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    1. Each sheath or vehicle through which the soul expresses itself (on physical, emotional and mental levels) carries latent within itself certain inherent potencies, but the soul, which is the source of them all, has them in their purest and most sublimated form

    2. Son had not made a sheath for his sword because the earth was to be its’

    3. looked at Son they saw that his sword had no sheath

    4. Desa had the knife out and pulled its sheath with her teeth

    5. Glayet was very unlikely to drive a cherub in a personification such as this, and Abigail McFerdie could not carry on this conversation, nor would she ever allow herself to swing big knockers like that with prominent points showing thru a thin jersey sheath

    6. She was in a sheath, one that might have even come from Alan's universe, but she had underwear on

    7. “Yes, I believe so,” she gently removed it from his hand and placed it in its sheath

    8. was in another clear plastic sheath

    9. He peeled back the second sheath and held

    10. She wasn’t dressed as revealingly as Huneen, but in a one-piece knitted sheath that covered her whole body to the middle of her thighs with elbow-length sleeves, much like a duty-suit

    11. and pulled the butcher knife from its sheath

    12. "Sorry," he replied, embarrassed and once more fumbling as he sought to cram the weapon back into its sheath

    13. diaphanous, intended to be worn over a linen sheath

    14. After placing the bandit chief’s sword in a loose sheath and binding it in thick cloth, she took leather straps and tied them to the grip which she then affixed to the saddle

    15. after we have exited our physical sheath, we leave this physical plane and cross over to the other world

    16. which thankfully was still in its sheath

    17. I looked at the purple metal, the adorned sheath, the black leather, the intricacy of the silver on the

    18. With his left hand, the man ripped a knife from a sheath on his lower leg and

    19. Therefore David ran, and stood upon the Philistine, and took his sword, and drew it out of the sheath thereof, and slew him, and cut off his head therewith

    20. The training kept going on with us still attacking the dummy trenches and practicing for the upcoming offensive Lt Pearson called us together and we could see that he had a large sheath of cyclostat copies in his hand which he referred to

    21. She yanked her knife from its sheath

    22. Before her heels hit the ground, she ripped her knife out of its sheath

    23. He reached over to the wall where her sword hung, tossing it to her, and she slid it into the sheath with an easy movement

    24. Sitting down, he carefully placed a sheath of papers in front of Grunt, smoothing them out gently, a worried expression on his face

    25. He turned, pulling a wicked looking knife from a sheath on his belt

    26. “Now, before we go any further, take that blade and sheath out of your pants and slide it this way

    27. The dekar was standing upright again with arms folded, the sheath of his sword dangling about his belt, his expression a bit sour

    28. I pulled the sword from its sheath, holding the sheath in my left hand

    29. returned his sword to the sheath

    30. Russell lifted it down with reverence, drew the sword from its sheath and tested the sharpness

    31. 51 Therefore David ran, and stood on the Philistine, and took his sword, and drew it out of the sheath of it, and killed him, and cut off

    32. to him, and on it a girdle with a sword fastened on his loins in the sheath of it; and as he went out it fell out

    33. sword again into the sheath of it

    34. just a blur as he pulled his poison-dripped lance from his sheath at his shoulder

    35. out my sword out of his sheath, and will cut off from you the righteous and the wicked

    36. flesh may know that I the Lord have drawn out my sword out of his sheath; It shall not return any more

    37. into its sheath? I will judge you in the place where you were created, in the land of your nativity

    38. the Masamune, drawing the sword from its sheath, “that we have

    39. Masamune from its sheath, his silver head jerking sharply as he

    40. its sheath before Cloud could react, the screech of metal ringing

    41. The Borum were naked except for a sheath with which they covered their manhood, wore large cylindrical wooden plugs in their ears and lower lips, painted their faces red and their bodies black for battle, and also fought bravely using a long bow

    42. The Cayapo were naked except for the sheath like the Borum, but they also used a wide variety of labrets in their lower lip, wore sashes, cords, feathers, tassels, shells, armlets, and even small mats on their backs

    43. She drew her own sword out of its sheath and stood back from the door, nodding slightly

    44. Not wanting to lack, I smoothed my champaign-colored sheath dress; glad it matched his stripped tie

    45. They also took a 4” hunting knife from a sheath on his belt (proven to have been under the legal limit)

    46. Of the sheath half a foot and more

    47. He removed a great black sheath with two belts and strapped it diagonally across his back, then took the black blade out of the case and sheathed it with an expert motion, leaving the hilt in easy reach over his right shoulder

