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    1. They were amassing a large contiguous plot of land about twenty miles into the chaparral

    2. if he got that far before you both lost the plot … the rooms need a splash of paint but apart from that they are okay

    3. His worries about a plot by Ava to set them up for her former lover had receded

    4. “Still, a good plot like

    5. What impressed her the most was that they were able to call up such learned information and drill so deeply into the science behind it and get the 3-d plot

    6. She iconed the voice connection as an antique telephone handset floating over the current sensors plot table that was right in front of them

    7. I just plot microchanges in interstellar transit point locations

    8. He admits the whole thing – Joanna’s murder, the plot to implicate you … the whole lot

    9. Forces that plot and scheme to destroy what we have here, some of which you have yet to understand

    10. The plot of the film proves to be very similar to the plot of my dream

    11. The closest thing we've seen to a secret plot since we got on this boat is when the rumor got out that Vyinga was chasing her steersmen out of her nest

    12. Soon thereafter, he was detained for his alleged involvement with an Ewe coup plot

    13. that lays the plot of one George Stephens, out of sorts,

    14. They figured the place must have been one of the cattle towns on the ancient map, seeing as the main businesses are what they are, but most residents were eating from their plot and helping the others out now and then for some cash

    15. She was nearly seven decades old but had tended the same plot with her father all those decades

    16. He was really concentrating on an intense three-d plot of the path of TUa-4431-3389-14, and only Heymon, Darryl and Victor had the current coordinates for that door to his lab

    17. "She looked over my shoulder at a plot

    18. She said I should plot against bit size

    19. The property was a six-hundred square yard plot, huge by Belrampur

    20. "The following data is why I think all of this is of more than just scientific interest to all of us," He brought the next plot onto the view before them

    21. "What is this?" Ava asked about the plot he had up

    22. ” He pointed to the plot they had looked at earlier

    23. “He’s woken up,” The bishop said, looking at the plot, then he looked up

    24. there was some kind of a plot to introduce lots of dragons

    25. “So, you have – again – been instrumental in foiling a plot that

    26. convinced that he’s implicated in this plot

    27. we’re going to spread the word that the Agrea plot has been rumbled,

    28. There was nothing in any record that linked Kemberra to either the North Chardovia plot where she lived last or the neighborhood where she was picked up

    29. What did this mean? It probably meant that there was a plot to harvest Tdeshi’s body for Ava, and no doubt Ava was in on it

    30. Somewhere within an easy hike of a town a little bigger than Yoonbarla, but on a living plot of land

    31. She’d never hoped for a large plot of land, just one with a home and enough land to have a small garden

    32. We found that was too far from the concerts, so another decade later we moved to the closest plot we could live off

    33. ” He pointed out on the plot map a section on the River Road just as it became Main Street in town

    34. You see I mention this because they will sit here,” He indicated on the plot map still lying on the big table before them, a swath of land directly opposite Lawrence's intended developed parcel

    35. at the end of the day this one small plot mattered very

    36. ‘Of course, I only have responsibility for a small plot,

    37. He will plot the overthrow

    38. Ava knew Kelvin’s cursor was as accurate a plot of his last transmission as the system could represent to their souls, as was the image of the planet

    39. finishing off Kazar and his plot was the end of it

    40. “I cannot plot a course that avoids detection by JORN

    41. running, and he proudly showed us a small plot with five

    42. He stood with his hands in his pockets surveying the tiny little back plot of land behind their rented house

    43. While questioning Sinon, the Trojan priest guesses the plot and warns the Trojans, and says "Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes" (I fear Greeks even those bearing gifts), which became known as 'beware of Greeks bearing gifts,"

    44. Helen of Troy also guesses the plot and tries to trick and uncover the Greek men inside the horse by imitating the voices of their wives

    45. He was filled with horror, and, questioning an attendant, the whole plot was explained to him

    46. Helen of Troy guessed the plot and tried to get the men to show themselves by pretending to be one of their wives

    47. The android was deep inside the native hive now, if it wasn't for the three-d plot he kept running on a side screen up here, he would have no idea where he was

    48. Even with the system able to plot the three-d maze, they could spend hours finding a coachman, even in a busy business district like that near the detective agency

    49. The system plotted a new route, he nearly got the android damaged because he was busy looking at that plot and noticing what a challenge Alan's new location was going to be, so he paid too little attention to the android's sensors

    50. "Keep to the lines Flitter or you'll ruin the plot" whispered Lemoss quickly

    1. There were large observatories and they were doing very precise plots of the body's position and making calculations from that

    2. For example, cheap plots of land are seldom included in the town planning zone

    3. "These owners here would each take ten aluminums and sell, these parcels here would take one or less," he pointed to some smaller plots

