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    1. Further they are easy to organize and the burden of arrangement can be shared within the family

    2. I told him what had happened and he said not to worry about it, they would speak to the boss and see if they could organize a loan for me

    3. to wait for Son to return, but he did not organize a search party

    4. I will do at least twenty two pages a week, giving me plenty of time to tie up any loose ends and organize cover

    5. rule is that I do not myself organize it’s earliest stages of development

    6. Cells organize into tissues, tissues organized into the organs of the organism of a man

    7. Did not organize then I went through my drawer and found one from 81 and sent it in

    8. With physical products, you have to pay and organize your product to

    9. One need not organize a special

    10. Alternatively, a paperclip means that you need to organize certain aspects of your life

    11. then ordered to Charleston to organize the force to destroy the

    12. These men constituted the nucleus of the force which Waddell needed to organize and recruit at the place

    13. putting up with me during the lengthy period of writing this story and for her advice and counsel on how to organize and execute

    14. Kennedy helped organize Cuban-American terrorists

    15. In a bizarre bit of unreasoning much like some US racists today, the Cuban government passed a law stating that to protest or organize against racism was itself racist

    16. He could easily have pushed for card check, a measure to make it easier for unions to organize

    17. When finished, he would organize and tuck them all neatly away in the closet, all that is, except that of Mr

    18. It was helping them organize on a national level, to form a united front against policies long practiced by wealthy landowners and government, which favored the rich and forced the poor from the land

    19. Ferguson immediately appointed First Sergeant Hornsby to organize a suitable reception, and detailed Colling to act as his assistant, based on his demonstrated resourcefulness

    20. It was a great place to organize an ambush or provide a warning to the Badgers in the battle below

    21. It wasn't long before the creatures started to organize

    22. "We have to believe; we'll organize and join the Fairies in their search

    23. He would organize the activities required to construct a circle of fire

    24. Ranger had sent Acron ahead to organize his army

    25. Organize an expedition

    26. During epidemics, he used to organize mass production of

    27. Charles thought for a few seconds and said, “Let me get a pad of paper to organize my thoughts a little

    28. He’d only had time to write the verses that established him as a prophet in the eyes of many, organize a new paradigm of success in battle, and surround himself with able commanders selected largely from family and tribally related affiliations

    29. I was beyond speechless and couldn’t organize my thoughts to effectively communicate how I wanted to

    30. I grip the edge of the seat and try to organize my thoughts enough to ask a question

    31. Organize your integration testing into

    32. As a force, its function is to organize and gather

    33. They tried to organize themselves in front of the town before charging

    34. Structure helps to organize the complex data in more

    35. “I’ll organize that,” said one of the men

    36. Kenichi walked to the men and began to organize the groups

    37. He sat down to try and organize his

    38. I will call him and organize a motor scooter for you

    39. Do you want us to organize an expedition to get him out? That would be too dangerous

    40. • Improve the ability of organizations to attract, develop, motivate, organize and retain talent

    41. helped organize a fundraiser with the

    42. To best organize your garage, plan to simplify, and simplify the plan

    43. * Organize your home to make it easier to locate and store things

    44. Admit it! Sometimes you can be overwhelmed by seemingly endless streams of paperwork and wonder if you will ever be able to organize it all

    45. I sat up, trying to organize my thoughts

    46. categories; they are merely provided here to help organize these

    47. A hashtag is simply a relevant word, phrase, or series of characters preceded by the # symbol that helps to categorize messages or tweets, organize conversations and search for specific topics

    48. This will help organize the conversation around the event while also promoting your brand

    49. While in her first year as Dean, the Department of National Defense recruited her to organize the nursing department at the Veteran’s Memorial Hospital which was under construction

    50. She couldn’t organize her thoughts

    1. The one who was organized, kept promises and understood everything they talked about

    2. organized for that purpose

    3. They’re better organized and

    4. One of the few unarmed forces in the world, they had the utmost regard of the European superstar policeman; fighting a tidal wave of international organized crime with only their bare hands, hopelessly outnumbered, out-gunned and underfunded, technology from the stone age, forensics from the middle ages

