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Shatters in a sentence | shatters example sentences

  1. Heck, he shatters the box.
  2. The window in a ring shatters;.
  3. This shatters all our categories.
  4. The frozen leg bursts and shatters.
  5. When a person dies, her soul shatters.

  6. During the transition, the vase shatters.
  7. It shreds concrete and shatters the windows.
  8. The knight’s head shatters like a piñata.
  9. She lets out a groan and the illusion shatters.
  10. Steel crimps, glass shatters and tires screech.
  11. For the reality of childhood shatters their minds.
  12. Enzo brings down a force so strong, it shatters all the.
  13. And, on cue, the chilling caw of a crow shatters the peace.
  14. It shatters the state of pure consciousness and is followed.
  15. You stay low to the ground, all around you car glass shatters.

  16. Marie is still on my mind when the phone shatters the doldrums.
  17. Glass shatters into a thousand jagged little cubes in his lap.
  18. When this glass shatters it’s a clear and also greenish colour.
  19. Revelation is what shatters the lies of the world and of the enemy.
  20. A new technique, that once applied, shatters the boundaries of conditioning.
  21. The pane shatters, and the force of the water against my back throws me forward.
  22. The lamp shatters on the floor and I’m pretty sure my iPad won’t work anymore.
  23. Every single window shatters into millions of pieces, all of which are headed for me.
  24. I turn away as the glass shatters, and the force of the water throws my body at the ground.
  25. A vast and silent splinter of crimson and black shatters through the feathers lining this world.

  26. She looked at the water until the glints and shatters of sun stabbed through her eyes like needles.
  27. It goes wide of the mark and shatters on the path, but the next one hits square-on, knocking out a light.
  28. Whatsoever you do, from here or from there, from a loophole, again the reality comes in and shatters all dreams.
  29. See how with Victor�s death, the relationship between Sidney and Wendy reveal itself and how it almost shatters to pieces.
  30. How does that compare to the best schoolteacher you know? Ki-hoon’s story shatters the belief that our profession limits us.
  31. It was a strange feeling, like when a raindrop shatters into even smaller drops: each reflecting light similarly, but separately.
  32. A volley of lead shatters the block long display window of a five and dime, sending twinkling crumbs of glass tumbling into the street.
  33. Brandt, has much more to say on this issue, with especial resistance to accepting the truth when it shatters someone’s fortune or lifestyle.
  34. For as much as iron is crushing and grinding everything else, so, like iron that shatters, will this kingdom crush and shatter even all these.
  35. If it proves your theory by applying it as a read circumstance, and if it is shown to be a symbolism, it shatters your theory into a thousand fragments.
  36. Your individuality shatters, the anthropomorphism of your identity dissolves, maybe even taking with it whatever context the elementality of the realm offered you.
  37. Everyone is already in the van as the strange man jumps in the passenger seat next to the Professor, and just as he does the front door of the house shatters with force.
  38. Like the seventh and last wave that shatters a ship, that last irresistible wave burst from the rear and reached the front ranks, carrying them off their feet and engulfing them all.
  39. If an emotion strengthens our inner peace and seeks the good of others, it is positive, or constructive; if it shatters our serenity, disturbs our mind, and is intended to harm others, it is negative.
  40. The tree looks uninhabited and calm; then someone fires, and its crown shatters in all directions, a hundred birds exploding into flight in a half second, shrieking as though the whole tree has flown apart.
  41. But my vague wish for I do not know what, gentle, and rather sweetly resigned when the accompaniment is Bach, swell suddenly while I listen to them into a terrifying longing that rends and shatters my soul.
  42. What matters is, that this advantage is remarkable from the very fact that it breaks down all our classifications, and continually shatters every system constructed by lovers of mankind for the benefit of mankind.
  43. He hadn’t done anything to them, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time: this shatters his perception of the way the world is; he wonders if justice exists in actuality anymore; and he realises, with humility, that this could happen to anyone, at any time.
