  61. Keep the following in mind:.
  62. He knew he had to keep calm.
  63. Trying to keep eyes open 10.
  64. If they could keep off the.
  65. Keep your giving to yourself.
  66. The only way to keep faith.
  67. Filbert could barely keep up.
  68. I will do anything to keep.
  69. You could just keep pulling.
  70. He’d have to keep running.
  71. It was their right to keep.
  72. Keep calm, she told herself.
  73. How does he keep a healthy.
  74. Maybe I’ll keep er there.
  75. I will keep it confidential.
  76. But he could not keep Elior.
  77. Yes, I will try to keep busy.
  78. Keep my love and all the best.
  79. Therefore, in order to keep.
  80. But you keep me out of it.
  81. That you needed to keep warm.
  82. Come on Buster, keep up, lad.
  83. I'll keep an eye out for it.
  84. Take care and keep the faith.
  85. He had to hustle to keep it.
  86. Then I won’t keep you up.
  87. I’ll keep it for a while.
  88. That said, it can help keep.
  89. You have to keep that in mind.
  90. You’d better keep it there.
  91. As the Jews did not keep the.
  92. He had to keep himself unseen.
  93. Keep users on your site longer.
  94. I keep climbing, my cheeks hot.
  95. I always keep a pair handy.
  96. Keep in touch with your.
  97. He’d keep the meeting short.
  98. And I like to earn my keep.
  99. Keep it simple, focus on the.
  100. That way he can keep feeding.
  1. Keeping in shape was a.
  2. By not keeping in touch.
  3. Was I keeping her from.
  4. Keeping The Size Of Your.
  5. Keeping a list of these.
  6. Keeping in mind that he.
  7. The first was keeping a.
  8. What is keeping us alive?
  9. Keeping of the Sabbath ---.
  10. It suffers more by keeping.
  11. I hear he is keeping very.
  12. Mattel was not keeping pace.
  13. He was keeping pace with me.
  14. The kid was keeping his cool.
  15. We’re keeping an eye on you.
  16. Watson had trouble keeping a.
  17. This was in keeping with the.
  18. Keeping Your Eyes on the Road.
  19. I am thus keeping my hopes up.
  20. And of keeping his loyalty too.
  21. God's is there keeping me warm.
  22. He was keeping Lydia somewhere.
  23. They tried keeping a dog, but.
  24. Keeping the eyes aligned with.
  25. He sways with me, keeping pace.
  26. He has difficulty keeping a job.
  27. Keeping me a prisoner within me.
  28. Where is she keeping it?
  29. With Sue keeping pace beside me.
  30. Paul was keeping someone waiting.
  31. I wonder what’s keeping her?
  32. Keeping the seven festivals ---.
  33. We were keeping the city safe.
  34. She concentrated on keeping up.
  35. What with keeping the business.
  36. Nobody is keeping me in style.
  37. The only thing keeping her with.
  39. I’m keeping a close eye out.
  40. Keeping out of trouble mate?
  41. Their energy is keeping me alive.
  42. The energy was keeping her rooted.
  43. He whined, keeping his eyes on her.
  44. I followed him down, keeping the.
  45. In keeping with the principle of.
  46. She said, keeping her tone casual.
  47. Keeping your thoughts in the past.
  48. Keeping him locked up would be a.
  49. Keeping the interview simple was.
  50. One’s keeping the whole system.
  51. I hate that we’re keeping this.
  52. That Line, Keeping Them Out While.
  53. Someone was keeping pace with them.
  54. Ashat nodded, keeping his eyes on.
  55. And since Mary had been keeping Mr.
  56. Save those that the oak is keeping.
  57. He shouted that I was keeping him.
  58. Keeping debris off floors and out.
  59. It was difficult, keeping up this.
  60. The profit is made by keeping them.
  61. I won't mind keeping her overnight.
  62. I was selfish, keeping you near me.
  63. Cotton was keeping, and you, Rosie.
  64. Actually I'm not keeping you there.
  65. Stewart keeping a close eye on him.
  66. He rather liked keeping on top of.
  67. Puller did so, keeping nothing back.
  68. That, and keeping a wary eye on her.
  69. There is a warning when keeping them.
  70. I debated about keeping my shoes on.
  71. I concentrated on keeping my chest.
  72. In fact, theyre keeping it running.