    5. It seemed the cancer of organized skin trade was not so new here as everyone thought

    6. That he was an avenging angel, a super-cop who struck fear into the heart of organized crime

    7. Oftentimes the work of the church (without being scripturally organized with faithful,

    8. Members of the local congregation must understand that elders are necessary to be organized scripturally

    9. This morning we departed for the island of Zakynthos, on a trip organized by a travel agency

    10. They are well organized and determined

    11. emotions that had been organized into this wall

    12. Quantity should be handled and organized

    13. organized in the back corner

    14. Thinking of her made him think of the fact that before she and the Brazilians got here, the quick setup he had just organized could not have happened

    15. organized and kept an eye on the house’s money—and in turn the man handed Pick

    16. Two nights before Christmas break Heather organized the mother of all

    17. Cells organize into tissues, tissues organized into the organs of the organism of a man

    18. Spelman at the well organized assemblage before him, “But I don't recognize this item as a usual award for either athletic or daring deeds

    19. He organized his

    20. The reason I told him three instead of five years is that I'm not as organized as you

    21. She decided her notes were organized enough

    22. The Death Guards, along with Rafe's elven companion X'ander, had organized construction crews throughout the city and had begun building huge wooden planks which, once the battle began, were to be used as pathways to connect the city's rooftops

    23. They will be desperate and more organized than the spontaneous rabble that you had here before

    24. The villagers had organized themselves a committee and had pooled all of their remaining food and water in the town hall

    25. yet, but, in fact, the whole society is organized as an

    26. During the process, a very intriguing event takes place: at some unidentifiable moment, the cloud turns into an organized system

    27. the island, he organized a census, in order to know what

    28. wrong way in which the education is organized

    29. were not organized in teams, as the soldiers

    30. Organized religions provide answers, speaking of unity and meaning where none exist in the world

    31. • Second, some readers may be interested in exploring organized religious and spiritual groups, and these appendices can provide an introduction to them

    32. Organized annually for the benefit of the

    33. The initial impact of the music settled to a steady rhythm and the crowd composed itself into an organized dancing shape

    34. His office was immaculate, organized and elegant

    35. He then organized an

    36. Organized as well! He hadn't paid them much attention before

    37. Over time, these men became organized, plotting together to bring war and destruction to the Free Lands

    38. Generally terrified of organized armed resistance, and of course always wearing a mask, which is the mark of a coward

    39. was organized on business lines, not regional lines

    40. beaconing for attention, and everywhere there were voices calling out in organized chaos

    41. I think she was pretty organized

    42. It was well organized and of no

    43. The minions launched an organized

    44. That’s why it’s important to remove all the junk you can find and get your PC more organized

    45. We did not, however, during this week, have another organized class on oral stimulation, and we saw no more of the talented Slave Vina

    46. It was just about the time when the Polish army was being organized by Generals Anders and Sikorski, and according to them, a long list of personnel who were to have joined the organization had suddenly “disappeared

    47. Polish units were being organized, however not under a common leadership or in coordination with any Russian leadership

    48. California Indians had little history of organized warfare and thus were uniquely vulnerable to Spanish military power

    49. Our Polish brigade was extremely well organized, as the officers and men were true patriots who wanted to enter into battle with the Germans in an attempt to save their country

    50. At this new location, things were much more organized; everything was catalogued

    1. To follow your passion is to have an intensity of purpose that narrows your field of focus, organizes your life, and gives you a sense of both control and self-esteem

    2. a) Coordenational Structure organizes the human society with its resources through the coordination of the activities for each corporation to execute only its role in an integrated way, but with total autonomy

    3. Tatiana organizes the

    4. Helping Hands organizes and

    5. It organizes by modeling through and aligning succeeding work execution levels

    6. Wheeling System - system that organizes a set of numbers to increase the

    7. The working place is hell and who cares! My colleague with less talent than me manages to emerge and who cares! The company organizes a seminar on team building and who cares! So many sacrifices and so much money that has been thrown away! If we had considered saving before, maybe we would not be in this situation now

    8. The Prince of Keegan Bay, “The infant prince’s life is threatened by assassins; a group of senior citizens organizes to save him

    9. MaxMalls organizes hundreds of the Web's biggest and best stores

    10. As the 8th Runic Light which is orange, he organizes all patterns of the universe, which are established by Solí

    11. • Use charts and graphic organizes to keep track of what you learn

    12. Usually DJ organizes it, but others of us have stepped up to the plate and come up with

    13. The white scientist blessed by the Bible organizes a nanono – collector for assembling the carbon from China’s air pollution, making it diamond under high pressure