  44. I have, during those five-and-twenty years, spared no pains to understand the people of France and the interests which were confided to me; and now, when I see the fruition of my wishes almost within reach, the power I hold in my hands bursts, and shatters me to atoms!.
  45. In short nothing that you would ever want in your body! If a nurse drops a vial of the flu vaccine and it shatters, say in a school gym, the entire building, by written protocol, is to be evacuated and quarantined until a chemical hazmat crew has cleaned the spill up and deemed it safe to reenter the building.
  46. Under ordinary conditions, such readings are obtained using some pretty complicated instruments whose findings are dubious to say the least, whether they're thermometric sounding lines, whose glass often shatters under the water's pressure, or those devices based on the varying resistance of metals to electric currents.
  47. Metallic, tattered moonlight shatters across the road, and a white horse stands chewing in a field, and a searchlight rakes the sky, and in the lit window of a mountain cabin, for a split second as they rumble past, Werner sees Jutta seated at a table, the bright faces of other children around her, Frau Elena’s needlepoint over the sink, the corpses of a dozen infants heaped in a bin beside the stove.
  48. Right coming back, aparting shatters with his thought,.
  1. He heard the shattering of glass.
  2. The sound of our motor was shattering.
  3. Shattering the invisible veil of his.
  4. My world was shattering in front of me.
  5. The ear shattering shouts had already.
  6. The Fiery Element, producing shattering.
  7. Jayson swings his arm, shattering the lamp.
  8. Her ear shattering screams were of no avail.
  9. Resistance shattering, Bane’s body went limp.
  10. Something like a shattering earthquake shook me.
  11. She knew those eyes, those earth shattering eyes.
  12. He laughed, shattering the stillness of the night.
  13. I could see the connection between us shattering.
  14. The silence shattering the thick, moist atmosphere.
  15. Suddenly the sound of glass shattering filled the air.
  16. Shut up! This shout was indeed earth shattering.
  17. There was another crash, the sound of shattering glass.
  18. Not a minute later, we began to hear the shattering of.
  19. A shattering sound in front of his eyes broke his vision.
  20. The woman kicked again, shattering the snow woman’s head.
  21. With a bone shattering scream, the dragon retaliated and.
  22. Neil stepped onto the pedal, shattering the red and white.
  23. Thankfully, the police heard the shattering of the window.
  24. Light and dark infused each other in a shattering of stars.
  25. With a shattering echo they slammed, and all light was lost.
  26. She released a scream as a shattering orgasm rolled over her.
  27. Nina gazed at the shattering of the radio Jo again took the.
  28. The shattering of illusions was the least of their problems.
  29. I hear shouting up ahead, and glass shattering on the pavement.
  30. Everybody hears another cabinet door slam and glass shattering.
  31. A smaller piece clipped Onidas's shoulder, shattering the bone.
  32. Suddenly, the crowd retreated as an ear shattering blast fired.
  33. The sound of the glass shattering echoed around the silent room.
  34. He smashed his hand down on a nearby rock, shattering it into a.
  35. He had fired his weapon through the window, shattering the light.
  36. With a shattering effort, I closed my right hand into a weak fist.
  37. At about nine-thirty he heard the crash and the shattering tinkle.
  38. Louie had met the man who would dedicate himself to shattering him.
  39. I do not exactly remember my reaction but the shock was shattering.
  40. Instinctively I ducked and there was the sound of glass shattering.
  41. He sees stars, then crashes into a loaded bread cart, shattering it.
  42. The conclusions of this chapter are both mind shattering and logical.
  43. It was marked by the cry of soul shattering grief that exited the bus.
  44. Dawley fired, the bullet shattering glass but hitting wide of his target.
  45. Abruptly, he swore loudly, the empty bottle shattering against the wall.
  46. Suddenly its harsh bell clanged again, and then broke into a shattering.
  47. The Flower stood up and dropped his champagne glass shattering it against.
  48. Glass and wood was suddenly splintering, shattering everywhere around him.
  49. Sure, we’ve had our share of fights, but never anything earth shattering.
  50. The last thing he saw before Cinder drove them out a high window, shattering.
