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Frasi con sombre (in inglese)

  1. The day was chill and sombre.
  2. The mood in the Knot was sombre.
  3. The Colonel looking sombre said.
  4. The room took on a sombre atmosphere.
  5. What has got you in such a sombre.

  6. The mood was sombre, the atmosphere heavy.
  7. We were a sombre little party that evening.
  8. We have already given a sketch of that sombre.
  9. James replied then with a deep, sombre voice:.
  10. Helez was the one to break the sombre atmosphere.
  11. The sky was sombre, and a little snow was falling.
  12. A sombre and starry transfiguration is mingled with.
  13. He then turned to face Ca and with a sombre look spoke.
  14. The barking of these sombre dogs of war replied to each.
  15. That sombre ship has a path which it is forced to pursue.

  16. That was a sombre task he didn’t look forward to at all.
  17. Her bed-chamber is hidden in the sombre part of the ideal.
  18. Nothing can reproduce the sombre and kindly melancholy of.
  19. This may be so, but the act of cremation is no less sombre.
  20. The day passed in a sombre fashion, not unusual, though Mr.
  21. His eyes were sombre and as if sunk very far into his head.
  22. I looked at Steve who was looking very sombre and thoughtful.
  23. As they walked Elowen could see ahead four sombre hills that.
  24. He returned from his sombre eagle flight into outer darkness.
  25. But nowadays we also look at the poster with sombre hindsight.

