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    1. The footsteps were slow and measured

    2. I measured time in solid blocks of obscurity punctuated by the slide of battered tin across concrete

    3. My existence was measured by the inevitable smallness of bread and soap, of the stray fist and the gentle word

    4. Day, when all here are awake, is measured by blurs,

    5. ’ She said, never having actually measured it

    6. Distance is measured with the tap of white wood,

    7. The keeper obviously knew his type and without a word, brought out an optic and looked in Yarin's eye, then a ruler and calmly measured the width of his belly

    8. He took Yarin's cup and measured that, then went to his taps and began filling it with a thick, opaque, seed-leaf-green liquid

    9. "They've turned the glass," she said about the big sandglass on the bridge that measured the shifts

    10. As for Nikos, he showed a professional measured concern wrapped in amiable compassion

    11. 'It covers every topic,' I said and measured the thickness with the fingers of my

    12. proportionate and measured way

    13. reservation, but for many years has only measured

    14. have measured the body’s electrical activity under

    15. radiation that can be accurately measured and mapped

    16. The ratings were measured and

    17. Daedelus went on, “We have measured the extent of the area involved in the entanglements that give our spirits new life in this heaven

    18. She knew that sensation was caused by the small fraction of the sensors that were still destructive and let the measured quantum state revert to unknown

    19. that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again

    20. measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs

    21. 17And he measured the wall thereof, an hundred and forty and four cubits, according to

    22. She walks at a measured pace, letting the rocket fuse reach its zenith

    23. His movements are measured and concise

    24. He understood that it would be necessary to be more measured in his approach

    25. As each new hole was created, measured and left to begin the next one, Harry was there to fill it and fetch another pole for the next

    26. Carol's voice is measured and even

    27. Life is measured in seconds and right now Stevie wants more of them, a lot more, and for the first time since he urinated, he feels as though he might have a chance

    28. When they had both recovered themselves, the old man patted him on the back, “Having all the bits measured, cut, stacked and hidden, ready to go was a brilliant stroke my boy, simply brilliant,” concluded White Feathers

    29. His father measured from one corner of the addition toward the house proper and made a mark under the floorboards

    30. Ken keeps a measured pace with his boss, watching the doctor all the while, waiting for a movement or a look, anything that might suggest a rush of blood to the head

    31. “For the subject’s IQ to be measured correctly Mr

    32. She’d actually measured performance by holes in the sole of shoes

    33. measured so is my covenant with

    34. 17The angel measured the wall using human measurement, and it was 144

    35. said, speaking slowly and in a measured, careful voice

    36. The real value of all the different component parts of price, it must be observed, is measured by the quantity of labour which they can, each of them, purchase or command

    37. His cape rippled out behind him as he walked, and Emily could tell by the sluggish movement of his incredibly long legs, that he was patiently forcing himself into a slow, measured pace in order to match that of the children

    38. The newest article we saw said they had measured the density of the boulders as being too dense to be a starship because it would have to be filled in with loose rock and snow

    39. But his breath was so slow and measured, that even up close, it would be unperceivable

    40. The sounds of wood thrusting upon hide shields, deliberate steps and the measured praises of a watchful officer – the same one who had been at the execution, in fact – all had confirmed that she had moved in the right direction

    41. They’d measured the distance to see who had urinated the furthest

    42. Musical talents and interpersonal skills are not measured by IQ tests – which only measure verbal-linguistic and logical-mathematical domains – but IQ is routinely thought of as a statement of overall intelligence

    43. Woollen or linen cloth are not the regulating commodities by which the real value of all other commodities must be finally measured and determined ; corn is

    44. The real value of every other commodity is finally measured and detemnined by the proportion which its average money price bears to the average money price of corn

    45. Wisdom of words are invaribly measured by who is speaking them

    46. For strength evaluation of hardened concrete by nondestructive methods calibration charts are used, which related by measured indirect evaluation to the compressive strength of concrete

    47. There are others who will preserve the integrity of the continuum … but perhaps in not such a measured way

    48. I measured the little girl’s little feet, and, in the course of making the shoes, returned to measure them two more times

    49. Delivery of these unwelcome words likewise measured

    50. ‘Is he with us currently?’ Heigener asked in a measured tone that was meant to sound like earnestness

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    careful deliberate measured calculated metric metrical mensurable mensural uniform slow stately ascertained guarded