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    1. What three steps she followed to obtain

    2. You can make the preparation suggested or you can obtain it from the herbal store

    3. It is said that entire mountains were destroyed and thousands of human slaves lost to obtain enough ore to smelt it

    4. I also have found it to be true that by controlling the ants, you obtain a greater control of the aphids that are attacking your roses, etc

    5. The approach should fit in the community context, reinforcing the traditional value of respect for the elderly in order to strengthen informal, family care for older people while utilizing their influence to solve day-to-day problems and obtain the cooperation of village population to the government

    6. We hope to obtain an interview with Mr Hansard very shortly

    7. not accepting deliverance, that they might obtain a better resurrection…

    8. ing deliverance, that they might obtain a better resurrection

    9. It took some minutes to alert the girl ostensibly serving at the counter but Kara managed to obtain some refreshments eventually

    10. True worship should be a spontaneous expression of a reality that has been obtained corporately, by a people who have been long enough and intensely enough together to obtain it

    11. If we need any other means of transport, we shall have to obtain it when we are there

    12. He was to obtain the name of the fruit, to purchase some young trees and to plant them in the orchard at the manor without delay

    13. There are a few things that do work; we have some electricity, which we obtain as your forefathers no doubt did, thru water energy

    14. = The Results You Want To Obtain

    15. parent is testing a child, they should be sure to obtain

    16. They know the right questions to ask for in help, the right things to obtain to

    17. Just remember that you always need to obtain

    18. to obtain the name of the fruit, to purchase some young trees and to

    19. Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy

    20. “Yes, now add it to itself to obtain two sevenths,” answered his guest

    21. I mention this because my daughter has only known the benefits of my labors and has no firsthand knowledge of the hardships faced to obtain this level of accommodation

    22. "But it's going to take more than a few years to obtain all the information, he packs around in his little finger

    23. So once she was able to obtain the wilily beast, he was the first thing to be sprayed

    24. day thirty agents tried to obtain him but only eleven are left

    25. years which it was necessary to study, in order to obtain the degree of master of arts, appears

    26. It is everywhere much easier for a wealthy merchant to obtain the privilege

    27. of trading in a town-corporate, than for a poor artificer to obtain that of working in it

    28. It can always purchase or command a greater or smaller quantity of labour, and somebody can always be found who is willing to do something in order to obtain it

    29. The poor, in order to obtain food, exert themselves to gratify those fancies of the rich ; and to obtain it more certainly, they vie with one another in the cheapness and perfection of their work

    30. They were astonished to observe the rage of the Spaniards to obtain them; and had no notion that there could anywhere be a country in which many people had the disposal of so great a superfluity of food; so scanty always among themselves, that, for a very small quantity of those glittering baubles, they would willingly give as much as might maintain a whole family for many years

    31. Its ruined, a days ration of the finest porridge I could obtain

    32. There was only one force the Dead Tree feared, one world it could not obtain

    33. he could obtain in case of war or peace, calamities etc

    34. to obtain all those objects or services? They are useless

    35. How will they obtain your software? (Will they log-in or is it a licensed

    36. them… they will want to know where they can obtain it from

    37. Tell the readers you have an even easier method and they can obtain the

    38. they can obtain what you have hinted at

    39. Fresh, succulent meat served up hot and juicy right off the all-natural, prairie dining table would put a smile on his face and a sweet, gurgling sound in his stomach whenever he was fortunate enough to obtain the quantity and quality of rations that his organism called out for

    40. Those whom the law could not protect, and who were not strong enough to defend themselves, were obliged either to have recourse to the protection of some great lord, and in order to obtain it, to become either his slaves or vassals; or to enter into a league of mutual defence for the common protection of one another

    41. Fresh, succulent grasses and other options served up ripe and juicy right off the all-natural, prairie dining table would put a smile on her face and a sweet, gurgling sound in her stomach whenever she was fortunate enough to obtain the quantity and quality of rations that her organism called out for

    42. In consequence of its being the instrument of commerce, when we have money we can more readily obtain whatever else we have occasion for, than by means of any other commodity

    43. strength and limitations; it’s one of the more effective ways to obtain

    44. First, every individual endeavours to employ his capital as near home as he can, and consequently as much as he can in the support of domestic industry, provided always that he can thereby obtain the ordinary, or not a great deal less than the ordinary profits of stock

    45. " Country gentlemen and farmers, dispersed in different parts of the country, cannot so easily combine as merchants and manufacturers, who being collected into towns, and accustomed to that exclusive corporation spirit which prevails in them, naturally endeavour to obtain, against all their countrymen, the same exclusive privilege which they generally possess against the inhabitants of their respective towns

