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    1. ever you are and whatever you do, you’ll leave the

    2. It was far from the same thing, and where did that leave Leand in her parentage? Did she have three parents, but didn't the child who became the ghost also have two? Could he ever make love to such a creature? He had made love to such a creature, made love to her so much that she ran from him

    3. "If either one of them wanted to leave with those papers," Ava said, "they could have done so a year ago

    4. and leave behind what you choose to leave behind

    5. He called the packers for Raw Sex Object, even though it wasn’t due to leave the gallery for a week or two, and contentedly surveyed the gallery

    6. "She got it at half price from Ava, but with her fortune Ava could buy a place like that every year and just leave it

    7. That's what Venna did was just leave, not even a note and signature turning it over to me

    8. "Leave that," he said, and reached for it, still holding the stairpost with his other hand

    9. Sam had just finished his masterclass in Nutritional awareness, and was preparing his papers to leave, when the auburn haired model approached his table

    10. You might have an intuition that says, “I should grab my phone before I head to the store” but you dishonor that intuition and leave it on the counter

    11. "I need to find out if Athnu cooked first, he'll be highly insulted if he has and we leave

    12. · Always leave a portion of the stomach empty at the end of a meal to allow for digestion

    13. The bait gets them into the trap and once they enter the water to feed, the soap in the water prevents them from being able to leave

    14. But here, the Instinct said she could always withdraw her consent, any violent move he tried to make would leave him paralyzed

    15. If the bird died then everyone would leave since something was wrong

    16. "Leave!" she growls

    17. He had been among the first to leave the Kassikan and the city and hole up in the Chaparral of the Gengee

    18. "I can't leave, not now," how much would she have to explain to him about Kulai

    19. Kulai would have every right to leave her belongings in a crate by the door if she left with Herndon

    20. On the fourth day, Brandon decided not to leave his room

    21. "What's wrong with you! I have to leave! I can't stay forever!"

    22. They wound up doing Morningday breakfast at the camp since Venna slept in and Jorma wouldn't leave her there alone

    23. Neither was willing to accept enough of the native culture to leave the familiarity they provided each other

    24. You really should leave this job to me, some people just aren’t good at overseeing missions

    25. but what sort of mess is it going to leave my client in? She works in a school, Mum - one of those big private ones

    26. When dried it will leave a thin film for the cockroaches to run into

    27. find any food that you leave for them that is out of reach of the ants

    28. We should see that equitable distribution takes place between our children, as far as possible well before we leave this world

    29. "How could the other gods leave me here alone?" he thought

    30. Dry-wood termites leave piles of sawdust like pellets

    31. The people threw stones at Haques and shouted for him to leave

    32. That is to say they both live in wood, both have wings during mating seasons and they both leave signs(piles of wood dust, wings) which lets us know they are there

    33. That is to say they both live in wood, both have wings during mating seasons and they both leave signs (piles of wood dust, wings) which lets us know they are there

    34. We leave it that I’ll ring her later in the week and let her know for definite then; after a few more minutes of general conversation, she rings off

    35. "We saw it leave," Ava said, and told her what it was like from her point of view

    36. There's an asteroid coming that's going to leave a crater the size of Lake Entisonggas somewhere on what may be the only planet we humans have left, and you're still chasing around after that damned shuttlecraft

    37. They watch him leave, then Zitteraal shakes his head, turns to John

    38. She and Topher used to get high after church and debate spiritual truths, at least before his anxiety got worse and couldn’t leave the house

    39. Then again, perhaps it would be best to leave a note in the mailbox and just wait inside

    40. "I'll lead you there when we're about to leave

    41. He had everything sent by Fed Ex so he’d never have to leave his house

    42. He watches John a moment, stands to leave

    43. he were to die for love, he would leave the girl standing as cold as stone in his flat,

    44. He should have complained about that but instead asked what had prompted him to leave the Yakhan

    45. He starts to leave

    46. More urgently, where is that going to leave me financially? I was counting on the rent from the house to pay for this place

    47. There’s no avoiding it, I am going to have to leave this house and move back to Bridgwater

    48. With no job, I dare not get into financial difficulties with paying rent … I can’t afford to leave the house in Bridgwater empty either …

    49. You (your ‘ATMA’) just leave the present body

    50. Frustrated, I leave a message that Liz phoned and that she has a problem she wants his advice on … that should get him calling one of us

    1. Living a life of counting days in The Waiting Room leaves me with way too much time for pondering

    2. ~ Avoid breakfasts containing large amounts of sugar as it give an initial energy boost, but leaves one feeling drowsy within a few hours

    3. · Place bells or chimes on doors leading to the outside to alert you when the patient leaves the house

    4. Some insects help to improve the soil through aeration, while others help by generating compost from leaves and other decaying organic matter