    4. The plots within a day's paddle of the city center are a maze of canals, most of them only about six feet wide

    5. She could see that this had once been a reasonably well settled area, a comfortable street in the plots at one time

    6. Not only have I saved you and your lovely little miss from that old bastard's schemes and plots, but I've also taught you a lesson

    7. " When you're sixty miles from the first centers of Dos you notice the plots getting smaller

    8. The plots had been smaller here since Shempala

    9. This branch of the river was about a third of a mile wide here, the plots on the far side were visible, the ships passing by were close enough to shout to each other and moving so slow upstream with the barely perceptible tide that it was hardly worth the effort to sail at all

    10. He brought up some of the plots from entanglement in their own veron store

    11. There are plenty of state changes in response to stimulus, we see all these here," she waved at the screen where they had saved many of those plots from atoms in verons simulating other parts of her brain

    12. Hour after hour there was revealed along these banks ever more miles of a thin line of city, backed with miles of plots

    13. Other than that, it was nice enough, one of hundreds like it in the Yakhan’s plots

    14. visibly relaxed when he saw the carefully-tilled plots of land, with

    15. Between the vegetable plots and the kitchen, there was a large and

    16. Their outdoor courtyard was a two story opening on the northeast face and the view of the rolling plots fifty miles away across the valley was nice

    17. All three of them lived in the inner plots east of the city

    18. There was another half mile thru hilly little plots to canyon bridge

    19. “After we were together a few decades we got tired of the clothing business, mostly tired of our customers, and moved out on the plots about a week out of town

    20. Each time they toured the plots it was a different route

    21. The wicked plots against the

    22. He who plots to do evil will be called

    23. able to stand because of the plots

    24. It was a late Morningday gig on a nice plaza about twenty four stories above the plots, plots that you could just about see from the lighting bridge

    25. "Remember all those long tours you told me about, for years out into the plots?" he asked

    26. Then a little footpath lead out of the six-story strap-up that lined the street and out into the actual plots

    27. Klowa considered anyplace with ground showing to be plots though real geographers didn't use that term until you got to property where the people who lived on it grew more food than they ate

    28. Her own numerous plots against him had all met with disaster while her anguish only increased with her efforts

    29. Alan had often told her about the secret power plots and back-stabbing that went on among the 'angels'

    30. The new road they were on soon settled down to be a row of urban businesses along that road, plots down all the side streets

    31. They were now in the inner plots

    32. "This is a typical street in the inner plots," she told Alan

    33. "Out in the inner plots to the northwest of Zhlindu, I guess close to a hundred miles by now, at least eighty

    34. All those ingenious plots they must have devised,

    35. Maybe that explains the Security patrols and the increasing concern about Anglos and plots against the security of Atlantica

    36. I’ve never heard any of my few Anglo associates talk of any plots,” Kurt said, pausing, then continuing, “Of course, my leaving, I guess is a plot, of sorts

    37. Waddell had been warned that there were plots to destroy his

    38. “The head of Homeland Security stated that there had been no indication of increased terrorist communication regarding any type of plots against Americans

    39. who discovers the plots of her "loving husband" and confronts it any less

    40. forbidden lore hint at the possibility that earth is suffering the dark plots of maniac, chthonic deities

    41. I feel that the reason for her unqualified support is that this attractive figure‘s rags to riches story has keenly affected the (starved) imaginations of individuals who have come to know her ―intimately‖; unlike the nameless, faceless individuals routinely hatching plots inside corporate board rooms

    42. CSS plots included plans to spread smallpox and yellow fever in New Orleans, Norfolk, and Washington DC and burn down New York City, Chicago, Boston, and Cincinnati

    43. The biological warfare and arson plots only failed due to CSS incompetence

    44. The Body Count: At least 288 murders and 588 wounded from 60 plots from 1995 to 2012

    45. 33 of the 60 plots were successful, 27 unsuccessful

    46. Her imagination was into the stratosphere, wildly conjuring deceitful plots and terrifying images of the madmen behind the curtain, in the closet, under the bed and in every shadow

    47. But whatever the merits of these proposals he would have been enormously handicapped with no party in Congress to back him, a hostile and undiplomatic temper, and a tendency to imagine dark plots

    48. plots of grass and houses; it could not have been the same New Haven

    49. Had there been any value in all that idealism: those purposes to sing and to create beauty in every aspect of my life? Opera was my great love, but instead of getting to sing the music, I’d been given the plots of several operas to live

    50. Plots and scandals were commonplace during the reign of the Caesars

    1. "Each state change should be plotted in its own dimension, I know, but for this I've added them using the common model sign and value

    2. Second base would be plotted 90,

    3. In two minutes he had plotted a course to Port Hedland avoiding detection especially as most radar sites were not operational this time

    4. The system plotted a new route, he nearly got the android damaged because he was busy looking at that plot and noticing what a challenge Alan's new location was going to be, so he paid too little attention to the android's sensors