    46. To dream that you are holding on to a railing suggests that you are desperately holding out for a chance to obtain the object of you affection

    47. To dream that you are reading indicates that you need to obtain more information and knowledge before making a decision

    48. I also know that Arioch plans to obtain the interpretation from Babylon’s gods, but he will not succeed

    49. in order to obtain a new receipt for another six months

    50. He said that his “greatest happiness consists precisely in doing nothing whatever that is calculated to obtain happiness

    1. For by it the elders obtained a good testimony

    2. On the other side stand the ones that have obtained this new life and are living from it

    3. But that resurrection is not obtained because God decided to give life at the end

    4. That resurrection is obtained by those that God has given His life while they were yet in their mortal bodies

    5. True worship should be a spontaneous expression of a reality that has been obtained corporately, by a people who have been long enough and intensely enough together to obtain it

    6. family obtained a court injunction that the bank could not use the property for

    7. to see the results that are obtained

    8. “That is the nature of a symbol, isn't it? Like a compass, it points to a direction without offering instructions for how to get there? Armed with the knowledge that all things could be explained through the interactions of these two ideals: a trinity of forces, and a seven-folded expression of those forces, compels the seeker to exercise that same capacity for reason in order to discover an instruction manual---the understanding---from which the symbol was obtained

    9. Was he all that different, she now was covered with his bruises? Although admittedly, most of them came from packing grain bags, only a few were obtained when the truck whirled about

    10. there was no mistaking where Heather obtained her beauty

    11. resentful, and he obtained great satisfaction in taking out

    12. They obtained permission for Otto to take the tour for the mobility challenged as there was no way that Otto would have managed the walking needed for the main tour

    13. obtained the finest wines he could find, and a group of the

    14. publication of notice in writing, is very seldom obtained ; and the design of the acts is not so

    15. In 1731, they obtained an order of council, prohibiting both the planting of new vineyards, and the renewal of these old ones, of which the cultivation had been interrupted for two years, without a particular permission from the king, to be granted only in consequence of an information from the intendant of the province, certifying that he had examined the land, and that it was incapable of any other culture

    16. If his calculations deserve any part of the reputation which they have obtained very universally, eight-and-forty shillings the quarter was a price which, without some such expedient as the bounty, could not at that time be expected, except in years of extraordinary scarcity

    17. because it had been obtained thanks to the “merits

    18. And once obtained is better

    19. obtained wealth, have donated large portions of their wealth to help others

    20. Obviously, they are obtained

    21. nearby, from whom I obtained the necessary

    22. If they were turned out illegally by the violence of their master, the action by which they obtained redress was extremely imperfect

    23. They give a new value to the surplus part of the rude produce, by saving the expense of carrying it to the water-side, or to some distant market ; and they furnish the cultivators with something in exchange for it that is either useful or agreeable to them, upon easier terms than they could have obtained it before

    24. By the removal of the unnecessary mouths, and by exacting from the farmer the full value of the farm, a greater surplus, or, what is the same thing, the price of a greater surplus, was obtained for the proprietor, which the merchants and manufacturers soon furnished him with a method of spending upon his own person, in the same manner as he had done the rest

    25. Zarko recognised the ‘seven wise owls’ who had boasted that they had obtained and interpreted the king’s dream

    26. When that is obtained, there is no difficulty in making any subsequent purchase

    27. The silk manufacture, though altogether employed upon foreign materials, has lately obtained the same advantage

    28. The linen manufacture has not yet obtained it, but is making great strides towards it

    29. Many other sorts of manufactures have, in the same manner obtained in Great Britain, either altogether, or very nearly, a monopoly against their countrymen

    30. In the same manner as the latter inflame their workmen, to attack with violence and outrage the proposers of any such regulation; to attempt to reduce the army would be as dangerous as it has now become to attempt to diminish, in any respect, the monopoly which our manufacturers have obtained against us

    31. The divine mystery of all creation which is to be seen and contemplated, opens up that unique and thoughtful incomparable knowledge of the glory which is not obtained by abandoning creation but by piercing through it with exercise of the spirit and soul combined

    32. In modern times, the proof of reincarnation could be obtained from testimonials of people around the globe, who had undergone past life hypnotic regression

    33. Frequently, when the reason is obtained, the respective phobia or pain subsides accordingly

    34. Most of them had obtained their knowledge of what the sex act is all about from Anna Switzer

    35. Concrete with high early age strength can be obtained by regulation of SP

    36. Many a times, answers to inventors’ questions or missing pieces of scientific puzzles are obtained from their dreams

    37. The legendary Albert Einstein was said to have obtained the elusive answers to his great discoveries via this dream state

