measured sätze

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Measured sätze (in englisch)

  1. Measured for a leg! good.
  2. It is measured using the.
  3. BP is usually measured as.
  4. Measured heaven with a span.
  5. Together they measured the sun.

  6. The ratings were measured and.
  7. Anna heard his high, measured.
  8. Every measured shot a kill shot.
  9. With measured step and even gait.
  10. He measured just 118 cm (3 ft 10.
  11. He measured his answer carefully.
  12. All measured by cause and effect.
  13. I measured it with the lead line.
  14. WORK is measured in terms of Kgm.
  15. Vogel measured the sugar carefully.

  16. It measured three decimeters long.
  17. It matters not that the measured.
  18. Carol's voice is measured and even.
  19. This measured IRP was negative (1.
  20. Alkalinity is usually measured in.
  21. Both mass and weight are measured.
  22. This outsize sofa measured 20.
  23. Fortnum measured his words carefully.
  24. He walked erect with measured steps.
  25. We measured the cost of bankruptcy.

  26. I would be measured by the soul;.
  27. His voice sounded deep and measured.
  28. Stream- flow measured as less than 0.
  29. I measured Shaw's shadow in the light.
  30. The footsteps were slow and measured.
  31. Smerdyakov measured him with his eyes.
  32. Flow rate is measured in gallons per.
  33. The lengthiest sofa measured 890.
  34. The controls effectiveness is measured.
  35. His movements are measured and concise.
  36. Sure, this had been measured by one man.
  37. It can only be measured by devices us-.
  38. The aspect of behavior that is measured.
  39. I hope again to hear the measured tones.
  40. Against some I have not yet been measured.
  41. Any fish that measured more than thirty.
  42. A long time was measured in hours or days.
  43. The woman measured him with a pitying look.
  44. The horses came along with measured steps.
  45. Any of its occurrences cannot be measured.
  46. Every measured kilometre represents nothing.
  47. But now he did not ride at a measured gait.
  48. Why can’t it be measured objectively?
  49. We measured from the ceiling to the point.
  50. The priest measured him with a pitying look.
  51. Those time intervals were measured in days.
  52. The hour had measured like most other hours.
  53. What is the human concept of measured Time?
  54. Our spiritual growth is not measured by the.
  55. The facility was measured on 17 October 2012.
  56. Crystal of silver-they measured them exactly.
  57. It has measured every tit that has ever been.
  58. Space is measured by time, not time by space.
  59. Or said in order to appear measured and calm.
  60. That is how he measured his time of prayer!.
  61. It is measured as a saturation level or inppm.
  62. He turned at last, with measured deliberation.
  63. Forty leagues and five you have measured ere.
  64. The two men had measured, unpanicked reactions.
  65. I've measured what I've lost and what I've won.
  66. What lay between us was not measured in time.
  67. He heard slow measured steps two flights above.
  68. Same as you use, it'll be measured back to you.
  69. His next words were very measured and too calm.
  70. It measured four to five miles in circumference.
  71. When they measured the rope they realised that.
  72. Options have specific risks that can be measured.
  73. They cannot be measured by using finite numbers.
  74. The flagpole is measured between points A and B.
  75. Volatility as measured by the VIX, 2005–2011.
  76. The distance of each race is intricately measured.
  77. De-evolution can be measured in human populations.
  78. Morality is measured in terms of like and dislike.
  79. The measured move objective (marked D in Figure 6.
  80. The weight of the soul, as measured in the Noetic.
  81. A frugal gift is measured first by it's usefulness.
  82. This is why the cycles of human history, measured.
  83. Kovroff again measured him with his eyes and smiled.
  84. The cave was dark and cramped, measured around 6 m2.
  85. How is the difference in individual lives measured?
  86. This projection is called the measured price target.
  87. From the moment of our birth our lives are measured.
  88. Delivery of these unwelcome words likewise measured.
  89. Poetry: Defined as, the measured language of emotion.
  90. They measured the radius of the bloodstain on the.
  91. Karl measured several spoons of sugar into her coffee.
  92. For the subject’s IQ to be measured correctly Mr.
