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    1. "I'm sorry about the chief engineer, but we have several of his senior staff

    2. "What happened to him and the chief engineer?"

    3. By the way, Sophie is married to a structural engineer called Peter

    4. The scruffy engineer - no older than thirty but as dirty and smelly as any old street bum - worked seventeen hours a day and dreamed about work during the rest

    5. ‘What if she’s got serious injuries … don’t they say you shouldn’t move people who’re seriously injured?’ the engineer said after a moment’s silence

    6. ‘Have to risk it then, can’t leave her here …’ The engineer said, surveying the track again

    7. Jerry is our engineer

    8. Sir, I am many things - cleaner, engineer, cook, whatever you want

    9. She looked long and hard at a telephone engineer who was working in the street, which resulted in her hurrying home in tears, her ears ringing with the sound of wolf whistles

    10. telephone engineer who was working in the street, which resulted

    11. He’s an engineer

    12. Dad was a telephone engineer before he retired

    13. “Did you see that?” Conrad, the engineer asked

    14. You see once when he was compelled to survey across a lake for the feasibility of a bridge or something or other some engineer had dreamt up, he filled these bladders with air, tied them to ropes with weights dangling from them and had me place them at intervals along the water to assist him in his solving distances or such

    15. Engineer Ghazali, tied to a chair, his mouth covered with tape

    16. Alastair was studying music, Mike was studying to be a mechanical engineer and Andy was reading physics

    17. He was designer, draftsman, engineer and lead architect on those exercises, and he loved it

    18. “I had to kill the pilot and an engineer

    19. Otto and the team sat down with the captain and his wife, the chief engineer and first officer and other officers at appointed seating positions

    20. He was an engineer, the most gifted one they had, and as he had proved, the only one capable of keeping Argos space-worthy

    21. Sometimes dad used to call her a ‘Domestic Managerial Engineer’, and she would look cross even though Sam thought that it was quite cool being a domestic managerial engineer

    22. Engineer Missy rings the train bell and calls out, “All aboard!” and the children all scramble to find seats

    23. What I didn’t share with you was that my father was the Chief Engineer on the Aquifer project

    24. Peter Chisholm, the first engineer was an altogether different character, with a sharp wit and a near total disregard for authority

    25. The personnel she had selected to be defrosted were Susan Melville, a twenty-eight year old systems engineer, Alan Sexton, the thirty-seven year old chief medical officer, or “the doctor” as they called him, Phil Casey, a twenty-six year old electronic technician and Debbie Kristeva the thirty-three year old security chief

    26. When that great work was finished, the most likely method, it was found, of keeping it in constant repair, was to make a present of the tolls to Riquet, the engineer who planned and conducted the work

    27. I don’t think even the world’s best electronic engineer could do anything with that

    28. The communication engineer and two electronic engineers were already tackling the problem so Chris’ job on this one would just be supervising

    29. ” complained Mark Picton, the settlement’s communications engineer

    30. Engineer Fulton, whom Waddell claimed was the builder of the

    31. “They attacked about a month ago and that Engineer told me that the Germans have had this new wire about three months and that they only use this stuff now

    32. Should you employ an engineer to design a cantilever bridge, you would be well advised to determine that he is not a product of the new, new math

    33. The city traffic engineer was the key man in the zoning process

    34. engineer was there with a bag of cash, propinas, for everyone on the government side

    35. “Then we may safely assume,” said the chief engineer, from where she sat at the far end of

    36. “Because the ship is generating the field,” the engineer said, as though that made it all clear

    37. entreaties of her chief engineer

    38. “There was no one alive after their shift!” the engineer exclaimed

    39. But, Jason, he would engineer some sort of distraction device on a motorized pulley system out of his Erector set and Legos

    40. Whereas the Slave Owner or Imperialist sought to exploit human resources for personal economic gains, the social engineer, on the other hand, seeks to exploit the under-utilized capacity of individuals or groups for utopic reasons

    41. I’m a consulting engineer which means I have to go where my company sends me

    42. I am now a senior consulting engineer

    43. In oriental cultures an engineer was held in higher esteem than the physician

    44. Thus he knew about weapons and explosives but in no way could he be seen as an engineer able to create sophisticated dirty weapons or other weapons of mass destruction

    45. I worked for the government as a forest engineer

    46. From the above I am sure you will understand that the forensic team may well include an accountant or a specialist advocate or specialist investigators or a civil engineer or a computer expert or any combination of them

