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    1. "There's a lot at stake," she said, "More than you could know, but I do care for you more than you think and that fact is making it difficult to fulfill my obligations

    2. The little man raised the stake a shade higher and gave a throaty, smoke congested cackle

    3. ‘My mother has an ancestor who was burnt at the stake, you know

    4. His strange new work colleague Moses Tah, an immigrant from the battle-scarred West African state of Liberia claims the ability to give him these powers, but is he for real? If Moses does possess the powers that Michael wants, will he be able to gain them? If he can learn them in time, will they be enough to change the destiny of the people around him? Lives are at stake; families, friends, colleagues, innocent bystanders

    5. He understood all that and understood what was really at stake here on a level deeper than that

    6. What is at stake is not the issue of convenience or even success

    7. What is at stake is the issue of life and death and eternity, which is in the last analysis the issue of the glory of God

    8. Many of us are unwilling to allow the threat of survival to persist when even our ministry or calling or legacy are at stake

    9. He wanted to be the one to explain to the camp what was at stake

    10. "You must understand that the future of our world is at stake

    11. There will be lives at stake, on both sides

    12. Have you any idea how much is at stake, my dear uncharismatic ex? Looting is an old, long-established activity but looters these days have better technology and better networks than anyone

    13. The seasons passed in a confusion of school uniforms and shoe sizes, just as much as they passed through the ever present need to prepare flower beds, to stake out fresh young plants and to harvest

    14. office was at stake

    15. of kindling towards the stake

    16. The sun was just starting to peek its nippy nose over the mountains, when Jim and the last of the odd hands, pulled up stake

    17. ’ Claude leant his hoe against the nearest stake and

    18. There was too much at stake, and for him to be at anything less than perfect condition could result in a costly mistake

    19. a m stake then we will

    20. king a m stake comes with the ter

    21. Why should she be caught up in an adventure such as this, in a battle with ghost machines from outer space with the fate of the whole world at stake? 'Because you fell in love with someone from outer space, you ninny,' she thought

    22. So much was at stake here

    23. He may fear my ‘witchcraft,’ but he’ll stake

    24. “Oh, don’t say that! there is an innocent life at stake too,

    25. It was rather a sense of how much was at stake, how much was riding on his cooperation and amenability

    26. A slab of granite pressing down on her prostrate form, with more rocks added slowly, until the last few drops of blood oozed from her pores… Vines twisted tight around her throat, then released each time light left her eyes… A stake skewered through her body from one end to the other

    27. Lives are at stake here,” Zarko pressed on

    28. Her only brother’s life was at stake here and she was behaving like a spoilt child

    29. As it turned out, he would have lost his stake, since Mrs Pilfer managed to land the pie safely on an uncluttered corner of the table

    30. So you see civilian, I have a stake in any job I’m told to perform for the government

    31. Joseph tied the donkey to a stake, then said nothing as he helped me up the steps

    32. “He’s never been made head of a mission before, but Venus and at least two other gods are at stake

    33. when Jill’s welfare was at stake

    34. with Christ is at stake

    35. The man had died with a stake through the heart after he was turned by a Vampire of the Reihei Coven

    36. „It is one of the maladies of our age to profess a frenzied rush to truth in unimportant matters, and refuse to face her where graver issues are at stake

    37. It felt as though a stake had been driven through his stomach

    38. So many times he had thought to be cautious, going for a colour rather than a number, only for the balance to just slightly be against him with relatively small bets, until the final large stake for a big gamble to recoup the losses

    39. Still, even now, he’d not stake such a large amount on a single number

    40. In the grand scheme of things what did his little life matter when there are billions of lives at stake

    41. She knew it would be cheaper in Germany, but who cares, she had been told that soon she would receive her percentage of the deal plus a stake in future profits as long as she kept them informed of all movements and plans of the relevant parties

    42. It seemed to Nathan that a lot was at stake but he didn’t know what that ‘a lot’ was

    43. Not only was Sespian being drugged, but his very life was at stake

    44. He had a two milliondollar stake in the entire operation

    45. We watched as their hands were taped to this first stake

    46. ―vital national interests‖ are at stake? In a word, where does society draw the line on inappropriate conduct? America is a great nation because its institutions are recoverable

