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    1. "There's a lot at stake," she said, "More than you could know, but I do care for you more than you think and that fact is making it difficult to fulfill my obligations

    2. The little man raised the stake a shade higher and gave a throaty, smoke congested cackle

    3. ‘My mother has an ancestor who was burnt at the stake, you know

    4. His strange new work colleague Moses Tah, an immigrant from the battle-scarred West African state of Liberia claims the ability to give him these powers, but is he for real? If Moses does possess the powers that Michael wants, will he be able to gain them? If he can learn them in time, will they be enough to change the destiny of the people around him? Lives are at stake; families, friends, colleagues, innocent bystanders

    5. He understood all that and understood what was really at stake here on a level deeper than that

    6. What is at stake is not the issue of convenience or even success

    7. What is at stake is the issue of life and death and eternity, which is in the last analysis the issue of the glory of God

    8. Many of us are unwilling to allow the threat of survival to persist when even our ministry or calling or legacy are at stake

    9. He wanted to be the one to explain to the camp what was at stake

    10. "You must understand that the future of our world is at stake

    1. They had a fire going near the open end of the canvas staked over the front truck

    2. Since then he had the Music Manufacturing lobby staked out, but so far he had not regained his quarry

    3. "Were you staked out last sleep?" she asked

    4. where a dozen or so “Smiley Faces” of various sizes are staked into the ground

    5. He had staked the cow out over by the tree in the corner of the field, but now he couldn’t see her anywhere

    6. Reaching the spot where he’d staked out the cow, Piers carefully opened the small box he was carrying and took out the stainless steel contact rods, screwing them together into one long probe

    7. Cal’s horse was staked out in the woods

    8. “They probably just staked out the California Confidential remote broadcast van and followed it to your building

    9. In it, George saw Bill Clinton lying on the floor with his arms staked over his head, and his legs staked in a spread-eagle pose

    10. As they walked in silence around the clearing lit by staked torches and lanterns, the haunting melody behind them grew more distant

    1. That sound like high stakes

    2. " Lmore chided about the paucity of the stakes

    3. My own boots – softened so that I may wear them without getting blisters straight away – plus an old pair of Gilla’s will have to suffice in the footware stakes

    4. In this case the stakes are big, bigger than anything he has attempted before

    5. This time, she thinks, the stakes are higher

    6. ‘True, but the stakes are now much higher

    7. They went to each of the evenly spaced little stakes marking the next post's location

    8. It proved of excellent advantage to me now, that when I was a boy, I used to take great delight in standing at a basket-maker’s, in the town where my father lived, to see them make their wicker-ware; and being, as boys usually are, very officious to help, and a great observer of the manner in which they worked those things, and sometimes lending a hand, I had by these means full knowledge of the methods of it, and I wanted nothing but the materials, when it came into my mind that the twigs of that tree from whence I cut my stakes that grew might possibly be as tough as the sallows, willows, and osiers in England, and I resolved to try

    9. king m stakes al

    10. stakes a ong the

    1. staking them out with cricket stumps,

    2. I could try to find Dorian’s house, but I wasn’t sure of the address, and if my attacker had any friends, surely they’d be staking it out, waiting for me to reappear

    3. It was staking everything on the one main chance

    4. Yet, on the final day with Patty and Doug staking out the logging company, as he drove to Edward’s office to make good on his threats, he inexplicably became a complete bundle of nerves

    5. And when he was gone the slave took and staked the vineyard; and when he had finished the staking of the vines he saw that the vineyard was full of weeds

    6. time for staking the blame

    7. The details were a bit sketchy but they had been watching for anyone using his modus operandi in Fortitude Valley and had been staking out the red light area for several days

    8. people were staking out their sites for the July 4 weekend

    9. mankind looks to the stars for conquests, staking out his path to the heavens

    10. climbed on top of him possessively staking his claim and returning his mouth to where it

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