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    1. It was perfectly ripe, though she had to peel back the outside to suck out the juices within

    2. Medically, Yoga maintains the body parameters to a ripe old age (as the nature of yogic exercise is unlike other systems), which is anti-aging

    3. He felt strangely at home, like a ripe and powerful

    4. She had what he liked to call ‘a ripe figure’

    5. The tarrids were now almost ripe and there were so many that they ate some of those

    6. For a moment I can’t see what he means at all, then I realise that what I had taken for crops of ripe grain are in fact wilting plants, their leaves yellowed

    7. In spite of being so flat, it was pretty country, lush with the fronds of houses, the ripe smells of rich cropland in the mid summer heat and the sounds of a hundred different kinds of lumins and charrasspas

    8. These conversations, these descriptions of wonderful blooms and ripe fruits, distressed old Ted, because he wanted to do the best job that he could for his employer

    9. “Why, they’re from your own garden, Ted”, said the fruit dealer in surprise, and he showed him the very same tresses full of beautiful ripe, red tomatoes that old Ted had sent up to town just a few days previously

    10. By this time she was certainly drunk enough to go without a fight, but four days at sea in the hot Aegean sun had left him ripe as a mackerel

    11. beautiful ripe, red tomatoes that old Ted had sent up to town just a

    12. 13Swing the sickle, for the harvest is ripe

    13. "Stories don't ripe clothing

    14. The vines had spread, indeed, over the trees, and the clusters of grapes were just now in their prime, very ripe and rich

    15. The darlings you've brought though strong and ripe, failed to reproduce as expected

    16. to expect, the fruit was ripe and tasty, and what little

    17. "Why if it isn't the man of the hour himself," Morg said, "With his balls hanging out nice and ripe for busting

    18. "If it isn't the man of the hour himself," the android said in a rowdy man's voice, "and with his balls all hanging out just ripe for busting

    19. Though even that ancient weapon had its limits, for now it was ripe with darkness, growing painful for Solo Ki to bear

    20. Dingle called him Adam, but here he was sitting against an old pear tree with a newly picked ripe apple in his hand and Rosecare dozing against his shoulder

    21. Lyconas was watching them, especially the ripe curves of

    22. But the King’s Wood remained ripe with power, his hands blistered anew the moment the Oneness left him

    23. They weren’t ripe, but after roasting, they were very good

    24. Chloe was only a year older than me, but a world away in the ripe contour of her body

    25. A few more weeks and they'll be ripe, smiled the

    26. He might be ripe to join her in the worship of the true God

    27. Fresh, succulent grasses and other options served up ripe and juicy right off the all-natural, prairie dining table would put a smile on her face and a sweet, gurgling sound in her stomach whenever she was fortunate enough to obtain the quantity and quality of rations that her organism called out for

    28. In the six months since Tenedos, her breasts had plumped to a nice size, maybe not ripe melons like Chloe’s, but they were now as big and firm as

    29. But now the time was ripe to inform Zarko about what had transpired in the meantime

    30. The materialization of the prayer will take place when the time is ripe and not a day sooner

    31. She made a great deal of noise purposely and when she thought the time was ripe, she called to Richard

    32. When the time is ripe, the returning soul goes back into tunnel of light which bridges the spiritual plane and the physical Earth

    33. But when a nation is ripe for any great branch of trade, some merchants naturally turn their capitals towards the principal, and some towards the subordinate branches of it; and though all the different branches of it are in this manner carried on, yet it very seldom happens that they are all carried on by the capital of one private merchant

    34. If a nation, therefore, is ripe for the East India trade, a certain portion of its capital will naturally divide itself among all the different branches of that trade

    35. If, at any particular time, that part of the capital of any country which of its own accord tended and inclined, if I may say so, towards the East India trade, was not sufficient for carrying on all those different branches of it, it would be a proof that, at that particular time, that country was not ripe for that trade, and that it would do better to buy for some time, even at a higher price, from other European nations, the East India goods it had occasion for, than to import them itself directly from the East Indies

    36. It was ripe for what happened

    37. The time seemed ripe for it

    38. He even stopped at a fig tree and picked ripe fruit, bringing them to us in a basket

    39. Thin cakes, with ripe figs spread on them, sat at the side of the table so we could have those later

    40. “No not you lot it is something else it smells over ripe cloying and sticky a revolting terrible stench like rotten meat

    41. It was the 1st of December when George ran hell for leather into our hut he was out of breath and his face was the colour of a ripe tomato

    42. The arrow struck the man’s forehead and his skull exploded like a ripe melon under a sledge hammer

    43. Grandma and Grandpa had sent pictures of the raspberry patch behind their house, where I would often find myself mid-summer, picking and eating as many ripe berries as I could

    44. I wished that it were a few months earlier so that I could pick the ripe peas and tomatoes from the vine, and then, bite into them, right there, just as naturally as a cheeseburger from the grill, or corn on the cob from the campfire

    45. But, it was too late in the season for it to be ripe with berries, yet, instead, it was ripe with memories

    46. “The air is a tad ripe out here

    47. When cherries were ripe in spring, Violetta thought she would ask the

    48. He's been living there ever since cherries were ripe, and

    49. I once saw a terrorist whose head was split open like an over ripe melon after being shot by an R1 slug

    50. ever since corn was ripe?" he asked pityingly, and Jimmy replied that

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    advanced ripe mature good right mellow aged seasoned matured grown ready complete finished prepared set developed consummate perfect