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    1. Those upper flowers were a blue and purple topping to the orange, red and maroon of the larorlie blooms in the lower branches

    2. Astride a couple of motor bikes sat a couple of other visitors, rather obvious in matching wraparound sunglasses, identical maroon shorts and gaudy waterproofs; I couldn't help but wonder why they found our van so fascinating

    3. I was quite taken aback and shot upright just in time to catch myself reflected in two pairs of mirrored lenses before reeling into two pairs of maroon shorts and almost passing out

    4. Across the square from her stood a small, noisy group of men wearing maroon waterproofs, sniggering and generally being rude and making fun at her expense

    5. He crossed himself whilst testing the bundles with his toe and then the maroon shorts came into view and I knew he was the enemy

    6. Omi's mother was beside him, her maroon saree draped along her

    7. Kortrax had gone from orange to red as he reached the water and was now a hazy maroon on the bottom

    8. Beside their own limbs they held vines covered with maroon flowers

    9. There was a lot of ornamental detail on most houses, porch rails were fanciful twists of thick vine, with clumps of leaves, large maroon flowers and long string beans

    10. “Alan, just tell her you’re Dad’s name really was Oliar,” Desa told him, “And then tell her if she doesn’t stop acting out her part in the movie when we’re trying to have a serious discussion about Tuppardorain Road, you’ll sprinkle her with glitter and turn her into a maroon flufftail

    11. The sky was lavender and only a maroon glow was left in the west to show where Kortrax had gone

    12. The kedas were nice, both tens that were eye high at the shoulder with maroon fur and lavender manes

    13. This poor woman was standing on the Maroon Bridge, you know, the one that crosses over the Wailing Lake

    14. They found themselves standing, a little dizzy but remaining still, in a grand, 1920s style maroon elevator

    15. When activated the device emitted a gentle maroon glow and heat he felt as it swished over his face

    16. her out of his salon to the waiting maroon limousine

    17. maroon limousine suffered the worst

    18. door, and, after inspecting the hinges for a few moments, launched a heel kick into the maroon

    19. It was a horrible wine or maroon colour

    20. When we draw closer, I see rows of benches inside it with maroon cushions on them

    21. The dignified guest sported a dark maroon military jacket with brass buttons and two silver bars over a cavalry insignia

    22. remained as rotund as the memories had told, the maroon dinner

    23. The maroon rug

    24. lined by the most luxurious of maroon carpets, whose intricate

    25. As his blurred vision settled on the maroon

    26. A few seconds later, he stands before me in a maroon shirt with a matching waistcoat, briefs and nothing else

    27. The trial counsel rose deliberately with the maroon Manual for Courts-Martial in his left hand

    28. a pale maroon colour

    29. A wide concoction glowing with zones and fine diagonal stripes of orange, maroon, flame red and pink tied in a big Windsor knot cinched his collar

    30. It was a cool cafe the outside walls painted a maroon color the interiors were matte black with a small stage where a band could play

    31. She wore a big maroon Harvard sweatshirt and jeans that were covered with marker stains and little holes, like she spent her free time poking them with a fork

    32. The shiny, segmented beings varied in color from maroon to green

    33. Their missiles hit their intended targets, breaking three maroon centipedes into two pieces that shivered and then lay still

    34. Most were painted in greens and yellows with maroon shutters and doors

    35. His eyes were deep maroon that flared as he stared at Murphy

    36. Far off in the distance was a deep maroon line of bushes splotched with bright orange flowers

    37. Maroon and yellow, streaked much like the surrounding foliage, no fancy buckles, and gold braid or stylized animals

    38. There was a plethora of greenery everywhere, whereas on the other side of the range, the flora was in tones of orange, maroon and red; this side looked more normal to me

    39. They were as tall as I, floor to ceiling covered with heavy silk drapes in deep maroon with thinner white gauze liners

    40. baggy silk white shirt, and light velvet maroon trousers

    41. It was 10:00 am and Samson‘s dark maroon pickup was screaming along state road 82 having left Ft

    42. His tie was maroon with the stripes of his Ivy League

    43. On his head he wore a tradition maroon

    44. maroon uniform, very military

    45. of a hideous maroon color

    46. Mosh stepped stiff-legged away from the bakkie, his maroon uniform fading to pink

    47. He parked the BMW next to a maroon Holden Calais that blocked two garage doors, knowing it was the latest acquisition of their victims

    48. The maroon and gold of the Salvation Army insignia wasn’t upsetting to him, but he knew without doubt that it would hit the spot with Sue who was still finding it difficult to deal with the tainted memory of her sister Yvonne and brother George

    49. sports bra, pull over sweater, coat, and the maroon beanie

    50. I float out of the store with the maroon beanie on my head

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    maroon strand brownish-red