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    1. They also sample food stuffs before eating can be used with great success in controlling roaches

    2. It was said to be beyond anything Earth had ever produced, shouldn't they get a sample of it? It was said the Christials cracked it, but not the Brazilians, they became users of the native system that now had Brazilan technology added on

    3. It took hours because there weren't that many inquiries to use for sample data, but he was immediately able to determine there were no hardware inquiries used in formulating the responses to those queries

    4. "Bring these needs to me any time," he breathed, "I'll sample all of you that you care to share

    5. It was still completely unintelligible of course, but there was a lot more to sample

    6. She was not about to try and get that core sample out of it's bill and back into her shoulder

    7. "Answering the question of whether they are devices or natural evolution of some kind will have to wait til we have a sample

    8. They were still hurtling by these bodies at almost two thousand miles per second giving them millions of miles of berth so there was no way they could pick up a sample

    9. Granted, his sample was small and he was extrapolating to the dark matter of the whole galaxy and its halo, but the data from the non-targeted halo object lead him to believe extrapolating to the whole galaxy was valid

    10. Click here to learn more and hear a sample of this work by listening to the replay of the free Teleseminar ―Sound Medicine Healing with Misa Hopkins

    11. Click the link for the Immune Builder Sample Pack

    12. ” Turning to Rayne he continued, “Lady Rayne, I will need a sample of your blood

    13. The doctor took a sample of her blood, apologizing for any pain he may have caused

    14. He bottled the sample and placed it in a satchel he carried

    15. He was very careful not to contaminate the sample

    16. He studied the sample again and made several other tests

    17. With Leona on the stretcher the first paramedic takes a plastic vial from his kit bag and takes a sample of her vomit for testing at the hospital

    18. He put his ‘Be back soon’ sign on the door and went down three elevator shafts into the catacombs of the Gnomes where the original sample tickets for the Helmet Room labs were stored

    19. In a dusty and damp cavern lit only by his own torch, he got down drawer after drawer of sample tickets and thumbed thru them in their thousands, one by one, starting on the first day of the decade when Enjteen was born so he was sure he didn’t miss any

    20. ’ So then his good friend does see that a drop falls into her glass because what he suspects is that his friend hungers for a sample of Teshi’s body, since anyone would have noticed all Hyondahi had done to keep her as his sex pet

    21. Delurna looked up what they each earned at the Kassikan and in the last four days his paper chasers were able to find public records of a valid sample of Kulai’s real estate and shipping transactions all the way back to that decade

    22. His entourage had gone off for their tour of the town and to sample the waters for which Malvern was famous

    23. He held out a hand to sample its flavor

    24. urine, and a blood sample - and then sauntered off to x-

    25. He winked and a little note appeared neatly written, 'Dear Cook, Please use these sample pans and scrub them regularly, signed Magistrate Grim

    26. She picked up Tom's sample case and was about to throw it out with a discus type twirl when she spotted Fizzicist cycling pass

    27. "In the last sample we know that the hardware layer is understood," he said

    28. The next morning saw a cauldron of porridge and not to miss out the boys were up like a lark to sample breakfast, but Fizzicist ordered them back and he took first serving place

    29. Then spoon in hand he dived back into his tent to sample the delicious cereal

    30. Here is a sample to check out –

    31. When Anapater took her wrist and moved in for a third sample, this one lower, Nerissa

    32. from which has just drawn a sample

    33. Here's a sample:

    34. If you are in retail then consider a free sample

    35. away a free salt sample

    36. My goal is to sample every hold’s recipe

    37. “Anything to sample, girls?” he asked as he rubbed his hands together and grinned from ear to ear, waiting to hear what they had to offer a starving man

    38. You can see examples of these in the sample letters

    39. Here is a selection of sample business letters and other correspondence that you can copy and modify as you wish

    40. Sample Introduction to the Agenda:

    41. anything (report, sample etc) handed or given to people at a presentation

    42. She perused both of the craft but the only one she could use was Roidon’s, given that she had a sample of his DNA; there had certainly been plenty of opportunities to obtain a sample, before each shower (they had seemed to demonstrate the truth in the effect of living in dangerous times)

    43. It needed another DNA sample (something it would normally scan subdermally from a finger using a laser plate) before it would comply

    44. “Listen Billy Boy some bum boy on the Staff has come up with the bright idea that they need a sample of the German wire don’t ask me why”, and he spat in disgust

    45. “Frank’s probably right the Brass just want a sample before the main attack then they and the artillery will know what they are up against

    46. consider the following sample meal plans

    47. Physically he was nothing beyond the parameters of normality – insomuch as his appearance was the culmination of a number of genes taken from a sample of people born in the south east of England: an average approximation of their physical characteristics

