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    1. It takes a considerable amount of restraint on my part not to go with the two of them as they head off to the annexe, but I manage it

    2. We are finding that the restraint that God holds out to those nations is being taken away

    3. “You have my leave to do what needs to be done,” he could see she was grinning as she turned and left, and he shouted out, “Restraint Rayne, restraint!”

    4. Rayne stepped back and looked at Duncan who signaled restraint, with his hand

    5. He admired the way she handled the difficult situation, keeping herself in tight restraint

    6. “I am honored that you cared so much and yet still held yourself in restraint, it must have taken a lot of self control

    7. quite a feat of restraint, I feel

    8. restraint, and still allow for a broad range of motion;” they were proud of their ingenuity in adapting clothing to the rigors of their discipline

    9. head emphatically, but Grossin was beyond restraint

    10. You need to show restraint in some area of your life

    11. Or that you need to show some restraint in an area of your life

    12. Show more restraint

    13. On the other hand, the dream may be telling you that you need to show more restraint in some aspect of your life

    14. You need to show more restraint

    15. But even this restraint was afterwards thought insufficient, and, by a statute of Elizabeth, the privilege of granting it was confined to the quarter-sessions

    16. By this restraint he is probably obliged to sell the one somewhat cheaper, and to buy the other somewhat dearer, than he otherwise might have done; and his profits are probably somewhat abridged by means of it

    17. That minister had unfortunately embraced all the prejudices of the mercantile system, in its nature and essence a system of restraint and regulation, and such as could scarce fail to be agreeable to a laborious and plodding man of business, who had been accustomed to regulate the different departments of public offices, and to establish the necessary checks and controlls for confining each to its proper sphere

    18. Some subsequent formularies represent the manner in which he supposes this distribution is made in different states of restraint and regulation ; in which, either the class of proprietors, or the barren and unproductive class, is more favoured than the class of cultivators ; and in which either the one or the other encroaches, more or less, upon the share which ought properly to belong to this productive class

    19. The terms of admission into the Hamburgh company are now said to be quite easy ; and the directors either have it not in their power to subject the trade to any troublesome restraint or regulations, or, at least, have not of late exercised that power

    20. Force and restraint may, no doubt, be in some degree requisite, in order to oblige children, or very young boys, to attend to those parts of education, which it is thought necessary for them to acquire during that early period of life ; but after twelve or thirteen years of age, provided the master does his duty, force or restraint can scarce ever be necessary to carry on any part of education

    21. Deanna had told him in some detail of her experiences at the institution, the way they had treated her as a mentally ill patient in need of chemical restraint

    22. This more liberal administration did not, at least, engage in the heavy-handed restraint of anti-war protests

    23. Too bad Obama doesn"t feel the same restraint

    24. detained under legal warrant upon any criminal charge, we are not aware of any ground upon which they can properly be prevented from going on shore and disposing of themselves as they think, and we cannot advise her Majesty’s government to assume or exercise the power of keeping them under any kind of restraint

    25. McKee sat down in one of the chairs, leaning his head back against the restraint, air whistling in and out of his mouth

    26. General Blanco returned to Spain, Castellanos assumed command, and as the Spanish troops were mobilised in the large cities, the smaller towns, freed from restraint, invited the insurgents to enter

    27. Some had to be restraint for they were as aggressive as us

    28. We showed a lot of restraint despite what is said today

    29. …joined together for purposes of price-fixing, unlawful trade practices and restraint of trade…acquiring an unfair (―competitive‖) advantage over its market rivals…resulting in artificially higher prices than the consumer could (otherwise) afford to pay for (certain) products and services…not so a highly successful company that has carefully positioned itself in the open market…(properly) planning, researching, developing, designing, manufacturing, marketing, selling and distributing its products and services at a lower cost than its competitors while passing the savings along to its customers…these companies, having legally complied with existing laws and regulations, should not be penalized for their achievements…coerced into sharing their formulae for success with their (underachieving) competitors as the courts oftentimes mandate…

    30. Modern Society is in the throes of a revolutionary Revolt of Conscience; the solitary by-product of moral and intellectual parochialism that is gradually revealing itself in the vested self-interest(s) and manners of unbridled Individualism that has undermined equalitarian idealism, that once defined the national culture, by rendering every individual the sole arbiter of his or her own conscience and ensuing choices without giving proper pause to how such choices may otherwise impact, for better or for worse, other individuals or to a transcendent authority that each must (inevitably) be held accountable; that is to say, whose (social) consequences existing outside the provincial boundaries of that individual‘s (own) estate are no longer limited by (moral) restraint or prescribed rules of moral and ethical conduct but conditioned rather by circumventing designs contrary to the proportionate interests of a well-ordered society

    31. I could see the tears form in his eyes as the lens shattered on a stone, but admired his restraint when all he said was, "Shit!"

    32. Obviously restraints of trade are enforceable but remember there are many legal problems with a restraint of trade

    33. Such attitudes (otherwise) suggesting caution or restraint were reflexively labeled Fascistic; a term destined to become the precursor to other forms of gratuitous name calling common among members of that generation directed against opposing viewpoints

    34. Frank’s plea seemed to release any last restraint on the group’s behaviour and they attacked him again, punching and kicking until he fell onto his side, protecting his head with his arms

    35. He had not previously given it much thought, but when confronted with this side of Ferguson that he had not seen before, he recognized how much restraint the sergeant had been exercising in not using the large quantity of cigarettes in his possession for his own financial benefit

    36. Who knows what kind of restraint they could put on us if we caused trouble

    37. This is what happens to an organization that is not subject to some restraint and control by an electorate

    38. Without restraint you might find yourself acting against your own best interest

    39. the spirit; rational restraint vs

    40. The laughing and playful giggling in Adrinius’ ear as he mentally selected the neck of his choice, the blood he’d devour, the restraint he must have found so difficult to impose till he was alone with his prey all proved too revolting for me

    41. I could feel a restraint of sorts from Adrinius as he drank and sucked but I also knew that for a vampire such as him, his insane bodily need to kill me would far outweigh any smidgens of sisterly love he may have held for me

    42. ” He wrote with kind restraint

    43. Released from custom and restraint we are enticed downward on the ladder of civilization, ever closer to unleashing the beast that lurks in the depths of every human being

    44. You’d think she’ll have some sense of restraint, didn’t she see the ring on his finger, or me for that matter?

    45. I took a deep breath, God better give me the restraint not to snap his neck

    46. For more than twenty years, forces that favor spending have consistently prevailed over forces that favor fiscal restraint

    47. of pious restraint in the face of sin

    48. In the Meditations, restraint of the will is analogous to the

    49. ƒ Fiscal restraint, wise decisions, weighing options, informed choice, planned set and formulated goals and projection estimates and steps to get there, all work together in the family budget, to get you back on track and on the road to enjoying your dollar-earnings

    50. His fist clenched and unclenched as he tried for restraint

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