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Stake en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Stake has to be £10.
  2. Too much is at stake.
  3. I have a stake in this.
  4. Too much was at stake.
  5. He has lost that stake.

  6. Now, my life was at stake.
  7. There was a lot at stake.
  8. So much was at stake here.
  9. When honour's at the stake.
  10. That stake will never win.
  11. My honour is at stake here.
  12. There was too much at stake.
  13. Their lives are at stake.
  14. He’d stake his career on it.
  15. He was off to stake his claim.

  16. Things at stake are not trifle.
  17. The colonel's life is at stake.
  18. She was burned at the stake.
  19. The Fairies pride was at stake.
  20. Of course, his stake MIGHT win.
  21. There’s a lot at stake here.
  22. Buried with a stake in my heart.
  23. There’s way too much at stake.
  24. Profit is the same as the Stake.
  25. They both knew what was at stake.

  26. I'll stake my reputation on that.
  27. We’ll use the tree as a stake.
  28. But his self-respect was at stake.
  29. Own a large stake in the business.
  30. Payout by the Stake, and adding one.
  31. Profit by the Stake, and adding one.
  32. She saw Gabriel on a wooden stake.
  33. At stake, the mythical Ark of the.
  34. A metal stake rips through the bed.
  35. It is their lives that are at stake.
  36. Look, we all have a stake in this.
  37. There are no emotions at stake here.
  38. I stake my life on it, Drudge said.
  39. This is where Jeremiah would stake.
  40. What? We have lost? Then stake again.
  41. I’ll stake my reputation on that.
  42. I have a stake in this, too, you know.
  43. And about how many lives are at stake.
  44. It was only his honour at stake, then.
  45. This stake must be driven through her.
  46. Run no risk when your soul is at stake.
  47. Not when East-West detente is at stake.
  48. He lifted the stake up high in the air.
  49. What if she attempted a stake out of Mr.
  50. You know what is at stake, Hecate stated.
  51. And here’s what’s at stake, kids….
  52. Now everything he had left was at stake.
  53. Stake four thousand gulden upon the red.
  54. Carla was well aware of what was at stake.
  55. Firewood, straw and a stake were cheaper.
  56. There is too much at stake to be put off.
  57. There’s a lot more at stake than a car.
  58. Someone is building a stake in the company.
  59. Your so called reputation is on stake now.
  60. Don! he cried, Ultima is at stake.
  61. Because there are bigger things at stake.
  62. And Takina’s life could be at stake here.
  63. Souls are at stake, priceless and immortal.
  64. I was burned at the stake with the Templar.
  65. Particularly when so much is still at stake.
  66. There will be lives at stake, on both sides.
  67. You mean this silver stake? she asked.
  68. There was too much at stake to take chances.
  69. Lives are at stake here, Zarko pressed on.
  70. His daughter and maybe her life was at stake.
  71. Stop wasting water , there are lives at stake.
  72. There’s less personal stake in what happens.
  73. Sometime later he sold his stake and moved on.
  74. Sage winced, dropping the stake from her hand.
  75. You may have more at stake than you realise.
  76. Stake another four thousand gulden upon the red.
  77. But she had more at stake here than her own life.
  78. I grabbed the stake again and ran to find Cliff.
  79. There is too much at stake and so much to learn.
  80. Ma'am, I would stake my soul that he is willing.
  81. I would suggest that they be burned at the stake.
  82. Dutoit was repeatedly stabbed with a wooden stake.
  83. Sage took out the silver stake from under her arm.
  84. That question has become a stake through my heart.
  85. He was impaled on a stake in the time of Peter.
  86. She saw herself being tied to a stake with false.
  87. He believed the very future of India was at stake.
  88. Just so we know what’s at stake, he added.
  89. His stake was almost $60 million of his own money.
  90. I can now calculate the Stake required to give me.
  91. The largest stake allowed is four thousand gulden.
  92. Our lives are at stake, Lucia said and took off.
  93. Your judgement is not at stake, the Hite said.
  94. People who did sorcery could be burnt at the stake.
  95. No single stake must exceed four thousand florins.
  96. Natty was aware that her social status was at stake.
  97. Stop putting a price tag , there are lives at stake.
  98. Not when the survival of the Imperium is at stake.
  99. Sure a stake was painfully paralysing, but bearable.
  100. He may fear my ‘witchcraft,’ but he’ll stake.
  1. I’d be staking my life on it.
  2. Now Stacey was staking his life on it.