    47. “Each employee has a personal stake in the discussion, and they know what their options are

    48. I, like the rest, believed that the survival of the country was at stake and these actions were necessary: foreign agitators with the help of treasonous Nicaraguans were funneling weapons into the hands of the protestors, providing para-military training, false documents, and printing revolutionary propaganda

    49. “You still don’t understand what’s at stake, Cora

    50. So then, all he needed do was stake out La Hacienda and be at the airport waiting when the group was seen loading luggage into the car

    1. They had a fire going near the open end of the canvas staked over the front truck

    2. Since then he had the Music Manufacturing lobby staked out, but so far he had not regained his quarry

    3. "Were you staked out last sleep?" she asked

    4. where a dozen or so “Smiley Faces” of various sizes are staked into the ground

    5. He had staked the cow out over by the tree in the corner of the field, but now he couldn’t see her anywhere

    6. Reaching the spot where he’d staked out the cow, Piers carefully opened the small box he was carrying and took out the stainless steel contact rods, screwing them together into one long probe

    7. Cal’s horse was staked out in the woods

    8. “They probably just staked out the California Confidential remote broadcast van and followed it to your building

    9. In it, George saw Bill Clinton lying on the floor with his arms staked over his head, and his legs staked in a spread-eagle pose

    10. As they walked in silence around the clearing lit by staked torches and lanterns, the haunting melody behind them grew more distant

    11. They found a car hidden in the forest yesterday and staked it out

    12. And when he was gone the slave took and staked the vineyard; and when he had finished the staking of the vines he saw that the vineyard was full of weeds

    13. I prayed him much that he would explain to me the similitude of the field and of the master of the vineyard and of the slave who staked the vineyard and of the sakes and of the weeds that were plucked out of the vineyard and of the son and of the friends who were fellow-councillors for I knew that all these things were a kind of parable

    14. More manpower assisted in stretching out the legs, and one by one they were staked and tied down

    15. then staked out the spot behind the drapes for a few minutes

    16. Many had already staked out their spots at the tables that had been arranged in neat

    17. Places like this still exist throughout the sands, crafted drift wood bodegas half covered, billowing big top tents bought in the wave left blowing in the wind, their covers bleached out by sunlight still staked to the ground by the bits of magic that gave them their first life

    18. The actor’s head staked and paraded to the ocean in a procession of death silence, all the faces uncovered

    19. staked everything on China's good will

    20. Hussain staked his life to protect his land and ended up killing Rashid, his cousin

    21. �Yeah, they've had your road staked out since dawn, seems you were the only one with a smile on their face this morning

    22. �As I say, we've got the place staked out and he's barricaded the door, anyway he ain't going anywhere; sure you don't want any more coffee?� asks Steve with a confident smile

    23. We staked out the house all night with the firearm in close reach

    24. As he lay writhing with his blooded fingers clutching at his blood gushing neck, one more carefully aimed thrust through an eye socket passed through the back of his skull and on into the ground below and, after a few moments of violent twitching against the firmly staked head, the body lay still

    25. than any amount of money, I have staked it on these

    26. and he’s staked his reputation on us being wrong

    27. The media had there staked out as

    28. The nine French women and the single Time Patrol woman seen earlier were waiting for them in a wide, deep compartment nearly filled with large cardboard boxes staked on modular shelves

    29. I was a cat staked above a pyre

    30. “Good old Bernie, after we change cars we book into a hotel then we check out your unit, with any luck one or both of these scumbags will have it staked out waiting for your return from holiday

    31. staked his own claim, risking everything in hopes of hitting it big

    32. Five hours later Mike was being brought up to date by the local team who had staked out the area

    33. in a drop-box and then staked as bait for two weeks in a jerry-built, mango-crate trap,

    34. progressed into a linearity of thought where a specific postulate is staked out, promulgated

