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    1. These fertilizers are a unique blend of rock powders and activators that are untreated, therefore, they contain secondary nutrients (calcium, magnesium and sulfur) plus many trace elements

    2. Her stories are structured in a very unusual way: I have written down in a separate notebook memories, fantasies, as well as dreams of mine and I have classified them in certain categories: Start of story – Main events – Secondary events – Cosmic truths – Fights – Dialogues – Space and time – End of story

    3. We are not the primary beneficiaries of the Gospel, but the secondary

    4. Because I think that I am a secondary beneficiary of the Gospel instead of the primary, I will never boast against the natural branches (or root) lest I be cut off (Romans 11:18-20)

    5. She muttered something about the fabricator’s secondary cal being back to normal, but he had no idea what that was about

    6. It was probably a cosmic ray in a low order digit of a secondary cal somewhere in the fabricator when this went thru

    7. I don't know if I told you, but she was having problems adjusting to life in a secondary school

    8. Everything else is secondary

    9. own happiness, her secondary aim was to ensure that her daughter,

    10. There were smaller secondary arches on

    11. duty had decamped to the base of the tower, where a secondary

    12. It doesn't seem to bother them when they reminisce, that Mickey manned the secondary strikers’ barricades while Ted was a true blue supporter of capital punishment

    13. I learned that he was married to Karen, a teacher at the secondary school, and that they had a son, Jake

    14. “Other projects may therefore be made secondary to this commission,” he told Harry, and that was the conclusion of his first re-appraisal

    15. begun the ride back along the secondary routes they had

    16. “We have primary and secondary radar detection facilities

    17. It has a limited range so we have secondary radar that sends a signal to the airplane and the airplane responds with its own signal giving back a position via the transponder, ACARS and ADS–B

    18. Secondary radar could not track them now and they were mute to the world

    19. "But all that is secondary, the primary thing that sticks out in my mind is that there is something more going on here

    20. There are often secondary benefits that

    21. She blanched, “Senta, bring the secondary antennae array on line,” to no one but herself she muttered, “that should buffer any refraction

    22. the palm of the hand, with the palm being the backup or secondary striking

    23. The Admiral Benbow served alcoholic beverages too, but there was a difference: At The Benbow, food was the primary product and alcoholic drinks were secondary

    24. After about two kilometres along a track that was once a secondary road, he considered using the bike

    25. Its main purpose was to control all the shipboard communication but its secondary use was going to be far more useful now

    26. ‘Can this secondary system be re-activated?’ he asked it

    27. The console did as it was asked, sending a surge to secondary systems as Lichman was poised over the ident interface

    28. “But seriously, I was checking the computer sub-processor cores and found that core three has an extra circuit fitted in its secondary circuit bay

    29. This should create enough power for not only all environmental systems but all secondary including a limited engine thrust, depending on the level of damage

    30. “At the bottom of the trench Sir on the way out to the secondary trenches there is an old Turkish body buried in the trench side wall

    31. We continue, even, now, to hear too much, way too much, about the emphasis on critical thinking as opposed to the rote memorization for secondary school students

    32. mystery of what had happened to the Niagara was secondary in her mind to this bold dash through

    33. ‘I have been able to study images of the secondary control centre from your memory

    34. ‘What use is knowledge of the secondary control centre?’

    35. Sanitation and the water supply of the camps seemed a secondary consideration; and the issue of rations and suitable outfits to the army would have discredited a staff of school-boys

    36. Private interpretation(s) should be secondary to reporting (the) news

    37. endorsements, playing up to fans but not for the fans, not really, and highlight reels that burnish self-serving credentials, begs the question, how about the love for the game for its own sake that has (seemingly) become secondary to self-centered attitudes and inflated egos; where gamesmanship has superseded sportsmanship? Bizarre behavior, taunting and jeering an opponent, especially common in higher profiled sports, has (sadly) provided the modern athlete with a receptive audience

    38. She could admit that parental concerns, and school concerns, and social concerns like her huge circle of friends and acquaintances were quite secondary

    39. Nowadays, Pilar operates several primary schools, established in various neighborhoods (barangays) of the city and one secondary school

    40. In the morning, he appeared before the Alcalde in his secondary role as local judge

    41. “Sea sickness was a secondary consideration, although I didn’t have it near as bad as the captain!”

    42. To the officials posted in such a place as Los Chiles, the stamps they pounded into his passport were secondary: they were more interested in receiving the attentions of a man of importance

    43. Because the priority of the occupation forces was the restoration of the country’s railway system, roads were a secondary consideration, and not well suited to significant long-distance travel

    44. Gambelli agreed that the money they had received from Major Pritchard was by far the more lucrative transaction, and that the profit from the sale of the beer was secondary

    45. The kid consulted the calendar-conversion tables after clicking on the icon, looking at the secondary displays for a moment

    46. The secondary shooting position is only theoretical, but we feel we have it…fibres and pollen

    47. [Hmmm, evolution?] In the thirteenth century, Aquinas—working with the thought of Aristotle and Augustine—identified God with ultimate causes, while accepting naturalistic interpretations of secondary causes”

    48. And, because the Gnostics were the great borrowers of the ideas of those whom they studied, their books would probably have to be considered secondary sources at best, and elaborations of false doctrine at worst

    49. It stays defenseless, because the State damages its competitiveness and productivity with legal exigencies that make this sector to act in secondary activities instead of its principal activity

    50. Nowadays, millions of companies burn billion dollars in secondary activities because they have to create or to incorporate diverse support departments (accounting, buys, controller, documentation, informatics, treasury, personnel, marketing and other) with all its infrastructure and resources to execute those tasks

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    secondary secondary coil secondary winding junior-grade lower-ranking lowly petty subaltern derived subsequent dependent resultant proximate consequent second lesser lower subsidiary inferior small