  3. I began by staking ten gulden upon passe.
  4. It was staking everything on the one main chance.
  5. It was you who persuaded me to cease staking upon it.
  6. But I did not listen, I was staking at random, not on zero this time.
  7. They’ve been staking out this street for the better part of a week.
  8. When the search for gold began, there was no law for staking a claim.
  9. Keep on staking upon zero, and also stake a thousand gulden upon rouge.
  10. He has to pay for staking me, and I look forward to returning the favor.
  11. They were only staking out this place as a precaution, but there she is—.
  12. The new staking plan meant that our risk was increasing every day in drawdown.
  13. We were reminded this month of that fear as our staking increased dramatically.
  14. Try to keep staking plans simple; when you win, you can change the stakes level.
  15. Life had continued as normal, the ramifications of staking Alistair non-existent.
  16. Staking is another factor that you should be good at if you want to win at poker.
  17. And now he was staking out the quiet little girls in the class and hurting them.
  18. After a moment's thought I selected zero—beginning by staking five gulden at a time.
  19. This changed quite a bit over the time as we experimented with different staking plans.
  20. The moon sat at its center position, shining brightly and staking its claim over the night.
  21. My life had broken in two, and yesterday had infected me with a habit of staking my all upon a card.
  22. His money gone, Louie had to tap a friend for a $1,000 loan, staking his Chevy convertible as collateral.
  23. If nothing else, he could tip off Samantha’s idol about the oddballs in coveralls who were staking him out.
  24. To the point that had we remained on our original staking plan, new account highs would have been made on day 14.
  25. This month the staking plan meant that our stake increased substantially and to be honest we didn't have time to get used to it.
  26. Certainly, if the rules of the game had permitted even of my staking fifty thousand florins at a time, I should have staked them.
  27. This is NuLuv: paying back a neighbor with a token gift of interest to thank them for believing in you and staking themselves with and in you.
  28. And when he was gone the slave took and staked the vineyard; and when he had finished the staking of the vines he saw that the vineyard was full of weeds.
  29. He does not tell it simply, but in the form of riddles which he orders himself to guess, staking his head (one does not know why) that he will guess right.
  30. I could try to find Dorian’s house, but I wasn’t sure of the address, and if my attacker had any friends, surely they’d be staking it out, waiting for me to reappear.
  31. The details were a bit sketchy but they had been watching for anyone using his modus operandi in Fortitude Valley and had been staking out the red light area for several days.
  32. Yet, on the final day with Patty and Doug staking out the logging company, as he drove to Edward’s office to make good on his threats, he inexplicably became a complete bundle of nerves.
  33. A thin and pallid officer with a bald head, and a huge nose and mouth, was walking about the room, holding a large package of bank-notes in his hand, staking ready money on the bank, and winning.
  34. As a matter of fact, De Grier's one object was to distract the old lady from staking large sums; wherefore, he now suggested to her that she should stake upon certain numbers, singly and in groups.
  35. Business enterprises - from multinational conglomerates to solo entrepreneurs - are staking their presence on the Internet, all poised to become pioneers in what promises to be the frontier of electronic commerce.
  36. I don't blame him for thinking that because most are, but it does bug me that I was open and straight with the guy about how much we would be staking and everything was rosy until we actually start to reach that level.
  37. Hitler firmly believed that by staking everything, on this massive blow, it would cause the inevitable collapse of the artificial wartime coalition between the ultra-Capitalists in the west and the ultra Marxists in the east.
  38. He was favour’d to win, and indeed he had commenced his Victory by staking Cocklyn’s Foot, but each Time he came near the First Mate, the Latter so deftly cockt his Peg-Leg as to frighten Llewelyn with dire Damage to his Privities.
  39. The high peak you can see is November 2006 - the second lower peak is January ran with lower staking and you can see what happens from there - direct evidence I suppose that trends exist in every part of trading including equity curves!.