    48. She carried a knapsack with a sample of their work, enough—she hoped—to give her adversaries cause for alarm

    49. “This is the formula and a sample

    50. You can listen to a sample here:

    1. as if the buggers ‘adn’t sampled the plunder

    2. It was widely reported in the leafier lanes of suburban south London that after the local church’s recent summer fete Miss Jones had sampled the sherry and become extremely eloquent on the subject

    3. He knew there were many active women and had sampled two of them so far, but it was understood both times he was just stopping by for a boink on the way to his cabin

    4. pint glass of the same strong dark ale he had sampled the last time he

    5. He leaned back, warming his feet and sampled the

    6. that Spring - and the others we sampled weren’t very far

    7. They spent the day on the highest outdoor footpaths they could find and sampled the tiny exotic delicacies toasted over the lab-sized grills cooks would lug up this high

    8. Once out of earshot of the others she sidled up close to him and whispered, “You can always nibble on me – I’m willing to be sampled

    9. Yet, there were the good times: her husband when he was there, when she had been everything to him, before he had sampled the delights of a younger woman

    10. The crowds that had gathered shared in the feast, Ael Tarael and Alit’aren seated on large blankets around the fires, but the Guardians remained standing while they sampled meats and cheeses

    11. food, and sampled the entertainment

    12. The clutter in the room had not changed, though two open bottles of wine on the desk had been added, both liberally sampled

    13. “So, you race motorcycles,” I mentioned as we both sampled our stout, with its fine, creamy head lapping up and over the edge of the glass

    14. Amonas ran a finger on it and sampled it, the taste woody and bitter

    15. The Vikings sampled the soil for signs of metabolism and life

    16. sampled from the lower North Atlantic and cave stalagmites taken from the Arabian

    17. She has already sampled most of the tribes of Anahuac

    18. " She unfolded her napkin and sampled the merlot

    19. Nemia returned then with a waiter who bore a tray of steaming teacups, and conversation paused while they were distributed and sampled

    20. is eight to ten times faster than the other biological electricity sampled from

    21. Lately there has been a surge of tracks that has sampled an old track and released it

    22. they sampled me on a higher priced product

    23. Did you get that? They sampled me on a higher

    24. 100 individuals were sampled as opposed to 4

    25. He sampled the essence of evil souls, heady stuff,

    26. It has been a long time since I have sampled

    27. Killarney and they sampled some of the most beautiful scenery in Ireland

    28. And the wines–I understood why my mother had declared ‘not bad’ when she sampled our first crop

    29. and Feshbach 1980) of males sampled reported that they would rape if they knew

    30. He rose and trotted into the breeze towards the stern and, with his head pushed through the safety railings, he sampled the air

    31. The group sampled the rest of the smorgasbord

    32. Everyone was smiling as they dabbed and sampled the variety of choices

    33. The team that sampled the atmosphere reported that an outfit like Orion Metals that was

    34. I sampled one of these crabs through the hatch and had to throw it back out again, the smell of sulphur was so bad

    35. This was necessary because I could not stand in testament to the journey from the cognition of the average person, through the stalkers, to that of Spirit in the flesh, unless I had sampled it

    36. “I see that you’ve already sampled our tradition,” Faye said, indicating the glass of ginger ale which the Englishman was sipping slowly as if to allow his taste buds the opportunity to adjust to the shock and potency of the drink

    37. She would merely enjoy another glass of cold lemonade, the kind that she had not sampled in many years; the zesty, fresh-squeezed tang revitalized her taste buds and seemed to deliver a jolt of energy to her lethargic body

    38. It could be sampled (analysed) at, say, 10 exponent 40 (1 followed

    39. Since the original object has already been sampled and is now entangled, I

    40. Alex sampled the food on his plate, and after a couple of

    41. once it has been sampled,

    42. A total number of one hundred and seventy (170) Nigerian firms with a website was selected (rather than sampled)

    43. Captain Heller had sampled the media and sent it via subspace to Star Fleet command

    44. Rooster had told me the food at the café was some of the best he had sampled in the city, so I made it a point to remember the place, even though I very seldom made it to this part of town

    45. He turned the shower on, flushed the toilet, sampled some lipstick which he spat out, and then pocketed the lip stick

    46. He sampled one and spit it out, disgusted

    47. He found another box of stuff and sampled it, and was pleased

    48. Tammas sampled the red concoction, hesitated, and then almost drank the

    49. consideration the desired attributes of the water being sampled

    50. use points per se cannot be sampled, such as hard-piped connections to equipment, special

    1. "The samples are here in Phoenix Park?"

