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    1. The sea was as cold as ice but I enjoyed every moment to the fullest as I swam out, to the isolated strand

    2. that catches a fraying strand of life

    3. she removed a strand of hair from her face, 'should I become a doctor?'

    4. We care about you and will help you,” Xonia reassured her as she brushed a loose strand of hair out of her eyes and softly stroked her face

    5. Every time he would cut a strand the bloody bully beef tins would rattle like a load of cow bells

    6. However what was only minutes later but seemed like hours the final strand was cut but the tins kept rattling making us jump but eventually we made it back to our own trench without the Turks firing a shot

    7. On closer examination, the stranger would notice that Shelagh's hair had the odd strand of grey and that her complexion was of a rosy hue compared to Rosemary's which was pale and drawn

    8. He swept a long strand of light brown hair away from her eyes

    9. During a test procedure he had lost a (gloved) fingertip to a rogue strand, described an extreme burning sensation, worse than a scold from boiling water

    10. It was based in Strand about eighty kilometres from the centre of Cape Town, and it was a coastal town so I would still be near the sea

    11. I followed York after study to a restaurant on the beachfront in Strand leaving everyone wondering about our connection to each other

    12. A light sea breeze wafted a bothersome strand of hair across her face and fluttered the pages

    13. She only wore clothes that were white, lavender or lilac and always with a single strand of cultured pearls

    14. The rising sun was making dark silhouettes of the mountains to the east, and Raul didn’t want to miss sunrise, but he couldn’t greet it before freshening up with a steamy shower, a shave and preening to perfection his hair, mustache and any wayward strand about the ears or nose

    15. ” She presses a loose strand of hair back into her braid

    16. There was a loose strand that rested on the bridge of his nose

    17. strand of exposed intestine from across the guard’s groin with his

    18. Holding onto one final strand of his old life he drove up to the flat which Jasmin was renting

    19. Hermosa Strand? Is that place still even around?

    20. After we have a few drinks at the Hermosa Strand and see an acoustic show of Bob Mould in the upstairs room, Chris asks, “Ready to go home?”

    21. would gently stroke them with a strand of my hair just to see if they were still awake,

    22. I ignored her and tucked a loose strand of his hair behind his ear

    23. She pulled a strand of hair out of my head

    24. She cleared her throat and added my strand of hair to the strange light

    25. I took a strand of my hair and gave it to her so she could repeat the process

    26. Maggie dropped the strand of hair into the light, this time faster than last

    27. Adjusting a hair strand back to merge in his side curled pompadour, he smiles at me

    28. ” She tucks in a strand of hair behind her ear, and pauses as if to revise her thoughts

    29. ” Channing raises his hand to tuck a strand of hair behind my ear

    30. He holds my gaze, then answers, “I know,” tucking a loose strand of hair behind my ear

    31. absent-mindedly grabbed a strand of her hair to twist

    32. ” She pushed a stray strand of hair from over her eye

    33. He opens his eyes, seeing a long strand joining the lights in the corner to his own body

    34. She got up, faced the mind-executioner, brushing away a damp strand of hair from her forehead

    35. "I would like to eat hamburgers, and drink beer with you at The Strand some day," she said, naming a popular Manhattan Beach hole-in-the-wall

    36. Each strand gave off a low glimmer and quivered as she blinked at it, so the whole contraption was in constant movement

    37. strand of hair flapping into one of his eyes, causing it to narrow a

    38. I grabbed hold of another plastic strand that was

    39. bird that had become tangled inside it, a strand of rope wrapped

    40. and cut the strand of rope that was tying it to the spool without

    41. strand that was still hanging from its leg to the rock

    42. He scanned the beach, a curving strand of coarse sand and pebbles stretching for miles, with cozy stone houses pressed to the cliff behind it—protected from the west and southwest by a prominent point with a classic lighthouse

    43. The Soul Beast did not flinch as the dagger pierced its tough skin and more fire pulsed from the resultant wounds, but unlike Sorus, the flames fell harmlessly around her, without so much as singeing a single strand of hair

    44. Yours reminds me of a glimmering raven’s wing,” she said, touching a strand of my hair, lying on my shoulder

    45. Like a rope that is burning, and the rope holds up a pendulum ready to swing after the last strand is whisked away by the flame

    46. pendulum ready to swing after the last strand is whisked away by the flame

    47. “What about it?” he questioned, reaching to touch my hair and lifting a strand to his

    48. ” He reached to move a strand of my

    49. A cobweb, I thought, but then I looked at a strand of it on my palm and saw it was some kind of metal filament, so fine it was almost invisible

    50. Republished by Strand Book Stall, Mumbai

    1. The baggage handler hurried down the terminal hallway as fast as he could, so worried that the little carry-on would miss its flight and then be stranded there in Phoenix

    2. the single stranded cotton thread

    3. puppies by the cliff across the river, stranded on a

    4. “And it is not about being stranded in the Intermediate area! I would not wish that on anyone!”