  40. For eight years, through college and for four years after college, I maintained a routine of staking myself with $10,000 in order to buy and sell low-priced stocks and options until I increased my portfolio to the $120,000 to $130,000 range.
  41. True, chairs were provided around the tables, but few players made use of them—more especially if there was a large attendance of the general public; since to stand allowed of a closer approach; and, therefore, of greater facilities for calculation and staking.
  42. Ash had spotted invisi-lines before, but those few times had been in situations where she’d been staking out an area for hours and either the wind had blown the rope or something else had moved it, making its digital fibers blur when they reset their translucent colors.
  43. The main account staking plan was now being traded on what we called 'virtual' funds - so at £80,000 when we took out the second £10,000 we still traded the account as if it was still at £80,000 when in reality it was at £60,000 with the other £20,000 in the income account but still available.
  44. See, then, Anselmo, the peril thou art encountering in seeking to disturb the peace of thy virtuous consort; see for what an empty and ill-advised curiosity thou wouldst rouse up passions that now repose in quiet in the breast of thy chaste wife; reflect that what thou art staking all to win is little, and what thou wilt lose so much that I leave it undescribed, not having the words to express it.
  45. That gulden I staked upon manque—and there is something in the feeling that, though one is alone, and in a foreign land, and far from one's own home and friends, and ignorant of whence one's next meal is to come, one is nevertheless staking one's very last coin! Well, I won the stake, and in twenty minutes had left the Casino with a hundred and seventy gulden in my pocket! That is a fact, and it shows what a last remaining gulden can do.
  46. Nicholas submitted to him, and at one moment prayed to God as he had done on the battlefield at the bridge over the Enns, and then guessed that the card that came first to hand from the crumpled heap under the table would save him, now counted the cords on his coat and took a card with that number and tried staking the total of his losses on it, then he looked round for aid from the other players, or peered at the now cold face of Dolokhov and tried to read what was passing in his mind.
  47. Nicholas submitted to him, and at one moment prayed to God as he had done on the battlefield at the bridge over the Enns, and then guessed that the card that came first to hand from the crumpled heap under the table would save him, now counted the cords on his coat and took a card with that number and tried staking the total of his losses on it, then he looked round for aid from the other players, or peered at the now cold face of Dólokhov and tried to read what was passing in his mind.
