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Skunk in a sentence

I’m a skunk.
Call him skunk.
spray of a skunk.
The skunk had a.
a skunk grass field.
apologize to the skunk.
Her name is Laura Skunk.

feared in the skunk world.
He had thought Skunk to.
"Skunk eh?" I contemplated.
The skunk didn’t, though.
The skunk refused to cross.
revive the skunk and he died.
Skunk by nature and by scent.
That one there’s a skunk.
Skunk moaned from the front seat.
until the skunk called out to me.
I picked up the scent of a skunk.
Like the 2-D skunk with 3-D tail,.
This guy stunk, worse than a skunk.
me that she was fond of her drunk skunk.
He really stunk far worse than a skunk.
That’s likely why the skunk ran away.
‘Kicheche Kandowere; Kicheche the skunk.
Guys, what’s the deal with the skunk.
on the other side of the skunk grass field.
Unfortunately for the skunk, old Schultz.
It is reported to remove even skunk odors.
Skunk was leaning heavily against the door.
Thankfully, I was no longer a wanted skunk.
me, or maybe it was another mannequin skunk.

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Full cans! Hardly any food remains in the entire kitchen—only cornmeal and a sheaf of lavender and two or three bottles of skunked Beaujolais—but down here in the cellar, two heavy cans.
Skunks have kept this secret weapon.
"Just what the hell's growing skunks got to do with it?".
At first there was incomprehension; but it wasn’t skunks.
of us were cats or skunks who lived in the same dimension it.
because in the cat world we’re taught that skunks as a whole are.
how would they produce offspring? Skunks have to be the nastiest-smelling.
I happen to know there was no movement outside yesterday, aside from a few skunks.
Beavers and deer and skunks and squirrels, any animals that could break stalks, stopped 176.
They know the stakes are high; the smallest error could result in their subjugation to a junta of skunks.
At first it was only a squirrel or two, and then, within the week, birds, skunks, rats, mice, and family pets were dying in droves.
The formation of skunks of striped calcite requires a second mineral of similar crystal lattice size and structure to form at about the same time.
And the owls coasted overhead, and the coyotes gabbled in the distance, and into the camp skunks walked, looking for bits of food—waddling, arrogant skunks, afraid of nothing.
And that was me: farting and screaming and flailing upside down and grabbing on to the back of Victor’s pants to prop myself up so I could frantically scan the swamp for diseased skunks.

Synonyms for skunk

bum crumb git lowlife puke rat rotter skunk stinker shutout dope gage grass pot sens sess smoke weed polecat lurch

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