    38. Comparatively high quality of these materials is obtained at steam curing

    39. The settlements which different European nations have obtained in the East Indies, if they were taken from the exclusive companies to which they at present belong, and put under the immediate protection of the sovereign, would render this residence both safe and easy, at least to the merchants of the particular nations to whom those settlements belong

    40. They have not only obtained a monopoly against the consumers, by an absolute prohibition of importing woollen cloths from any foreign country; but they have likewise obtained another monopoly against the sheep farmers and growers of wool, by a similar prohibition of the exportation of live sheep and wool

    41. They have obtained likewise the drawback of two-thirds of the excise duties imposed upon their commodity, even when exported without further manufacture

    42. Woollen yarn and worsted are prohibited to be exported, under the same penalties as wool even white cloths we subject to a duty upon exportation; and our dyers have so far obtained a monopoly against our clothiers

    43. So, bright and early the next morning, we visited the Philadelphia City Hall where we obtained legal permission to marry in the state of Pennsylvania

    44. The privileges of graduates in arts, in law, physic, and divinity, when they can be obtained only by residing a certain number of years in certain universities, necessarily force a certain number of students to such universities, independent of the merit or reputation of the teachers

    45. If in each college, the tutor or teacher, who was to instruct each student in all arts and sciences, should not be voluntarily chosen by the student, but appointed by the head of the college ; and if, in case of neglect, inability, or bad usage, the student should not be allowed to change him for another, without leave first asked and obtained ; such a regulation would not only tend very much to extinguish all emulation among the different tutors of the same college, but to diminish very much, in all of them, the necessity of diligence and of attention to their respective pupils

    46. But those privileges can be obtained only by attending the lectures of the public teachers

    47. Each result that is obtained is divisible by 7 exactly

    48. What then? Israel hath not obtained that which he seeketh for; but the election hath obtained it, and the rest were blinded (According as it is written, God hath given them the spirit of slumber, eyes that they should not see, and ears that they should not hear;) unto this day

    49. We have limited technology available to probe it and conclusions that are drawn are obtained from sketchy information at best

    50. Others, without acquiring the property, obtained leases for terms of years, of the lands which they occupied under their lord, and thus became less dependent upon him

    1. An alchemist will be successful at obtaining the desired result

    2. 3 Obtaining the chest

    3. friends given the chance? Only if it kept him from his objective of obtaining

    4. The saga of obtaining an exchange student is still ongoing

    5. requisite for obtaining this freedom

    6. The difficulty of obtaining settlements obstructs even that of

    7. Such a paper money would, no doubt, fall more or less below the value of gold and silver, according as the difficulty or uncertainty of obtaining immediate payment was supposed to be greater or less, or according to the greater or less distance of time at which payment was exigible

    8. Everyone is focusing on their obtaining sufficient quantities of the limited resources, resulting in differences in their survival rate and therefore, their possibilities for reproduction and advancement

    9. In his teaching he stressed the practical methods of obtaining what he found, which was nirvana (nirvana is the greatest happiness that humans can feel)

    10. He supposed these were just a part of the sexual feeling he was obtaining from her passionate lips

    11. She had had too many experiences where, she was certain, luck had played a vital role in her obtaining sexual gratification, a thing fondly to be wished for, strived for at all costs

    12. As no inhabitant of a town can exercise an incorporated trade, without first obtaining his freedom in the incorporation, so, in most cases, no subject of the state can lawfully carry on any branch of foreign trade, for which a regulated company is established, without first becoming a member of that company

    13. He was buoyed along at the prospect of obtaining a new body

    14. In the red-shift example, if we had freedom of movement in the Universe, it would have contributed immensely to the resolution of our measurements and assisted us in obtaining more certainty from the conclusions that scientists are drawing

    15. From obtaining these measurements, we would know that the galaxy is probably not moving away from Earth, but that the speed of light is more likely to be slowing down

    16. Man is the hunter gatherer and is out there obtaining the

    17. The question – to which Monique had given a firm answer – was whether the greater goal of obtaining the knowledge by a complete scan was worthwhile at the possible expense of Gerrid's life

    18. As a youth he fought for the English against his own country in 1874, and obtaining a medal

    19. Now note please that I am not saying the Afrikaner Judges acted outside of the law, but you only have to read about the fiasco surrounding the Coloured vote in the early 1950s (Harris case) to realise how the Nationalists changed the laws to suit themselves with the purpose obtaining absolute power