  73. Instead of keeping me safe, he was.
  74. Keeping in mind that I had already.
  75. He was keeping an extra eye out on.
  76. Keeping plenty of fresh water handy.
  77. Santi’s men were keeping them off.
  78. But he was tired of keeping secrets.
  79. Talk about keeping it in the family.
  80. He's keeping a close watch over her.
  81. The doctor had trouble keeping eye.
  82. He struck only from above, keeping.
  83. Keeping his cool he threw it at the.
  84. Leland is keeping him in the dark.
  85. He studies the object while keeping.
  86. Star keeping eye on the radio station.
  87. To keeping it strictly professional.
  88. Some Help In Keeping Things Straight.
  89. Keeping in mind that the days.
  90. What is keeping you busy these days.
  91. But while you’re keeping open the.
  92. Were they purposely keeping her out.
  93. They even have trouble keeping their.
  94. There would be no keeping it a secret.
  95. And he was keeping everything crossed.
  96. Keeping the Commandments of the Lord.
  97. There might be advantages in keeping.
  98. Nothing else mattered except keeping.
  99. Moshe brought up the rear, keeping a.
  100. Keeping hold of the arm Roman lifted.
  1. But I kept at it.
  2. It had kept me dry.
  3. I kept it up for a.
  4. It kept his hand in.
  5. She kept up with me.
  6. And he kept his word.
  7. He kept his gaze on.
  8. I kept my eyes on you.
  9. She kept her back to.
  10. That was why we kept.
  11. He kept his voice low.
  12. We kept it called off.
  13. She kept her eyes on.
  14. I kept it no secret.
  15. She kept her head down.
  16. He kept his goggles up.
  17. The score was kept on.
  18. But, I kept my promise.
  19. I kept staring up, at.
  20. He kept staring at her.
  21. I kept pumping while A.
  22. But it kept Louis busy.
  23. He kept his back to her.
  24. Polk had kept his word.
  25. Kept busy by the looks.
  26. Wil Erwin kept his word.
  27. But she kept it floored.
  28. God had kept His promise.
  29. I stepped out but kept.
  30. So I kept my mouth shut.
  31. Ajax kept making a fuss.
  32. He kept to indirect mode.
  33. Was whole and kept whole.
  34. It kept the hunters out.
  35. When they did, we kept.
  36. I kept my gaze on Bill.
  37. I took a left and kept.
  38. All of them kept their.
  39. She kept saying she was.
  40. But Karit kept on riding.
  41. Jai and Ceder kept silent.
  42. From the joy kept within.
  43. Sarah kept her cool and.
  44. I kept calm though, and.
  45. Emile kept hashish in it.
  46. He knew Godfrey kept his.
  47. Sweat kept our bodies wet.
  48. Still, I kept my hands up.
  49. I smirked and kept moving.
  50. Joey kept his hands steady.
  51. That kept her busy enough.
  52. I kept Silpitocle with me.
  53. And the boats kept coming.
  54. The staff kept testing me.
  55. He kept glancing over his.
  56. He kept staring at the wall.
  57. Herndon kept his hair short.
  58. Malik kept his focus on Dan.
  59. One of the old dudes kept.
  60. What the hell kept you?
  61. The one thought that kept.
  62. I kept looking at it as I.
  63. He kept walking to his car.
  64. Yes, we kept our name and.
  65. I kept bumping into things.
  66. It was a promise they kept.
  67. Still the cars kept coming.
  68. I kept my eyes on them too.
  69. Between her legs, she kept.
  70. They kept coming and coming.
  71. The factor that kept these.
  72. The town must be kept clean.
  73. But still we kept it at bay.
  74. The girl kept on speaking:.
  75. Drew and Cath kept the money.
  76. On the outside, i kept the.
  77. Where they kept it, how to.
  78. That was what kept me alive.
  79. It was kept in the back of.
  80. The others kept up with him.
  81. I’ve kept the sheep from.
  82. The body with soul kept fit.
  83. He just kept staring at her.
  84. He kept an eye on the stage.
  85. The great wheel kept spinning.
  86. The gods kept toying with me.
  87. David heard and kept his word.
  88. But because High Heels kept.
  89. She just kept staring at him.
  90. He kept his costs steady to.
  91. He kept many things from you.
  92. Khevasiah kept the stereo on.