  93. It should be 5 1/4 (He had measured before he left.
  94. Operating leverage is conceptually measured as % ∆.
  95. It must state the goal in things that can be measured.
  96. Its influence cannot in the least be measured by the.
  97. Josef held out his hand and measured the distance of.
  98. He measured also the porch of the gate within, one reed.
  99. My fast breath of unease slowed into measured calmness.
  100. Do you think that measured on the Richter scale?
  1. By using a measuring stick.
  2. Much time lost in measuring the.
  3. What will Measuring Progress do?
  4. Measuring stats is very important.
  5. It is calculated by measuring the.
  6. Yosef paused, measuring his answer.
  7. Effectively, we are measuring the.
  8. Perhaps less but I wasn't measuring.
  9. A measuring stick is an abstraction.
  10. We have to have a way of measuring.
  11. These are the devices measuring time.
  12. I looked at Knut, measuring his words.
  13. Check frame is square by measuring the.
  14. Kelly should have been the one measuring.
  15. He used his measuring tape to measure a.
  16. Sendak seemed to be measuring the statement.
  17. Indeed, they are measuring everything with.
  18. We faced each other, each measuring the other.
  19. You are afraid that you are not measuring up.
  20. Exploratory studies on measuring the Chinese.
  21. He gave it the once-over with a measuring eye.
  22. There is no measuring of a man won to the goal.
  23. Don’t forget to keep measuring those benefits.
  24. Every 10 minutes add about 1 measuring cup of.
  25. They were carrying spades and measuring sticks.
  26. Let's dispense with the measuring piece up front.
  27. Measure moisture each day with a measuring stick.
  28. In April of 1991, a major earthquake measuring 7.
  29. From measuring the temperature in the meat lock.
  30. Lov could feel the hatchling's eyes measuring him.
  31. He was deliberately measuring his words and spoke.
  32. Measuring the Length of the Move Before It Occurs.
  33. There is an other way of measuring the temperature.
  34. Mousavi looked at her gravely, measuring his words.
  35. We started out by measuring the stuff for the dough.
  36. This is the most objective way of measuring volume.
  37. Kelly could have made this measuring so much eas-.
  38. As with all their kind, they were huge, measuring.
  39. Sebastian considered, carefully measuring his words.
  40. They departed on 6 June 1896 in a skiff measuring 5.
  41. Measuring water parameters such as these will give.
  42. Ryan Stock (Canada) swallowed a sword measuring 43.
  43. I’ve seen price gaps measuring 20% to 40% and more.
  44. She stares at me like she is weighing and measuring me.
  45. They have been measuring the noosphere for a longtime.
  46. Andrus Aasamäe (Estonia) used a swing shaft measuring 7.
  47. In the 1930s, that was done by measuring tangible assets.
  48. Also, measuring BMI on anyone under 19 is very inaccurate.
  49. When he touched his lips to hers, however, measuring her.
  50. Vivian Wheeler (USA below) had facial hair measuring 25.
  51. Male: Swami Pandarasannadhi (India) had hair measuring 7.
  53. I marvel at why the ledge we stand on, measuring as huge as.
  54. Second, you need to know if the process you are measuring is.
  55. Measuring the Operating and Financial Health of the Business.
  56. Every 10 minutes add about 1 measuring cup (use less if the.
  57. Her brown eyes were very calm, measuring everything they saw.
  58. There are two main approaches to measuring the bid-ask spread.
  59. All these actions without measuring the results has no sense.
  60. He ignored me; he was measuring the length of rope in his hand.
  61. Your recruiter calls are a measuring tool not only of a suc-.
  62. James fixed his stare on Ethan, as if he was measuring him up:.
  63. In a 4-cup glass measuring cup stir together water and gelatin.
  64. Measuring inflation’s correlation with bad times is challenging.
  65. A really good plan will include a scale for measuring its quality.
  66. The shortest of the heku took out a measuring tape and carefully.
  67. Her eyes full of intelligence measuring, assessing my intentions.
  68. It has a capacity of 69 m³ (2,437 ft³) and a blade measuring 7.
  69. If Albert Einstein thought himself capable of measuring only the.
  70. Willie sat on a chair as his feet were placed in a measuring gauge.
  71. This is, after all, measuring the longer-term trend of this market.