    2. With macroscopic samples of anticondensates and the instrumentation that was in those texts, we are in a unique position to look for naturally occurring condensates in the dark matter

    3. I can follow his argument about the precision he gains by averaging more samples

    4. "True," Thom said, "but if you multiply by the number of samples it would take to cover the whole sphere around Sol, we can see that none of the impactors need to come from the Kuiper Belt

    5. "You here for the samples?" he asks, abrupt and sharp

    6. There was a problem Kulai had to see to in his job at the Kassikan, some contaminated samples

    7. He got himself under control, sort of, and with the one word explanation, “Enjteen!” he roughly set about seeing just how many samples Enjteen had taken in his career in this lab

    8. “You didn’t hear it from me,” Kulai said, just as a formality, while turning around and motioning her to the better guest cushion, “but he left a contaminated room open, and in a separate case, contaminated all four of the biological samples he ever took in his career

    9. She pulled a clipping of the foxgloves from behind her ear, and started matching it to paint samples

    10. ” She pulled two samples and closed the catalog, returned it to the office and called over her shoulder as she went back to the house, “Supper's at seven; you probably should close up soon to get ready, Hipolyta's gonna be in the bathroom a bit longer this evening

    11. “We are sure the suit and boots fit,” started Titania; “And the hat and shirts we had made from samples in your own closet in the bungalow,” added Hipolyta

    12. The provisional teacher arrived at the first of the next week and she brought with her samples of the textbooks, copies of the prescribed initial curricula, and most importantly to the Livingsons, sufficient sets of both entrance assessments for each grade and the graduation examinations

    13. samples of their food

    14. "Old Tom Foolery's samples, left it here awhile back

    15. "The case you mean, well its Tom Foolery's latest gimmick samples I expect," Fizzicist drew closer, "If I could use your barn we might see what is in it eh!" Clothier tied the well rope to the bottle neck and lowered it back down the well, then hoisted the suitcase onto his broad shoulders and lumbered into the barn

    16. "I think we would have figured it out ourselves if we had a few more samples," she said

    17. Other than the samples they have actually retrieved from the surface, which are very, very, few, they have nothing but data about our world

    18. You will also find samples that you can use and alter for your own needs

    19. It would also provide an explanation for the fact that polystratic fossils are found in more than one layer of strata or type of sediment and that fossilisation preserved even soft tissue and fragile detail in the many samples that have been discovered

    20. blood samples, and whatever else they could find

    21. There are many more samples but let us not get side-tracked

    22. Sheena drove off with her samples and Booker walked back to the house, uncertainties flooding his mind

    23. She’d been staring at the electron microscope screen for what seemed like hours, studying the virus she’d found in the samples taken from the cat and pony

    24. "Why didn't you take samples of everything growing in the shed, like I told you to?"

    25. Vice President, we'll have to draw a sample of blood to check against samples found at the murder scene

    26. �They checked for blood and hair samples chiefly, and for items in plain sight

    27. Terms like Run GSR analysis and identify and compare samples of glass where written in bold underlined handwriting

    28. No DNA samples with any luck, not after a small but intense blaze had gutted the contents of the building

    29. This fact has been proven correct by core samples from the Great Barrier Reef

    30. me over to pick up a bag of Avon samples and other small gifts that

    31. We collected enough samples to find out what kind and

    32. He had searched high and wide for the soil samples he had taken in the forest but they had vanished

    33. The party had packed their samples and taken their photos, which oddly did not include the natives, so spellbound were they

    34. In it, Sanders told of how he and his wife were illegally arrested and tried for having samples of seat fabric tested for missile fuel residue

    35. A NTSB official, who had the right to analyze them himself, gave these samples to Sanders

    36. The forensic analysis of the skin samples did not yield any intact molecules

    37. he’d mail samples of the floor and walls

    38. samples that you can use as models, making writing killer advertising copy as easy as pie!)

    39. copy that sells! Plus I use real ads of my own and other top copywriters as examples, illustrations and samples

    40. Hypothesis test selection is based on type of data, Normal distribution (parametric) or Non Normal Distribution (non parametric) and the number of samples to compare

    41. Data type: Ratio, Distribution: Normal Distribution (in normality tests the samples shows P value greater than 0

    42. 05) and we have two samples with us

    43. Null Hypothesis: Both samples are equal

    44. The tailor, holding samples and tapes burst out of the backroom looking even more flustered than before

    45. samples and grading them

    46. The UFO is collecting samples of the rich mineral saltwater with seventy percent oxygen in it

    47. He canned 90 samples of the stuff as “an ironic statement” about the marketing of artworks, and labeled the production “merda d’artista

    48. We decided to keep using samples of my blood to see how his substances affected it

    49. “Sample G and Sample B,” I said setting up both samples to test and labeling them