    20. Maso's project of inducing restricted immigration from the Canary Islands and northern Spain will solve the latter difficulty, if placed into effect; and to the former, while America financiers may still be cautious, English capitalists are winning contracts, obtaining options and making effective arrangements for aggressive investment

    21. " Obtaining pyrrhic victories is useless for your client and tend to make him most unhappy

    22. It is unnecessary as I already pointed out any man obtaining a legal degree showed a lot of commitment

    23. That means statements under oath and obtaining it in a legal way

    24. The court, in its infinite wisdom, determined that such practices, (confinement) without first obtaining the consent of that individual……………yes, by all means, confine me!……

    25. Lewisohn and obtaining his advice and authorization, Colling gave the men injections of penicillin, and packages of the new penicillin tablets, reminding them that they would have to unwrap them from the foil they were sealed in, and hold them in their mouths to get them to work

    26. are not restricted in obtaining funds for their operations? They have not been wise in their loans as is

    27. This existent model impedes that the well-intentioned purposes are concretized, mainly in relation to the obtaining of resources and generation of income

    28. It gives warranties and certainty of obtaining of highly positive results with low investment

    29. It generates innovative operational process that guarantees the obtaining of proposed results by the agreed organizations through its goals or accomplishment compromises with the investors and its beneficiaries, without there is finality deviation or inadequate utilization of the collected resources

    30. She attached herself to a cooking school where she met Velimir, who was obtaining his qualification there

    31. It would have been unthinkable, even for this new president, to ask one of his staff to enter a world that might alter him without obtaining his informed consent

    32. Heel: Power to crush; crucified with Christ; the woman’s seed; where the wicked is snared; friend of David; obtaining victory

    33. 21 The fear of the Lord goes before the obtaining of authority, but roughness and pride is the losing of it

    34. Chapter 5 lem, asking them, but not obtaining from them the names of the

    35. Smith sees the Great Ape Project as having the goal of obtaining a United Nations declaration “welcoming apes into a

    36. Your being a woman had nothing to do with you obtaining the position

    37. He went through a training program at one of the schools here in Pittsburgh and when he completed the course, he succeeded in obtaining a position with the

    38. precedent, and incite subsequent accusations for the purpose of obtaining ends that a vote does not grant

    39. always overcrowded and has a three to four month wait for obtaining parking

    40. obtaining these intangible treasures

    41. against him, to have compulsory process for obtaining wit-

    42. the area with yellow police tape and obtaining

    43. grabbing will not succeed in obtaining the apple

    44. He even succeeded in obtaining the restoration of the privileges of which they been deprived by the Greek cities of Asia Minor, as well as the right to collect the half shekel for the Temple

    45. includes obtaining the necessary permits from the city

    46. Proof of training as a hunter when obtaining a hunting license

    47. Humming to himself, he pushed the stick for�ward rapidly obtaining the air�craft's max�imum speed of 115 miles per hour, then added five more mph for luck

    48. And if at any time after you have asked of the Lord you are slower in obtaining your request [than you expected] do not doubt because you have not soon obtained the request of your soul; for invariably it is on account of some temptation or some sin of which you are ignorant that you are slower in obtaining your request

    49. When therefore they have been afflicted with all kinds of affliction then are they delivered unto me for good training and they are made strong in the faith of the Lord; and for the rest of the days of their life they are subject to the Lord with pure hearts and are successful in all their undertakings obtaining from the Lord everything they ask; and then they glorify the Lord that they were delivered to me and no longer suffer any evil

    50. records of the other inmates would present for them obtaining

    1. While Emma obtains our refreshments, I tidy up the cups and saucers on the table, piling them onto the tray left beside one of the chairs

    2. obtains more than 50% would be automatically

    3. France now obtains 80% of their power from nuclear and the rest of Europe is far ahead

    4. The important is that its autonomous entirety accomplishes the change of the current economic system with the utilization of the rules of the legal game to accumulate immense capital and to form the financial amount so that the Third Sector obtains the power to make political decisions to solve the serious socioeconomic problems in a definitive way

    5. Soon, our proposal creates healthy competition of money’ power for the nonprofit organizations and it obtains the sinecures of the new alternative system with utilization of the same current market rule, without being predatory, without corrupting or to be corrupted by the money

    6. This signifies that nobody obtains to utilize MyCRACOMPUTER or another alive or dead person’s single document to accomplish payment transactions, to receive income or to use as personal identification

    7. Besides, there is the monetary gain with reduction of the cost and increase of the productivity because with the same amount of Virtual Coin, the creditor obtains much more than the corresponding amount in physical money

