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    1. interest – including visiting the customer premises on a purely

    2. There was a prehistoric time when the Gengee had been purely Troll and the Trolls had been peaceful fishermen on its shore where the onion groves survived the winter on islands in the lagoons

    3. stream of information that we absorb on a regular basis which is purely

    4. I have decided judgement purely on the

    5. This fit of depression is purely the result of overdoing things both on a physical and emotional level … okay, so that makes perfect logical sense … but doesn’t actually alleviate things one iota

    6. Thom had designed the equipment purely at the user level, it was all standard packages connected to one another

    7. purely as a loan

    8. Marriages had been arranged carefully, and at great expense, to ensure the line flowed purely

    9. This city was still purely Minoan in 1648bc

    10. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that she hangs around in the pub during the evening purely in anticipation that someone she knows will come in and buy her a drink

    11. This was a purely residential area, there wouldn’t be a lot of activity at this dock

    12. So, if we contract with Mandy's restaurant for a meal plan per bungalow at five dollars a week, purely as an additional amenity, we could charge a total per suite of at least thirty dollars per week

    13. Somehow she managed to instil the last few words with a meaning which reduced the conviction of her brother for child abuse, the deaths of two men and a woman, and the resultant comatose state of her daughter to an event which was purely and simply intended as a disruption of her life

    14. The feeling is almost purely childish and Ken loves play time

    15. His piece is purely for show

    16. There isn't another with as purely angelic a voice

    17. All this that you're saying is based purely on conjecture

    18. Livingson has assured me that this was purely a miscommunication on his part, and that you are not to be held responsible, I disagree with his protection and defense of you

    19. A purely cash salary, and when the

    20. That wasn’t to say Rafe had been acting purely out of kindness and the best interest of the Seventh World

    21. After seeing all the recordings, it finally made sense to her; he wasn’t purely mad

    22. Nor was he purely a villain

    23. A purely technological power

    24. Mostly he wished she remembered what she had lost, and that when she fought, it was out of love for her God-king and fallen companions, and not purely out of hate

    25. purely as a friend

    26. The purely concrete ground

    27. At the time she’d thought that it was purely friendship, but it was far more serious

    28. with the divine as well as the traumatic material (which is purely unresolved,

    29. If you do these things, your earnings will soar purely because your emails constantly appeal to your subscribers

    30. The only son of one of the most prominent and ancient families in the Colovian Highlands, he had, reluctantly, been allowed to train and nurture his penchant for tactical studies as a purely intellectual exercise

    31. Everything from the wall panels and floor, to the many control and feedback consoles were purely functional, either painted battleship grey or left as bare steel

    32. From this point forward, a distinct contrast developed between that which is considered “science” through the Theory of Evolution and that of the Bible, which is said to be a purely religious view

    33. Torbin had insisted they move in close enough that he could make contact with the device; Zardino had no truck with this suggestion purely on the grounds that it would be a suicide mission, not accepting that the device had developed a special connection with him, or that – as a highly intelligent entity – it could be reasoned with

    34. As far as he could determine they were purely random but at least spaced sufficiently that he could chance an escape

    35. It would be purely electronic warfare, software

    36. messy physical business of missiles and bullets, just one program against another, and fought for purely electronic territory, for control of a virtual world, because whoever had control of that world also had control of the real one

    37. It was there purely for

    38. Purely and simply, he failed to protect this country

    39. They created Apartheid, and the question is how? From a purely legal perspective the answer is almost as satisfying as the question of how the Jewish Holocaust became legalised in Nazi Germany

    40. Despite all that, some failed and after some purely physical re-education they wrote the examination again

    41. That was purely a mean street skill based on experience

    42. The anaesthetist was watching both of us closely and kept reassuring us, at the same time constantly glancing at the machines and the numbers on them, and then checking Dena’s face purely out of habit

    43. For The Foundation is One! Purely One!

    44. President Bush‘s flawed Immigration Reform Bill providing ―conditional‖ amnesty to 12 million illegal aliens must be reassuring to 1) (Moderate) Republicans who would consider its passage a political opportunity to place the party in better stead with Hispanic Voters and the Business Community, 2) Corporations seeking to attract Cheap(er) Labor, 3) Democrats who, for the same reasons indicated above, are uncomfortable with the idea of controlling our nation‘s borders at the risk of alienating a sizeable voting bloc and (who) would otherwise seize the moment, for purely political reasons, to challenge Republican proposals that (surprise!) ―don‘t go far enough,‖ 4) Multiculturalists and Internationalists likely to embrace such ―reforms‖ as a (positive) first step towards achieving their (respective) Universalist Agenda, and 5) Shakers of Western Culture who would seek its destruction at any cost for its own sake and who would therefore (also) consider such measures as an appropriate step in the ―right‖ direction

    45. From a purely professional viewpoint that is wrong and a home goal for it created sympathy to the victim

    46. The German bombing was purely accidental, but even had the British government known that, there is little reason to doubt they would have acted any differently

    47. Both were targeted purely for their political beliefs and for their art criticizing their governments

    48. Nixon passed laws favorable to Natives for purely pragmatic political reasons, in an attempt to pretend he was not a racist

    49. From a purely technical point of view, Bob had a few squadrons already under his command

    50. Teresa's focus was purely on the archaeology of the area, and she forgot all else during the visit

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