  72. The sub-title of the book is Measuring the Real State of the World.
  73. He was forever looking at his maps and measuring distances on them.
  74. Volume is extremely helpful in measuring the conviction of the move.
  75. He looked gravely at the officer on his screen, measuring his words.
  76. Mix remaining ingredients in a measuring cup and add to the cabbage.
  77. The older measuring man had watched him out of the corner of his eye.
  78. What was he doing all that time? Why was he measuring buildings?
  79. Go around measuring how much faster, or higher or farther humans live.
  80. Jarvis—Oh! (They both are silent a moment, each measuring the other.
  81. This size measuring method was published first by A J Albrecht of IBM.
  82. Mather's Apparatus for measuring Expansions of Solid Bodies, 326, 328.
  83. This emotional attachment to the old measuring system causes havoc but.
  84. Of course, measuring your target heart rate can be a little complicated.
  85. Although there are definitional problems in measuring what is meant by.
  86. This camera – which produces instant photos measuring 20 x 24 in (50.
  87. We concentrate not so much on measuring an average that is derived in.
  88. I can believe in the concept of time if it is used only as a measuring.
  89. It’s almost relaxing, breaking ceramic disks and measuring the pieces.
  90. However, be sure you understand what your indicator is really measuring.
  91. Largest special-issue stamp: A stamp measuring 60 x 49.
  92. Therefore, ending stocks are a way of measuring total supply and demand.
  93. I’ve given you a basic method of measuring your progress in this free.
  94. Somewhere there are bureaucrats measuring life by the expected death rate.
  95. Any measuring and monitoring device used in projects should be calibrated.
  96. Measuring the width of the triangle base and then transposing it to the.
  97. Instead of measuring the change in sales and EBIT, the ROE equation uses.
  98. When measuring for wall and base units always allow some space at the end.
  99. Measurable: By measuring a goal one can stay on course and monitor progress.
  100. In measuring the l-fields of plants Burr found that the change of a single.
  1. By some measures, the U.
  2. You gave me two measures.
  3. Such sure measures had he.
  4. He who measures and guides.
  5. Curb it by drastic measures.
  6. Don't try on useless measures.
  7. Neso measures around 60 km (37.
  8. The largest book measures 5 x 8.
  9. The other crystal (left) measures 2.
  10. No, this required stronger measures.
  11. Those are for the statewide measures.
  12. They are for safety measures only.
  13. It also measures the power of a move.
  14. Communicate these measures to the crew.
  15. Do you know what this measures?
  16. The most common measures used are the.
  17. And that, dear reader, measures income.
  18. Insane security measures protecting it.
  19. The method that measures the electric.
  20. His measures had been taken with judgment.
  21. There can be no half measures on this Path.
  22. Practice four measures with the right hand.
  23. I had no measures to keep with him--I was.
  24. Elaborate security measures are taken and.
  25. I cannot concur in these half-way measures.
  26. Customary Measures and using the SI is as.
  27. There were no half measures, no in-betweens.
  28. Injunction of Secrecy on War Measures removed.
  29. See the section on performance measures for.
  30. Gravity Probe B: the satellite that measures.
  31. She really doesn’t believe in half measures.
  32. The god Anubis metaphorically measures the.
  33. The painting of the The Last Supper measures 9.
  34. There was an increase in all security measures.
  35. I shot the other body also, for safety measures.
  36. It was gradual and discouraged radical measures.
  37. But are these measures enough to stem the rapid.
  38. For convenience, we list these measures below:.
  39. Check the P/E ratio and other measures of value.
  40. For a moment they succeeded with their measures.
  41. Next, O’Shaughnessy examined measures of growth.
  42. First, it must be granted that some measures are.
  43. I have taken all the necessary measures to do so.
  44. Bunty never did anything by half measures, Sarah.
  45. When did our coercive measures commence? In 1806.
  46. I took to even more drastic measures to look older.
  47. Court who advised on the legality of the measures.
  48. Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures.