    8. With this, Area of Activity AUDIT obtains to count and to measure on-line all the executions with low cost and without redundancy of tasks

    9. Therefore, anybody obtains to execute its task without being trained and authorized

    10. Every investment reverts to the own country that already spent every year the double of this amount, without it obtains to solve its problems definitively

    11. Its action obtains immediate results and

    12. will occur through existent agreed organization that obtains

    13. The book obtains the feat of exhibiting to the reader whole operation of this theory and how all areas of the human activity act for production and service through Usuarist Projects to act in a dynamical way, without generating fixed cost

    14. Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge, but he who hates reproof is brutish; The good man obtains favour from the Lord; but He

    15. 18 The fear of the Lord is the first step to be accepted of him, and wisdom obtains his love

    16. applies it to himself with some earnestness and effort, obtains

    17. France now obtains 70% of their power from nuclear and the rest of Europe is far ahead of us in the use of nuclear power

    18. Faith obtains the blessing of the

    19. For" he continued "before a man bears the name of the Son of God s he is dead; but when he receives the seal he lays aside his deadness and obtains life

    20. records imprinted in the zero point field 26 The individual obtains a glimpse

    21. operate, and thus He obtains combinations of sound never to be heard on the

    22. In thus retiring for a season from active personality contact with his earthly associates, Jesus, as he was and on Urantia, was following the very procedure that obtains on the morontia worlds whenever an ascending mortal fuses with the inner presence of the Universal Father

    23. seeking is the end result—what money obtains: security, food, shelter, clothes,

    24. When the suffering servant obtains a vision of God, there follows a soul peace which passes all human understanding

    25. “He who conceals his sins prospers not, but he who confesses and forsakes them obtains mercy

    26. One obtains the Faery Path depending on the gene they inherited

    27. Each member of the venture obtains something from it

    28. Rick interjected, “It’s clear that when a person obtains a personal state of stillness it has a physical effect on them

    29. Then he obtains Omniscience and final emancipation (Kaivalya)

    30. He shifts the blame for everything to the unreality of an event, to trickery, or he obtains a desire to learn all these unknown things for the sake of his own mercenary interests of megalomania satisfaction

    31. She obtains a $300,000 interest-only, 10-year ARM at 6

    32. The flickering light obtains the truth at a dim level of reality

    33. An individual obtains

    34. That is, what a great this night is and what a plenty welfare man obtains when witnessing it!

    35. § He revealed the reality of paradise, which is, looking at the Presence (the Enlightening Face) of the Generous Provider, Owner of honouring, beauty and majesty, demonstrating that all what man obtains of pleasures, honouring and bliss are below that lofty Paradise

    36. He revealed the reality of Paradise, which is looking at the Presence (the Enlightening Face) of the Generous Provider, Owner of Honouring, Beauty and Majesty, demonstrating that all the pleasures, honoring, and bliss that man obtains are below that lofty Paradise

    37. He revealed the reality of paradise, which is, looking at the Presence (the Enlightening Face) of the Generous Provider, Owner of Honouring, beauty and majesty, demonstrating that all what man obtains of pleasures, honouring and bliss is below that lofty Paradise

    38. He revealed the reality of paradise, which is, looking at the Presence (the Enlightening Face) of the Generous Provider, Owner of honouring, beauty and majesty, demonstrating that all what man obtains of pleasures, honouring and bliss are below that lofty Paradise

    39. He declares his innocence and wants another trial; he obtains one and they condemn him to life imprisonment

    40. Hercules obtains immortality with his twelve labors and he earns the right to stay up on Olympus with the celestial gods and goddesses

    41. Orpheus obtains the ability to descend into Hades and bring Eurydice back to life

    42. Homeowner obtains the needed building permit and then tears out the old plumbing system

    43. In case the person has lost both hands bank obtains his/her toe impression (either

    44. of his personal account bank obtains a declaration from him to the effect that he is

    45. In case of accounts of co-operative banks, bank obtains a copy of the licence issued

    46. Opening and operations of account: While opening account bank obtains

    47. • Bank periodically obtains confirmation of balance in the account, signed by all

    48. the party he obtains it from (as in the instance of negotiation of the

    49. Then it obtains again the previous frequency and appears (to an observer) in another, neighboring point in the direction of its “twinkling” movement (this process is called “quantum of movement”) and so on

    50. Existing in an inseparable energy-information connection with every Element of this Moment of Eternity, each focused-by-Us Form also automatically obtains a characteristic property of Eternity — Immortality

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