    48. The scabbard was hinged along it’s length and hold closed by clever springs around the hinges, like Yazadril’s, and the sword was sheathed by fitting the edge of the blade near the crossguard into a notch between the two halves of the sheath at the top, then sliding the blade sideways until it nested home between the two halves and was held firmly by the spring pressure

    49. He drew a stiletto from a sheath

    50. 11 Jesus therefore said to Peter "Put the sword into its sheath

    1. I lay prone in a metal coffin slung underneath a flat-bed truck, sheathed and bound, breathing with difficulty through my nose because of the tape over my mouth

    2. They weren’t bloody from battle but were young and fit with stylish kilts, polished figure-eight shields with artwork on them, plumed half-helmets of heavy tapestry and sheathed rapiers with ornate hilts at their belts

    3. At his use of her sword’s name Rayne sheathed the blade slowly, for effect; and then walked over to First Kai

    4. Know too that your deaths have become a treasure in this town, it is only by Rafe's will that the blades remain sheathed

    5. Her blades remained sheathed, but S’ilindsa looked onward in determination; ready to draw her blades at a moment’s notice

    6. Their leaders now were sheathed in armor

    7. He sheathed it and stood upon the boulders, snarling at the ever changeable waters and then at the struggling sun

    8. I was unsure if the freaks had enough of their memories left to recognize a weapon, so I kept it sheathed but ready

    9. I nodded as he took the blade away from me, sheathed it and replaced it

    10. He sheathed the sword and looked at me with a frown

    11. He kept his claws sheathed with me, as if he knew I was a baby, but he sometimes played roughly with Dad

    12. He was tired, though Arawn was gaining strength from the ki’mera that continued to flow into Adem’s chest and his sheathed sword, mostly fanning around the hilt

    13. Ardo grunted at the offense and his hand gripped the hilt of his sheathed blade

    14. On hearing the voice, Manna sheathed his sword and pushed Saldon’s crossbow to the floor

    15. ” Sicarius wiped his blade on the enforcer’s uniform and sheathed it with his others

    16. He drew the knife away from Kay’s throat, holding the torch close to her face while he quickly sheathed it and latched a firm grip on her wrist

    17. ” He sheathed the knife and

    18. An expensive looking hunting knife with a sheathed seven-inch blade was hooked onto his waistband in the small of his back

    19. ” He stooped and placed into my hand a sword sheathed in a scabbard

    20. And this is more powerful,” I said, holding my hand to the blade I had sheathed

    21. When had I sheathed it? It did not matter

    22. leader, he sheathed his sword

    23. Ethan stood up, sheathed his knife and ran towards the stairs right behind Nicole

    24. They didn’t carry rifles, but he noticed they all had a machete sheathed across their backs

    25. Dacian sheathed his

    26. Their spice was a bulbous plant with many kernels of the spice sheathed in the bulb

    27. With a barely noticeable sigh of relief, Jerome sheathed his sword

    28. “Pardon me?” Yazadril worriedly asked, and absent-mindedly sheathed his sword behind his back

    29. He removed a great black sheath with two belts and strapped it diagonally across his back, then took the black blade out of the case and sheathed it with an expert motion, leaving the hilt in easy reach over his right shoulder

    30. The scabbard was hinged along it’s length and hold closed by clever springs around the hinges, like Yazadril’s, and the sword was sheathed by fitting the edge of the blade near the crossguard into a notch between the two halves of the sheath at the top, then sliding the blade sideways until it nested home between the two halves and was held firmly by the spring pressure

    31. Kragorram wore the most impressive sword any there had ever seen, sheathed in a gold and white scabbard along his left side, belted in two places with gold chain as thick as Mark’s leg

    32. He realized he was clad in only his underwear, the tine band on his forehead, and his sheathed sword, but he found that he didn’t mind that

    33. She sheathed her sword, and cast the Movement combination she’d invented at their wedding reception, floating up a meter beside him, and taking his offered hand

    34. He caressed her with both hands as she sheathed it, and kissed her neck

    35. ” Yazadril grinned with a wink as he sheathed his sword

    36. ” He smoothly sheathed the weapon again

    37. Yigal slowly sheathed his sword

    38. She sheathed her sword, and cast the Movement combination she’d invented at their wedding reception, floating up four feet beside him, and taking his offered hand

