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    1. At the same time it has been observed for years, for instance, that many executives with high-pressure jobs seem to remain quite healthy until old age – they seem to flourish in their pressure-cooker jobs

    2. The most important contacts I observed are the following:

    3. "Wow," he said as he came into view and observed the last houri he had been playing with

    4. "But you're here to tell the tale," Fyasin observed

    5. It would be easy enough to follow the herd's trail, Alan observed, and there was a good chance they would be somewhere on that route

    6. He was looking mighty handsome she observed

    7. but observed everything without anyone noticing they were there

    8. ROBERT: On the night of April 12, as you observed her, did Samantha seem intoxicated?

    9. They were the largest concentration of metals that had ever been observed, and had been closely studied because of that, but it was their motions of the previous year that caused them to send for him

    10. Many of the Yoga exercises are based on the natural stretching of healthy animals which the ancient Yogis, who formulated the science of Hatha Yoga, observed and emulated

    11. "It's pretty well built," Desa observed as they started down the stairwell for this slip

    12. "I think this woman knows she can choose any bed she wants," Gonzar observed

    13. Nuplayy observed one smaller object had fallen from the remaining piece and he thought it would impact but it had moved out of the range of his scope

    14. The boys became roving reporters who went about camp each day and simply observed what was going on

    15. The White contacted their lead dragon, Wolf, after he observed a particularly nasty fight, and saluted them for their valor

    16. Kate watched for a while and observed that there was a kind of sadness about him

    17. He was sifting the data in various ways, trying to reconcile it with observed course corrections in the impactors

    18. They were led to their seats and Duncan observed that they had reconfigured the seatbelts, as Duncan and Rayne were a lot smaller than their hosts

    19. From the walkway ramp Lord Tarak observed all of this with amusement

    20. The advantage of the Hold was obvious, surrounding areas could be observed for hundreds of miles in all directions

    21. They were discussing the phenomenon they were chasing, which they had already observed even before they finished the calibration

    22. Rayne observed Tarak with growing respect as they went to several other farms and all were greeted in the same way

    23. “It has been observed several times, a young maid of this floor speaking with Lord Boras’

    24. “There is another thing I have noticed my Lord,” Master Seatac watched Lord Tarak’s face as he continued, “Her eyes sir, they are as violet as our own women’s eyes; and I’ve observed her doing things our way, without any instructions

    25. “There are many other things I have observed these past several days, my Lord” the stable master continued, “she does things our way without realizing it; things that only an Ogatu would know to do

    26. Because of things I have observed, I have come to believe she may be one of us

    27. I’ve observed that trapped emotions are actually

    28. He was observed chuckling to himself as he left the COM

    29. High above their movements were being observed by highly trained shadows

    30. But twisting and contorting what they have observed have instead learned to

    31. achievable, but from what I have observed, there is

    32. horrors they observed around them varied widely

    33. presume that all things may be observed and evaluated? Discover what is

    34. I observed Cordra watching them from where she stood in the kitchen, and I could scarcely believe what I saw

    35. Granddad observed shrewdly, you could see the signs of a long-term

    36. Davie has ended lives on Glasgow's heavy, swollen streets, but he has never observed death as part of an industrial process

    37. gleaning was still observed

    38. expression – it was one he had observed on Bram’s face on a regular

    39. Meanwhile he had also observed the curious antics in which Harry engaged during each episode following his great-niece's directions for his accomplishing the otherwise unremarkable chores around the house

    40. It can easily be observed how a person's emotional construction may evolve, his belief systems shift, that is to say the meanings of his knowledge can change

    41. Unbeknownst to anyone, Jameson had secretly observed, when his own training permitted, Titania and Hipolyta as they performed some of their own challenges and tasks

    42. He thought about the old women he had observed gleaning

    43. ” He observed without emotion

    44. Had there been any passersby, they would have observed only a beautifully choreographed dance by two elegant women which protected them from painful death at the hands of a master

    45. “You haven’t observed the peasant areas,” Elmore said

    46. “I’ve observed up to here, and I’ve found the people to be just about the same as the people in Bostok

    47. Traditional holidays shall be observed

    48. ’ As Jean had observed on many

    49. It makes the most sense so far for the observed behavior, even though it is less than flattering to my ego

    50. Since Victoria's campaign to look more appealing to Theology, she had become relatively devout, even though she still never observed a Sabbath

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