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    1. Some since they have discovered that God have given

    2. BT (Bacterium Thuringiensis) discovered in 1911, is a type of natural bacteria found in the stomach of certain caterpillars

    3. She was pretty sure from the depth of the dust that Jorma and Venna had not discovered it either, but Hernon was too wound to listen to that much reason

    4. The conditions that invite wood damaging termites can be discovered and corrected long before the problem gets out of hand

    5. We are here for a higher purpose which, when discovered and fulfilled, provides permanent peace of mind and lasting soul fulfillment

    6. What you might need is to discover for yourself what people involved in real spiritual practice have discovered for thousands of years

    7. "They have more information in their data system than I could have discovered in my life

    8. This was where the carbon-fiber bacteria was discovered, well before 3000bc

    9. She wasn't interested in whether their technology worked or not, only that it was never discovered by anyone from the outside world

    10. were light years ahead with un-detectable methods and didn't even concern themselves with being discovered

    11. It didn’t last long in Stephen’s case, he discovered girls properly not long after that

    12. Look through the verses in this chapter and list the character traits discovered about this King

    13. Some days later it was discovered that at least one brother was discouraging the making of such future plans and thus the whole plan fell apart

    14. Over those four days of starvation and indiscriminate thuggery, through twelve solitary periods of long stupefaction, I discovered doubt and personal recrimination, emotions about which I had previously known nothing

    15. I’ve discovered that he lives in a house up by the quarry on the western boundaries of the village – I’ve not seen it but he says there are fantastic views over the village from his bedroom window … I contemplate what it would be like to find out … then read myself the riot act for being so … so … optimistic

    16. So, while Betty and I drag the boxes of decorations out of the cupboard where they live during the rest of the year, the men bring in the barrel used for the tree which is kept in Fred’s shed for some reason I cannot fathom, and the tree itself which has been lying in my drive for the last two days resulting in me having to park in the car park but that was a minor inconvenience, though I didn’t think so when I left my mobile in the car and only discovered it an hour later by which time the rain was pouring down

    17. I discovered new horizons, and daily I journeyed across the plains of my meagre captivity in search of the treasure caves of Ali-Baba and his forty thieves

    18. I discovered in Menachem, for all of his worldliness, an almost constant source of optimism, whereas I, still feeling my way into manhood, could swing through the scales of euphoria and black melancholy with comparative ease

    19. We each discovered the complexity of games and fantasies, inventing new ways to fill the long hours of immobile captivity

    20. I … we … I only discovered that James existed fairly recently

    21. No matter how hard He tried to order creation, however, he continually discovered unwelcome shades of black within the unlimited spaces of the void, and in so doing He revealed even more of a personality

    22. In reading this book you discovered something about your

    23. ‘But down to business – what exactly have you discovered, Karalintze?’

    24. were discovered only when the had soup boiled merrily

    25. About the only thing she really knew is that large data bursts were usually introduced with header activity in those first headers Thom had discovered on channel thirty seven

    26. He discovered a way to preserve fruit

    27. In the mid-60’s, a group of archeologists discovered a storage room for Herod’s dates and figs, and they undid the jars and ate them… and then visited the royal bathroom (the bathroom thing is a joke; didn’t really happen)

    28. We’ve discovered one, and it wasn’t that large, but then there was another stadium dug up

    29. It was she who discovered your unusual resistance to Earth’s effects

    30. She was delightful, and utterly stubborn, and he soon discovered, a deeply passionate woman

    31. Under his tuition, I cautiously hit the rock which obligingly splits in two to reveal the twin of the ammonite he discovered only moments ago

    32. He had discovered Jake one week after he arrived at the camp

    33. "They may have discovered a more advanced civilization that taught them much

    34. It was a stupid reason to wed, as we very quickly discovered, but we tried to make it work, especially once Deris came along

    35. So when a new process was discovered of refining sugar cheaply and in large quantities honey began to lose its popularity as a sweetening agent and became increasingly less available as sugar became more so

    36. His hand sliding up the inside of her thigh discovered that she didn't need to wait til Noonsleep either

    37. It was through their search for dragon lore that they discovered they could hear and speak to all the other dragons

    38. On top of that, instrumentation had discovered another ship paralleling their course and Alan had to re-check the data on the blanks all that instrumentation was blown into

    39. The man I was looking for was some sort of curator, at least that’s what I had discovered, though I’d worried that locating him might be another matter

    40. Think about it," she said, "If one guy, Thom, by himself while on expedition, can detect them as a hobbyist, what have the remainder of mankind's universities, governments and corporations discovered in the two hundred years they've been working on it full time with teams and budgets?"

    41. 'Your father discovered some of these criminal activities were happening on his own doorstep

    42. This, obviously, will cost money and, if the truth is not discovered quickly, it can cost you a lot of money

    43. 'Some time ago, the church authorities began important restoration work on the frescoes and there was great excitement when it was discovered that the walls held this mystery

    44. "The impactors can be coming from as far as out here, and they may be controlled using the signals I've discovered

    45. He received messages from the other Holds and discovered that several had had incursions also

    46. Wasn't Gordon's Lamp the same? Did they have anything to come back to? Sometimes he wished Ava had never discovered Alan's hack and they had stayed in orbit studying the planet at 61 Cygni

    47. What if Alfred had been right and they should have stayed and studied the planet at 61 Cygni until the next expedition arrived? True it wasn't the wonder Alan had imagined, but it was still the only place outside Earth where macroscopic biology had been discovered

    48. He seemed to be saying that the information transfer he had discovered was controlling the impactors that were aimed at the Angels

    49. She explored every street of the Hold, and then went out into the surrounding forests and discovered the creatures in them

    50. Back at Sol they take it for granted now because it was discovered a generation ago and has always agreed with theory

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