  1. I staked her and she….
  2. We fought and he staked me.
  3. So you staked out the place.
  4. He had only staked on supermen.
  5. I was a cat staked above a pyre.
  6. Joe said, I staked kids before.
  7. We staked out the farm in Maryland.
  8. The media had there staked out as.
  9. Beastie had staked out a spot on a.
  10. Then my dad staked the first edition.
  11. Carrie was glad she had staked out her.
  12. The total staked amounted to 160 gulden.
  13. Cal’s horse was staked out in the woods.
  14. The character of the voters is not staked.
  15. Accordingly I staked two ten-gulden pieces.
  16. The Warriors have staked out the positions.
  17. That’s what you felt when I was staked.
  18. She staked out the funeral this morning early.
  19. We have now recovered almost all that we staked.
  20. Only to find himself staked, the vampire unspared.
  21. We had staked our salvation on this one last gamble.
  22. He had staked out this little shack for four days now.
  23. Tim had staked off 40 acres of land in Big Lake cavern.
  24. We can feel when one of the members is staked or harmed.
  25. I had to hope the Wilcoxes wouldn’t have that staked out, too.
  26. He had carefully staked the place out over the past three weeks.
  27. We staked out the house all night with the firearm in close reach.
  28. I have no idea how long I’ve been staked to the side of a cliff.
  29. They found a car hidden in the forest yesterday and staked it out.
  30. You told me that you staked the vampire queen once, she said.
  31. They staked out the site and repeated the procedure a few yards away.
  32. He’d staked it on a whim, and fighting the émigré might be fatal.
  33. Avery led them through the crowd to where Dillon had a table staked out.
  34. Her vampires had been watching them ever since Alistair had been staked.
  35. The fight was going on and soon Divya overpowered Mohini and staked her.
  36. She wasn’t staked in heart; she just needs blood, doesn’t she?
  37. Rostov staked five rubles on a card and lost, staked again, and again lost.
  38. Ah well, I do not mean to rest until I have staked another four thousand.
  39. Rostóv staked five rubles on a card and lost, staked again, and again lost.
  40. I staked a whole heap of hundred rouble notes on the first eighteen numbers.
  41. Pedro suffered his punishment when he was staked and burned, Anna said.
  42. They had a fire going near the open end of the canvas staked over the front truck.
  43. Hussain staked his life to protect his land and ended up killing Rashid, his cousin.
  44. Again I staked the whole of my gold, with eight hundred gulden, in notes, and lost.
  45. But the rules do not allow of more than 120 gulden being staked upon zero at a time.
  46. Many had already staked out their spots at the tables that had been arranged in neat.
  47. Then his men simultaneously staked it off at several points around its circumference.
  48. I thought that when a vampire was staked in the heart, they were destroyed, he said.
  49. When you told me that Pedro disintegrated after he was staked in the heart, I knew.
  50. And me with the only hot-dog stand staked out on the busiest highway to the mines!’.
  51. And me with the only hot-dog stand staked out on the busiest highway to the mines!.
  52. And staked out his career with technology rather than guns and cojones the size of Nebraska.
  53. Claims have to be staked out at each boundary line with pegs pointing straight up in the air.
  54. Sometimes he staked a large sum, but Dolokhov refused to accept it and fixed the stake himself.
  55. Five hours later Mike was being brought up to date by the local team who had staked out the area.
  56. Sometimes he staked a large sum, but Dólokhov refused to accept it and fixed the stake himself.
  57. In fact, O’Neil was often wrong, but he never had his ego staked in being right to begin with.
  58. After that, I remember, I again staked two thousand florins upon twelve middle numbers, and lost.
  59. Currently staked to the side of a cliff above a hellish grotto, being killed over and over again.
  60. More manpower assisted in stretching out the legs, and one by one they were staked and tied down.
  61. Seeing that he was being dodged, Mihailovich staked out Watanabe’s apartment building and office.
  62. Yet never once did the player throw him a glance as he staked and staked, and raked in his winnings.
  63. Since then he had the Music Manufacturing lobby staked out, but so far he had not regained his quarry.
  64. They had known her, before this, carry home a calf that had staked itself, a mongrel cur half-drowned.
  65. If ever any body of men staked their whole stock of reputation upon any point, our Cabinet did it on this.
  66. The actor’s head staked and paraded to the ocean in a procession of death silence, all the faces uncovered.
  67. The parade was about to start when they all jogged up to the spot in the crowd Vince’s family had staked out.
  68. A star, like the one that covered the guy staked next to the sea, stood out from the hair on the male's chest.
  69. He had staked the cow out over by the tree in the corner of the field, but now he couldn’t see her anywhere.
  70. Sir, I never wish to see the liberties of my country afloat upon the ocean and staked upon the strength of a navy.
  71. The claim was originally staked in the name of the Shoshone Indian medicine man Henry Hunting Sticks Madison.
  72. They probably just staked out the California Confidential remote broadcast van and followed it to your building.
  73. He staked a claim in a far-off corner of the government’s land that just happened to look out over the top of a ridge.
  74. For the first time, she notices that he’s staked out a spot on the beach just like her, about twenty yards to her left.
  75. He had staked everything on Thomas’s secret, but he did not know what the face of the card would show when he turned it up.
  76. Certainly, if the rules of the game had permitted even of my staking fifty thousand florins at a time, I should have staked them.
  77. In it, George saw Bill Clinton lying on the floor with his arms staked over his head, and his legs staked in a spread-eagle pose.
  78. As they walked in silence around the clearing lit by staked torches and lanterns, the haunting melody behind them grew more distant.
  79. We’ll be opening new staked areas further along the river, and the slaves will be housed in tents until more caves can be dug out.
  80. For instance, one Pole demanded of the Grandmother fifty gulden for his trouble, and then staked the money by the side of her stake.
  81. No; unless by any chance you had PURPOSELY staked on zero; in which case you would receive thirty-five times the value of your stake.
  82. From the outside Ser Uthor’s tent was very plain; a large square box of dun-colored sailcloth staked to the ground with hempen ropes.
