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    1. ” Aldous still marvelled at the price Kira had got for artwork he and his brother had dismissed as nonsense for years

    2. Hearing it on the news and living in it were very different, Talstan's Angels still sounded like nonsense

    3. Nonsense; he was well-dressed and his hair was nicely combed; he had not gone swimming

    4. “Nondas told me the guy was making fun of us because we were talking nonsense,” she concluded

    5. “I don't understand what's the meaning of this all! Frankly, I can't understand why this woman lives! She goes to one place; she goes to another place; so, what? All this is nothing but nonsense for people who have no reason to live!” she concluded, full of contempt for old-maid Ivy

    6. I was reduced to staring at all the unlikely tabloid nonsense, vapid autobiographies and visiting every nook and searching every cranny of the concourse in trying to while away the time

    7. Watching Alessandra enjoying the clouds as she strode on in front made me ignore any further nonsense from my calves and concentrate on that stepped and steady climb

    8. The boulders turned to rocks and it wasn't long before we were in our stride, ever dropping down and down through that slit in the land, like kids on a school trip chattering about all the nonsense in our lives, down and down toward the little chapel on the beach

    9. He might discuss her with Ava, but he was still forbidden to speak of her and even if he could, he couldn't use any of the nonsense Yellelle spouted in the upcoming discussion

    10. 'And guess who was at the top? Which party? Secular nonsense again,' Omi

    11. It was just the data that was nonsense

    12. medieval sciences were nonsense that they would develop as real

    13. “There’s no need to go over that nonsense again

    14. “There is other nonsense you don’t want me talking about, where the cash goes for instance

    15. stop to this nonsense

    16. He was tiring of this nonsense

    17. "Nonsense! It protects me from the aliens reading my thoughts!" Sunil said

    18. ‘It was all nonsense – a misunderstanding,’ he

    19. “I don’t have time for this nonsense,” Stenworth said as he fired his gun

    20. This doctrine of theirs is all nonsense

    21. All because of nonsense - but such are the

    22. she determined to put all the nonsense that had been

    23. "Absolute nonsense" said Betty brushing her sleeves down and buttoning her cuffs, "But full marks for a very pretty tale, and thank for having us all the same, it was decent of you to rescue us

    24. "Nonsense that's a sea water species Seaboy, that you should at least know

    25. "Nonsense, we'll go over Dort and maybe as far as Granny's even"

    26. “Its all a lot of nonsense really

    27. retributions, curses and all sorts of other nonsense in

    28. and on with your nonsense

    29. Spouting your nonsense at every festival

    30. matter the nonsense that she spouted to an insect?

    31. He was thus placed under house arrest (so he wouldn’t be running off at the mouth again in the future with all that nonsense of his), and remained as a vilified, maligned, in-home prisoner for the last eight years of his life until his death

    32. He’s going to drive us mad with all this nonsense,” he blurted out, glad to get it off his chest

    33. Wouldn’t you agree that the time has come to stop this nonsense of ‘more of the same’ that has taken you nowhere but in endless circles and dead ends on your journey? Haven’t you tired of being the rambling vagabond who always arrives, but never really gets there?”

    34. … The mind aroused by this insistence seeks and finds nothing but contradictions and nonsense

    35. ” She knew this was pretty much nonsense, but felt it was a good thing to say to him

    36. that this is superstitious nonsense

    37. willing to waste it talking about nonsense, and that you

    38. The King’s argument was, that anything that had a head could be beheaded, and that you weren’t to talk nonsense

    39. If the teacher happens to be a man of sense, it must be an unpleasant thing to him to be conscious, while he is lecturing to his students, that he is either speaking or reading nonsense, or what is very little better than nonsense

    40. A private teacher could never find his account in teaching either an exploded and antiquated system of a science acknowledged to be useful, or a science universally believed to be a mere useless and pedantic heap of sophistry and nonsense

    41. 'We'll always have Paris?' What kind of defeatist nonsense is that? He's got the letters of transit and he's in love with Bergman

    42. Only, there was a problem: what came out beyond the headline instructions appeared to be garbled nonsense

    43. "Nonsense," he said, eventually

    44. nonsense that porn stars spouted while they

    45. “It is almost always superstitious nonsense, laden with rumour and folklore

    46. ” I replied don’t talk nonsense Mabel Beth managed to get some and we are eating it now and I say good on her

    47. incoherent nonsense, apart from the bit everyone heard about

    48. A nonsense concept that says, in effect, that college or high school classroom learning will be enhanced, provided only that those of mixed races and cultural heritages will be in the same room

    49. Nonsense! Education is a lifelong process

    50. Nonsense concept, acceptable only by so-called liberal intellectuals

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    falderol folderal frill gimcrack gimcrackery nonsense trumpery bunk hokum meaninglessness nonsensicality nonsensical flightiness thoughtlessness fickleness foolishness giddiness rashness folly absurdity rubbish balderdash scribble baloney imprudence madness stupidity joke fun