    47. One is an aerospace engineer and the other a dentist

    48. Parker was a military engineer in the US Army and later Grant's military secretary

    49. The chief engineer was hurled against his engines, his head split open by an ungrateful piston…”

    50. the same name as that engineer who wrecked his train

    1. This, too, has not been properly tested (actually the US Government decided that it was safe without testing it and, further, decided that genetically engineered produce does not have to be labeled as such)

    2. It was engineered to require the participation of biology

    3. Man engineered his likeness, and then, with the shape and

    4. sequence in his hand, he learned to fear a new demon, marking his engineered

    5. Man engineered his likeness, and then, with the shape and sequence in his hand, he learned to fear a new demon, marking his engineered brothers with bar codes to ensure that all would be ordered and just in the grand folly of empire in the heavens

    6. Mankind used these genetically engineered pioneers to carry out so many of the dangerous tasks of empire building and thanked them with prejudice and anger

    7. Some might have a little smoother flavor and the engineered stuff goes way out beyond air, but any solid organic wash is as good as another

    8. At the gardens he left his horse with the attendant at the gate and entered, marvelling again at the sheer beauty of the place and the ingenious way in which the hanging masterpiece had been engineered

    9. It was all carefully engineered not to attract attention

    10. They would simply use his DNA to grow his new body that was every bit him but young, perhaps with a few engineered improvements

    11. That was his only fight so far, and we have reason to believe that the terrorist may have engineered this to enable his success

    12. One seemed to be – according to interpreted data that accompanied – a Mars colony where genetically engineered life-forms had mutated and roamed around killing human occupants

    13. This sporting pogrom is another transparent attempt engineered by Feminists (men and women alike) who are hoping to advance a unisexual agenda aimed at feminizing robust young boys and transforming them into

    14. Forced removal was pushed, planned, and engineered by Jackson for his entire two terms in office

    15. The Tea Party movement featured rallies with heavily armed members demanding Obama leave office or be overthrown, and engineered several government shutdowns

    16. “Jesus, she genetically engineered a slug that could eat plastic using a fungus?”

    17. I had to know with absolute certainty that I wasn"t walking into some kind of a Kemp engineered set-up

    18. Was this what gave Othman and his supporters the false assurance that they could safely uproot the Medinese from their places of power? And were the familial relatives so engaged by 661 that they couldn’t threaten enough force to have countered the usurpation engineered by Muawiyah?

    19. One may argue that we as a species have not waited for biology, or genetics to rescue us, that Cesarean section has engineered a detour around the present pelvic stricture

    20. He is now explaining to me why he is going to play the gong; I think that he is saying that it is a Tibetan instrument engineered fifteen hundred years ago to help the mind of the monks to find the Theta ways, but I really don’t care since I start feeling really good

    21. At thirty, I had a solid understanding about the behavioral system, the way it is formed and how it works, and had engineered strategies to repair behavioral mistakes

    22. Gingrich engineered the 1994 Contract with America that so

    23. The previous year, some people living down the road had engineered a cocktail party to impress the neighbours

    24. If the police had engineered the recovery, it’s hard to imagine that they wouldn’t celebrate their success in the paper and be hailed as heroes

    25. “What about Martin procuring drugs for Davis? What about his groupie girlfriend? What about the fight? And how can you dismiss the fact that he engineered the death of a former boss?” I said, getting loud again

    26. However, “Frizzell told the committee George engineered his removal

    27. I have engineered

    28. The early history of Hillary leads me to conclude that it was she, rather than Bill, who engineered the Jewish Left–Clinton connection

    29. had not engineered the coup that killed Diem, it had been perceived to give tacit approval

    30. In the morning he said, “Many genetically engineered hybrids having super intelligence were trained to a high level of skill and placed in strategically important positions by the conspirators

    31. He had been genetically engineered to have two brain stems which gave him extraordinary mental capacities that were further enhanced by circuitry installed in his body

    32. engineered the audios I offer, but you can still attempt to

    33. She then suggested that he had deliberately engineered her ungainly introduction to donning armour by selecting an overly small vest, she cocked her head to one side and gave him a sideways glance expressing her suspicions in a single look

    34. "Well, just as those flowers were engineered, animals have sometimes been engineered