  83. Never did gamester, whose whole fortune is staked on one cast of the die, experience the anguish which Edmond felt in his paroxysms of hope.
  84. Finally he was interviewed by the OSI personnel after they’d barged onto the scene and staked their claim as the lead investigative agency.
  85. He pushed his hair out of his eyes, cleared his throat, and said, I had a tip that Whitney was staying at the Sylvestrie, so I staked it out.
  86. Amazingly, completely hidden from his view until now; two padded folding lawn chairs had been unfolded and staked into the soft, pearlescent sand.
  87. And when he was gone the slave took and staked the vineyard; and when he had finished the staking of the vines he saw that the vineyard was full of weeds.
  88. But to truly kill a vampire, they not only have to be staked in the heart, but in addition, they have to be decapitated or burned, and their ashes scattered.
  89. Maybe there hadn’t been an accomplice after all, but someone watching Gary Soneji/Murphy as he staked out potential murder victims? Who could it have been?
  90. She had been tortured with her arms and legs nearly raw from holy water being doused on her, her limbs appeared to be disjointed, and she was staked in her shoulder.
  91. Alexis Ivanovitch, did not the croupier just say that 4000 florins were the most that could be staked at any one time? Well, take these 4000, and stake them upon the red.
  92. Are they wearing uniforms? Many sit with their backs against the sacks at the front of the car: they look like scarecrows shipping west to be staked in some terrible garden.
  93. When Molly was in heat, that dog had practically staked out her house like a private detective, and he was the only dog she’d seen wandering around the neighborhood in weeks.
  94. The individual, who has hot staked his life may, no doubt, be recognized as a person; but he has not attained the truth of this recognition as an independent self-consciousness.
  95. Losing no time, I staked another hundred gulden upon the red, and won; two hundred upon the red, and won; four hundred upon the black, and won; eight hundred upon manque, and won.
  96. The nine French women and the single Time Patrol woman seen earlier were waiting for them in a wide, deep compartment nearly filled with large cardboard boxes staked on modular shelves.
  97. Reaching the spot where he’d staked out the cow, Piers carefully opened the small box he was carrying and took out the stainless steel contact rods, screwing them together into one long probe.
  98. In a harsh frenzy of emotion and carnal desire he staked his husband’s claim as my master, roughly grabbing my legs and forcing them far apart, gazing hard on the vulnerability of my nakedness.
  99. Then madness seemed to come upon me, and seizing my last two thousand florins, I staked them upon twelve of the first numbers—wholly by chance, and at random, and without any sort of reckoning.
  100. Good old Bernie, after we change cars we book into a hotel then we check out your unit, with any luck one or both of these scumbags will have it staked out waiting for your return from holiday.