    14. The Free Festival School organizes free music festivals in public parks and other free venues

    15. Since the call for worshiping Al'lah requires acquainting people with Him; therefore God's saying: '' Worship Al’lah '' was always followed by His saying: “You have no other God but Him”, Revealing to them that God is Who deserves obedience and there is no other god beside Him, for God is the Controller whose Hand organizes the affairs of the universe and directs all the creatures it contains whatever they are: Small or big, grander or minute:

    16. Hence, man moves to this fifth important point where the spirit truly perceives the greatness of this High Will, the unlimited Power which organizes this uniVerse including all the things in it, from the highest thing to the lowest, the biggest and the smallest, the exalted and the low one

    17. There is a higher power that organizes the life of the Universe and the life of human beings, which are at one with the Universe

    18. There is no thought in my mind but it quickly tends to convert itself into a power and organizes a huge instrumentality of means

    19. As defined in Chapter 1, Knowledge Management is a deliberate, systematic business optimization strategy that selects, distills, stores, organizes, packages, and communicates information essential to the business of a company in a manner that improves employee performance and corporate competitiveness

    20. Economy is the artery of this life, the basic for developing the society and the sign for the progress of its individuals, how could we separate it from religion? It guides and organizes all these matters

    21. compartmentalizes and organizes memory so it can accommodate more

    22. The Dynamic of DNA organizes Energy by bringing it more closely together

    23. Not only that: it is organized as an informational code which creates all of the cells of every living organism on Earth, and organizes them into a single living creature where every single cell cooperates with all of its neighbors without fighting or going to war or exploding apart

    24. Any pyramidalized structure that organizes any kind of mass viewing has one flaw: it can only show you one thing from one viewpoint

    25. He is the one who sends help so the buccaneers are foiled in finding Jim and his mother, he instantly organizes the entire adventure, a secret cabal between the squire himself and Jim: as a secret council to run and get rich fast before anyone else does it!! So they can all become fat! And gouty red faced corrupt Olde English landlords living off their ill-gained gold and living in ease for the rest of their life while beggars starve to death in front of them and they do not give one cent to help any of the poor

    26. the multiple bodies of symbolism that it verifiably organizes and unlocks

    27. EBOOK and give it to a teacher in another school or to an officer in an organization that organizes senior club activities

    28. underlies and organizes the symbolism of the four elements and the cross (not crucifix)

    29. and two tables of stone) emanates from the core of the Philosophers’ Stone and organizes all of the

    30. perity, routinely organizes his private space and is never tired of it

    31. • Photos Stores, organizes, and displays photos that you have taken, as discussed in Chapter 6

    32. • Photos Takes all your photos and automatically organizes them into Moments (by date and time), Collections (by location for more recent photos with geocoding), and Years

    33. • Albums Organizes your photos into groupings called “albums” that you create

    34. [The architectonic of the world in artistic vision organizes not only spatial and temporal features, but also features that relate purely to meaning; there is not only spatial and temporal form, but meaning-governed form as well

    35. It is wonderful how rapidly yet perfectly the sand organizes itself as it flows, using the best material its mass affords to form the sharp edges of its channel

    36. The world organizes an existence in absolute opposition to the doctrine of Jesus, and the Church endeavors to demonstrate that men who live contrary to the doctrine of Jesus really live in accordance with that doctrine

    1. I try hard, but I can’t get used to organizing everything on the computers

    2. As the weeks wore on, Daniel made use of the extra time by organizing the riders and suggesting that they all become proficient with the use of crossbows

    3. He appreciated that the scotsman had a rational approach to organizing his necessary paperwork

    4. He had to be moving, working, organizing

    5. I didn’t spend much time looking at any specific journal, but started organizing them into piles based on their contents

    6. “Excuse me Zune, but it’s a hierarchy problem, don’t you see? There’s nothing wrong with classifying and grouping and organizing and all that, but the deal is, when we end up on top of the taxonomical pyramid, that tends to give us illusions of grandeur and superiority that are not at all justified when a global point of view is taken into consideration

    7. To dream that you are organizing means that you need to sort out some issue in your life

    8. Consider what you are organizing and how it parallels an issue in your waking life

    9. I also know that your main source of income is organizing illegal gambling matches

    10. It was presumed that the Accursed had played a part in organizing that invasion, through dealings with the Dark One during their visits to Kerak’Otozi