    35. My elegant and widely travelled grandmother of Cupid’s fig leaf had engineered an invitation for me to a function at the Victoria League, imagining I'd be interested in meeting well-connected Brits and other colonials, and securing an invitation to a Royal Garden Party

    36. However I did not understand why they were so happy and suspected that something had engineered!

    37. On the pretext of being tired and needing an early night, Chris engineered an escape and before long Ruth and he were sitting in the

    38. This works by having a small, circular ceramic disc in the valve that’s been engineered to break if the pressure gets too high

    39. With a sinking heart, I realized that these two great lords had probably engineered both the massacre at Cape Fear and the war itself

    40. fantastic food they have engineered and drinking

    41. He had suspected that his genetically engineered body, plus the MBRUs would have increased his life span past the average human life expectancy

    42. “We have reverse engineered your simulation games

    43. We have also reverse engineered the

    44. “The computer science and space flight systems engineering teams reverse engineered the combat simulator games written by the Captains Solomon and their assistants

    45. "Echo" engineered the whole business for the sake of a story and, mind you, I'm not saying that they're all above such a thing at the Echo but in this case

    46. Siri was now seventeen and, as Christmas approached, there was an abundance of opportunities to socialise and Siri’s two friends, having noticed Siri’s loss of enthusiasm, had decided that it was about time that they engineered a weekend for him in Oxford

    47. Initially, the cleared land had produced bumper crops, genetically engineered to produce their own toxins against insect damage, but the loss of tree cover had allowed the soil to be stripped away to create huge sand-storms that had sometimes lasted for days

    48. Even without the Stargazers, any man or woman could have engineered a dictatorship

    49. Peter had engineered the entire project that he had nicknamed the car "Edwin" after his father Edwin La Fontaine

    50. Their activism as a company is not engineered; it wasn’t coached by a public relations firm

    1. "Come on aboard, it's as safe as any moderately tested engineering prototype

    2. there to greet me was the head of design at Imperial Engineering, then the single

    3. The new class of students are seated directly in front of us, divided into the two main areas of study, agriculture and engineering

    4. She saw that there were some engineering details to consider and had to build some simulations

    5. But the big news was, he was given permission to have Engineering turn the tangler beam on one of the bodies heading toward Sol and found the pulses of state changes were coming from there also

    6. 'So you are not repeating the engineering entrance,' my mother came out of the

    7. The languages of the time did not have words for extrasolar planets, digital simulation, genetic engineering, electronic surveillance and a lot of other terms that were needed to express the reality of current life

    8. One couldn't be a senior officer in a starship's Department of Engineering and not know enough quantum mechanics to know that was impossible

    9. “It’s an engineering marvel my love, my father’s grandfather designed it

    10. Engineering plans for a glider were sent along with instructions on exactly how to operate it to reach the planet

    11. The football boys have gone home with team bonds much as they ever were, but Leona’s new sound engineering protégé has a beer mat with a phone number tucked into his trouser pocket

    12. There it was; that marvel of modern engineering: the toilet

    13. Peter had more or less decided he was going into engineering and it was a big surprise to all of us when he announced that he wanted to go into the ministry

    14. Ava was still selecting a syrup when he went on to a report from Morgan Evans of engineering on the ship’s potassium balance

    15. ” The Captain next addressed Heymon Kruger, Colonel of Engineering and Fabrication, “Heymon, could you tell me what it will take to home in on his phone with it turned off

    16. I have an engineering question und I am a little out of date regarding the latest equipment for a project I have been asked to manage

    17. the topper of his Mechanical Engineering batch

    18. engineering are in the strike

    19. engineering in Pune and had friends there

    20. And then you wonder how those human engineering geniuses come up with all their incredible inventions, huh? Now you know

    21. That level of engineering typically only goes into the constellation-class vessels

    22. This type of concrete use widely at installation hydropower, irrigation, transport structures, structures of industrial hydraulic engineering, water supply, sewerage etc

    23. It was like trying to explain chemical engineering to an eight-year-old

    24. He then descended to the engineering room, his helmet light illuminating the dead fusion injection systems

    25. “Yes, into the engineering compound, as soon as we can

    26. He switched off the communications console and headed back to the electrical engineering enclosure

    27. What a crazy piece of engineering that was

    28. This was a bold plan that required extensive engineering to develop a successful design

    29. He’s very knowledgeable about electrical engineering and architecture

    30. There were others in the corridors, some headed aft, towards engineering, others fanning out

    31. Engineering had shut down the remaining drives to prevent them

    32. “According to engineering the tech teams should have number five back on line within the