  1. The stakes were very high.
  2. The stakes were too high.
  3. The stakes are high and.
  4. And Pharaoh of the Stakes.
  5. Place the other stakes on top.
  6. That sound like high stakes.
  7. We can get some stakes here.
  8. If stakes are so high that it.
  9. The rouble stakes kept winning.
  10. Impaled on stakes six to eight.
  11. These are some pretty big stakes.
  12. Raise the Stakes, what's at risk.
  13. This is not … a high stakes game.
  14. He looked at the stakes and frowned.
  15. What are the stakes? Afu asked.
  16. A ring of stakes? Elfric jeered.
  17. I'll ride him for the Eclipse stakes.
  18. Do you have any wooden stakes?
  19. The stakes are simple: me or the world.
  20. Remember wooden stakes and werewolves.
  21. The Third Gambler stakes upon the sota.
  22. The stakes are high because if indeed.
  23. The wood is unfit, and all the stakes.
  24. They came up with about ten good stakes.
  25. Haakon will have our heads on stakes if.
  26. Us at a disadvantage in the stakes of love.
  27. They must be playing for very high stakes.
  28. Will you face me and raise the stakes?
  29. Some of the stakes sagged in the mushy soil.
  30. The stakes are high, and the playing field.
  31. I'm pretty sure that these stakes won't help.
  32. This time, she thinks, the stakes are higher.
  33. Each big male stakes out a part of the woods.
  34. The stakes in this great game just got raised.
  35. We are pulling up our stakes, as Bossuet says.
  36. The stakes were just too high for anything else.
  37. And the races would be for the highest of stakes.
  38. Inevitable Battle for the highest possible stakes.
  39. And with Pharaoh, the owner of the stakes?
  40. This is a high stakes game, not just to piss-off.
  41. So I maintain roughly equal stakes to reflect that.
  42. Will you face me and raise the stakes? I said.
  43. Tie each pair of stakes firmly together on one side.
  44. They play for serious stakes in Sansamour’s court.
  45. Martyr bound to four stakes and beaten with cudgels.
  46. Consider the stakes, read the material for yourself.
  47. Not only guns but knives, blades, stakes and staves.
  48. Raises the stakes to be in love, doesn’t it?
  49. She could see about six stakes with bodies stuck to.
  50. Pass stakes through these holes to connect the canes.
  51. Ie, as the account went down then the stakes went up.
  52. City meant there was a lot more action and the stakes.
  53. In that way I would build a ring of stakes around the.
  54. Why had he pulled up stakes? She was the aggrieved one.
  55. They were playing for high stakes on very limited funds.
  56. Stick to what you were doing and use your normal stakes.
  57. As you can see, the stakes could not have been higher!.
  58. Moreover, the stakes played for were often considerable.
  59. Being thrown into such a high stakes case with very real.
  60. How can I tell him my needs without argumentative stakes?
  61. If the stakes were high enough, he was capable of anything.
  62. Conscious of the stakes King Indra lectured his ministers:.
  63. Now build up a fire and put some stakes up, said Joad.
  64. You can always Raise the Stakes, Increase the rhythm of the.
  65. That’s the stakes of the continuing battle of good and evil.
  66. Some firms specialise in tiny bets, others have minimum stakes.
  67. Men scattered, trying to avoid the pit and the stakes and the.
  68. The stakes were too high and the probability of success too low.
  69. Place two of the stakes on the ground and lay the logs over them.
  70. We’re the ones who’ve upped the stakes every step of the way.
  71. The mix includes highly speculative resource stocks, high stakes.
  72. The player just ahead of Calvin had raised the stakes dramatically.
  73. By way of prelude she won stakes of a hundred and two hundred gulden.
  74. But now the stakes were higher and, along with that, so were the risks.
  75. But if nothing else, they kept each other out of the matrimonial stakes.
  76. If the stakes are high and time allows, we should think before acting!.
  77. The stakes are not as high as they might be in a student’s workplace.
  78. He helped pound the stakes into the ground and tie those men to the stakes.
  79. And with piñata sticks you’ve sharpened into stakes in case of vampires.
  80. Following that is appendix 2 - sheets of all trades taken and stakes placed.
  81. And isn’t it true that Chicago Capital then sold stakes at Stone Creek.
  82. I planned on stopping the execution, even though I knew the stakes were high.
  83. The game was poker, the stakes moderate and, well, you lost some and won some.
  84. It is enforced on the honor system but I have heard that higher stakes games.
  85. In sandy or loose soil, put large rocks on top of tent stakes to hold them in.
  86. The succession stakes were in the meantime hotting up at the Murray & Roberts.
  87. In this case the stakes are big, bigger than anything he has attempted before.
  88. At one of these houses the game was faro especially, and the stakes were high.
  89. There is one more but it really isn't a sport, it's low stakes poker, which.
  90. A few of Herist’s men had gathered near the stakes, preparing for the burning.
  91. The difference between our entry and stop loss tells us the stakes in the game.
  92. Yes, but you’ve just raised the bar on the excitement stakes with this game.
  93. Try to keep staking plans simple; when you win, you can change the stakes level.
  94. She’d been all in, and he’d raised the stakes, betting her a marriage contract.
  95. In the somewhat obscure territory occupied by financial indicators, the CCD stakes.
  96. But at Roopa’s behest as they took to rummy instead, Tara talked about the stakes.
  97. Maybe, I will just pull up stakes and visit some other friends out west somewhere.
  98. I grabbed one of my stakes and threw it at one vampire's heart, hitting it directly.
  99. The higher the stakes the greater the rewards, the plucky Daitya recited while.
  100. And even if we were I'd leave the stakes and hammers to men who know how to use them.

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