    35. She staked out the funeral this morning early

    36. The fight was going on and soon Divya overpowered Mohini and staked her

    37. She tried connecting to Ansh, but Arjun guessed her game plan and with one swift action he pulled out the oak log he had picked from the forest and with one strong blow staked it through Vaidehi’s evil dead heart, finishing her evilness forever

    38. staked out as our homestead, but every day in the grocery store

    39. Beastie had staked out a spot on a

    40. ” A preserver of the Old Ways, of the Powhite ways before Walter the First staked claim over the land

    41. Amazingly, completely hidden from his view until now; two padded folding lawn chairs had been unfolded and staked into the soft, pearlescent sand

    42. all staked their claims and moved on

    43. They staked out the site and repeated the procedure a few yards away

    44. We’ll be opening new staked areas further along the river, and the slaves will be housed in tents until more caves can be dug out

    45. The Warriors have staked out the positions

    46. was staked, and it wasn’t by Jeremiah! If he suddenly turned up

    47. He staked a

    48. A star, like the one that covered the guy staked next to the sea, stood out from the hair on the male's chest

    49. He preached it as the miraculous fact on which Jesus Himself staked the whole credibility of His mission, and as a fact proved by such abounding evidence that no caviller at miracles has ever yet honestly dared to meets�He preached it as a fact, which was the very top-stone of the whole work of redemption, proving that what Christ undertook He fully accomplished, that the ransom was accepted, the atonement completed, and the prison doors thrown open forever

    50. He had staked out this little shack for four days now

    1. That sound like high stakes

    2. " Lmore chided about the paucity of the stakes

    3. My own boots – softened so that I may wear them without getting blisters straight away – plus an old pair of Gilla’s will have to suffice in the footware stakes

    4. In this case the stakes are big, bigger than anything he has attempted before

    5. This time, she thinks, the stakes are higher

    6. ‘True, but the stakes are now much higher

    7. They went to each of the evenly spaced little stakes marking the next post's location

    8. It proved of excellent advantage to me now, that when I was a boy, I used to take great delight in standing at a basket-maker’s, in the town where my father lived, to see them make their wicker-ware; and being, as boys usually are, very officious to help, and a great observer of the manner in which they worked those things, and sometimes lending a hand, I had by these means full knowledge of the methods of it, and I wanted nothing but the materials, when it came into my mind that the twigs of that tree from whence I cut my stakes that grew might possibly be as tough as the sallows, willows, and osiers in England, and I resolved to try

    9. king m stakes al

    10. stakes a ong the

    11. The large wooden gates in front of him were further protected by rows of wooden stakes that would allow a wagon through but only via a torturous S that meant no one could charge the gates

    12. It took over an hour to maneuver all of the vardos through the stakes and into the quad where they were placed in the traditional circle

    13. The One needs every bit of Consciousness that develops in this realm, the stakes are too high

    14. ‘watches’ everywhere and the stakes are

    15. “Raises the stakes to be in love, doesn’t it?”

    16. “Banging stakes in and then trying to string wire between them would be absolute suicide and whoever tried it wouldn’t last more than a few seconds

    17. “Remember we want prisoners dead Hun’s are no good so when we hear their wire party start to put the stakes in we will rush them

    18. “The later waves will be carrying the same as you but in addiation Vickers and Lewis machine guns and ammo, barbed wire and stakes plus what ever else is needed to consolidate the enemy terrain we capture in the attack

    19. We had been tripping up over the shit that they had made us carry like angle iron stakes, spiral stakes as well as water cans that were empty and had probably been riddled by bullets

    20. But Em was upstairs, and the last thing her sister needed right now was more high stakes drama

    21. But if nothing else, they kept each other out of the matrimonial stakes

    22. But this is just the latest skirmish in a very long war, and the stakes are higher than you can imagine

    23. If the stakes were high enough, he was capable of anything

    24. Whatever the reason he restrained himself now, I had no doubt that he would use all his power if the stakes were high enough

    25. The stakes were too high

    26. And I had to find out exactly how much of myself was at risk, to what measures he would go to force my obedience when the stakes were so high

    27. The stakes were very high

    28. They must be playing for very high stakes

    29. were bugging a lead on a high stakes poker marathon

    30. in conservatorship and the Treasury has taken controlling ownership stakes in them