  51. The second floor was a nightmare of shattering glass and whining killer bees.
  52. The line between helping save the world and shattering Mimi’s heart is thin.
  53. Upon the shattering, the Light was cast across the island, filling every person.
  54. A shattering sound came as he broke the seal that held the thing about his neck.
  55. William heard the shot being fired and the simultaneous loud shattering of glass.
  56. Suddenly his car was given a bump from behind, absolutely shattering his reverie.
  57. Ackers heard the sound of furniture breaking and glass shattering from downstairs.
  58. He leaned forward, slamming and shattering the glass down on the arm of the chair.
  59. Shattering news, his friends demanded more answers, but their questions could not.
  60. With the scream shattering the silence of the hills she half jumped down the path.
  61. The second chill shattering blow sounded as if the roof was coming down upon them.
  62. She shook her head as though to stop him from shattering the mirror they looked into.
  63. Finn took a step back and then kicked the door, shattering the frame, and it swung in.
  64. He waved his arms and the animals backed away but continued their ear shattering noise.
  65. Irena heard her father’s shattering voice echo through the house: It’s Irena!.
  66. She tried helplessly to crawl to the center of the road, away from the shattering tiles.
  67. A few shards of ice fell from the large pipes near the ceiling, shattering on the floor.
  68. It flew between the bars and struck the glass, shattering it instantly with a loud crash.
  69. What he had said was peculiarly shattering coming from a mouth that had been always kind.
  70. But what you have just said is absolutely shattering, if I am right in how I interpret it.
  71. Then the shattering of the Kingdom and they emerged like leeches sucking the life from us.
  72. He realized he was gripping the vial tightly in his pocket, on the verge of shattering it.
  73. Sherman’s horror of the war to her as no sound of siege guns shattering windowpanes, no.
  74. Nearby one of the trolls brought his sword crashing down upon his opponent, shattering the.
  75. Like a bolt from the blue, the little box wailed its frightful pitch, shattering his dreams.
  76. She was surrendering with every second, unable to stop the world from shattering around her.
  77. There should’ve been the sound of bullets cutting through air, glass shattering and screams.
  78. Blood spilled from my lips, while the sound of my bones shattering, left an ache deep inside.
  79. Instinctively she knew something was wrong and something life shattering was about to happen.
  80. She swings the traditional bottle of champagne, shattering it against the ship’s steel hull.
  81. My hands were shaking both from the shattering revelation and my wet clothes that stuck to me.
  82. For a brief instant, there was an orb on the screen, followed by an ear shattering, NO!.
  83. His shot hit the glass and sent it flying to the ground, shattering and flying every-which-way.
  84. The blacksmith lands on the knife, the point of it breaching his chest and shattering his heart.
  85. She turned to the locked door, and with one kicked flew it open, shattering the lock to splinters.
  86. The result was a complete shattering of the bones that left no medical alternative to amputation.
  87. To my right, the zip line snaps, the wire cord whipping back and shattering the windows below me.
  88. The sound of shattering glass reached him as he continued to run along the fronts of the buildings.
  89. The fires thundered to life in the heavens, shaking the earth below with an ear shattering BOOM!.
  90. Frustrated by her endless hunger, she hurled the bottle against the wall, shattering it to pieces.
  91. Selena began to laugh but was cut short when someone flew in through a large window, shattering it.
  92. He stared up at the older man and returned fire, his shot shattering the mirror over the fireplace.
  93. The second shot went through his left wrist, without shattering bone, but missed the radial artery.
  94. Not expecting to, purely by luck, he hit the rear window, shattering it into a net of opaque lines.
  95. Simon could feel the further shattering of the Lammas Lord’s thoughts as they splintered outwards.
  96. But my heart ached for Ben, knowing he was only at the very beginning of this shattering experience.
  97. She hit the last clay with no trouble, shattering it into tiny pieces that pit-pattered to the ground.
  98. The scream ran on, shattering the air, overpowering the other sounds of war, until it faded in death.