    39. back, and both he and Meo sheathed their weapons

    40. Dimarico, sheathed sword suspended from a baldric, strode forward a few steps

    41. Titus sheathed his fearsome new Sword Breaker blade that he had selected from the Croweheim armoury

    42. The sheathed transparent ovoid functions

    43. He slid down out of the tree, sheathed his dirk, and readjusted his small bag

    44. He pulled back the spear that had raised blood on my chest, sheathed his bronze-hilted sword, and called his dogs from the copse

    45. anticipating, as I sheathed my teeth to protect him and took him in my mouth

    46. Sarah Jacobi sheathed her knives and

    47. The Harad Ghul carried sheathed scimitars at their waists and compound bows at their backs

    48. They carried long, reflective shields at their backs and broadswords sheathed at their waists

    49. When sheathed it was merely a slim silver tube with rounded ends—scarcely thicker than his thumb

    50. By the time she’d regained her balance Jarek had the sheathed dagger in his hands, but he needed a few more seconds

    1. When Harry had five courses of the floor planking completed, the cross-members of the roof, and all round the upright studs of the walls were in place, and the little room was ready for sheathing

    2. They turned to the clapboards for the sheathing

    3. "How do you know this?" Brice asked, walking past Nathalia who was sheathing her blades

    4. Sheathing his sword he studied the note closely, still grimacing - but now more so in anger than revulsion

    5. While paneled in plates and sheathing of alloy metals of various sizes and textures, the fasteners were ferrous and left huge rust streaks on every seam

    6. Sheathing his sword Taher took a step towards Morgan

    7. Sheathing the sword Ardor buckled it around his waist, and went on his way

    8. The wires had a plastic sheathing that

    9. "I think this is mostly siding and roof sheathing from the other barn

    10. ” He paused just a moment before shrugging her off and walked back to the bed, sheathing the knife and stuffing it back in the bag

    11. She wiped her daggers on their robes before sheathing them; when it was done she picked up her hat and, with an expression of disgust, tossed it to Dana

    12. sheathing but not two black wires from the 'computer' box to the

    13. As well, in its methyl-form Vitamin B12 is necessary for the formation and maintenance of myelin, the protective coating sheathing the axons of nerve cells

    14. “Not another one of those wolfmen,” he said sheathing

    15. away, picking up and sheathing his blade

    16. Sheathing his sword, he turns and steps back to where the World Gate has shut

    17. There was then a sudden silence and in it I made an elaborate show of sheathing my sword, as if to say ‘I was done here’ and turning my back, I started to walk towards the wall as my actions were replicated by the rest of the warriors of the six surviving groups

    18. He then covered her mouth with his roughly and sank hard, sheathing himself deep inside her wet folds

    19. Why did she make him feel as if he were uncertain of himself, insecure, an indefinite thing, as if he had not sufficient sheathing to prevent the night and the space breaking into him? How he hated her! And then, what a rush of tenderness and humility!

    20. The outer sheathing of a twisted-pair cable can be either relatively thin, as in unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) cable, or thick, as in shielded twisted-pair (STP)

    21. The walls were eaten by saltpetre to such an extent that the authorities had been obliged to line the vaults of the dormitories with a sheathing of wood, because stones were in the habit of becoming detached and falling on the prisoners in their beds

    22. The growing tip, enclosed by a crown of leaves or the sheathing bases of the leaf stems, is edible in most palms—eat any that are not too bitter

    23. The graining in the sheathing wood was high, for the dust had cut down the softer wood

    24. Until Cabaco's published discovery, the sailors had little foreseen it, though to be sure when, after being a little while out of port, all hands had concluded the customary business of fitting the whaleboats for service; when some time after this Ahab was now and then found bestirring himself in the matter of making thole-pins with his own hands for what was thought to be one of the spare boats, and even solicitously cutting the small wooden skewers, which when the line is running out are pinned over the groove in the bow: when all this was observed in him, and particularly his solicitude in having an extra coat of sheathing in the bottom of the boat, as if to make it better withstand the pointed pressure of his ivory limb; and also the anxiety he evinced in exactly shaping the thigh board, or clumsy cleat, as it is sometimes called, the horizontal piece in the boat's bow for bracing the knee against in darting or stabbing at the whale; when it was observed how often he stood up in that boat with his solitary knee fixed in the semi-circular depression in the cleat, and with the carpenter's chisel gouged out a little here and straightened it a little there; all these things, I say, had awakened much interest and curiosity at the time