    5. One move after another, she plotted the future for as far as her mind could see

    6. he be? It was as if her heart plotted with her mind to keep her spirit in the dark, to fulfill some uncanny destiny of unchecked optimism

    7. A plotted course or directions

    8. To treat an act of terror plotted and committed on American soil as a criminal act rather than an act of war, is patently ridiculous, showing the militants only weakness

    9. Cuban-American exiles even plotted to kill Reagan

    10. But almost immediately, they plotted to overthrow Castro

    11. While riding roughshod over her father, she attended evening classes on real estate investment at the community college and plotted strategy for saving him from himself – and she did, too, she insisted with a sharp nod

    12. Some wealthy elites hated Roosevelt so much they plotted to overthrow him and put in a fascist dictatorship

    13. Where the American Liberty League plotted to overthrow Roosevelt, many conservatives outright threatened that Obama be overthrown if he does not give in to their demands

    14. But what They had plotted between Them was repeated by the gods, Their firstborn

    15. What if they would have plotted your death? Would you have said the same thing?

    16. Elena: I want the souls of all those that have plotted against me and those that have wronged Mikael and Elijah

    17. Council members who have plotted against her were all surprised to see that the poison had no effect on her, but they were filled with guilt for plotting against her

    18. He was one of the thirty Council members who plotted against her and his guilt was beginning to eat him from inside

    19. The estimations are plotted and the lowest and highest values are declared and rationale for them is understood from the members

    20. So, Haman plotted to exterminate all the Jews in the land

    21. hiding the Underworlders and what you two had plotted

    22. "Sure thing, Cal," the helmsman said as she plotted the new course

    23. His mistakes plotted onto the median on every account, especially his leisurely ways – drinking two wheat beers over the course of three hours

    24. variable stars - including Cepheids - are plotted as the apparent

    25. We’ve several structure outlines already plotted, and I’ve had a bit of fun with them

    26. The king knew his mother plotted to kill Elijah

    27. plotted on the complex plane

    28. Each data point is plotted on the chart in the order it was collected (as it occurred in time)

    29. The line chart is plotted connecting single prices for a selected time period

    30. Although any point in the day can be plotted, most traders focus on the closing price, which they perceive as the most important

    31. Example of histograms plotted in the Swiss franc chart

    32. Example of a candlesticks plotted in the Swiss franc chart

    33. Example of a bearish channel and his break plotted in the Japanese yen chart

    34. The charts of moving averages are being plotted within same coordinates with an underlying price chart (See Figures 4

    35. The two are plotted two standard deviations above and below a 20-day simple moving average

    36. Visualize %K as the plotted instrument, and

    37. The resulting lines are plotted on a 1 to 100 scale, with overbought and oversold warning signals at

    38. which all are plotted against the zero line

    39. plotted on a graph, it would look like a standard curve chart

    40. plotted around the zero line

    41. RSI charts are plotted on a 0 to 100% scale

    42. This oscillator is plotted on a reversed 0 to 100% scale (See a real example in Figure 4

    43. A touch of her old imperious wrath shook her, as she thought how maddeningly her plans had gone awry, leaving her captive of the very man she had plotted to get into her power

    44. Saul plotted to manipulate

    45. and now he plotted his demise –

    46. What grisly abomination Xaltotun plotted lay in the unpredictable future

    47. 'But the flood you plotted did not come to pass,' answered the priest

    48. death I plotted as Danny and I crouched over the heat vent in my

    49. He suspected it was a move plotted by Nadya who occasionally flashed him a discreet, mischievous grin as the ladies insisted on probing his personal life

    50. Back on the Odyssey, Xin consulted the great library, but this time, plotted a new course for a planet with a younger race in hopes of avoiding the previous disappointments

    1. "Darryl is plotting the motions of every snowball we pass, they are all in two families, those orbiting in the galactic plane and those of the halo

    2. "You should try plotting by burst duty cycle and warp radius," she said, moving quite close to him when she did

    3. She told me I was getting nowhere because I still had only three particle traps and was plotting on the first order

    4. It was as if, having opened her mind to the dark side in her plotting and scheming, she had welcomed in the spirit of the lycanthrope, although she remained sufficiently cold-blooded not to have changed her shape

    5. “As First to Queen Naria, I hereby read the charges: For those countless boys that you corrupted; for the many innocents that you stole from, raped, and murdered; for following a man you knew to be mad and doing his bidding; for attempting to kill Lord Tarak; for plotting to murder the Queen and aiding Lord Boras in taking the throne, you are hereby sentenced to death

    6. Both men were silent – Imorbis already plotting the creation of his ‘Destroyer’, while Anon pondered a way to stop it; to keep it from becoming a greater evil than even the Dead Tree