    5. Pour boiling water on to the leaves, flowers, roots, seeds and place in a cooking pot or container with a lid

    6. Use leaves, flowers, grinds

    7. Marigold Flowers: Use dried leaves for an infusion spray

    8. Will prevent most insects, caterpillars from chewing on leaves of ornamentals

    9. Pea Leaves: Can be made into an infusion that will repel most chewing insects

    10. Radish: An infusion of the leaves when added to a dash of Tabasco and a dash of soap will repel most chewing insects, whiteflies, ants and some animals

    11. Make an infusion of the leaves or a decoction of the roots

    12. They suck the sugars from the plant, leaving a great deal of this nectar behind on the leaves of the plants being attacked

    13. This sticky substance covers the leaves and provides nutrients for the mold to grow

    14. She smiles at him and leaves the room again

    15. He is still less than his usual efficient self when he leaves to go to the police station

    16. He spoke to his dear the angel Kerubiel who reflected His light through the leaves

    17. To avoid the dust, rock dust can be made into a milk like liquid and sprayed on the leaves

    18. Other barriers to keep ants and aphids off are Tabasco sauce and a natural soap sprayed on base and on leaves

    19. The word Foliar means leaves

    20. All plants have leaves of one form or another, and when you feed them through these leaves, you are foliar spraying them

    21. John shakes his head and Baker leaves

    22. Spray this on the plants leaves, this increases the energy level of the plants, assisting them in fighting off pests

    23. If the variety of Datura that you have has velvety leaves, this is a very poisonous variety that can cause damage just by rubbing against the leaves

    24. Turns and leaves

    25. Solar Tea: Solar Tea is made by placing the ground up dried leaves of the herb into panty hose tied into a ball (becomes a tea bag) then place into a gallon (or larger) glass container of pure water (not city water, distilled or filtered water is best but stream water is OK)

    26. leaves out the cause, and for that I must write down the circumstances of my life…so

    27. There was really too much out at once now so they would crush a lot of the lower leaves, but it could get him out of here an hour sooner

    28. They struggled onward after grabbing a quick meal of sliced roast on bread topped with garden leaves to take with them

    29. ‘But …’ Liz started as he leaves the room, ‘Oh, it’s probably just some drunken idiot

    30. the bars of their cages and mice running in all directions amid vine leaves

    31. “Okay”, Johnny said to himself, “that just leaves the guests”

    32. he stared hard he thought he could make out leaves and twisted boughs and tall

    33. layer of rotting leaves and vines

    34. down from the ceiling, thick fronds and razor sharp leaves cut and smothered his

    35. He could hear the sound of tall leaves and seed ears rubbing together

    36. Jed ignores the remark, leaves, shuts the door behind him

    37. The guard leaves, bolts the door

    38. There is something that God leaves unrevealed

    39. Ferns uncurled their leaves, morphosing into a billion species of tree and bush

    40. Still flapping like an old hen, he leaves for the office

    41. I expect her to be enthusiastic about it, yet I am nonplussed at her immediate frigidity: “I have nothing to do this afternoon, but I am not in the mood of going to such a lecture, I had better stay home alone,” she announces in a low voice and leaves me wondering, since she has always given me the impression of being very interested in such matters

    42. ’ Janet said equally straight-faced as she leaves the room, and I double up with laughter rapidly infecting Nick

    43. When you are alone, to have even the slightest familiarity of walls and doors and floors shifted constantly, breaks you down and leaves you impotent and resigned

    44. They came away remembering that the leaves don't shrivel in the dark and the animal bones aren't wood and that all the animals look like little furry people with tails and that the cities are all just the bare skeletons of buildings that they think look like abandoned ruins

    45. The plants had leaves like North American pond lillies with a ruffle of lavender flowers along the edge, but they were a species of lon, a class of plants that is a local staple crop

    46. A stick whacked at a clump of waist high nettles, sending fragments of the sting-laden leaves scattering across the rough grassland at the edge of the meadow

    47. Leaves: If they are green and fresh, they portend happiness; if they are withered, you will lose hope

    48. We have covered our shame with fig leaves

    49. Seeing a fig tree by the road, he went up to it but found nothing on it except leaves

    50. Son approached a tree with many branches and leaves

    1. I’m telling you, the thought of leaving this earth without leaving this information for my children was terrifying to me

    2. "But you're leaving her up in that house with them now," Jorma pointed out

    3. Soon they were both snoring in naps, leaving Jorma to watch the lake alone

    4. Always be sure you have a snack handy or that you eat before leaving the house so you are not tempted by the fast food restaurants while you are out

    5. She had a light knit-wrap with her, but she hung that on the rail, leaving only her thin jersey covering her long and elegant body