    5. Chrissie didn’t need his confirming ‘It’s gone!’ to know that Kev had taken the car and left them stranded

    6. Stanley and Raymond told Xavier that they had found the distress signal for the Eidolon Spaceship; it was with a sailor who had gotten stranded in the middle of the ocean

    7. "Where have you been? How dare you leave me stranded?" The grin that exploded across his face, told a story all its own

    8. “I could imagine nothing better than to be stranded here for a century till the next expedition arrives,” Alfred told him

    9. " Mike echoed as he again left her stranded there alone

    10. Edgar ran to the stranded vehicle

    11. They tried the jack but couldn’t get it under the vehicle so they used the other crane to lift its stranded mate

    12. Rafe could be persuasive, his rise to power in Shattered Rock was proof of it, but would they listen to him, follow him, the very man who stranded them here to die?

    13. The thing is, if we’d been stranded on one of the

    14. and the possibility of being stranded in the snow at

    15. ‘It was either that or get stranded on the Somport

    16. Stranded like you

    17. That’s where she’d been headed before, when the storm had stranded her inside the Cave of Loizos

    18. But in this was the army split, for the soldiers upon the original wall did not have the same opportunity to escape, and they were left stranded in ern territory

    19. I had no idea how long the two of us would be stranded on the island, so it would be wise, I knew, to provide for our long-term needs as much as this opportunity would allow

    20. Now I’m stranded on a barren rock of a planet with, at best, dubious survival chances

    21. ‘Your wormhole is what may save the lives of that stranded ship’s crew

    22. ’ Yet his sarcastic tone didn’t feel inappropriate; he had a definite inkling that their true situation would be covered up … rather than explain how it could be that they were stranded four thousand light years from Earth

    23. It relayed to him a star map showing before him the distance from the stranded ship – a mere two point four million kilometres

    24. Now, stranded here, outer-space was a cold, empty, utterly indifferent to suffering

    25. The true reality of the situation hadn’t quite struck him until this moment: the base was now separated from the moon; the moon, the Earth, was no where to be seen; he was stranded in a structure that was in the process of becoming

    26. Well, surely that was the case now: the first and last human to be stranded over a thousand light years from Earth

    27. “Did you suppose,” he asked, “that you would be stranded on

    28. stranded on this desolate island in the middle of nowhere

    29. of customs in San Francisco informing that the men left stranded on Ponape Island by the Shenandoah had been left on the island for about two months

    30. I was left stranded in the house, unwanted and alone, unsure and alone, unloved and very much, very much alone

    31. South African Navy ships rescued the stranded advisors in an operation which justifies a book in suspense and made South African Chief of Staff General Constand Viljoen say "it was the most difficult night ever in my operational career

    32. So I’d decided I’d go in; use my mind, heart and soul, preferably only figuratively speaking, and destroy the gateway I’d once build myself once and for all, so then the Normal Bureau could go back to policing the odd cult, the few occultists that actually got the incantations right, and the occasional stranded demon that had forgotten to dial home

    33. Half his mind was infuriated close to bursting, because Amonas seemed to have had inadvertently stranded them somewhere

    34. We've seen this, when Snaggles are killed or when beasts get stranded

    35. The old woman was stranded, she could not return safely to her cottage

    36. He had to entertain the idea that he could be stranded in this lush version of hell with Hilderich as his sole companion for the rest of their lives

    37. She was stranded in a dark forest surrounded by creatures, appearing to help

    38. Severe snow storms in southern China left thirty-one provinces without power, and stranded six hundred thousand train passengers

    39. decent, and he was stranded, lost, and heart worn

    40. out of our condo and stranded, with my car fully loaded

    41. stranded ass to say hi? I know I look good, why can"t you have been the man

    42. ter could have experienced while being stranded in a parking lot with

    43. He had foolishly failed to carry a replacement and was stranded

    44. Over five million people were stranded without public transport in Tokyo and

    45. turned to five people stranded on the roof of a building adjacent to the hospital

    46. but he had left her stranded outside the love hotel

    47. wife and children were stranded

    48. How long had they been stranded?”

    49. stranded on the island with only a copy of REM and a tape player

    50. stranded on an island, he feels that it is his red-blooded American duty to

    1. “By stranding us here, he has strategically ensured we must accept his truth

    2. The black water rose quickly over the building, stranding them in pitch-blackness

    3. They waded thigh deep in the sea to present a suitably salt-stained appearance in line with the cover story of stranding

    4. I was looking forward to the excitement of stranding a big ship on the shores of Australia

    5. The ships inside the maze cannot see outward, yet the spectators can see inside the maze with the aid of x-ray glasses (should you choose to visit a Maze Shop and purchase the glasses at a price so astronomical that you will assuredly have no money left over for the fuel home, effectively stranding you and forcing you to rent your crew and ship out as Maze participants, with the promise of a decent pay cheque that would never arrive even in the rare chance that you escaped anyway)

    6. In September 1942, a B-17 crashed in the Pacific, stranding nine men on a raft

    7. The Japanese military surrounded the city of Nanking, stranding more than half a million civilians and 90,000 Chinese soldiers

