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    1. For the first half mile we trudged in sombre mood, the others too scared to speak in case I snapped again

    2. Helez was the one to break the sombre atmosphere

    3. “Wow, this is a surprise,” she exclaimed, but when she got closer she must have realised something was wrong from the sombre look on their faces

    4. That was a sombre task he didn’t look forward to at all

    5. Doc had been so enthusiastic in the taxi that Jack was beginning to feel that, yes, a good night out was just the tonic he needed to shake him out of his sombre mood

    6. The man moved forward as fast as a greased rat and he took my hand nearly shaking it off as a smile of welcome lit up his sombre face as he said

    7. The Colonel looking sombre said

    8. Within seconds the crowds rippled with a sombre, respectful applause

    9. “You can’t imagine what you have taken from me,” she said with a sombre coldness, “what you have taken from the world

    10. “Dressed in sombre black, out of respect for her recently murdered brother, the queen of the ring, the mistress of malice

    11. Rita’s long black hair wild and inconsistent with her white lace gloves and in sharp contrast with the sombre attire of Akbar

    12. No matter how many times he was summoned here, he was never prepared for the sombre experience

    13. We sat nervous and sombre in the armchairs in front of his desk, silently waiting for the doctor to take his place on the other side of the desk

    14. As Brokin moved across the chamber towards the group of sombre Elders, Drac, their leader, studied him intently

    15. I looked at Steve who was looking very sombre and thoughtful

    16. “That’s always good to hear,” he said with evident joy in his voice before adding in a more sombre, well-practiced, even tone:

    17. “I should be the one asking that,” replied Ethan with an expressionless, sombre face, his features strict and unyielding

    18. James replied then with a deep, sombre voice:

    19. This may be so, but the act of cremation is no less sombre

    20. One evening, in a sombre mood, he played a piece by Oskar Merikanto, the same that Laura had heard, and teased him about so often

    21. were a few gasps throughout the room, a few looks of sombre

    22. ’ The mood was sombre as the spectre of a return to real life drew closer

    23. They’re immensely popular and highly visible and a welcome distraction from the sombre reality of most people’s lives

    24. Horizontal shafts of golden sunlight light illuminated one side of the vast valley, leaving the other in sombre shadow apart from the tallest trees whose tops shone burnished gold

    25. Uretep stood, raised a hand in salutation, and then addressed the silent masses—his voice both sombre and compassionate

    26. It was a sombre, high-ceilinged room, carpeted in dull green with eight huge, leather-padded chairs arranged in a semi-circle

    27. Tim could take a guess that he would be wearing a more sombre tie tomorrow

    28. A man standing there turned toward her—a giant Shemite, with sombre eyes and shoulders like a bull, his great black beard falling over his mighty, silver-mailed breast

    29. After exchanging a few words, the door was pushed closed, and Siri could only hear her muffled and sombre conversation which he could not decipher

    30. The austere committee room was laid out with rows of simple chairs, occupied by around fifty sombre looking men and women

    31. ‘And may the divil be merciless to his soul,’ growled the sombre Mrs Field

    32. quipped, determined to lighten the sombre presence that had darkened the

    33. Our meal was a sombre affair, with Coatl picking at his food silently and mother planning more unpleasantness for the prisoner, Gled day-dreaming about Jodas, it was like a blast of fresh air when Wedon came walking in unannounced, mother poured a drink for him and excused herself claiming to have pressing business elsewhere, I shall have to have a word with her about this obsession with the priest’s interrogation, she is beginning to neglect her friends and family

    34. It was a short and sombre debriefing, it was not the death of the disgraced priest that affected them, it was the hellfire demonstration, this chemical mix that Coatl had now introduced into their lives

    35. This made our report a sombre affair on our part; Coatl stood tall, demanding silence and said

    36. Fortunately, however, a ray of light, springing from human intelligence, illuminates the sombre scene; and as the result, some millions of black men may prove more fortunate than those Europe and America have thrown away

    37. Stern lines and no colour in a sombre room with walls reserved for photographic record of the many achievements in The Stables’ racing history

    38. The sombre look on her face made it clear all was not well and she seemed close to tears

    39. Lorene allowed the curtain to drop into place as a sound behind her alerted her to the sombre figure of John Delmage stood in the doorway

    40. He and Jazz took morning refreshment in a large, dignified room that served as his office with cedar panels for walls, where archangels and saints hovered within frames of sombre cut glass lead lights

    41. Ken Evans took the off ramp then a left and a right and drove parallel with the sombre stone of prison walls embellished with their rolls of razor wire

    42. That shocking D-Day of my life came to the end; that day of sombre was elapsed with the dusk of night, and that nightmare had vanished

    43. For he is now all lonely and spectral and sombre and still but has not lost hope,

    44. sombre devilry and chose the pangs devotion- luckily there lies our mothers mixed

    45. This included sombre breakfasts where the order of the day was a curt nod of good

    46. “What has got you in such a sombre

    47. with them, Jack came home with a sombre look on his face

    48. my hand, but had a sombre look on her face

    49. Brandon and Nathaniel were sitting at the table in a sombre mood,

    50. But his voice dropped suddenly altered to a sombre tone, the white-haired gentleman leant into Byron peering over his wire-framed glasses

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