  26. I can imagine them, he said, with a sort of sombre gratification.
  27. Nevertheless, it was a sombre place of which one had had a glimpse.
  28. Huge ancient pines stood out as vague sombre blurs in the darkness.
  29. Sombre as it was, it put on the kindest of its moods to welcome her.
  30. Within seconds the crowds rippled with a sombre, respectful applause.
  31. It is impossible to convey an idea of this lively yet sombre physiognomy.
  32. Tim could take a guess that he would be wearing a more sombre tie tomorrow.
  33. It is too much of a risk, Hallen said, breaking from his sombre mood.
  34. Life appeared so miserable, the future so desperate, the past so sombre! L.
  35. A smile cracked the man’s sombre mask, Because I promised and I keep.
  36. The sombre figures of the older gods encircled him in wrathful excitement.
  37. Sombre words were spoken, but the respectful throng was more mindful of the.
  38. Huge sombre figures of the Olympian gods crowded on the mountain in a circle.
  39. M'Coy peered into Marcus Tertius Moses' sombre office, then at O'Neill's clock.
  40. It was noticed that there was a moment when his countenance became very sombre.
  41. This included sombre breakfasts where the order of the day was a curt nod of good.
  42. This luxurious curtain delighted the convicts, even the most sombre and most morose.
  43. It was strange to see him laughing so after the sombre mood he had been in just before.
  44. Curtains of black cloth that left the room looking dim and sombre covered the pyramidal.
  45. The sombre look on her face made it clear all was not well and she seemed close to tears.
  46. Slowly, step by step, he found himself in the great hall, sombre and full of acrid smoke.
  47. Now, a change had taken place; his whole person, slow and sombre, was stamped with anxiety.
  48. This made our report a sombre affair on our part; Coatl stood tall, demanding silence and said.
  49. This time he gazed at him with so sombre an air that Thenardier decided that it was "useless".
  50. No matter how many times he was summoned here, he was never prepared for the sombre experience.
  51. With that sombre thought running through his head, he fell into a fitful and unsatisfying sleep.
  52. There are moments when a woman accepts, like a sombre and resigned goddess, the religion of love.
  53. As years went on M—tski became more and more sombre and melancholy; he became a prey to despair.
  54. Dignitaries and ambassadors from every nation come to his coronation to pay their sombre respects.
  55. The sense of betrayal and ruin floated upon his sombre indifference as upon a sluggish sea of pitch.
  56. Frau Dremmel was regarding her with sombre, unblinking eyes, eyes that had the blankness of pebbles.
  57. A sombre calm had succeeded to the wild uproar which had filled the garret but a few moments before.
  58. Near him, placed on the left, was a convict, already old, sombre, discontented, and always grumbling.
  59. Then he examined with a side glance the silent prisoners, who looked at him with a sombre expression.
  60. It was a woman of some forty years, dressed in sombre colours, probably a housekeeper or a governess.
  61. For the first half mile we trudged in sombre mood, the others too scared to speak in case I snapped again.
  62. This opening was sombre, and more cold than warmth, more night than day, came to him through this skylight.
  63. I drew them large; I shaped them well: the eyelashes I traced long and sombre; the irids lustrous and large.
  64. As Brokin moved across the chamber towards the group of sombre Elders, Drac, their leader, studied him intently.
  65. Following its line eastward with their eyes they saw the Mountains: the nearer foothills were brown and sombre;.
  66. The popular imagination seasoned the sombre Parisian sink with some indescribably hideous intermixture of the infinite.
  67. As there is nothing more sombre than to be sombre when all the World is merry and rejoicing, Lymeworth was gloomy indeed.
  68. Uretep stood, raised a hand in salutation, and then addressed the silent masses—his voice both sombre and compassionate.
  69. The austere committee room was laid out with rows of simple chairs, occupied by around fifty sombre looking men and women.
  70. A few miles to the north-east the foothills of the Ashen Mountains stood like sombre grey ghosts, behind which the misty.
  71. The foreground is rich in sombre greens and browns, the ocean a glorious blue and the sky tinged with the roses of sunset.
  72. They’re immensely popular and highly visible and a welcome distraction from the sombre reality of most people’s lives.
  73. Dressed in sombre black, out of respect for her recently murdered brother, the queen of the ring, the mistress of malice.
  74. I should be the one asking that, replied Ethan with an expressionless, sombre face, his features strict and unyielding.
  75. You can’t imagine what you have taken from me, she said with a sombre coldness, what you have taken from the world.
  76. It was a sombre, high-ceilinged room, carpeted in dull green with eight huge, leather-padded chairs arranged in a semi-circle.
  77. Raskolnikov really was almost well, as compared with his condition the day before, but he was still pale, listless, and sombre.
  78. He wondered every time at his sombre and enigmatic impression and, mistrusting himself, put off finding the explanation of it.
  79. The dust of the Waterloo year lay on the panes and frames of its windows; early Georgian grime clung to its sombre wainscoting.
  80. From that moment forth, Mother Plutarque saw a sombre veil, which was never more lifted, descend over the old man's candid face.
  81. There was at last a moment when Charles, full of a sombre fury, fixed his eyes on Rodolphe, who, in something of fear, stopped.
  82. The fate of a whole generation depends on the hour at which some sombre politician will give the signal, which will be followed.
  83. Rita’s long black hair wild and inconsistent with her white lace gloves and in sharp contrast with the sombre attire of Akbar.
  84. Now he was one small soldier in a city preparing for a great assault, clad in the proud but sombre manner of the Tower of Guard.
  85. It merely seemed to him, that the sombre space which still remained to be traversed by him was growing shorter with every instant.
  86. He was dressed in a sombre yet rich style, in black frock-coat, shining hat, neat brown gaiters, and well-cut pearl-grey trousers.
  87. One evening, in a sombre mood, he played a piece by Oskar Merikanto, the same that Laura had heard, and teased him about so often.
  88. She paused, and overstepping the sombre transitions that undoubtedly existed in her mind, she resumed with a heartrending smile:—.
  89. That’s always good to hear, he said with evident joy in his voice before adding in a more sombre, well-practiced, even tone:.
  90. He stifled, therefore, the feelings of compassion that were rising, composed his features, and sat down, grim and sombre, at his desk.
  91. That shocking D-Day of my life came to the end; that day of sombre was elapsed with the dusk of night, and that nightmare had vanished.
  92. There was at last a moment when Charles, full of a sombre fury, fixed his eyes on Rodolphe, who, in something of fear, stopped talking.
  93. Lorene allowed the curtain to drop into place as a sound behind her alerted her to the sombre figure of John Delmage stood in the doorway.
  94. But his voice dropped suddenly altered to a sombre tone, the white-haired gentleman leant into Byron peering over his wire-framed glasses.
  95. The Palais de Justice communicated with the prison,—a sombre edifice, that from its grated windows looks on the clock-tower of the Accoules.
  96. It was the last yearning for life contending with the resolution of despair; then his dungeon seemed less sombre, his prospects less desperate.
  97. The master, still sombre and pre-occupied, notices nothing, and takes his seat, while Kedril places himself behind him with a napkin on his arm.
  98. Stern lines and no colour in a sombre room with walls reserved for photographic record of the many achievements in The Stables’ racing history.
  99. The man moved forward as fast as a greased rat and he took my hand nearly shaking it off as a smile of welcome lit up his sombre face as he said.
  100. We sat nervous and sombre in the armchairs in front of his desk, silently waiting for the doctor to take his place on the other side of the desk.

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