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    1. Because of the dire shortage of water and how precious it was a lot of the lads had either beards or stubble on their faces and the smell of us would have sent a skunk running for cover but such was life here on the peninsula

    2. Alex’s socks and underpants were clean, Marks and Spencer’s, bought by his mother and there was evidence of deodorant, but that could have been the smell of incense to cover the smell of sperm and skunk

    3. In the meantime, ensure South Africa is the skunk of the world

    4. "This skunk thing," I said, "do you really think we could make money at it?"

    5. "Sure," he replied, "there's loads o' money ter be made out o' skunk

    6. "Skunk eh?" I contemplated

    7. “That one there’s a skunk

    8. The smell of skunk in the room was overpowering

    9. If one needed proof of that, all one had to do was take a look at him and notice the shiny, embalmed, and thus quite dead skunk he was holding in one hand, the obscenely shaped carrot dangling in front of his nose tied with a red T-string around his head, and last but not least the fact that he had been carrying a ten-gallon beer can strapped on his back, with a regulator valve hanging over his shoulder, wearing nothing other than rubber boots and some boxer shorts sporting the American bald eagle, front and back

    10. He then pointed the skunk towards me and said, apparently confused, wide-eyed and drunk like a wine taster at a marathon event without a spitoon:

    11. She shook her head and grinned, and I noticed Steve had just stage-dived, still holding his embalmed skunk way up high, as if it were some sort of tomahawk, an electric guitar, or a combination of both

    12. He instantly dropped the beer can he had strapped on his back, threw away the dick-shaped carrot and T-string, and rushed over to me, skunk still in hand, while Novorski erupted into an evil uproar of demonic proportions that frankly sounded like someone facing severe stomach trouble

    13. Get on with your life, such as it may be…and yes, you were a skunk, just that one time, and yes, she was justified…

    14. Seth jumped in and said, “Nah man, this stuff is good skunk bud, and it tastes sweet

    15. He had smoked too much skunk today but Hobbs had some magic pills and, with the Red Bull he had bought earlier, he would hopefully be buzzing till the early hours

    16. While Nelson was a known teetotaler, non-smoker who did not curse, regular church goer, he still did not want to “get into a pissing match with a skunk,” as he described firing Bowman and going through the state CSC process

    17. Legend in our town about old Schultz and a skunk

    18. Unfortunately for the skunk, old Schultz

    19. action before the skunk could counter attack

    20. The skunk had a

    21. revive the skunk and he died

    22. attacks (they say he did that laugh with the skunk)

    23. me that she was fond of her drunk skunk

    24. “She was as drunk as a skunk! And smelled worse!”

    25. But wait! Where is his royal highness, the chief skunk, Lucifer

    26. This eliminated a number of "skunk works" and "cowboy" projects

    27. a skunk grass field

    28. spray of a skunk

    29. on the other side of the skunk grass field

    30. all warned about the skunk grass field, he knew that they all must have

    31. “I would think so,” said Palomita, smiling to herself at the way this pretty skunk, with ten adorable young in tow, was managing to look both proud and modest at the same time

    32. Something told her that it was not sickness, it was something deeper, perhaps set off by seeing the skunk family and having none of her own

    33. “We have heard about your plan from a skunk and a raccoon and a possum

    34. Like the 2-D skunk with 3-D tail,

    35. He really stunk far worse than a skunk

    36. So the trial went on, to be honest the only thing that kept me sane was my mates, my family and fine hydro skunk

    37. Though the skunk nearly got me in trouble a couple of times, one day we broke for lunch and I went for a feed and a joint but lost track of time only to have a phone call from my lawyer because I was late coming back!

    38. Straight away I was stressing out as I had a boot full of stankin ass skunk

    39. Arrived in Berra with an ounce of skunk, mobile phone and beaten up

    40. Ha ha I would buy an ounce of skunk back in the day and sell $50 deals to my Mums boyfriend"s customers when he was out

    41. I got a mobile phone on a plan, an ounce of skunk which I had to make in to deals by eye as I could not afford scales

    42. Another thing with this guy was his weed, it was always primo, top shelf skunk

    43. That"s the pure details of how I arrived in Canberra with a mobile phone, an ounce of skunk and a beat up telstar and turned it in to a cash cow

    44. I must have been extra buzzed of skunk that morning because as they pulled me to the side of the road I realized it wasn"t a 60 zone at all it was a bloody 40 zone despite the fact that the school was way back up the road

    45. This time round it wouldn"t include a house in the dirty south or a return to the days of moving skunk

    46. The skunk made direct eye contact with me, bringing out the

    47. The skunk grinned then slowly approached me in a non-

    48. The skunk stopped within a foot of me and then spoke

    49. The skunk refused to cross

    50. The skunk grabbed a hold of the skin on my neck and stared

    1. Full cans! Hardly any food remains in the entire kitchen—only cornmeal and a sheaf of lavender and two or three bottles of skunked Beaujolais—but down here in the cellar, two heavy cans

    1. "Just what the hell's growing skunks got to do with it?"

    2. At first there was incomprehension; but it wasn’t skunks

    3. Beavers and deer and skunks and squirrels, any animals that could break stalks, stopped 176

    4. of us were cats or skunks who lived in the same dimension it

    5. because in the cat world we’re taught that skunks as a whole are

    6. Skunks have kept this secret weapon

    7. At first it was only a squirrel or two, and then, within the week, birds, skunks, rats, mice, and family pets were dying in droves

    8. The formation of skunks of striped calcite requires a second mineral of similar crystal lattice size and structure to form at about the same time

    9. I happen to know there was no movement outside yesterday, aside from a few skunks

    10. how would they produce offspring? Skunks have to be the nastiest-smelling

    11. They know the stakes are high; the smallest error could result in their subjugation to a junta of skunks

    12. And that was me: farting and screaming and flailing upside down and grabbing on to the back of Victor’s pants to prop myself up so I could frantically scan the swamp for diseased skunks

    13. And the owls coasted overhead, and the coyotes gabbled in the distance, and into the camp skunks walked, looking for bits of food—waddling, arrogant skunks, afraid of nothing

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