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    1. Age typically does not significantly diminish the need and desire for sex, that regular sexual activity is standard when a partner is available, and that most elderly believe that sex contributes to both physical and psychological health

    2. Being a police officer meant he and his family had to be held up to a higher standard

    3. That was a standard line, she wouldn't have had to practice it much

    4. " Another standard line that should be easy to remember

    5. It’s standard procedure and one can never be too careful with a child that arrived a month premature

    6. Here the view over the rails was filled with what looked like the standard media supermodels of old Earth sunning themselves in the nude on the top decks of those garden floats

    7. That’s in contrast to the 35 snails that they found in growth medium that had been treated with a standard dose of metaldehyde, a common molluscicide

    8. but still He expect us to meet the standard of uprightness

    9. One side was big enough for an NBA standard basketball hoop

    10. “Looks like the alarm on the door is standard, shouldn’t be a problem,” he said

    11. On the contrary if you feel that you have all the time in the world to improve the standard of your life (as different from living standard!) or to help the needy and have all the money and possessions to take care of your essential bodily needs, then you will be happy all the time

    12. Standard space debris radar detects things out to there

    13. Cheron space is capable of much more interesting arrangements than the standard user interfaces can program

    14. It's written for cherons, I built a whole hierarchy from the base up, I didn't use any of the standard derived classes of cherubs, not even pets

    15. "Pretty standard that isn't it? Means you lost someone while in prison, right?"

    16. If those those NS191s were in standard Staas Company containers, then there’s a chance the parts are intact

    17. The military commanders went thru a standard Rundown of Readiness recital

    18. Standard behavior for a houri but Bahkmar had seen and optimized the code that implemented that also

    19. I’m doing a standard beef roast … There is only so much turkey a body can take, I find

    20. The use of the Bible as a standard of authority in religious matters

    21. This left the links to the control of the Linshere Paundrocop personification in his process, where he was able to see it was nothing but a standard houri with its pleasure controls hidden

    22. Quite a few could have overcome him then, his autonomous security was still just tech standard

    23. They can be purchased with a standard

    24. "I'll examine what we find from one lander," Glenelle said, "I wish it could be an android actually, that would blend into the scenery Alan found a lot better than a standard groundbase

    25. ‘By the standards of Earth technology, life is certainly a lot simpler on Errd … slower in some ways … no, that’s not accurate, less frenzied would be better … but we have a high standard of living … and I think it’s fair to say that our culture is more ecologically sound

    26. Have you considered displaying your paintings? They would certainly be of a sufficiently high standard to exhibit, I think

    27. She didn't want to pull the standard, 'no I don't' either, so she told him the short version

    28. The diagram in the center showed the globe of a suntower in place of the globe of the world in a standard seasons diagram

    29. You know, we don't even speak the standard Modern Greek

    30. Thom had designed the equipment purely at the user level, it was all standard packages connected to one another

    31. They were better than the calimari the restaurants in most universes served and richer than standard garden pest bits

    32. He was allowed to run up to four standard ones with the cheron allotment he had

    33. Non-impacting halo objects had the same levels of activity as standard population objects

    34. It was a standard Pan Solar League Soul Registry record with all the right keys and holograms and challenge questions

    35. His pants were the standard with gold braid down the side

    36. "She's a hundred percent standard as far as I know, she should run fine in here

    37. If this was a standard simulation and not a game, that was a very distressing artifact of the simulation

    38. and Social Harmonization -or- The Standard of the

    39. By 2341 Atlantis no longer lead the world in standard of living, but it was as modern as Manaus, which was the technology center of mortal life at the time

    40. standard website, rather than the looks of a blog page

    41. It was really in Arthur’s hands now, Alan had only to look at her and know he would rather have his world with Desa, especially in veron space, than a standard universe with a lite major’s magic allocation

    42. The cabin is the standard for this boat

    43. “At the start of the War,” he resumed, “We had a standard

    44. ‘The standard of performance was pretty high – we had some really talented girls

    45. He had the standard opening with a single small tree planted in it

    46. standard gestures for “open” and “show seal” in any way that Tom

    47. Toast and sausages, butter, jams, biscuits and coffee or juice were standard morning fare at Clive House

    48. I wondered if that was the standard prognosis for all of his patients

    49. A standard IQ test like the one these

    50. I thought he was past the prescribed age and merely gauging his abilities against a standard measure

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