    50. We tried the same experiment with hair samples and some saliva

    1. I think he'd been sampling his nectar somewhere else because there was a distinct air of madness about him

    2. The sampling interval can be reduced to the limits of our equipment and it still looks like an analog trace

    3. They will be sampling the wares of the town's pubs, getting tanked, ready and primed for heckling

    4. Anything worth sampling there?"

    5. A sampling of the parts of a theirops, at their most tender and with these stuffings!

    6. After stocking up on a few rations and sampling the

    7. The above represent a sampling of the essential characteristics that typically define what is meant by ―being‖ (human)

    8. After sampling both, the poolside games seemed more like fun and she actually found herself laughing along with the weirdo

    9. She is now helping with my tropical fruit studies, part of which entails sampling the fruit itself which I like very much

    10. Most felt this to be more representative than the limited sampling of surface temperatures

    11. Several cars were parked on a strip of grass, perhaps belonging to tourists sampling the wine – one of the pleasures of a trip to this part of France

    12. I found him in the garden in the center of the house watching the tiny hummingbirds sampling the many flowers

    13. Confidence level: is the proportion of times that an estimating procedure would be correct, if the sampling procedure is repeated for very large number of items

    14. Sampling the contents of the magazine Wired in a Los Angeles bookstore in February 1997, University of Aarhus professor of statistics Bjorn Lomborg ran across an interview with University of Maryland professor of economics Julian Simon

    15. By repeatedly sampling the randomly varying signal, a series of random numbers

    16. sampling of some of its worst abuses: $18

    17. This is just a sampling of government folly compiled by the

    18. Now the whole herd milled around sampling and bawling, as the surprise was shared

    19. His black hair was neatly combed back, his peanut mustache twitched like a rabbit's nose sampling the air as his eyes ranged the crowd in wavering jerks

    20. time may appear in this sampling,

    21. Individual dosing pumps adjusted the chemical levels automatically under the control of one of the main computers linked directly to the automatic analysers sampling the life giving solution

    22. combine that with sampling to upsell them to a higher level?

    23. Whatever it is, they’re still a prospect because they’re still sampling your product or

    24. The Retail Sales Index measures goods sold within the retail industry, from large chains to smaller local stores, it takes a sampling of a set of retail stores across the country

    25. Here is a small sampling of comments that you may hear from your ‘concerned’ family and friends:

    26. participate or only select a few? There are a number of sampling

    27.  What sampling scheme should we use?

    28. However, to test the flatulence, a tube was developed from a typical household clothes dryer air duct and attached over the animal’s rear during the sampling

    29. Except that the sampling duct is simply connected to the animal’s Plexiglas encased pin, while the rear half of the animal is isolated from the front via plastic curtains duct-taped to the animal’s body

    30. He did remember the sampling and vividly recalled the day G phoned with the results

    31. Unfortunately, as was bound to happen, Agmat’s curiosity finally got the better of him and he started sampling some of the wares he sold

    32. This is just a sampling of what you can accomplish with your own e-zine

    33. Sampling from each of the vats and of the various tastes and textures that the wines went through

    34. She could hear Margaret preparing tea and cakes in the kitchen, but the thought of walking in there and sampling some of the sweets before teatime was strangely off-putting

    35. So, at great expense, he constructed a bronze hollow globe studded with thick glass observation portals to protect him from the unsavoury vapours of the deep mist (and any of the monstrosities which called it home and Grumble dinner) and a sampling hatch

    36. I was extremely careful when I used the sampling hatch to snip off some tentacles, which I bottled

    37. Four goals were set for the organization: evacuation and relocation of the residents, canal cleanup, boosting property values and sampling of the air, water and soil

    38. Development stopped at this point and sampling of the area found high levels of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons

    39. Eventually, additional sampling was done and cleanup uncovered a leaking storage tank containing benzene

    40. ” Here it is a sampling of mystical traditions in the five major religions, with an overview of their approaches,

    41. By the time that he was finished with his inventory and sampling and had the barrels and bags brought out in the open, a growing crowd of Carolingians had started gathering in the public square, with Vyyn Drelan busy discussing with some of them

    42. again, is but a sampling of Aaron’s indulgence

    43. After sampling a few, he looked for signs of any animals that might also have been sharing the berries with him, any thing easy to catch

    44. After examining just a sampling of Islamic texts as well as the opinions

    45. shoulder which held the sampling kit, medical supplies and her Glock revolver

    46. The Atlanta Baptist Minister was sampling his own delights of

    47. untrained eye, someone might think he was genetically altered, but in reality, he is the product of selective genetic sampling

    48. Because it’s against Federation Law to genetically alter a subject simply to perfect the organism, mistaking his perfect genome structure as anything other than specific sampling could lead to unwarranted

    49. “Maybe we should forget about sampling and statistics and simply redefine how

    50. Apparently it had heard a sample of his music from a previous guest and so the Rock had wanted a direct sampling

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