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    quite frases de exemplo


    1. "This is quite a boat

    2. She looked out over the water quite a while before answering, and didn't answer directly

    3. With my memory, I find myself playing this game quite regularly

    4. Women differ from men in that the decline in sexual responsiveness with aging is quite gradual

    5. These changes are quite minimal until menopause — the most dramatic organic change that a woman undergoes as she ages

    6. He tried not to spit but didn't quite succeed

    7. there was definitely something else strange but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it

    8. They had been quite sure they would be the ugliest people in town, judging by the tourist channel on TV

    9. There are quite a few sharpshooters posted on the balcony

    10. He was there to see Kira, but he did not quite know how to go about it

    11. I love you, therefore you should sleep around a bit until you’re quite, quite sure whilst I get on with all this work for you, regardless of the outcome

    12. It wasn't quite as bad on this world as it had been at Sol, but they could still be persistent and aggressive and there were so many more of them

    13. I'd imagine there's quite a layer of dust on it by now, that was thirty decades ago

    14. There were rooms downstairs for his business, far below was quite a bit of warehouse space

    15. “This is quite a ruckus you have caused, isn’t it,” she told them

    16. Maybe he shouldn’t have yelled quite so loud? Maybe he shouldn’t have said anything at all? Maybe he should have come in early to give his computer a head start in booting up? What was he supposed to be doing again? Looking for the sales report!

    17. Ava had spoken with Kulai about Herndon and quite a few others, it would not be a total surprise, he would expect no less

    18. Nancy was quite impressed already, but she tried to appear nonchalant about the whole thing

    19. The wear-and-tear that comes from these longer relationships can be quite devastating

    20. At the same time it has been observed for years, for instance, that many executives with high-pressure jobs seem to remain quite healthy until old age – they seem to flourish in their pressure-cooker jobs

    21. More recently the Indian Laughter Show on TV became quite popular

    22. “This is supposed to be a front for the United Order, so the technology will be quite a bit more advanced,” Johnny said

    23. At the same time, it is quite possible that we work with the new elements in such situations and strike new relationships, find new vocations and even change our existing view of life and its purpose

    24. "I was just thinking we may be too late, they couldn't have made all these improvements without quite a bit of money

    25. Inspector Ditton gives his sidekick instructions and suggests that I might like to take my jacket off – commenting that it is quite warm in here

    26. Afternoonday can be quite warm, even as winter begins in the north, so for one day of the week lowland clothing can be worn

    27. I've not seen him quite as drawn in as this before

    28. His dad always said that, but if Johnny never helped with the dishes, quite frankly, they would never get done

    29. Over a long period of a few years some share show a consistent growth, some show ups and downs around a mean value, some show a persistent fall in value and quite a few just vanish out of market or are quoted at a value which is not worth the cost of paper on which the share certificate is printed

    30. Under-performance over short periods of time, even a year is quite acceptable

    31. the same type, to be quite honest

    32. ‘That’s easy, Liz … a load of stuff was lent out for a themed party of some sort, and we know that Dan was involved in the collection … in fact Henry didn’t check over the stuff until quite recently which was when he noticed the gun was missing

    33. ‘It took me back to my uni days … it was quite like old times

    34. He’s quite a character and much appreciated in the villages he serves

    35. This man's hands looked quite dainty in doosEr's

    36. Quite often they were level with second floor porches

    37. ‘What became of him? Do you know?’ I asked, trying to remember his mother … I was secretary to the PTA at one point and quite friendly with most of the parents of children in Emma’s year

    38. the Marchese on the sofa or not, and neither of them were quite sure what the etiquette

    39. They were quite diligent at making children and giving their children a lot of attention

    40. In his realm everything is absolute quite independent of anything else

    41. The Ava that Tahlmute talked of was not listed as one of them, though quite a few were of the same general look

    42. There was quite a spectacle in some media about the 'gents from the stars' courting in the Yakhan in those days

    43. Today those lagoons are miles into the desert, but even now the Gengee is not quite the same as the Highlands and a lot of that was the presence of a significant population of Trolls

    44. What with the tenancy falling through and that conversation I had with the inspector yesterday, I don’t quite know whether I am coming or going

    45. It was lucky that disease was not very contagious, but there was a scare thruout the city for awhile and it turned out quite a few had been infected

    46. We hadn’t quite go to Sputnik, but there

    47. Tahlmute's certificates and incantations performed correctly this week and they were admitted to the storage facility after quite a lengthy process of looking up records and cross checking thieves files

    48. ‘You made quite an impression her when you spoke to her on the phone, you know

    49. BigThree bobbed his now and then, but only eyes three and four were up for quite awhile

    50. "Well, maybe you haven't been in the loop quite as much lately, with your time off and being in the far east

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