    6. But in the long term insects develop resistance to the super-tomatoes, leaving farmers scrambling to find ever newer strains of protective bacteria

    7. The higher energy sources provide to the plants a quick pick me up, Higher energy food sources are easier to be absorbed then lower energy sources which require more energy to assimilate leaving the plant in a minus situation which in turn causes stress etc

    8. And with that Ackers marched on ahead, leaving Nancy and Johnny to watch him walk alone up the hall to his office

    9. It stands for 'Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

    10. They suck the sugars from the plant, leaving a great deal of this nectar behind on the leaves of the plants being attacked

    11. The driver chats about the weather for a few minutes then concentrates on the driving, leaving me to my thoughts

    12. If you are leaving all your money to charity and nothing for your family, then emphasise the reason for doing so

    13. cause damage to the lawn by leaving yellow or brown patches (roots of lawns are eaten)

    14. "I don't blame her for leaving," Elond said, "and I don't blame you for being afraid of them

    15. The buzzards return to Hinckley, Ohio after leaving for the Winter

    16. We can re-arrange our lives, leaving out the non-essential activities

    17. That’s odd, they don’t say why they are leaving … I’m sure they said they were intending to be in the area for at least five years when they took the place

    18. He learned that an overdose was a very real danger and that it erased the brain, leaving the body a vegetable till it died

    19. For soul it is no great tragedy in leaving the body

    20. me in leaving this note is no greater than that which you must make when reading it

    21. The wider wheels are smaller, only six feet in diameter instead of eight, leaving the backbone a foot closer to the ground

    22. Leaving the old man and heading off down

    23. I could have gone for a walk but that would have meant leaving the phone …

    24. Eva leaving didn’t help the machine imagining either, given that a broken heart

    25. ‘Yes … It was hell leaving everything behind as I did, but, just as the view from the top of a hill shows you what lies in the valley far more clearly than you can ever see when you are in the valley itself, it gave me a chance to analyse things … my emotions … recent events … without all the clutter

    26. Last dark would be fine, but the girls would all be leaving with dawn if they were here now

    27. "I'd rather not lie awake thinking of some giant rock about to fall on us, leaving us a winter Nightday that's decades long

    28. Parking the car tidily beside Stephen’s rather more upmarket vehicle, and carefully leaving plenty of space for him to get into his driver’s door if he wants to, I haul my aching legs out of the car and start to walk across to the front door

    29. When I was leaving

    30. CLERIC 3, leaving the mosque, spies him, begins waving his hands frantically and shouting angrily in Arabic to Bolt

    31. I go in and shake hands with the man standing behind the desk while at the same time I am uncomfortably aware that he is scanning what I am wearing, leaving me with the disconcerting impression that he knows what colour my knickers are

    32. Leaving the car parked in a visitor’s space, I stroll along a path bordered by rather nicely kept shrubs towards the entrance to the offices

    33. Before leaving her room the Countess took one precaution

    34. picked up this morning when leaving his hut at first light

    35. ’ Tonya said, leaving me with the impression she will probably hunt me down for this express purpose

    36. Tom managed to catch a glimpse of her leaving the car park

    37. They scolded each other about how long it had been since they'd actually talked instead of just leaving quick notes for each other

    38. Leaving the terminal building they found the taxi stand and walked to the top of the queue

    39. In doing this, in leaving the cameras on constant surveillance, Smith also

    40. Peter says it best in 1 Peter 2:21-22 - “ For even hereunto were ye called: because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow his steps: Who did no sin, neither was guile found in his mouth

    41. My ever-present tears had dried on my cheeks by the time that I woke fully from my reverie, leaving my face covered with brittle tracks of tight skin

    42. The nicotine rush faded almost as quickly as it had hit me, leaving me feeling slightly nauseous but suddenly very aware of something new and wonderful

    43. He closed the door leaving just enough light so that I could see to strip off my old clothes and put on the new

    44. After welcoming me, he began to complain about “a woman who left Janus three years ago, without even explaining the reasons for leaving; she left because she couldn't find a boyfriend, but neither away from Janus did she find a boyfriend; maybe it's her karma, maybe its her idiosyncrasy

    45. This afternoon I saw Diana at the gym, we had an aerobics lesson and then, as we were leaving together, she revealed to me some more interesting details about her job; in fact, she didn't hesitate at all to describe -always with an air of importance- a fixed fraud committed by the company she works for: It all starts with an advertisement they place in the newspaper every week, looking for new commercial travellers; they offer an alluring basic salary, as well as commission on the sales, plus social security

    46. I tell her all about the day yesterday … leaving out some of the details with regard to Nick … and mention that I’m going for lunch with a couple of the residents today

    47. The fate of this planet and its billions of innocents had really come down to a power struggle between Moamar and the Haadij hadn't it? And Moamar had won, leaving the Haadij weakened