    25. It seems surprising that such a terracotta sheathing should be applied on a structure of stone

    26. — sheathing of ships, on the corrosion of, H

    27. —, sheathing for, of leather, xv, 365

    1. "It's not a lunch or two, or the tickets, it's all the sheaths I bought, all the parties I went to, all the concerts I went to, all the guys I did, all the yaag I did

    2. She liked the jersey sheaths common here

    3. "It won't be long now," Nathalia said, stepping back, her blades hissing out of their sheaths

    4. The living brain was a highly controlled and ongoing array of electrical transmissions across the sheaths of hundreds of millions of nerves at the same time

    5. Maggie heard a rushing sound as fifteen or so daggers and swords were tucked into homemade sheaths and sashes

    6. When this happens the hot spots and sheaths are seen

    7. electrified sheaths in the magma environment during waking conscious-

    8. The astral magma body actually reinforces the sheaths having been freed

    9. The rings within magmaspheres are contained within electrified sheaths

    10. cal bodies, the magma immediately starts to reinforce the sheaths to sepa-

    11. sheaths The formation of these sheaths blocks-off communications with

    12. The treasure was there, heaped in staggering profusion—piles of diamonds, sapphires, rubies, turquoises, opals, emeralds; zikkurats of jade, jet and lapis lazuli; pyramids of gold wedges; toecallis of silver ingots; jewel-hilted swords in cloth-of-gold sheaths; golden helmets with colored horsehair crests, or black and scarlet plumes; silver scaled corselets; gem-crusted harness worn by warrior-kings three thousand years in their tombs; goblets carven of single jewels; skulls plated with gold, with moonstones for eyes; necklaces of human teeth set with jewels

    13. There was a stunned silence as the four pulled their knives from the sheaths hidden behind their necks

    14. Ben pulled both swords simultaneously from their sheaths and waited

    15. They started to pull their swords from their hip sheaths

    16. “You have no place here, Zendra! You are already a Queen and that is of the pixies; you cannot have my kingdom! You must leave now and return the key!” Simona shouted as she and Varek removed their swords from there sheaths

    17. Swords were pulled from their sheaths and arrows were readily placed in their bows

    18. Weapons were returned to their sheaths, at least until the next time

    19. Asanas, Pranayama, recitation of the Names of the Lord, singing hymns and prayer, study of philosophical books will produce harmonious vibrations in the physical, vital, mental, intellectual and blissful sheaths respectively

    20. “Watch and learn, my young apprentice,” Liam announced, drawing both of his swords from the sheaths that protected the rest of the world from them

    21. Doors were banging open and there was the unmistakable sound of swords being drawn from the sheaths

    22. There was a smattering of quick movement as swords were pulled from sheaths and bows readied

    23. In an instant weapons were drawn from their sheaths and they began sprinting up the steep hill towards them

    24. ’ Taking one of the blue woven sheaths she handed it to him

    25. The snow is heavy on the ground so I have some warm hooded sheaths for

    26. The men throwing over their sheaths

    27. home-made thrust sheaths it up to the guard; on the information of

    28. The white petals retracted into their red sheaths, the flowers vanished before my eyes, and the bush changed into a chunk of stony nipples

    29. Two of the Highlanders move their hands to ancient, odd knives in sheaths at their waist

    30. And now, with conspiring nature, and my industry, strong to aid him, he pierces, penetrates, and at length, winning his way inch by inch, gets entirely in, and finally, a home made thrust sheaths it up to the guard; on the information of which, from the close jointure of our bodies (insomuch that the hair on both sides perfectly interweaved and incircled together), the eyes of the transported youth sparkled with more joyous fires, and all his looks and motions acknowledged excess of pleasure, which I now began to share, for I felt him in my very vitals! I was quite sick with delight! stirred beyond bearing with its furious agitations within me, and gorged and crammed, even to a surfeit

    31. virtue in these sheaths or because of the spell that lay on the mound, the

    32. And what, though, about the second tree? Well, it was not so many leaves as it was frost and sheaths of ice and snow, that as you watched just lifted and blew in spirals and whirls down into the men's faces

    33. All the world was blackness, cold falling sheaths of water, and despair

    34. —The hardened fore-wings of Beetles, serving as sheaths for the membranous hind-wings, which constitute the true organs of flight

    35. Sheaths compressed, corresponding with the culm, shorter than the internodes, open, with membraneous margins

    36. Sheaths rather shorter than the internodes, open to the base, but closely embracing the culm

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