    31. Those are high stakes

    32. the curtains of your habitations: spare not, lengthen your cords, and strengthen your stakes; 3 For you shall break out on the right

    33. Some of the pursuits on offer are not to my taste; some of the members enjoy gambling for extremely high stakes, while others enjoy spending their time with one or more of the beautiful women who seem to be freely available

    34. stakes filtering the garbage so that the water may continue

    35. Older children ran through the crowd with wooden stakes, sticks, and rocks, pounding them into the ground to secure the web

    36. seemed he had pulled out all the stops in the fashion stakes tonight but he wasn’t about to spoil her evening

    37. a dent, it wasn’t Derek himself that was to blame, it was the fact that Petunia was winning in the social stakes, it was obvious too

    38. Tell me what do you prefer, burning flames, rolling heads, multitudes of stakes, blah, blah, blah?”

    39. The stakes are high, and the playing field

    40. Jesse bid on it and raised the stakes, as the guy across from us wanted it just as badly, he and the guy went at it

    41. for nearly six years for this new baby to come and the stakes

    42. The team had sounded out external security measures, determined the internal layout and positions of defenses, ammo storage, airplane positioning, and officer bunkers in order to determine where to place the aiming stakes and position the rockets and mortars

    43. And seeing that the vines were suitably supported on stakes and the ground moreover dug up and all the weeds rooted out and the vines fruitful he was greatly pleased with the work of his slave

    44. The field is this world; and the Lord of the field is He who created and perfected and strengthened all things; [and the son is the Holy Spirit; ] and the slave is the Son of God; and the vines are this people whom He Himself planted; and the stakes are the holy angels of the Lord who keep His people together; and the weeds that were plucked out of the vineyard are the iniquities of God's servants; and the dishes which He sent Him from His able are the commandments which He gave His people through His Son; and the friends and fellow-councillors are the holy angels who were first created; and the Master's absence from home is the time that remains until His appearing

    45. “The stakes are not as high as they might be in a student’s workplace

    46. “Maybe, I will just pull up stakes and visit some other friends out west somewhere

    47. Each big male stakes out a part of the woods

    48. Some of the houses were up on stilts—built of vertical stakes like bamboo, and roofed with thatch

    49. With every job the stakes got higher and when, on one occasion her misleading intentions were discovered by her mark as she rummaged through his strong box, she was required to fight for her life and Zerch ever near had needed to rescue her

    50. "I sensed this was going too slickly, but… I can think of only one thing—we play it as it lies, wait for the right conditions as long as feasible, then pull up stakes and try next year

    1. staking them out with cricket stumps,

    2. I could try to find Dorian’s house, but I wasn’t sure of the address, and if my attacker had any friends, surely they’d be staking it out, waiting for me to reappear

    3. It was staking everything on the one main chance

    4. Yet, on the final day with Patty and Doug staking out the logging company, as he drove to Edward’s office to make good on his threats, he inexplicably became a complete bundle of nerves

    5. And when he was gone the slave took and staked the vineyard; and when he had finished the staking of the vines he saw that the vineyard was full of weeds

    6. time for staking the blame

    7. The details were a bit sketchy but they had been watching for anyone using his modus operandi in Fortitude Valley and had been staking out the red light area for several days

    8. people were staking out their sites for the July 4 weekend

    9. mankind looks to the stars for conquests, staking out his path to the heavens

    10. climbed on top of him possessively staking his claim and returning his mouth to where it

    11. When the search for gold began, there was no law for staking a claim

    12. Hitler firmly believed that by staking everything, on this massive blow, it would cause the inevitable collapse of the artificial wartime coalition between the ultra-Capitalists in the west and the ultra Marxists in the east

    13. Business enterprises - from multinational conglomerates to solo entrepreneurs - are staking their presence on the Internet, all poised to become pioneers in what promises to be the frontier of electronic commerce

    14. This is NuLuv: paying back a neighbor with a token gift of interest to thank them for believing in you and staking themselves with and in you