    33. engineering section—the two mostly likely places where she might have been found

    34. As she watched Sicarius waiting, dark eyes cold, face a mask, Amaranthe felt new twinges of uncertainty about engineering the match

    35. Engineering, it lies in the (underlying) assumption of ―Native Inferiority‖

    36. Response: A very serious one indeed! Although I am not opposed to this practice in principle, (its historical origins as they relate to proportional ethnic/racial representation have been well documented), even its most ardent detractors, however, must applaud the creative resourcefulness of those responsible for engineering such elaborate arrangements that have given rise to disproportionate (racial) representation rising well above of the national average

    37. The flaunting arrogance of today‘s teachers, themselves victims of social engineering a generation ago, is presently under siege by a new generation of (thoughtful) students who, armed with their own (ideological) arsenal of values, may not be such willing accomplices as their parents

    38. But now it is known that terrorist groups are increasingly recruiting specialists in engineering, medicine, chemistry, physics, computer programming and you have to ask yourself why for the skills they are trying to recruit is betraying their intentions

    39. Nothing prevents these men to study chemical engineering or whatever is needed and then abuse that knowledge to create a dirty bomb

    40. His trained engineering mind calculated the steps he would have to take to return to his family and how many days it would take him to do it

    41. In this manner our oligarchical courts have evolved into ideological breeding grounds for ―progressive‖ reforms and social engineering where voter expression(s) are routinely overturned

    42. DNA modification through genetic engineering is considered by many a virtual ―fountain of youth‖

    43. In this context, he painfully contemplates with a deeply felt sense of patriotism how the Twin Towers of New York, once marvels of engineering and imagination, on that infamous day of September 11, 2001, became

    44. “Toby was studying for an engineering degree when the war came,” Betty noted

    45. “It’s incredible anyone would even try to do this, even with all the advances there have been in genetic engineering over the years

    46. Using all his engineering skills, he reconstructed his perch and cautiously lowered himself onto it

    47. A marvel of technology, certainly a feat of engineering only a civilization hundreds of thousands of years old could hope to achieve

    48. “Here with us in the booth to explain a little more about the technical aspects of this contest is Tony Boothe, chief engineering designer of Mugwump Racing out of Chicago, the only other American team in this series, although driver Georges Brossard is French,” added Raoul

    49. They all cheered as she tossed a new bouquet on a model of their most recent engineering project that occupied the highest point surrounded by the great mass of delicacies

    50. When he left the world of electronics he took up a chair at Stanford University, (One of my alma Maters) as a professor of Engineering and Applied Science

    1. They do this just as other professionals do: engineers, architects,

    2. There were seven hundred fifty six soldiers aboard the Al-Harron, about evenly divided between intelligence and astrophysical engineers with all the specialties reporting thru one or the other

    3. Artificials just like me worked for nearly two hundred years as your soldiers and destroyers, as your builders and pilots, as terra-formers, as engineers and as servants

    4. He has his critics among the engineers

    5. He had a few bright engineers on his staff, including Alan, who was still under sentence and probably couldn't be trusted with sensitive data

    6. "Why? We are in what our preachers preached for many more thousands of years than you know, even before your engineers built it

    7. engines, provided by a roving band of engineers which had,

    8. Trees and hedgerows disappeared under the heavy earth moving equipment as the staunch engineers of Mesapit scourged across the fields and woodlands eventually to arrive at Mr

    9. All the engineers were crowded around Heymon with lots of screens up and lit

    10. Blacksmiths, engineers, farmers, farriers and such

    11. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, social workers, clerical officers, teachers, home makers, and others, all complement one another

    12. Atlantica sits on the greatest water resource in the hemisphere and engineers from France and Brazil will have the Aquifer completed by the first of the year

    13. ’ Torbin had seen the news reports like most, how it had been spun as some technical problem: the over-ambitious engineers over-juicing their FTL engines

    14. They had to rely on the predictions of the engineers who designed the shuttles

    15. The communication engineer and two electronic engineers were already tackling the problem so Chris’ job on this one would just be supervising

    16. The engineers have said it will take years to manufacture new ones

    17. We will then wait for the water to be loaded onto the mules and escort them back to our lines the engineers have rigged some hooks which will allow the water cans to be filled quicker