  93. The images kept coming, and.
  94. I kept walking, with a smile.
  95. George kept in touch with Dr.
  96. Henry kept studying the floor.
  97. People kept coming and going.
  98. Limpy kept any from escaping.
  99. Horcheese kept her voice flat.
  100. The rejects he kept with him.
  1. That it keeps in its.
  2. Keeps us both in check.
  3. Keeps your ear on edge.
  4. He always keeps His word.
  5. I know where he keeps it.
  6. Keeps it out of his eyes.
  7. He keeps secrets from us.
  8. He keeps it free of weeds.
  9. While the moon keeps time.
  10. Bush keeps grinning at him.
  11. The simple man keeps the.
  12. She keeps it in the trunk.
  13. Loki keeps his eyes forward.
  14. He keeps asking for him.
  15. It keeps her lovely smiling.
  16. I say she keeps training.
  17. Religion is what keeps the.
  18. Dave keeps his reply short.
  19. He keeps a lot of servants.
  20. But he keeps glancing at me.
  21. Even she keeps away her woes.
  22. Hauptmann keeps his palm up.
  23. It keeps itself well hidden.
  24. If he keeps it in mind all.
  25. Mars keeps trying to kill me.
  26. But our God keeps His word.
  27. It keeps John all worried up.
  28. Keeps me away from the Meths.
  29. It keeps your mind moving a.
  30. This keeps both sides honest.
  31. Keeps them out of harm's way.
  32. Bush keeps looking at the sea.
  33. The only thing that keeps me.
  34. For this dream keeps me alive.
  35. With their help, Satan keeps.
  36. God keeps count of everything.
  37. Logic dictates she keeps both.
  38. Belief keeps you in your head.
  39. She keeps it all in her heart.
  40. The ONLY thing that keeps me.
  41. He keeps mumbling Penny, Penny.
  42. But he always keeps to himself.
  43. He keeps his smut on that side.
  44. She keeps the knife beside her.
  45. It keeps their water bills low.
  46. Aaron keeps his eyes on Bernard.
  47. This keeps my curiosity intact.
  48. He keeps it in the office safe.
  49. Production keeps right on going.
  50. The beat keeps their spirits up.
  51. She keeps her eyes on the floor.
  52. It keeps the adrenaline flowing.
  53. He is a God that keeps His word.
  54. If it keeps coming down, it.
  55. Think about what keeps you from.
  56. He keeps a studio in the Bronx.
  57. Keeps the rain out, city feller.
  58. I have no idea how Dad keeps it.
  59. Von Rumpel keeps his voice polite.
  60. She keeps saying it was the baby.
  61. He keeps the same hours as most.
  62. That keeps the heat in the house.
  63. My wife keeps telling that to me.
  64. She keeps putting it in her mouth.
  65. The University keeps the meaning.
  66. And that's what keeps it floating.
  67. Elena: Fear is what keeps us alert.
  68. John keeps staring at the ceiling.
  69. The beef keeps calling me back.
  70. The idiot keeps sending letters.
  71. Whoa… he keeps changing direction.
  72. This scripture keeps coming to mind.
  73. He keeps the performance simple.
  74. The place where he keeps his wives.
  75. If this keeps up, I'm going to.
  76. A business keeps two sets of books.
  77. She keeps that impossible schedule.
  78. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.
  79. Russ keeps on reading the newspaper.
  80. The woman just keeps surprising me.
  81. Still, it keeps him out of trouble.
  82. She keeps saying she never left.
  83. Kayagata Smriti keeps the devotee.
  84. He keeps in close contact with them.
  85. He keeps a firm grip upon actuality.
  86. Pat is a man who keeps his distance.
  87. However, he that keeps him/herself.
  88. Hope is what keeps you going, even.
  89. He keeps troubling you all the time.
  90. A fresh mind keeps the body fresh.
  91. That‘s why he keeps moving around.
  92. The only thing that keeps him safe.
  93. And this afternoon, the rain keeps.
  94. Yes, I do, it keeps me feeling safe.
  95. That power he certainly still keeps.
  96. She keeps it near the cash register.
  97. But he keeps telling me to fuck off.
  98. Anxiety that keeps me in the drawer.
  100. She keeps two sets of books and has.

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