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    1. She tried to sidestep to keep from bumping into him but she lost her balance, James quickly reached out and steadied her by holding on to her arm

    2. The snow did not give much room to maneuver, but she managed to sidestep the downward arc of the club without leaving the path

    3. She tried to sidestep, as she’d told me to do, but the monster had learned his lesson

    4. I managed to sidestep the first kid’s swing, but these guys were not as stupid the Minotaur

    5. I sidestep him and slam his head against the wall hard enough to daze him, but not hard enough to knock him out

    6. Phillip felt perplexed about his brother's apparent sidestep to his question

    7. � Taking a quick sidestep, Nancy shot a second time as the assassin on her right was starting to fire a burst from the hip, peppering the car and sidewalk with

    8. In this case it might be better to sidestep the law

    9. On the negative side they are inclined to sidestep or slough off problems, to let things slide until they build to a crisis (rather than tackling them directly or thinking them through)

    10. North plays on the wing and to add to his size and speed he also has a serious sidestep

    11. She didn’t miss his sidestep

    12. Now they both made awkward attempts to sidestep one another and conversation naturally ensued:

    13. gained by trial and error, and helps people to sidestep situations that could slow down the process of building a successful home based business online business

    14. Your answer should sidestep the issue……

    15. I tried to sidestep the issue of her extra-

    16. Although we cannot sidestep the lessons we need to learn as we progress through the levels of awareness, there is nothing stopping any of us from getting involved right now in the level 5 activities going on all around us

    17. A more prudent officer might have found a way to sidestep the request

    18. But they soon had to sidestep its thrusts

    19. Being able to sidestep declines of this magnitude should be a goal of every contrarian trader

    20. The strategy of Contrarian Rebalancing aims to sidestep the market collapses that attend the disintegration of bullish investment crowds

    21. Events moved so swiftly that the aggressive contrarian trader would not have been able to sidestep any of this decline

    22. ) It is possible to enter in these formations preceding the breakout in order to have better trade location and to sidestep the potential slippage

    23. Entering early in the base preceding a breakout is one way to sidestep the volatility and issues around the actual breakout point

    24. Buying puts allows you to sidestep this problem

    25. We did so to sidestep the HFTs who were dominating these strategies

    26. As KMay taught, we sidestep the HFTs

    27. In one swift motion, I sidestep General Hawke and my father

    28. Even the biggest name in the world has not been able to sidestep the economic slowdown

    29. There is no point in recent history that has been able to sidestep inflation when a government is increasing its money supply at the rate the United States currently is

    30. Christopher Ebert is a contrarian trader and as a result was able to sidestep the majority of the downside of the Bear Market of 2002 and Great Financial Panic of 2008

    31. If an institution can show that the selection of a stock it decided to invest in was based on the old “prudent man” rule (meaning the institution acted as a prudent man or woman would be expected to act when dealing with his or her own money), that it took into account valuation based on a static view of a company’s fundamental situation, or that it was part of an overall “asset allocation” model or some other similar reason arrived at by due diligence, then the institution can show it exercised its fiduciary responsibility properly and thus sidestep any liability

    32. While we sidestep the issue of volatility in other chapters of this book, we do not mean to imply that volatility is unimportant to option sellers

    33. If someone runs at you, sidestep and use a forearm to the throat

    34. With a mighty roar the beast turned and charged once more, only to be met with a third arrow full in one eye; but this time she was too close to the ape-man for the latter to sidestep the onrushing body

    1. He sidestepped the rifle and left it laying on the ground

    2. Roman sidestepped the wall with Johnson still holding on

    3. He sidestepped Ed and looked out the back

    4. Roman sidestepped it; the man’s forward momentum carried him off the walkway

    5. Drawing close, Cletus sidestepped a swipe of Andrastus's knife, then knocked him reeling with the butt end of his spear

    6. I batted some of his blows aside, sidestepped others and countered with light scores where possible

    7. Instinctively, she sidestepped and lifted Sicarius’s dagger

    8. Longleaf jabbed at the lieutenant, who easily sidestepped the maneuver and clubbed his opponent in the face with the hilt

    9. Social ―improprieties‖ (I am being generous) are oftentimes conveniently sidestepped or (casually) dismissed by ―social-minded‖ reformers who, eager for ―root‖ causes, worsen matters by making (implausible) excuses like ―social disease‖ or introducing psycho-babble into the equation rather than holding these tiresome individuals responsible for their actions

    10. …portends a Crisis of Conscience for the obvious reason that were an individual evil, in which case Conscience would no longer factor into that individual‘s evil intentions or designs, or complicit in some activity considered evil (in the conventional sense) or (otherwise) cognizant of loftier moral arguments that should properly inform his or her actions, who has chosen, however, to promote expediency and self-interest over principle and the (rightful) concerns of others, that individual has willfully and knowingly sidestepped the boundaries that separate Good and Evil or, at the very least, its milder derivative, Right from Wrong, (thereby) waiving all rights for (personal) redemption whereas Amorality, on the other hand, suggests a gross indifference to moral clarity; an ―intellectual‖

    11. Its leadership has (conveniently) sidestepped the promises that restored the party to power following forty (40) years in the (political) wilderness

    12. But there’s always flaws in a design, and that fact was remarkably pointed out when Eileen arched her back all the way, hands touching the ground, exactly the moment the demons’ claws swept at nothing but air, and then sidestepped him by rolling to the side, avoiding his kicking legs and tail with a motion so graceful and regally syncopated, it reminded me of a cross between Grace Kelly and Tito Puente

