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    1. "If we decide to enhance the individual, as has been the dominant theme on this planet for twenty centuries now, we will not evolve in that direction

    2. It was a big liner, longer than the Brothers Formidable and with better appointed but tighter cabins decorated in a 52nd century theme and hung with great reproductions of some classic photographs from that era

    3. As they filed into his parade ground up the grandest colonnade of all, there was music beyond music underneath it all, every patriotic theme there had ever been, somehow fused into one subliminal march

    4. "I wondered why the nautical theme in her act," Nlara said

    5. They wouldn't be coming into what's mainly an entertainment area with a nautical theme to find someone to travel with

    6. stickers, ribbons or anything that supports the theme of the page

    7. That had been a common theme ever since the reunification

    8. a Legoland theme park can tell you that these little

    9. You can help them in selecting a good theme

    10. Dave, in his wisdom, has thrown out the one I put together last week saying that there ought to be something with an Easter theme in it

    11. ● Choose and upload a WordPress theme

    12. theme a bit, it is easy to change the whole outlook of your WordPress website

    13. If your website is a real estate site, then it would be best to pick a theme that is

    14. If you site is a review site, then pick a theme that is a review theme

    15. Once you know what you want, then you will need to pick a WordPress theme

    16. The advantage is this: if you just stick to one theme, you will

    17. the options that may be included with that one theme

    18. My main site was developed from a free theme (but it was highly customized into

    19. money, but I highly recommend that you buy a customized theme

    20. Now that you have a good idea of what theme to choose, now you need content

    21. however if your theme does not include that, then you will have to do it manually

    22. Sipping at his pint, Briz returned to his theme

    23. The children have been learning some special songs with an Easter theme and the Yr 4 and Yr 5 classes have put together a dramatic presentation of the Easter story from the point of view of a child in Jerusalem at the time

    24. responded fast and positively, with the enthusiasm of a kid on his way to a theme

    25. “There's a fine theme mixed in there withal I do say, 'But when I came to man's estate, against thieves and knaves men shut their gate

    26. “That is, of course, the common theme in these trips and movies like you’re probably on

    27. A common theme of conversation was 'only here til I save up for a nicer place'

    28. sotoportegi (all variations on the theme of street or

    29. Daily corporate prayer was a central theme of

    30. It is a fairly easy leap to see this theme then recreated in Barrie’s written work

    31. Its interior decor was a theme he would find common in the pyramid

    32. WP Editor is a plugin for WordPress that replaces the default plugin and theme editors as well as the page/post editor

    33. One-Click Child Theme

    34. on the same theme: "Put some bouzouki", "Give

    35. theme, and develops it in the form of a novel

    36. inclinations, for which the debates on such theme

    37. theme of the novel

    38. with an army theme

    39. former believer in eternal torment) also picks up on this theme on the pages of

    40. Consider also the theme and name of the magazine and additional symbolism

    41. That we have created and are now creating the world we see around us is a recurring theme of the Buddha

    42. No two of the dreams were ever quite the same but the theme never varied

    43. The aforesaid theme was echoed by many present mediums i

    44. Instead all the religions carried the same theme, which spells L-O-V-E

    45. the theme of life!

    46. The core theme is always about ‘Oneness’ and never about fear, hatred, division, domination and all the negativity that so commonly pervades modern society

    47. In broad terms, the number ‘5’ carries with it the theme of ‘CHANGE’

    48. “Kurt, you have your theme

    49. Although the theories of general and special relativity suggest the possibility of travelling through time (which is often the theme of a variety of fictitious entertainment) there exist no devices or methods today, which would allow us to travel through time to collect data at specific points in time, outside of the present

    50. This was a recurring theme in all of their conversations over the

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