  49. The previous measures of France are declared by Mr.
  50. The index measures relative volatility in each year.
  51. He needed little provocation to take dire measures.
  52. Security measures will have to remain in effect to.
  53. The other half of setting measures is to allow for.
  54. Irregular circumstances call for irregular measures.
  55. This measures how options values decay through time.
  56. Those measures are easy to understand and to accept.
  57. Consequently, it measures volatility as much as it.
  58. The trial lawyers have opposed tort reform measures.
  59. Other Key Financial Measures, there are 37 financial.
  60. Chapter 21 reviews these measures and their pitfalls.
  61. Again, I wish I knew more about measures and the way.
  62. These measures, advisable to be taken in any case, Mr.
  63. Practising them in even small measures successfully.
  64. Basically, the GI measures a food’s effect on the.
  65. A number of preventive measures may have been employed.
  66. You were jealous of my culture even, and took measures.
  67. However, all of these security measures can be defeated.
  68. In light of the new security measures, Novaks revised.
  69. The way to stop complaints is to have objective measures.
  70. So when is it the wrong strategy? There are two measures.
  71. Zardino was particularly proud if his security measures.
  72. I wish to see the effect of the measures they have taken.
  73. Option risk measures are known collectively as the Greeks.
  74. Here it is at last—the granddaddy of valuation measures.
  75. Well, those measures should take care of Mount Olympus.
  76. In these times of war, the king supports harsh measures.
  77. Regarding rabies and cats and wildlife humane measures of.
  78. In a quarter-of-an-hour all necessary measures were taken.
  79. Carried to an extreme, the measures seemed at once to be.
  80. God bless and transform you for greatness beyond measures.
  81. He took no "preservative measures," as they may be called.
  82. And if bolder measures were necessary, she would take them.
  83. The value or worth of a market move is what volume measures.
  84. Acne skin care is about being aware of preventive measures.
  85. As Robin said: desperate times call for desperate measures.
  86. They hoped that these harsh measures would achieve that aim.
  87. As a result of this resistance, we took measures to try to.
  88. As soon as Sidorov enters a guard comes up and measures him.
  89. The Chief Of Police knew what more austerity measures meant.
  90. But as they say desperate times call for desperate measures.
  91. Show us what measures you've taken to alleviate those fears.
  92. The security measures are tight passing off of the exit lane.
  93. And while I am on earth, I make haste to take my own measures.
  94. It measures the efficiency of a company’s use of its assets.
  95. Natural saltwater measures at an alkalinity of approximately.
  96. I can improve our chances of survival by taking these measures.
  97. Godin’s Klout score, a number from 1-100 that measures how.
  98. ABC focuses on work; it measures the costs of work activities.
  99. You need a scale that measures your body weight to the nearest.
  100. He was going to have to go to extreme measures to save himself.

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1. They are a measure of.
2. The Measure of a Man, n.
3. Business is a measure of.
4. Measure at least 10 key.
5. He was taking our measure.
6. She was cut to my measure.
7. Is the measure of a man.
8. Finally, a measure of calm.
9. We are the best to measure.
10. Is the Measure of Greatness.
11. There is no measure of time.
12. That is the measure of a man.
13. Good start to measure with.
14. The measure is called gamma.
15. Third is the measure of stats.
16. Productivity is a measure of.
17. But the measure more intense.
18. Bar – a measure of pressure.
19. This is the real measure of.
20. The lye was for good measure.
21. Entropy is a measure of a.
22. How To Measure The Success Of.
23. Polygons, on the measure of, G.
24. To find love that will measure.
25. In 2-quart glass measure with.
26. A way to measure out the wind?
27. Return all to the 4-cup measure.
28. It is very easy to measure the.
29. Increase in the Measure of Time.
30. He then goes beyond all measure.
31. Man the Measure of All Things, n.
32. To measure age, with every cold.
33. And a very small measure at that.
34. Time becomes the measure of truth.
35. We all need a measure of dignity.
36. A measure for measure is treasure.
37. And another one for good measure.
38. I believed nothing could measure.
39. There was no measure of my dismay.
40. This measure was distasteful to me.
41. Cor: A measure of 53 to 55 gallons.
42. It's difficult to measure DOC in.
43. Measure the moves when trading momo.
44. He can see it all for good measure.
45. You’ll measure this on a weekly.
46. We Can Only Love To the Measure.
47. Life Lock has taken every measure.
48. The Greeks are used to measure risk.
49. Time is merely the measure of the.
50. God has set a measure to all things.
51. What is the measure of my creation?
52. And rushes not but waits to measure.
53. Where was heard the mingled measure.
54. It was difficult to measure the man.
55. For good measure he locked the door.
56. It’s a handy measure to understand.
57. How can gold and silver measure the.
58. Niggers and spics did not measure up.
59. His son began to measure the building.
60. Lien as measure of safety, 144–151.
61. Lower it in and measure the depth.
62. You can measure the amount of total.
63. This is more of a security measure.
64. Then add more cheese for good measure.
65. A third way to measure is with a pH.
66. I measure my life in ice cream spoons.
67. A good measure of the money Epaphras.
68. Test, measure and continually improve.
69. Do you want to measure it, Doyle?’.
70. It should measure 2 inches by 2 inches.
71. Newton said it must by the measure of.
72. To measure the end of the Universe is.
73. There is doubtless a measure of truth.
74. Science cannot measure Actual Infinity.
75. Again, use a teaspoon and measure the.
76. The best measure is to use at minimum.
77. Q: By what measure shall I measure it?
78. We can measure volume and surface area.
79. It’s just a precautionary measure.
80. The tank-refill is an emergency measure.
81. He cleared his throat for good measure.
82. It’s a useful measure of unemployment.
83. As an added measure of protection, in-.
84. Untilled is yet the measure of my woes;.
85. There are three ways to measure volume:.
86. The Best Measure of Vertical Spread Cost.
87. It's that we are powerful beyond measure.
88. Measure and moderation is the primary key.
89. To measure out my length on this cold bed.
90. If the change-in-price ratio measure is.
91. By one measure I might have saved myself.
92. The embargo is intended as a war measure.
93. It is beyond all measure and description.
94. He used his measuring tape to measure a.
95. No law and no standard to measure against.
96. About the only thing I can measure is if.
97. The body knows its measure, but the mind.
98. He can’t measure it, doesn’t even try.
99. It was Theo's turn to measure his thoughts.
100. It was sad and hilarious in equal measure.