    11. That"s because for the last 30 years as president of the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise, he has not spent time organizing the poor around ineffective government programs and other addictions; he has been helping them become self-sufficient

    12. Satan‘s deceptions lie not only in his mastery over the (apparent) opponents of the Church but (especially) disgruntled Catholics operating within the Church itself; organizing, through crafty and subtle means an assembly of heretics, doctrinal apostates,

    13. Two young volunteer girls wearing armbands with tags written in Hebrew, a language I easily recognized but could not read, were organizing the notes

    14. They had only just reconciled and Caroline was still organizing the stables to her liking including re-hanging on the wall above the desk in the feed room trophies and ribbons she had won riding dressage while still a girl in Canada

    15. Reagan later tried to overthrow the Sandinistas, organizing the Contra terrorists with US money, weapons, and advisers, killing 75,000 Nicaraguans

    16. It was his private method for organizing thoughts regarding the cases he worked

    17. We have stopped organizing our papers

    18. We have started organizing the students

    19. I’m organizing a party for Diana’s birthday on Saturday afternoon, and we will announce our engagement then

    20. background about half the size of a postage stamp, they knew it was time to consider organizing another trip to Brazil

    21. ” The implementation includes setting up the tools to behave as you would like, organizing your business better and

    22. Organizing your technology is really covered by the software set-up

    23. Imagine taking a typical business process flow-chart and organizing all the activities or steps carried out by each job role into horizontal lanes, with connections going along a lane when the same role does two

    24. computer to follow, and organizing these instructions into groups known as functions

    25. Sprint retrospective meeting is mainly for the team and they discuss, what went well, what can be changed, etc this helps in continually improving and organizing themselves

    26. their clients in organizing their money to

    27. But there is more too it, you have to possess a certain amount of organizing skills

    28. Tea Parties began organizing across the country

    29. Organizing your move is much easier than you would think!

    30. Using the checklist below, incorporate many of the organizing tips found on the list

    31. * Acquire and learn to use the appropriate organizing supplies and simplify your life

    32. * Set up proven, effective, easy-to-use organizing systems to de-clutter the mind

    33. * They teach organizing techniques -- also keep clients motivated and focused

    34. coach has experience in both on-site, hands-on organizing and in the education, support and clarification process of coaching conversations

    35. For example, if your company name is Zyite, you could choose to use #zyite2014 as the hashtag for a specific conference that you are organizing

    36. The ideal solution would be to create a Twitter list that allows you to narrow in on specific users by grouping them into categories, and manage the information that you receive by efficiently organizing the topics that you are interested in learning about

    37. by the majority faction in December 1972, no longer runs its own candidates for office but remains an active educational and organizing force in such fields as labor and civil rights

    38. Those in attendance were told that the Illuminati was organizing

    39. unsubstantiated assumption that, although practically useful in organizing our history of

    40. appropriately organizing and scheduling your actions will without

    41. The organizing concept for a given human being allows him to integrate all facets of his existence

    42. socially dominant elements obtained the support of numbers by organizing poor masses to do their bidding

    43. “There are tentative plans in the works for such things, but so far, my counterparts from the other races have only co-operated in organizing Healers for the civil defense corps that are being formed everywhere

    44. After a winter sojourn to stir up business and quell a union organizing drive up north, I told my boss that the only hot place in the Duluth-Superior, WI, metropolis was an indoor rink devoted to curling, that occult sport where contestants push a heavy stone toward a far-off goal and team members sweep the ice ahead of the slowly sliding object to ease its course to bump other stones out of a score

    45. I spend less time organizing, typing notes and outlining material, and more time just plain learning

    46. As a meager token of our deep feelings of gratitude and joy at their return to us, we have chosen to offer you an event of companionship, celebration, and entertainment, which we have provided by organizing a great tournament in your honor

    47. The middle-of-the-night meeting of its leaders only added an extra burden to the organizing of the early morning start that was now seen by most as an urgent necessity

    48. Our people are well, Atoned and Volunteers alike, and we’ve been kept busy seeing to our many guests, and organizing them into a civil defense force

    49. Organizing the adults that is, over two-thirds of our guests are children

    50. organizing you will find that the lessons you’ve learned while

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    coordinate organise organize direct engineer mastermind orchestrate devise get up machinate prepare unionise unionize form arrange systematise systematize compose combine adjust line up regulate institute constitute synthesise synthesize construct co-ordinate dispose incorporate