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Leave in a sentence

But I had to leave.
I leave it to the.
And leave it to burn.
It was time to leave.
I stood up to leave.
I was ready to leave.
He had to leave them.

Scott got up to leave.
Leave the rest to me.
As you turn to leave.
He can leave with you.
He must not leave her.
She had to leave here.
Leave it for maybe 2.
Leave her out of this.
They are able to leave.
Then leave her with me.
But you have to leave.
I turned away to leave.
He simply had to leave.
Stone is free to leave.
The Lord stood to leave.
He had chosen to leave.
Please do not leave me.
The woman she leave him.
I didn’t want to leave.
We have to leave her.
It killed me to leave.
Then we will leave, soon.
My lady, I must leave.
They took leave of the.
I have to leave here.
Bar one spell of leave.
You are unable to leave.
And how did they leave.
Let’s leave it at that.
She was allowed to leave.
You must leave here now.
We’ll leave it for now.
Shorty attempted to leave.
He had been leaving her.
After all he was leaving.
Leaving me in the unknown.
But he was leaving it late.
Leaving Archie to his own.
I'm leaving in the morning.
Anatole, I am not leaving.
Leaving me with, her memory.
We should be leaving now.
As she was leaving she gave.
As we were leaving Beth got.
I am alive, and I am leaving.
So I thought, I’m leaving.
Instead of leaving them for.
Leaving me dazed and confused.
Anyway we are leaving if you.
Leaving in early April would.
You fled, leaving me inside.
Just before leaving she turns.
I meant, that I’m leaving.
All my family were leaving me.
Leaving the comfort of nature.
I had no trouble leaving the.
We’ll be leaving in an hour.
I’m not leaving her, ever.
Thorn quietly leaving the store.
Before leaving he secured the.
Stop leaving grain out for her.
I was late leaving the office.
Molly saw me leaving, of course.
We're leaving, he said more.
The land was broken, leaving a.
His wife was sad he was leaving.
Therefore, no souls are leaving.
Just before leaving the room, Mr.
Others would be leaving shortly.
Damn it, I hate leaving here.
John suggested leaving them to.
I gave notice that I was leaving.
But she would be leaving it soon.
He left it on golf.
Left me for a guy.
He had left his tree.
I darted to my left.
We got what was left.
As it has been left.
I have one arrow left.
A movement to his left.
Three guys left the car.
On the left, the room.
He had left her to die.
The Maker had left him.
It left no doubt that.
I left Nina a good tip.
As we left the parking.
There was one month left.
They’ve left the TV on.
Two balls left the yard.
And he left us millions.
Or what was left of him.
As her Dad left her to.
I noticed his left hand.
Laxman left at 281 and.
He hadn't left the porch.
He picked it up and left.
She was left alone again.
But he had left his tree.
The man had left the room.
The Baron turned and left.
I had not much hope left.
A weight on her left arm.
When I left, there were.
That now he has none left.
They have left our boat.
She left me years ago.
Madam waved as they left.
It was left at the house.
I think he left after ten.
Coughing, off to the left.
They had but one foe left.
Do not use the leaves.
He leaves when I say.
Under the leaves he is.
Soon the leaves came out.
I see the leaves of time.
It leaves one small point.
The smile leaves his face.
The fear never leaves me.
All my strength leaves me.
He smelled of the leaves.
This bag never leaves me.
Leaves on the money tree.
Water on leaves can hurt.
Our flight leaves at noon.
The leaves fell here and.
This leaves the August 57.
Golden leaves of the fall.
The bus leaves in an hour.
Loco leaves the tent and.
The rustle of fall leaves.
Leaves flew up around him.
It leaves the hobbyist in.
No doubt that leaves me out.
Leaves fell past the window.
Leaves no image on the soul.
The plant, leaves and seed.
That leaves a rise in the.
The leaves sank down again.
They should not eat leaves.
Add the curry leaves, red.
She leaves the key with him.
That only leaves the eight.
Likewise the leaves of our.
It leaves in ten minutes.
The word Foliar means leaves.
The train leaves in an hour.
It leaves a real nasty mess.
Always leaves me in a sweat.
That only leaves seven of us.
Having leaves only is as we.

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