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    1. [I should point out that, whilst the situations described above are true, they are presented here as an amalgam of the actual events for the sake of simplicity

    2. The simplicity of the outside construction is continued in the interior

    3. The simplicity of inaction, of this fading protest, appealed to me

    4. I missed the simplicity of human contact

    5. ’ She said, stretching the truth a little for the sake of simplicity

    6. and the perfection of absolute simplicity,

    7. for the knowing, for the helping, for the simplicity

    8. These instructions are simplicity itself and even the photograph of me lying with my head, shoulders and legs raised can give you little idea of the sheer muscular effort involved in holding them that way

    9. The first two are simplicity itself and the only

    10. Jeffery was amazed at the simplicity of Wolf’s strategy

    11. Of course it would take a dragon to see that simplicity was the answer

    12. Of course, if a willing young lady fluttered her come-to-bed eyes at him he was still game, but on the whole his thoughts were crystallising into shapes that combined the simplicity of out and out lust with the complexities of mutual respect and life-long friendship

    13. She was the everlasting mountain of clarity, the purity of the air and all the beautiful simplicity coming together to make me think again

    14. Compared to me, he was a hero, a man whose simple life was far from easy but one who'd found peace of mind in that very simplicity

    15. The seamstress and tailor were astonished at the simplicity of the gown and asked if they might use her design as they were sure that after her court appearance they would be inundated with requests for gowns of a similar design

    16. thrive on simplicity through conventional thinking

    17. crystallising into shapes that combined the simplicity of out and out

    18. When we pul apart human life and real y look at the simplicity within

    19. “And these experiments are it?” asked the host, a little surprised at the simplicity requested

    20. The simplicity and perfection brought a smile to his face

    21. ” He paused to find the words and resorted to the simplicity of, “An aim is accomplished

    22. He believes in the power of simplicity and that the system should only do what the user asks for

    23. The quantity of materials which the same number of people can work up, increases in a great proportion as labour comes to be more and more subdivided; and as the operations of each workman are gradually reduced to a greater degree of simplicity, a variety of new machines come to be invented for facilitating and abridging those operations

    24. To illustrate the simplicity of the task, here it is, briefly and

    25. Whether your business is online or offline you can learn from the simplicity of

    26. The few European travellers who had been there, had magnified the distance, perhaps through simplicity and ignorance ; what was really very great, appearing almost infinite to those who could not measure it; or, perhaps, in order to increase somewhat more the marvellous of their own adventures in visiting regions so immensely remote from Europe

    27. of simplicity and the lack of armed guards,

    28. But the labour of artificers and manufacturers, as it is capable of being more subdivided, and the labour of each workman reduced to a greater simplicity of operation, than that of farmers and country labourers; so it is likewise capable of both these sorts of improvement in a much higher degree {See book i chap

    29. The admiration of this whole sect for their master, who was himself a man of the greatest modesty and simplicity, is not inferior to that of any of the ancient

    30. But she still preferred the simplicity of voice commands

    31. If, by such a system of administration, smuggling to any considerable extent could be prevented, even under pretty high duties ; and if every duty was occasionally either heightened or lowered according as it was most likely, either the one way or the other, to afford the greatest revenue to the state; taxation being always employed as an instrument of revenue, and never of monopoly ; it seems not improbable that a revenue, at least equal to the present neat revenue of the customs, might be drawn from duties upon the importation of only a few sorts of goods of the most general use and consumption ; and that the duties of customs might thus be brought to the same degree of simplicity, certainty, and precision, as those of excise

    32. by the simplicity of the passing boats carrying more constituents

    33. „progressive" circles? The answer is simplicity itself: Don"t rely on those afraid of the truth to express the truth

    34. Eventually I learned to appreciate the simplicity of it

    35. And why is that? Simplicity itself

    36. Visualized it, the simplicity of the hatch-door opening and light inside

    37. “Don’t the slaves see you?” Halon asked, amazed at the simplicity of the operation

    38. Halon was uneasy at the simplicity of the Seer’s story

    39. The simplicity of the ceremony enhanced the love and happiness between Liam and Patty – so deeply in love with each other as they stood before God asking His blessings on their union

    40. His sense of simplicity did not extend to his own dress; today’s outfit was an ornate tunic with red and gold embroidery

    41. After the entrée, which was a balance of perfected simplicity and intricate garnishes, came a series of tiny desserts, each more decadent than the last, spaced to titillate and to indulge

    42. What can one do, though? Such is life… but what a pleasant lesson of simplicity and modesty did I receive from those two personalities of world fame!

    43. His jaw dropped with the simplicity of it all

    44. Hilderich was considering the magnificent simplicity and awesome sight of the pillar of light in front of him

    45. At a great many points in the long history of the church, people have felt a real need to go right back to the perceived simplicity of the age of the apostles

    46. Elsewhere in this booklet, I have been critical of those who, at various times throughout the history of the church, have tried to return to the perceived simplicity of the apostolic age

    47. “It has the elegance of simplicity

    48. People appreciate ease and simplicity in a seemingly ever more complex world

    49. A sudden yearning for the simplicity of those long-ago childhood days washed over him

    50. But, for simplicity, suppose that what you would have earned on your assets was the same as the interest being charged on your car loan

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    chasteness restraint simpleness simplicity ease easiness simmpleness simple mindedness plainness bareness severity austerity distinctness lucidity clearness explicitness clarity monotony unity sincerity ingenuousness innocence naiveté candour