  99. Oh, I have seen plenty since and have felt the shattering waves of violence and despair and confusion.
  100. Two fatal shots rang out shattering the otherwise still evening air, the same shots that Max had heard.
  1. The cup fell and shattered.
  2. A shattered, frozen old man.
  3. But the horde was shattered.
  4. The glass DJ booth shattered.
  6. Your life is one shattered.
  7. However, I was shattered to.
  8. He would have been shattered.
  9. Like rot and shattered dreams.
  10. The citizens of Shattered Rock.
  11. Together we shattered the myth.
  12. Economy had also been shattered.
  13. Half of his skull was shattered.
  14. His pleasant dream was shattered.
  15. Jean’s world had been shattered.
  16. However, this was soon shattered.
  17. The whole continent was shattered.
  18. The canopic jars fel and shattered.
  19. The bottle flew away and shattered.
  20. The look on my face shattered her.
  21. Part of his skull has shattered.
  22. But that theory had been shattered.
  23. Lights shattered from the ceiling.
  24. Torn, bloody, shattered, but alive.
  25. Glass was shattered in the kitchen.
  26. Shattered by a flood of white light.
  27. Of shattered dreams and broken hopes.
  28. A few more shots shattered the night.
  29. The TV fell off and glass shattered.
  30. Well, they were shattered completely.
  31. Shattered glass and toppling masonry.
  32. She looks shattered when she comes in.
  33. Nothing matched and he was shattered.
  34. Her and her husband looked shattered.
  35. The army was shattered and scattered.
  36. A smile shattered her grim expression.
  37. This kick shattered more of the rock.
  38. Shattered! She glared at him with.
  39. From the wide crack in the shattered.
  41. I guessed that knee was shattered too.
  42. We're staying in Shattered Rock, Alec.
  43. They had now been shattered to pieces.
  44. The port glass shattered on the floor.
  45. All windows were shattered and broken.
  46. Mom and Dad are shattered by Tom’s.
  47. It shattered when she tried to use it.
  48. Antony thought his penis had shattered.
  49. Tomz punched the rock and shattered it.
  50. Windows shattered and plaster crumbled.
  51. The dream was suddenly shattered by a.
  52. She held her shattered nose and sobbed.
  53. A Cockney soldier had his leg shattered.
  54. My lungs and liver have been shattered.
  55. I’m shattered after everything today.
  56. Totally shattered, she somehow went to.
  57. She would be shattered to see his soul.
  58. Shattered! They both turned shattered!.
  59. The shattered pickup truck meant nothing.
  60. A single light above the stage shattered.
  61. The shattered casements still are there.
  62. A bullet shattered the television casing.
  63. Her heart shattered for her poor mother.
  64. The prison shattered and I begin to heal.
  65. When the illusion was shattered or she.
  66. Through aloneness, the ego is shattered.
  67. The orb hit the stone floor and shattered.
  68. All four windows had shattered behind me.
  69. Another shattered, at Bengosian’s feet.
  70. Humphrey had been shattered by her death.
  71. When it is shattered, the divine is born.
  72. Thrusts his head over the shattered sill.
  73. Of a broken heart and a shattered dream?
  74. A match flared and shattered the darkness.
  75. This latest trip of his has me shattered.
  76. Faith is the potion for a shattered heart.
  77. The bolts of the Dagonites shattered them.
  78. I came back West with a shattered bone.
  79. Dreams were shattered when lights went off.
  80. A squeal erupted and shattered the silence.
  81. Zoe’s soul was shattered that very moment.
  82. It shattered revealing a handle beneath it.
  83. They were completely emotional y shattered.
  84. My livelihood will be shattered by this.
  85. Now Shattered Rock was flooded with rumors.
  86. Stralin slid away with his armor shattered.
  87. I just got cut when the glass shattered.
  88. An unearthly scream shattered what had mor-.
  89. I was exhausted, shattered, in bewilderment.
  90. My dreams of living out west were shattered.
  91. She cried as though her heart had shattered.
  92. But the harsh wind shattered the petals red.
  93. Until Zardino shattered his rapturous state.
  94. The moment was shattered by the phone ringing.
  95. But lo and behold you shattered that chance.
  96. He wouldn’t have shattered my self-respect.
  97. The windshield shattered and the SUV swerved.
  98. A rapping sound shattered his troubled reverie.
  99. You’re the one who shattered the windows of.
  100. The windshield of the van is shattered?

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1. Shatter me you who can.
