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Secondary in a sentence

the mind is secondary.
and women as secondary.
with a secondary on a.
The money is secondary.
are secondary in this.
goal of Secondary Beauty.
secondary focus on price.

OA may occur secondary.
The secondary number is 2.
there is secondary beauty.
The secondary trend is a.
and secondary report cards.
The career is secondary.
anything else is secondary.
Secondary products come alive.
Other things become secondary.
shotgun shells as a secondary.
Everything else is secondary.
secondary keywords as I could.
Everything else was secondary.
Everything is secondary to you.
field that is secondary beauty.
This is a secondary adjustment.
some SECONDARY stimulation also.
But such thinking is secondary.
leadership, but their secondary.
Malenkov was a secondary threat.
There’s also a faint secondary.
He was a secondary school student.

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Synonyms for secondary

secondary lowly petty subaltern

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