    48. He was glad they were not showing each other their personifications, he was able to continue the mission and not just duck out, leaving Enrico to plant this motor alone

    49. That's the main reason I believe leaving is a mistake

    50. It transpired that during my week of foul, self-centred temper and depression, Menachem had been leaving notes

    1. "He left some notes with me that he needs, and I must have left them here

    2. He hadn't left the porch

    3. That left him and Ava in awkward silence

    4. "It's where you left it," Jorma told her

    5. In the end, it was left with the Area Manager who would be consulted

    6. That whole area's redeveloped now, its luxury mid-rises along the river now, well, then, 2148 is when we left

    7. As I had left my Cat Woman suit at home that day, I natural y assumed that these comments were aimed elsewhere

    8. I realized that, God forbid, if that happens sooner rather than later, the information that I have in my head would not be left behind for my children or anyone else

    9. So there you are left in The Waiting Room living a life more akin to

    10. exactly are Frank and the Rottweiler as this was left

    11. “I don’t know about everyone else who’s stayed on, but I left the Militia because I thought it was temporary

    12. “You are probably one of the few decent ones left in the city

    13. Her carved keda rider and a couple pretty stones were left behind

    14. · There's nothing left to learn the hard way

    15. There was a gauze left on the bed, but he thought it was Ava's

    16. There was still a good chance that her packet hadn't even left Sinbara and Jorma struggled up the path to the house and then down the street to the town side of north island

    17. "Venna left," Jorma told him, looking down at his cup and remembering that he hadn't been to that sex club since

    18. "Oh she let me know she was worth aluminum, I knew she could put up that camp with her left hand, she talked about putting up a whole plank villa

    19. He would keep it, he thought, along with what was left of that aluminum, for his trouble in whatever Tdeshi's ghosts were up to

    20. "First Kulai left, and now I'm worried that's what you have on your mind

    21. "Narrulla's Tear is all that's left of them

    22. They’re left with chronic pain and limited function that robs them of independence

    23. The mindune clacked its pincers in frustration when she left it

    24. Be aware that even young people may hurt themselves with home appliances or swallow nonfood items such as cleansers if they are left within reach

    25. Anyone can misplace a wallet or keys, then find it by figuring out where they are most likely to have been left

    26. She had not seen Herndon in person since he left for the Gengee, fourteen decades ago by the native calendar, sixty years by Earth's

    27. He left all his drawers open and all over the walls were fliers, notebook doodles, and movie ticket stubs

    28. He had turned south toward the city center once he left the basin

    29. What’s left is nothing but sterile and lifeless soil

    30. That would have been before Herndon left her and the Kassikan

    31. After I left you I was content with a little place on the prairie, well, not that little, but compared to a nation it was nothing

    32. wonder that was done in the land, God left or withdrew

    33. Since she left them, Nelson and the Colonel have not been seen, neither has Waldeis or Humberto

    34. What was that slut up to? And wasn't he saying he kept up with what Venna was doing since she left him? He seemed to be a lot more interested in Venna than he was in Ava, and that was a painful thought

    35. As soon as we left, Millie hid under the bathroom sink with a flashlight, waiting for the mermaids

    36. When Gordon's Lamp left Earth, any vessel such as his would have been impounded on sight, at least in North America

    37. His left hand cups around an imaginary shoulder

    38. Kulai would have every right to leave her belongings in a crate by the door if she left with Herndon

    39. “I left for less than five minutes and my lunch is completely gone!” Ackers whined

    40. “I left my lunch right here, on this very spot

    41. Suddenly, she disappeared, and the only thing left on the displays was the three dimensional map of the building

    42. because thou hast left thy first love

    43. And then Ackers started up again right where he left off, completely oblivious to the tension in the room

    44. " He said that when Mommy left and Gramma died, he was going to find it

    45. Violet Pinkerton would sell her left ovary for a pony

    46. ‘Mr Sadler had left his wife alone for the evening to go to a rehearsal of the Town Players – she wasn’t feeling up to going with him because of her pregnancy

    47. This fungus will also grow on the nectar left behind by the sucking insects

    48. "While you cook," Herndon was saying, "I'll go down to the boat and do my teeth, I left my stuff down there

    49. We sit there in silence for some minutes after the policemen have left the room

    50. The only part of the computer that was physical was the small, rectangular case he held up in his left hand

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    farewell leave leave-taking parting leave of absence leave alone leave behind let alone forget go away go forth exit get out go out bequeath will give impart pass on entrust depart pull up stakes lead result allow allow for provide go desert abandon vacate depart from withdraw from escape from allowance licence liberty freedom blessing cease stop terminate forbear drop omit exclude transmit devise let permit suffer