    7. I’d miss it all: The planning, the plotting, the discussions with

    8. variables when plotting the course

    9. weeks, he had actually been plotting to assassinate President

    10. Over time, these men became organized, plotting together to bring war and destruction to the Free Lands

    11. The damage a madman could do with the Power as a result of his loss of comprehension of his environment was serious enough without the thought of those madmen becoming evil and plotting against the innocent

    12. Waiting had none of the distracting qualities of plotting an escape or trying to draw information out of Hollowcrest

    13. Maybe involving him more in the plotting and planning would engage his interest, or at least keep him focused and loyal

    14. “Powerful people are plotting to assassinate you, and your enforcer girlfriend is making a mess of the economy

    15. To be Human is to be (irrevocably) linked with the Spirit, the former plotting its own self-chartered, oftentimes self-destructive course, the latter seeking an aggressively ―passive‖ unanimity with God

    16. Some were pro fascist, even working with Hitler and taking part in the Holocaust or plotting to overthrow FDR and install fascism in the US

    17. Was Tucker plotting a military coup? The poor guy’s mind was jumping all over the place

    18. Nevertheless, the community of foreigners in Havana was riddled with agents and organizations plotting rebellion

    19. They were discovered plotting to blow up ten planes, using similar tactics to those used by Al-Qaeda on the twin towers in New York

    20. Hilderich had been busy resting most of the time at first, but he did spend some time with the machine, which naturally saw to the daily routine of maintaining the ship, checking and plotting their course, as well as trying to update Hilderich on the workings of the universe and the general state of affairs in the civilized galaxy

    21. In 644 he was chosen caliph by a board of six electors supposedly named by the second caliph, Omar (Umar), before his death…His (Othman’s) substitution in important state positions of his own favorites and kinsmen for the officials appointed by his predecessors left a rejected group with considerable power and prestige plotting against him

    22. Every time I looked around the joint, I saw two black and green apparitions in the shadows; there was no doubt they were planning and plotting something against me

    23. When Apsu heard this, His face beamed for the evil He was plotting against the gods, His children

    24. Do you suppose he is plotting another poem?"

    25. No one knew what they were plotting

    26. It is important to know that there are some who are involved in government now, who are plotting similar deeds for 46

    27. The two of them weren’t plotting to take over Itam

    28. Council members who have plotted against her were all surprised to see that the poison had no effect on her, but they were filled with guilt for plotting against her

    29. He then looked at the Council members and told them that they should feel ashamed for plotting against her

    30. The other boy was busy plotting his transfer; it would be a freakish munch-fest once his specimen arrived on Derek’s

    31. I'll never know if it was just the plotting of my parents or the hand of destiny itself that set in motion the events which would soon follow

    32. In general, there is less rush, less running, less competitive spirit, less plotting, less violence and lesser stress

    33. my brother thinks I dedicate to plotting evil things against him

    34. So we hated each other, and though we were not plotting

    35. "Yeah," Bannister said, leading him past the operations counter to the map room where a Mark 128 radio pallet was set up on half of the big plywood plotting table

    36. Bull and Pooh intended to expose Millsap’s drug operation to the Press and skip town, but he figured out what they were plotting and sent Russell to kill them before the story leaked

    37. brightness over time and plotting the changes on a graph called a light

    38. “Percy,” Grover cut in, “if you were Zeus, and you already thought your brother was plotting to overthrow you, then your brother suddenly admitted he had broken the sacred oath he took after World War II, that he’s fathered a new mortal hero who might be used as a weapon against you…

    39. Whatever he and Anubis were plotting, I could wait for him to explain it to

    40. So, I was plotting my escape and a note landed right on my face, right between my fucking eyes

    41. My cods hung loose and full, slapping reassuringly against my thighs as I trod the boards plotting, murdering and brawling over power until the final humiliation

    42. The detective that visited Ashon was sitting in his car, an old blue Ford Taurus, looking at Ashon on the corner plotting

    43. applied for the chart plotting the bigger is a time span to analyze price movements and to determine

    44. ‘Those evil, inhuman creations of godless fools conceived in sin, are everywhere organising themselves, converting the weak, plotting against civilisation, and subverting God’s plans

    45. Two, Nathan wouldn't mind if you took over but he will wait until you are comfortable enough before he starts plotting things against you like he did against your mother

    46. He did not know whether the giant was plotting new devilries or had been summoned away by that muttering voice, but he wasted no time in conjectures

    47. 'And you, poor, silly thing! Plotting to send a hairy hill chief to storm Yimsha! It was such a jest that I myself could have designed, had it occurred to me, that you should fall in his hands

    48. Go upon the housetops and shout that Ascalante is in the city plotting against the king—if you dare

    49. plotting to infiltrate the Security Division of the RCMP

    50. Apparently, Craig used to have rendez-vous with fellow activists at some such places where they would hang around plotting for hours

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