2. Shatter them, one and both.
3. And all the nerves he'd shatter.
4. Vinnie could shatter her kneecap.
5. He knows his spirit can shatter.
6. The heaven will shatter thereby.
7. It would shatter all writing pens.
8. Shatter the heavens with a song;.
9. To put-off this terrible, shatter.
10. He wanted to see her shatter….
11. Objects that can shatter or crack.
12. There was a loud shatter of glass.
13. Time seemed to shatter and fragment.
14. His next words could shatter her life.
15. They hit a pitch that would shatter a.
16. As it did seem to shatter all his bulk.
17. Would not we shatter it to bits – and then.
18. The glass casing was thick and wouldn't shatter.
19. Then he felt another mass of glass shatter over.
20. The world was built, and it could shatter as well.
21. All you have to do is drop one of us and we shatter.
22. I thought my bones would break and my teeth shatter.
23. It crashes back to earth - thunk, shatter, tinkle -.
24. Hit them here and you shatter their sense of security.
25. A Kenwood he’s modified himself that could shatter.
26. Credit heard the shatter of glass from inside the sack.
27. The glass-core of the planet did not shatter right away.
28. I felt something shatter as Jenks dropped to his knees.
29. When he set his glass down, she thought it might shatter.
30. The glass absorbed the bullets and failed to shatter as.
31. My teeth were clattering so hard I feared they’d shatter.
32. What did shatter my enthusiasm for this new place then was.
33. Not a thing can pause Collide the realms and shatter the veil.
34. Anything on board that could shatter was immediately shattered.
35. Judas heard his own heart shatter and felt the fragments pierce.
36. There - she whispered, almost afraid to shatter the moment.
37. There is a boom, the car shakes, but the window does not shatter.
38. Revolutions are attempts to shatter the power of evil by violence.
39. In almost no time flat the bell rang out to shatter the prevailing.
40. I swear the elevator fell to our floor like it was about to shatter.
41. He knew who'd thrown that basketball to shatter the coloured windows.
42. June couldn’t bring herself to look at Angela and shatter the moment.
43. The sudden down-lurch of hope makes the pain shatter my mind once more.
44. The fires alone will shatter the boulders without the need of hammering.
45. I even caused dishes to fall from the cupboards and shatter on the floor.
46. The disbelief in the Prosops’ voice could shatter stone-masonry easily:.
47. He brings the bottle down on the table so hard I’m afraid it will shatter.
48. It’s a plot, a conspiracy the baddies have played to shatter our reputation.
49. It emits a signal that you can’t hear, but that will cause glass to shatter.
50. Cleveland…it would shatter everything that made me feel we were close to him.
51. He drops the cup in his hand and doesn’t even blink when he hears it shatter.
52. Tires squealed, the sound of car doors booted open, shouts, a crash, a shatter of.
53. We hear the glass and dinner plates shatter every time she slams those cabinet doors.
54. Once again, science—and a well-timed personal encounter—would shatter my assumptions.
55. It can't shatter, said Wilx, reading the fine print on the bottom of the container.
56. When she became angry, the screams that came out of her mouth could shatter wine glasses.
57. The first is perhaps to help shatter large boulders by loading it into your drill holes.
58. He used his sex desire to retain stress and shatter families in polygamy and easy divorce.
59. I watched Victor’s house of glass shatter from my filtered view through my tangled hair.
60. She needed their trust, but killing them herself was—of course—going to shatter trust.
61. Tried folding it between pieces of felt and striking it with a hammer—it did not shatter.
62. As he lifted his knife to shatter the door, it swung silently open as if of its own accord.
63. My shoulder feels like it’s about to shatter but the pylon groans, then, finally, topples.