    8. The grass was still pouring in from the country, surrounding the sidewalks, stranding the houses

    1. She still has a couple strands of purple hair sticking out of her knuckles

    2. Not that there’s a lot left on top now … just like his father! At least he doesn’t comb a few strands over the top like some men do

    3. I can picture Apollo holding it, experience it's texture, rubbing the strands between his thumb and index finger, "How could you do any of this? I was at the orphanage by then

    4. and whisper thin strands of celestial Sellotape

    5. She used her fingers to lift the strands of cheese

    6. Oxygen is administered and brows are wiped to clear sweat-covered strands of hair from closed eyes

    7. The movement of air threw strands of hair across her face, making her shake her head like a pony with an overlong mane

    8. Trade? How the hell should he know? He draws strands of thought together and tries to make them coalesce into something coherent

    9. with wispy grey strands of hair that wafted about

    10. Buttworst smiled and wiped his mouth, pushing away the gray strands

    11. She wore her hair pulled back but a few wild strands had fought their way

    12. Out from under there, regular polygons of ribbonleaves grew clumps of spaghetti strands out of their centers

    13. Even though the Yakhan is actually bigger, it is spread out into satellites and long, narrow urban strands along the canals

    14. The morning was cool, with thin strands of mist

    15. " Tetloan and Galimoto said at once, Tetloan rubbing his head while several strands of hair fell from the imps claws

    16. No more than a heartbeat later, several strands of energy from Brice's fingertips darted after it

    17. I guided Izzy to sing her energy into a spun web, which expanded into delicate strands she could pluck and project towards the objects in front of her

    18. Through those strands, she would be able to manipulate the objects

    19. The moment the braided strands collided with the elements, they lit up as bright as a star

    20. Renegade strands of her long black hair matted with dirt and drying blood suddenly whipped around much more quickly

    21. It had grown a great deal from the thin, lank strands that illness and the meager rations on the voyage left it

    22. Thick hair the color of charcoal and muted silver framed his face, wayward and rain-dampened strands clinging to his temples

    23. ” she took the strands of pasta from her plate and arranged them as rays emanating toward each of those at the table from the napkin still laying in the middle

    24. It spreads its tangled strands out across the adjacent path

    25. As the man finally turned ever so slightly to acknowledge her, strands of his auburn hair caught the wind and blew into his face

    26. Some of the strands clung to his tear-dampened cheeks

    27. I made the doll’s dress identical to the dress the little girl wore, and the hair was made up of strands from a rope I had untwisted

    28. Maybe a little rounder, and her hair contained a few strands of grey, but she was still the same Sarah I"d loved all my life

    29. Bert and Frank set up a row of pickets and I put my angle irons on them then Pat and Nobby strung a fence of four strands right along the length

    30. Pat and Nobby were still running strands of wire along the angled wire at the front and back this wire was sited at an angle narrowing down

    31. Running along the wall was D3 field telephone wires that looked like strands of wool twisting and winding themselves together as they disappeared around a bend in the trench

    32. Kiri’s hand was still twisting strands of his hair and, as his fingers brushed hers, he gently stroked her hand

    33. She pulled the tie from her hair and allowed the long, silky strands to fall across her shoulders

    34. The long strands of brown hair became red, like wildfire spreading across a desert

    35. The fine bristles of the brush glided with ease through the long, silky strands of brown hair

    36. At first he was afraid, but as he watched the red strands of flame dancing, he saw it as beautiful, comforting

    37. He opened his palms and stared blankly as the torn strands drifted to the floor

    38. As she pulled away from him, separated strands of hair fell across his face

    39. Laura slid her sword into her scabbard, pushing the escaped strands of auburn hair from her face with a distracted grimace

    40. Her lips trembled as she spoke and she stroked a few strands of hair away from my face

    41. Strands of my hair were escaping to curl around the sides of my face, and my cheeks had the first real flush that I’d seen in months

    42. From the rubber bands, strands of Herminia’s hair trailed across the surface of the water

    43. Look—” Troy tilted her face and brushed some loose strands of hair from her forehead

    44. There were strands and clumps of forest, where peasants once gathered firewood

    45. Strands of greasy-looking hair sheltered his ears and cheeks

    46. His face was adorned by a beard grown out of necessity, not choice, and his thin long hair was unkempt; a few wild strands jutted in strange directions

    47. They re-closed their luggage and, before leaving the room, Elizabeth plucked two hairs from her head and looped one around the catches on each of their suitcases, so that if they were opened, the strands of hair would be broken

    48. In their room, Elizabeth inspected their bags to see if the strands of hair had been disturbed, and gesturing a caution to Colling not to speak, pointed out that they had been

    49. She was limping painfully, getting slapped with branches and stuck in thick strands of spider webs that sent shudders through her, as she wiped desperately before one of the huge things could gain a foothold on her skin

    50. Even though it was Amonas who had dragged him into all this mess, he felt it was him all along that had guided him and kept him alive in order to untangle the strands of fate that had led them to the Centron

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