    15. lips thoroughly as if staking his claim on the red head

    16. “He has to pay for staking me, and I look forward to returning the favor

    17. staking a claim to the new medium its iPod had helped inspire and

    18. Now Stacey was staking his life on it

    19. Life had continued as normal, the ramifications of staking Alistair non-existent

    20. forethought compensated for by staking a claim in the energy and

    21. The moon sat at its center position, shining brightly and staking its claim over the night

    22. Staking is another factor that you should be good at if you want to win at poker

    23. Try to keep staking plans simple; when you win, you can change the stakes level

    24. See, then, Anselmo, the peril thou art encountering in seeking to disturb the peace of thy virtuous consort; see for what an empty and ill-advised curiosity thou wouldst rouse up passions that now repose in quiet in the breast of thy chaste wife; reflect that what thou art staking all to win is little, and what thou wilt lose so much that I leave it undescribed, not having the words to express it

    25. And now he was staking out the quiet little girls in the class and hurting them

    26. His money gone, Louie had to tap a friend for a $1,000 loan, staking his Chevy convertible as collateral

    27. If nothing else, he could tip off Samantha’s idol about the oddballs in coveralls who were staking him out

    28. They’ve been staking out this street for the better part of a week

    29. They were only staking out this place as a precaution, but there she is—

    30. He was favour’d to win, and indeed he had commenced his Victory by staking Cocklyn’s Foot, but each Time he came near the First Mate, the Latter so deftly cockt his Peg-Leg as to frighten Llewelyn with dire Damage to his Privities

    31. Ash had spotted invisi-lines before, but those few times had been in situations where she’d been staking out an area for hours and either the wind had blown the rope or something else had moved it, making its digital fibers blur when they reset their translucent colors

    32. Nicholas submitted to him, and at one moment prayed to God as he had done on the battlefield at the bridge over the Enns, and then guessed that the card that came first to hand from the crumpled heap under the table would save him, now counted the cords on his coat and took a card with that number and tried staking the total of his losses on it, then he looked round for aid from the other players, or peered at the now cold face of Dolokhov and tried to read what was passing in his mind

    33. I’d be staking my life on it

    34. The new staking plan meant that our risk was increasing every day in drawdown

    35. We were reminded this month of that fear as our staking increased dramatically

    36. This month the staking plan meant that our stake increased substantially and to be honest we didn't have time to get used to it

    37. I don't blame him for thinking that because most are, but it does bug me that I was open and straight with the guy about how much we would be staking and everything was rosy until we actually start to reach that level

    38. The main account staking plan was now being traded on what we called 'virtual' funds - so at £80,000 when we took out the second £10,000 we still traded the account as if it was still at £80,000 when in reality it was at £60,000 with the other £20,000 in the income account but still available

    39. To the point that had we remained on our original staking plan, new account highs would have been made on day 14

    40. The high peak you can see is November 2006 - the second lower peak is January ran with lower staking and you can see what happens from there - direct evidence I suppose that trends exist in every part of trading including equity curves!

    41. This changed quite a bit over the time as we experimented with different staking plans

    42. For eight years, through college and for four years after college, I maintained a routine of staking myself with $10,000 in order to buy and sell low-priced stocks and options until I increased my portfolio to the $120,000 to $130,000 range

    43. " Come here ! " I shouted right across the table to a pla3-er beside whom I had been sitting before, a grey-headed man with a moustache, and a purple face, wearing evening dress, who had been for some hours staking

    44. But I did not listen, I was staking at random, not on zero this time

    45. True, chairs were provided around the tables, but few players made use of them—more especially if there was a large attendance of the general public; since to stand allowed of a closer approach; and, therefore, of greater facilities for calculation and staking

    46. "Then I should receive nothing if I were staking?"

    47. "Keep on staking upon zero, and also stake a thousand gulden upon rouge

    48. "It was you who persuaded me to cease staking upon it

    49. As a matter of fact, De Grier's one object was to distract the old lady from staking large sums; wherefore, he now suggested to her that she should stake upon certain numbers, singly and in groups

    50. Certainly, if the rules of the game had permitted even of my staking fifty thousand florins at a time, I should have staked them

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