    13. The Patriarch was not where he should have been and was instead at Philo’s left side now; it was as if he had instantly sidestepped him with inhuman speed, impossible reflexes, and divine foresight

    14. Now with two books published and favorably reviewed, I seemed to have sidestepped all of the sad stories that I’d heard so much about, an exercise in serendipity far beyond any understanding I have of mere coincidence

    15. the back and hurled it at Sachie who sidestepped it and then charged at Yukino

    16. He ran at her, but she easily sidestepped him and slammed him on the back,

    17. Titus sidestepped the lunging claws and sliced the beast’s wrist as he passed, he would take this thing apart one piece at a time if he had to

    18. I sidestepped and made it turn toward me, but I was way

    19. I sidestepped the trap,

    20. The Gaeans were experienced with this tactic and sidestepped the blows of the massive anthromorphs

    21. Their horses seemed to sense their fate and sidestepped skittishly about

    22. How babies are made and born, and death, are the two big events in everyone’s life, but they’re sidestepped by parents and schools

    23. Thirdly, they had tried to tease more information from Marna, but she had neatly sidestepped all of their questions with questions of her own

    24. When Arianell rode past, I threw a rock at her mount and it sidestepped as it turned to look at me

    25. approval, but by asking for it, she sidestepped a confrontation

    26. They waited as long as they could and sidestepped out of the way

    27. Gritting her teeth, she sidestepped his next blow and retreated a few steps to catch her breath

    28. Halit sidestepped the clawed leg and slashed at it

    29. Joey backpedaled and parried the other Cyri’s slash with the handle of his bat, sidestepped and whacked the Cyri in the head

    30. She whirled the spear around and connected it with the wrist-blades, stepped back, sidestepped and thrusted with the spear

    31. He lunged in a crouched position; she sidestepped and followed round with a whiplash heel kick to the back of his head

    32. Watkin recounted that ‘Phil Bennett sidestepped his way past three outflanked and outrun All Blacks

    33. Bennett sidestepped and

    34. She sidestepped the woman, kicked at the back of her legs and the woman hit the ground in a choking heap

    35. With astonishing speed he regained his balance, sidestepped, and hit Grobut over the head with the barrels of the GigaBlaster

    36. Evelyn discreetly sidestepped toward her suitor

    37. She just had the time to pull out her war axe and deflect with it a tomahawk aimed at her head, then sidestepped her second attacker

    38. was effectively sidestepped with a saving of tens of millions

    39. Locke sidestepped the question

    40. Without being invited, they sidestepped Helga and moved

    41. He charged towards me with the rubber knife, and I sidestepped him

    42. But Dionus sidestepped the attack and cut Slade’s legs with his sword

    43. Darek skillfully sidestepped the rush, thinking it would be enough

    44. He growled and rushed towards me but I sidestepped him

    45. They remembered how Melvin had sidestepped the contract issue and said he’d already given the newlyweds their deposit back

    46. This sidestepped both the chromosome issue and my personal definition of a woman as not only a genetic entity but also a product of her gender-specific upbringing and socialization

    47. This time I managed to recover and as he came at me again I sidestepped so he only hit me with a glancing blow on the shoulder

    48. Caleb sidestepped it easily and laughed at the miss

    49. sudden light of the main fl oor and carefully sidestepped an area

    50. In order to take all attention away from the war crimes of the Allies, and cover up all the genocidal mass murder, rape and atrocities which THEY had perpetrated, which THEY were guilty of: all of their crimes were whitewashed, ignored, sidestepped, and the myth: the HOLLOW myth of nonexistent gas chambers was invented and perpetrated by the U

    1. ’ I told her, sidestepping the question a little

    2. “What’s this about flashing underwear?” says Uriah, sidestepping a bunk

    3. of which didn't have the brown skin or brown eyes that I was still sidestepping at all

    4. Sidestepping around Tina, the nurse went to stand by the side of Sweeny’s gurney and grabbed his left wrist to check his pulse

    5. walking in the gutters of the road, sidestepping and skipping to dodge

    6. Dropping my aim I fired the remainder of my clip in fast succession even as I began sidestepping away from the path of lead intent on cutting me into two pieces

    7. on the balloon to the point of sidestepping

    8. Sidestepping a rock the size of his head, Andrew fell in line behind Connor

    9. The first attack came and he moved his head to one side with considerable ease, sidestepping away

    10. He heard Newt yell, but he ignored him and ran down the hall, sidestepping and jumping over hundreds of splintered pieces of wood

    11. Jane had spent most of her grown-up life sidestepping confrontations

    12. “There are risks to any launch,” Annie said, sidestepping the question, “but we don’t anticipate problems

    13. ” Sidestepping, Dunk yanked at the lordling’s arm and planted a kick in the small of his back

    14. That said, even after 14 years of trading success based upon capitalizing on upside moves in the market while sidestepping every significant market downturn since 1992, including the mother of all NASDAQ bear markets from 2000 to 2002 (see Figure 4

    15. “Benedicto, stop!” shouted Falk von Hornberg, sidestepping the cabo, who lay head-to-head with Gonzalo

    16. Jim would later say that he was aware that many, if not all, of her phantom headaches, cramps, and assorted ailments were an attempt at sidestepping her marital obligations

    1. ” She sidesteps her desk, skimming the surface with her finger

    2. The bandit yelps as the noose tightens and the horse sidesteps again as I touch the dagger to its neck

    3. needed to find a solution that sidesteps others’ objections and

    4. sidesteps the problem of defining which house system to use (although it could be argued that this defaults to the Equal House System)

    5. " Tori sidesteps past the rest of us headed back toward the house, gun still trained at the ceiling

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