64. I duck, expecting the glass to shatter, but only loud thumping sounds can be heard instead.
65. It was the lightest, gentlest of touches as if he was afraid anything more would shatter me.
66. A hurt so deep, knowing one thing, but doing another, that I thought my bones would shatter.
67. Caleb holds the gun with just his fingertips, like he’s afraid it will shatter in his hands.
68. Come with me willingly, or we will stomp on your friend until his teeth shatter in his skull.
69. His hand lay in the center of my ribcage and I worried he might shatter them with his strength.
70. He knew that not even the legendary tulwar of Amir Khurum could shatter that invisible curtain.
71. It a pin was to drop on the earth floor it would shatter his eardrums so keen was his attention.
72. He lifted his sword to shatter the panels, but on a venture tried the door first with his left hand.
73. As they whiz around the room like small tornadoes, furniture flies, lamps topple, and bulbs shatter.
74. Her moment of happiness seemed to shatter and rain down upon her, cutting her heart with it's shards.
75. Between gunshots, hunched behind his bar, I heard Ralphy groan as he heard his front window shatter.
76. There were a few bars on the inside she could hold onto, and the glass was completely shatter proof.
77. O'Connell agreed and Olin explained how the fires were simply intended to shatter the large boulders.
78. The jarring of their boot heels on the boards of the foyer seems loud enough to shatter the windows.
79. She lay on the ground, while her body was taken by wave after wave of power; enough to shatter bones.
80. He was expecting the thing to shatter into a million pieces in slow motion, but that didn’t happened.
81. One that was strong enough to knock the squatting gremlin off it's perch and shatter it to smithereens.
82. Marcus used his powers of strength to throw her into a glass window, causing it to shatter into pieces.
83. The glass doesn’t shatter completely, but it cracks into hard splinters that knock into Amy’s hands.
84. Only that you push through, and shatter all this stained glass, which you have painted around yourselves.
85. The treads shatter the drone’s fiberglass body and flatten the steel casing of the control unit inside.
86. But his happiness was so immense that this confession did not shatter it, it only added another shade to it.
87. I shall speak of the Madonna, but I shall raise a storm that will either crush them all or shatter me alone.
88. Before he was finished with his cigarette, he saw again Paul Austin's F-100 shatter and roll into a fireball.
89. However, some entities want to shatter our safe and secure feelings by attacking the fruit of peace and faith.
90. The beak shut hard on the steel cylinders causing the bony substance to shatter with a shriek of grating metal.
91. Homosexuality is a unique sex flip played by the composer unconscious mind left to shatter the gates of families.
92. The tension was palpable; Thomas felt like the air in the room had become glass that could shatter at any second.
93. For instance, we had bullets which would shatter inside the suspect and not over-penetrate and hurt someone else.
94. Of course, at that point in his life, there were very few pieces of his heart left that were big enough to shatter.
95. I turned back to my reflection, half expecting the glass to shatter into a million pieces, unable to welcome my face.
96. The function of the eclipse is to shatter these obstructions and allow the manifestation of a better plan to happen.
97. I’m in charge of our punishment division, so I’ll be around if you need me, correcting those who shatter the law.
98. He threw the nearest thing he could touch, only understanding it was glass when he heard it shatter against the wall.
99. Now, as I sat with the Varicks, my only thought was that I was about to shatter the final happy moment in their lives.
100. They can break our bodies, shatter our wills, manipulate us and coerce us, but they can’t change what’s inside us.

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