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    1. "It's not a lunch or two, or the tickets, it's all the sheaths I bought, all the parties I went to, all the concerts I went to, all the guys I did, all the yaag I did

    2. She liked the jersey sheaths common here

    3. "It won't be long now," Nathalia said, stepping back, her blades hissing out of their sheaths

    4. The living brain was a highly controlled and ongoing array of electrical transmissions across the sheaths of hundreds of millions of nerves at the same time

    5. Maggie heard a rushing sound as fifteen or so daggers and swords were tucked into homemade sheaths and sashes

    6. When this happens the hot spots and sheaths are seen

    7. electrified sheaths in the magma environment during waking conscious-

    8. The astral magma body actually reinforces the sheaths having been freed

    9. The rings within magmaspheres are contained within electrified sheaths

    10. cal bodies, the magma immediately starts to reinforce the sheaths to sepa-

    1. Each sheath or vehicle through which the soul expresses itself (on physical, emotional and mental levels) carries latent within itself certain inherent potencies, but the soul, which is the source of them all, has them in their purest and most sublimated form

    2. Son had not made a sheath for his sword because the earth was to be its’

    3. looked at Son they saw that his sword had no sheath

    4. Desa had the knife out and pulled its sheath with her teeth

    5. Glayet was very unlikely to drive a cherub in a personification such as this, and Abigail McFerdie could not carry on this conversation, nor would she ever allow herself to swing big knockers like that with prominent points showing thru a thin jersey sheath

    6. She was in a sheath, one that might have even come from Alan's universe, but she had underwear on

    7. “Yes, I believe so,” she gently removed it from his hand and placed it in its sheath

    8. was in another clear plastic sheath

    9. He peeled back the second sheath and held

    10. She wasn’t dressed as revealingly as Huneen, but in a one-piece knitted sheath that covered her whole body to the middle of her thighs with elbow-length sleeves, much like a duty-suit

    1. I lay prone in a metal coffin slung underneath a flat-bed truck, sheathed and bound, breathing with difficulty through my nose because of the tape over my mouth

    2. They weren’t bloody from battle but were young and fit with stylish kilts, polished figure-eight shields with artwork on them, plumed half-helmets of heavy tapestry and sheathed rapiers with ornate hilts at their belts

    3. At his use of her sword’s name Rayne sheathed the blade slowly, for effect; and then walked over to First Kai

    4. Know too that your deaths have become a treasure in this town, it is only by Rafe's will that the blades remain sheathed

    5. Her blades remained sheathed, but S’ilindsa looked onward in determination; ready to draw her blades at a moment’s notice

    6. Their leaders now were sheathed in armor

    7. He sheathed it and stood upon the boulders, snarling at the ever changeable waters and then at the struggling sun

    8. I was unsure if the freaks had enough of their memories left to recognize a weapon, so I kept it sheathed but ready

    9. I nodded as he took the blade away from me, sheathed it and replaced it

    10. He sheathed the sword and looked at me with a frown

    1. When Harry had five courses of the floor planking completed, the cross-members of the roof, and all round the upright studs of the walls were in place, and the little room was ready for sheathing

    2. They turned to the clapboards for the sheathing

    3. "How do you know this?" Brice asked, walking past Nathalia who was sheathing her blades

    4. Sheathing his sword he studied the note closely, still grimacing - but now more so in anger than revulsion

    5. While paneled in plates and sheathing of alloy metals of various sizes and textures, the fasteners were ferrous and left huge rust streaks on every seam

    6. Sheathing his sword Taher took a step towards Morgan

    7. Sheathing the sword Ardor buckled it around his waist, and went on his way

    8. Sheathing his sword Taher took a step towards Morgan

    9. Sheathing the sword Ardor buckled it around his waist, and went on his way

    10. The wires had a plastic sheathing that

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