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    1. This shatters all our categories

    2. Glass shatters into a thousand jagged little cubes in his lap

    3. For the reality of childhood shatters their minds

    4. Revelation is what shatters the lies of the world and of the enemy

    5. The window in a ring shatters;

    6. For as much as iron is crushing and grinding everything else, so, like iron that shatters, will this kingdom crush and shatter even all these

    7. The pane shatters, and the force of the water against my back throws me forward

    8. I turn away as the glass shatters, and the force of the water throws my body at the ground

    9. Its lens shatters

    10. Right coming back, aparting shatters with his thought,

    11. It shatters the state of pure consciousness and is followed

    12. And, on cue, the chilling caw of a crow shatters the peace

    13. During the transition, the vase shatters

    14. A vast and silent splinter of crimson and black shatters through the feathers lining this world

    15. You stay low to the ground, all around you car glass shatters

    16. See how with Victor�s death, the relationship between Sidney and Wendy reveal itself and how it almost shatters to pieces

    17. The lamp shatters on the floor and I’m pretty sure my iPad won’t work anymore

    18. A window shatters upstairs

    19. The knight’s head shatters like a piñata

    20. A new technique, that once applied, shatters the boundaries of conditioning

    21. Brandt, has much more to say on this issue, with especial resistance to accepting the truth when it shatters someone’s fortune or lifestyle

    22. crucial, in fact this could be the find that shatters

    23. When this glass shatters it’s a clear and also greenish colour

    24. Steel crimps, glass shatters and tires screech

    25. A volley of lead shatters the block long display window of a five and dime, sending twinkling crumbs of glass tumbling into the street

    26. If an emotion strengthens our inner peace and seeks the good of others, it is positive, or constructive; if it shatters our serenity, disturbs our mind, and is intended to harm others, it is negative

    27. Enzo brings down a force so strong, it shatters all the

    28. It shreds concrete and shatters the windows

    29. The mech shatters and

    30. The frozen leg bursts and shatters

    31. slams into the concrete, his body shatters into a puddle

    32. But my vague wish for I do not know what, gentle, and rather sweetly resigned when the accompaniment is Bach, swell suddenly while I listen to them into a terrifying longing that rends and shatters my soul

    33. Every single window shatters into millions of pieces, all of which are headed for me

    34. ” But Martha’s words are cut short as… SMASH! the glass window shatters behind her, and a small object flies over their heads, landing on the dining room table on top of the half-eaten turkey

    35. Everyone is already in the van as the strange man jumps in the passenger seat next to the Professor, and just as he does the front door of the house shatters with force

    36. even when the truth shatters your dreams

    37. by a thin translucent foil that shatters into smithereens by the

    38. before this pacifist shatters their skulls

    39. Whatsoever you do, from here or from there, from a loophole, again the reality comes in and shatters all dreams

    40. He hadn’t done anything to them, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time: this shatters his perception of the way the world is; he wonders if justice exists in actuality anymore; and he realises, with humility, that this could happen to anyone, at any time

    41. Suddenly, the ceiling shatters

    42. In short nothing that you would ever want in your body! If a nurse drops a vial of the flu vaccine and it shatters, say in a school gym, the entire building, by written protocol, is to be evacuated and quarantined until a chemical hazmat crew has cleaned the spill up and deemed it safe to reenter the building

    43. rough stones and sent shatters of broken rock and sand against the floor

    44. It was a strange feeling, like when a raindrop shatters into even smaller drops: each reflecting light similarly, but separately

    45. Your individuality shatters, the anthropomorphism of your identity dissolves, maybe even taking with it whatever context the elementality of the realm offered you

    46. If it “proves” your theory by applying it as a read circumstance, and if it is shown to be a symbolism, it shatters your theory into a thousand fragments

    47. I have, during those five-and-twenty years, spared no pains to understand the people of France and the interests which were confided to me; and now, when I see the fruition of my wishes almost within reach, the power I hold in my hands bursts, and shatters me to atoms!"

    48. Under ordinary conditions, such readings are obtained using some pretty complicated instruments whose findings are dubious to say the least, whether they're thermometric sounding lines, whose glass often shatters under the water's pressure, or those devices based on the varying resistance of metals to electric currents

    49. The tree looks uninhabited and calm; then someone fires, and its crown shatters in all directions, a hundred birds exploding into flight in a half second, shrieking as though the whole tree has flown apart

    50. Metallic, tattered moonlight shatters across the road, and a white horse stands chewing in a field, and a searchlight rakes the sky, and in the lit window of a mountain cabin, for a split second as they rumble past, Werner sees Jutta seated at a table, the bright faces of other children around her, Frau Elena’s needlepoint over the sink, the corpses of a dozen infants heaped in a bin beside the stove

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