    18. ” We had just been dismissed when the rest of the Engineers turned up and with them the Indian Army mule skinners with their mules as well as the rearguard of the Fusilier Company

    19. He took Captain Melstone to one side as we watched the Engineers tying ropes on to the hooks then onto these they tied the water cans that were made from old five gallon paraffin tins

    20. I heard Elijah shout to the Engineers

    21. ” The Major bustled off to chivvy the Engineers into loading the water faster but also to drag the well for anymore guns that were down there

    22. The engineers that had originally designed all the accommodation brought from Earth had not considered it worthwhile to vary the doorbell tones

    23. We heard that a shell had hit the tower in 1915 and that French engineers had secured the statue at right angles to the building and the blessed virgin looked as though she would come crashing down to earth at any moment

    24. You could arrange security cards, find a couple of Telehouse engineers,

    25. Also the Infantry, Artillery, Engineers, Pioneers and many more service personnel as well as troops from all over the Empire sat in the carriages or corridors as the train thundered on

    26. “Yes there is something different about it I was talking to a bloke from the Engineers who told me it is thicker and has a different make up to ours so obviously someone on the Staff wants to check it out before the offensive starts

    27. Van Vogt, one of the greats in the genre, prefaced one of his collections of short stories in the mid sixties with the statement that surveys showed that the typical reader of fantasy-science fiction had an IQ above 120, and included professionals such as engineers, doctors, and lawyers

    28. Such a massive undertaking meant a somewhat aggressive recruitment drive: people, such as electronics technicians, software engineers, structural engineers, an architect, and even a geologist were recruited – whether they liked it or not

    29. They’re Intel Engineers and they live in Union City

    30. There were technicians, engineers who would know how to patch in with this equipment without hesitation

    31. Three companies of the Puerto Rico Battalion held his right, commanding the main road, while opposing the Rough Riders, Major Alcaniz commanded half a battalion of the San Fernando Infantry; two companies of the Talavero Regiment, a company of engineers, and two gun detachments held the centre

    32. Unfortunately, the Aguadores River was so swollen by the rains that it was impossible to ford it; there were no pontoons or engineers, and the troops returned by rail to Siboney

    33. I made sure to shoot mine with my R1 (SLR) which is more powerful than the AK47 just to make sure the long haired engineers did not make that mistake again

    34. Those long haired Russian engineers were thinking ahead all the time

    35. We have lost almost all our doctors and engineers already

    36. Such thinking has prompted a twentieth-century mindset defined by the supercilious designs of social engineers seeking to modify, if not micro-manage, human behavior on the basis of implausible, formulaic theories

    37. The government over there subsidized military aviation engineers to design some pretty good toys

    38. Democrats have been shamefully exploiting this unhappy event for political reasons; unyielding in their persistence that poverty and racism are (somehow) the underlying factors responsible for this (―avoidable‖) tragedy when, in fact, it was the result of ―unintended‖ consequences precipitated by decades of political cynicism, cronyism, mis-management, fiscal incompetence and (local) corruption at every conceivable level; this despite the forewarnings of field experts (Army Corps of Engineers) citing potential or probably breaches in drainage canal levees since the Johnson Administration

    39. “We could look up motor sales, engineers, mechanics, motor-cycle shops

    40. Piers had helped the engineers change the big filters, and in the process had discovered the hatch leading into the building off the ducting

    41. Engineers can’t resist a mechanical puzzle

    42. On most other occasions, they used Bailey or pontoon bridges erected by Army engineers parallel to the wreckage of destroyed German structures

    43. Engineers was still working from Grabensheim north to Camp 146

    44. Elizabeth pointed through the windshield to where a grader being used by the Engineers as a snowplow had appeared beyond the German workmen and was headed towards them

    45. Having gone through all the checklist, and with his father and the engineers all satisfied, Brett put his hand up long enough for one of the race stewards to acknowledge him with a wave

    46. The bridge was made of steel and appeared to have been put in place parallel to the ruins of the former bridge by Russian engineers

    47. Jürge Krügger until his death was a member of the Helicopter Society and the Institute of Electronic & Electrical Engineers

    48. The Corps of Engineers had since restored levees at a cost of $1 billion

    49. For the Engineers, some stats related to our bones:

    50. Even physicians, lawyers, scientists, and engineers, who are successful by virtue of their intellectual talents rather than their physical talents, have to pay attention to the biological and emotional sectors of their lives in order to protect their health and sanity

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